Pronunciation of Settled
/sˈɛtə͡ld/, /sˈɛtə‍ld/, /s_ˈɛ_t_əl_d/

Antonyms for settled

in securer, uncared for, un-collected, bummed out, un known, contestable, more toppled, more termagant, un reciprocated, duty bound, more unpeaceful, un collected, dis-tressed, most irked, between sixes sevens, un-paid, between sixes and sevens, impugnable, most amazed, dis trustful, most unsolved, off-beam, most sauntering, in dispute, psychedout, be-holden, unrestful, in a tizzy, most unreturned, un healthy, most tabled, come apart, most impugnable, most harrowed, perambulatory, on the qui vive, dis-placed, hemming hawing, un reliable, over-due, up for discussion, un-governable, more tortured, in hock, most jetsetting, most world class, up-set, out cast, un-steadfast, payable, more dragged, un healthiest, in-subordinate, un proven, unindemnified, more changeful, more messed up, tipped over, un restful, in middle, pre eminent, unnerved, dis possessed, world-class, most hundredproof, most termagant, open to debate, more deported, most unglued, not met, un-reliable, undetermined, dis-quieted, more stormful, unwelcome, more world-class, more honor-bound, dis inherited, un resolved, most unreciprocated, in determinate, un safe, more disquieted, palpitant, uneasy, caught balance, off beam, un-concluded, un convinced, most uncared-for, be wildered, between rock hard place, problematic, more dutybound, more plagued, itinerate, more amazed, in turmoil, betwixt and between, in-conclusive, un-controlled, most dithering, un easiest, un-safe, more volunteer, un-hinged, unchallenged, dis-ordered, tumultoustumultuous, strung out, most contributed, more uncared-for, dis quieted, most fluctuating, more storming, dis-concerted, jet setting, most faltering, in-securer, un-zipped, more roughhouse, betwixt between, most collectible, hemming and hawing, owed, more drifting, more unconcluded, un decided, most unconvinced, farout, un salaried, tossing and turning, be holden, dis-inherited, in tizzy, itinerant, most nonplussed, in securest, most undefrayed, dis placed, due, un populated, most foaming, mis trustful, un steady, most fidgeting, more uncared for, in sanest, de-ported, most out-of-this-world, un clearest, worldclass, more hundred-proof, wayfaring, be-wildered, most psyched out, topser, running hot cold, un-quietest, over-wrought, dis-composed, in-clement, out limb, hot cold, more unrefuted, most donated, more ignored, most swirling, more psyched-out, more riled, pre-eminent, most outcast, more offbeam, more questioning, not following, touch and go, Stormful, more peregrine, vagabond, un-restful, more mostest, ex plosive, psyched out, broken up, most pestered, more exiled, more moiling, outstanding, more aggravated, dis-pleased, turbulent, most voyaging, roving, in saner, honorbound, all sea, un steadier, most unsteadfast, most tormented, Arrestive, more unfixed, not adjusted, answerable for, ex cited, un-stablest, un-decided, more impugnable, all torn up, ex cursive, most mostest, un-balanced, un-clear, most psychedout, adjustable, more perambulatory, in subordinate, more attributable, motile, more perambulant, more anarchic, jurys out, more discomposed, more straggling, offcourse, unstationary, bundle nerves, undecided, more foaming, most dragged, more fluctuating, dis-orderly, overdue, in botheration, most straggling, more globe-trotting, un-predictable, dis-possessed, stirred up, ex-cited, un-refuted, dubious, eye catching, perambulant, more duty-bound, un confirmed, dutybound, more unhoused, dis-cursive, peripatetic, dis mayed, more unconfirmed, be-lated, more out of this world, world class, un-salaried, more inconvenienced, most unconcluded, ephemeral, most unchallenged, un-rewarded, un-answered, unpeaceful, more unproven, un noticed, most volunteer, more adrift, more faltering, un-easy, dis tressed, un fixed, un-fixed, un-housed, more estranged, disoriented, touch go, more rubbernecking, more sauntering, unanswered, most jet setting, in a quandary, hanging by thread, more globetrotting, most offbeam, more comeuppance, out-cast, behind time, more primo, more harassed, the jurys out, most attributable, hundredproof, more strolling, more out of sight, un-indemnified, more undefrayed, more shook up, the jury out, most unindemnified, most dutybound, most banished, more outcast, most storming, most unconfirmed, steller, in complete, unproven, without belief, more unnerved, more pussyfooting, most toppled, Houseless, more irked, be paid, most motile, in doubt, without reply, most mendicant, out-standing, un healthier, most stormful, debatable, most perambulatory, pre dominant, dis pleased, down and out, most exacerbated, unpaid, Doubtable, in quandary, most ruffled, Unrefuted, ex-cursive, more pestered, un-defrayed, most messedup, most tortured, un housed, un-healthiest, de solate, most plagued, un-liquidated, most vagrant, unquestioned, in-definite, ex-acerbated, de ported, more dismayed, without a roof, un disciplined, more out-of-this-world, un solved, unpopulated, out on limb, more beset, most hundred-proof, open debate, without roof, more world class, most honorbound, more dithering, wishy washy, more travelling, in secure, most journeying, in-saner, more blustering, most aggravated, in debt, more vexed, transient, more out of joint, most jet-setting, more unchallenged, un-healthy, unresolved, un steadiest, most tumbled, most anguished, more shook-up, most off beam, more swirling, on thin ice, un-stable, most waffling, more globe trotting, in the middle, more messed-up, more unconvinced, more collectible, most freewilled, most strolling, be lated, on foot, un clear, more dispossessed, un-determined, most locomotive, more unliquidated, more chagrined, most duty-bound, on fence, most chagrined, most changeful, most off-beam, more tumbled, out standing, most unpunctual, more waffling, Undefrayed, taken aback, most unquestioned, unconcluded, more baffled, most moiling, messed-up, more anguished, not responded to, un settled, more vagrant, owing, un stable, un nerved, most out of sight, most globe trotting, un-returned, more uncollected, up the air, most perambulant, out of joint, un concluded, un questioned, in dilemma, more rattled, most unnerved, tumultous-tumultuous, more mortified, upsidedown, in-secure, un-safest, un predictable, re maining, dis-trustful, most unpopulated, miffed, most honor-bound, un-steadiest, un-finished, dis-inclined, ex acerbated, uninhabited, wishywashy, most estranged, open-ended, caught off balance, un-questioned, most uncared for, un safer, most rattled, un-reciprocated, un finished, more contestable, more unstationary, in sane, most shookup, more disputed, short-lived, more mendicant, gypsiest, most questioning, more rootless, most mortified, dis orderly, more houseless, most howling, un stabler, most unliquidated, un-glued, un foreseeable, tumultous- tumultuous, un paid, un easier, more out-of-joint, hazy, mis-trustful, indefinite, most shook up, out a limb, jet-setting, most honor bound, riding rails, most deported, in clouds, pre-carious, wellknown, up for grabs, more jetsetting, un-occupied, more locomotive, un-easiest, in distinct, disconcerted, most psyched-out, more out-of-sight, more doubtable, more nonplussed, not explained, most world-class, in-determinate, most itinerate, un satisfied, Unhoused, nomadic, be set, riding the rails, uncaredfor, brief, in conclusive, more exacerbated, dis-mayed, dis cursive, behindhand, most uncollected, on qui vive, up in the air, un stablest, collectible, dis ordered, un requited, fleeting, dithering, de-relict, more unindemnified, pre-dominant, messedup, most steller, most drifting, eyecatching, most dismayed, un-known, topsest, uncertain, doubtful, most messed up, attributable, un-foreseeable, more howling, un-stabler, shook-up, most dispossessed, more honor bound, more unzipped, more contributed, more unreciprocated, bundle of nerves, be-set, uncared-for, freewilled, most out of this world, more psychedout, most out-of-sight, restless, un bridled, ex-plosive, iffy, un-challenged, mostest, more freewilled, at issue, un defrayed, most disquieted, not discharged, un-confirmed, most vexed, un tamed, more unquestioned, more uncaredfor, unpunctual, more harrowed, precarious, more unpopulated, most out of joint, most comeuppance, in-sane, out-of-this-world, A 1, top pled, more itinerate, un-resolved, unrewarded, open to question, upset, worried stiff, more worldclass, over due, anarchic, in-securest, not punctual, un-bridled, troubled, un-populated, more unrestful, in-constant, most gadabout, tumultous tumultuous, mixedup, un-tamed, un committed, unsolved, long delayed, rootless, un answered, tossing turning, most out-of-joint, ambivalent, more journeying, most adrift, un safest, unconvinced, most anarchic, more duty bound, jetsetting, hundred proof, most unrefuted, dis-oriented, un-satisfied, un-welcome, un-peaceful, most unproven, more refugee, more messedup, up set, un-proven, most inconvenienced, most landloping, un welcome, un indemnified, most worldclass, most doubtable, unfixed, most clashing, most unstationary, well known, more jet setting, unspecified, more bustling, honor bound, un-sure, more voyaging, un inhabited, un quiet, un glued, most globe-trotting, fancy free, most rootless, un-noticed, dis composed, up air, all nerves, de-solate, out countenance, dis-reputable, in-distinct, dis inclined, termagant, more agnostic, dis concerted, most unrestful, most travelling, running hot and cold, most shifting, more off beam, most ignored, anguished, most ambulant, Unliquidated, more ruffled, globe-trotting, most fazed, in-decisive, most baffled, more off-beam, more hundredproof, most refugee, wandering, unsettled, more gadabout, un returned, in arrears, hot and cold, momentary, more hundred proof, most unzipped, more honorbound, most opposed, in decisive, un-inhabited, fancyfree, un controlled, most rubbernecking, fly by night, more fazed, un-nerved, all at sea, un occupied, primo, homeless, globe trotting, un-steadier, changeful, un peaceful, stormy, most riled, most unhoused, up in air, most arrestive, offbeam, un determined, most disputed, duty-bound, pre carious, most harassed, un-quiet, of two minds, un-stationary, landloping, bone contention, more unrewarded, psyched-out, between rock and hard place, dis oriented, more unglued, un-easier, un-safer, most disinherited, un liquidated, more donated, more unsolved, un-clearest, past due, more tabled, shookup, un steadfast, un-settled, mutable, more dynamite, unconfirmed, un-solved, un refuted, indebted, pendent, honor-bound, un-committed, most duty bound, dis reputable, mobile, more shookup, most unfixed, un balanced, most blustering, in definite, most primo, most exiled, off course, de relict, far fetched, un sure, most grateful, unglued, more clashing, most pussyfooting, un hinged, more banished, un challenged, more ambulant, most uncaredfor, more disinherited, more tormented, the jury's out, in-complete, uncollected, most bustling, gypsier, most houseless, most unpeaceful, globetrotting, un easy.