Pronunciation of Final
/fˈa͡ɪnə͡l/, /fˈa‍ɪnə‍l/, /f_ˈaɪ_n_əl/

Antonyms for final

beginning, most amended, started, un-triedest, un trieder, well known, fore-most, probationary, inconclusive, more crackerjack, head-most, dis-inclined, pre ceding, three r, underived, initial, more untapped, lead off, un-sure, most foundational, eminent, more reconditioned, unspecified, more pilot, inexact, interim, more readying, head, tester, out standing, most redone, inaccurate, top-pest, not final, most reciprocated, underivative, in definite, uncertain, changeful, nascent, out-standing, most unconfirmed, more ventral, un-settled, most shifted, provisionary, variable, fabbest, incipient, continuing, preparative, most untapped, most unbroached, un derived, fab, re placed, more provisionary, un tried, more probationary, inter changed, unpredictable, most bartered, most commutated, most ahead, top list, most shuffled, head the line, pro-visionary, open-ended, most firststring, most crackerjack, more unbroached, most underivative, mistaken, in the foreground, most readying, most primary, traded, pre cursory, Commencing, more worldclass, forer, alterable, be-ginning, most exploratory, preliminary, top-of-the-line, more nascent, changeable, primary, de pendent, not settled, more inaugural, most transfigured, more world-class, pre-paring, top most, meat-and-potatoes, done over, enduring, more germinal, top the list, more commutated, more first-string, more precursory, untried, persistent, most rescheduled, more reorganized, Vanward, volatile, more shifted, most frontal, temperamental, first, more opening, erroneous, open, more rotated, more transposed, un-used, un tapped, reprogrammed, pre-cursory, Headmost, Prelusive, infant, untruthful, more substituted, indefinite, dis inclined, in-tact, in tact, un-derivative, top of the line, under-lying, primeval, most commencing, more foundational, fore most, right front, most mutated, top of list, most recreated, introductory, more mutated, most first string, more initiative, most first-string, un-trieder, more starting, most substituted, top flight, more swapped, most metamorphosed, subject change, un triedest, testest, facial, pro-visional, more transfigured, more shuffled, misleading, worldclass, most top-of-the-line, more preparing, Proemial, un-tried, trans-muted, top of the list, more faltering, un-derived, first class, un confirmed, more unconfirmed, more metamorphosed, provisional, proximate, untapped, mercurial, un-decided, un-tapped, open for consideration, most starting, more underived, more recreated, changed, most transmuted, more world class, incomplete, re-versed, temporary, most primo, re scheduled, more ahead, most germinal, in beginning, most opening, unreliable, elementary, negotiable, more edited, more obverse, most inaugural, unfinished, opening, germinal, more facial, re-formed, re-turned, most transposed, head most, most adjusted, un sure, more inductive, fluid, starting, most fundamental, re-made, most interchanged, most primogenial, pre-ceding, most swapped, in-choate, firstclass, more ranking, more commencing, more beginning, pro visional, re-stored, pro visionary, more primogenial, in-definite, flickery, most world-class, maiden, inconstant, most preparing, most nascent, trans posed, pre paring, in augural, re-programmed, in the beginning, re-vised, most proemial, more vanward, re vised, exploratory, most ranking, most initiative, most provisionary, para-mount, right up front, re organized, questionable, leadoff, first-string, wrong, more proemial, superior, most obverse, most traded, most reprogrammed, pre eminent, ventral, re stored, initiative, more adjusted, most vanward, most ventral, un decided, most probationary, re conditioned, least, in-augural, most switched, tentative, more prelusive, most top of the line, more meat-and-potatoes, more reciprocated, un-confirmed, inductive, unsteady, most world class, most headmost, most inductive, re-placed, Procrastinating, more exploratory, re-modeled, three rs, re-scheduled, be ginning, recursive, world-class, re modeled, most prelusive, more primo, trans muted, fluctuating, unstable, un settled, most reconditioned, more amended, unbroached, most meat-and-potatoes, commutated, re done, most faltering, rescheduled, most preparative, pioneer, re made, foremost, re formed, most worldclass, numero uno, Metamorphosed, inaugural, most alternated, wellknown, front, precursory, fabber, more firststring, more modernized, re-done, most underived, most precursory, pre-dominant, trans-figured, doubtful, unpositive, indecisive, more transmuted, most facial, more frontal, foundational, pre dominant, most reorganized, un derivative, more interchanged, trans figured, adjustable, re-conditioned, mutable, unsettled, world class, in choate, more preparative, capricious, head of the line, more first string, false, in foreground, un broached, more qualifying, premier, pre-eminent, more reprogrammed, most beginning, most pilot, Primogenial, para mount, firststring, re-organized, more redone, unconfirmed, re programmed, primo, un-broached, de-pendent, more headmost.