Pronunciation of Kill
/kˈɪl/, /kˈɪl/, /k_ˈɪ_l/

Antonyms for kill

dis tribute, talks into, putting back together, clean up ones act, giving a lift, give weight, calls forth, nails it down, made over, re-constituting, think about, re-gains, wert compelled to, mimeoing, brought together, out-witting, out-wit, reenergize, re-touches, gets better, is out of woods, over coming, re affirmed, bring order, re-animates, stir, fiddles with, tampering with, pro-longing, sets in motion, re hired, teeming with, make firm, liven up, re-fashion, dashing off, over-hauling, gave weight, re-charges, reaffirm, gotten hands on, putting power again, changes one's ways, art compelled to, reshuffle, fell into place, re casting, returned form, reenact, latching to, dis patching, photo copying, twist ones arm, am duty to, re printing, photo-stated, re collect, wake up, gives forth, bring together, Re-forming, Experiencing, makes over, be come, call mind, hast in hand, take character, re-constructs, reerecting, putting right, sows the seeds of, up lifted, regrouped, be-gotten, put with, re-introducing, in-cite, re hiring, Recommence, gave face-lift, photostatted, have in hand, impelled, re coups, re couping, become reality, felt again, bringing mind, pre pared, storing up, selling one on, puts right, makes haste, re vitalizes, re-worked, made young again, take turn for better, re doubling, changing ones ways, bring to code, resting with, de duces, photo-graphing, manifolds, gentrify, in vents, giving boost to, took shape, latched to, pro-cures, be-coming, softsoaps, soft-soaps, in-spires, be-stirred, being out of woods, in nerved, counter-attack, re furbish, coming around, be gotten, twisting one's arm, re-stock, comes to one, come one, co oked, structuring, gives face lift to, in citing, pro-longs, gives a facelift, make amends, tear off, pro-claims, re fashioning, re erect, get ready, be one's duty to, ex cited, tampers with, relighted, raises from dead, regains strength, re-organized, reinstate, bring date, over hauled, turning over new leaf, over-reaches, up hold, reshuffled, pro-longed, gives a face lift, servicing, strikes a note, lending a hand, photo copies, re establish, making well, re-arranging, photo-copy, falls into place, sign up, pro generated, re-state, re-stated, flash on, gave a boost to, parenting, in ducts, whip out, breathes new life into, dash off, re orients, Innovating, parturitating, nailed it down, reshuffling, argued into, reinstituting, cleans up one act, falling on, retooled, gotten ready, re elected, de-signing, over-comes, be ones duty to, produce, pre pare, had hand, pro creates, in-crease, soft-soaped, soft-soap, reintroduce, over reached, re-plenishes, in-cites, reenergizes, brings to, Reinvest, reequipped, wrought for, enheartened, gave face lift, dis cover, trans-forms, gave a lift, brings back to life, co-axed, re-call, takes character, shape up, usher in, de-signs, reorients, regains one's strength, out maneuvering, falls in to place, re duplicates, changing one's ways, brought mind, snapped up, de vising, turn on, drawing in, re did, comes together, reconstituted, showing fruit, re-forms, in cites, gets back feet, pro curing, parturitated, brings up to code, clean up one's act, be one duty to, re-calling, re-enacted, re dresses, re fits, being one duty to, in duce, reawaken, counter-attacking, spicing up, re plicates, grew rapidly, rest with, re-duplicate, re modeled, cleaning up ones act, getting ready, dis-covered, made haste, taking care of, co-oking, re create, re-institutes, doing again, leading to, lead to, pro-cure, dis tributes, re double, cleaning one act, re-vamping, start, was forced to, trans-fusing, create, re charge, re-tooled, re fit, co oking, over-flow, bringing date, feels again, re charged, re-plicates, reassembles, over-flowed, authoring, spitballing, be duty to, comes around, re populated, re-modelled, re-model, bring to mind, wast one duty to, re-double, re claimed, re-prints, re-establishes, photo copy, be came, latch to, re-energizes, clean up one act, regain one's strength, re animating, fell in to place, rally, re dressing, spawn, changing ways, re invigorates, re presented, reelecting, re tooling, innervates, becomes a reality, Resumed, lend hand, re-charged, innervated, revalidate, heal, made a comeback, re-affirmed, recommences, re-duplicated, counter attacks, makes young again, retools, re-fits, gave birth to, is forced to, ex cite, be getting, re-instate, draw in, gives character, out foxes, refashion, were to, establish, shoulding, be-think, restocking, re-presents, get hold of, haddest hand, eventuate, out witted, produces young, re-made, gave boost to, recommencing, re calls, in duct, brought up code, out smarting, argue into, changes one ways, got better, re working, re introduce, re stating, re-deeming, Sinewed, change ones ways, dis-cover, regain strength, rang bell, re produced, compensated for, be compelled to, in vent, re-fit, re arranged, regroup, Spiced, clean one act, re-coups, bring back to life, ex-cite, tore off, re instating, leads to, re-calls, pro-creates, steamroll, brings up to date, re vivifying, re imposes, re-populates, stereo-typing, in nervate, make alive, up holding, nailing it down, validate, re-groups, re arranging, re-affirming, argue in to, re-deem, makes sound, gives rise to, engender, re-commence, gives weight, gives a new look to, regroups, bring forth, pro creating, cleaned one act, firing up, upset, art out of woods, annoy, repopulated, began again, looking back, in forming, being to, art forced to, put pep into, re-impose, gentrifies, clean ones act, make good, coming to order, art to, regaining one's health, wert to, hatch, in-cited, re elects, in spire, bringing back life, reduplicate, call up, re erects, refits, ex-tended, gave a facelift, re habilitated, getting hands on, bringing together, re-lighted, un-derwent, takes on character, in-ducting, prevail up on, photostatting, falling into place, bonding together, winning back, make comeback, mimeo, reaffirming, puts in order, re instated, soft soaped, re-imposing, over hauling, re-solved, re-orients, re fashions, resulted in, snaps out it, photo-copying, being compelled to, pro-generating, re-covers, becoming visible, re stocked, being duty to, cleaning up one's act, re-make, re-bounds, gives a lift, re pair, put back together, dis-covering, re builded, out line, re-furbishes, growing rapidly, re kindled, refashioning, livened, gave face lift to, proliferate, re invests, re furbishing, twisted one arm, re-vise, draws in, out-smarts, gat back feet, re printed, re introducing, up held, out maneuver, vivificated, in-spirit, un doing, re-counts, spitball, am one duty to, breathe new life into, in-nervate, re-awakening, de-bugs, comes one, un-doing, carboned, come order, retro-spects, compensates for, gotten better, bring pass, re-activated, trans forms, in-ducts, changed one's ways, in creases, pro-mote, gives lift, coming life, regain one health, pre-sent, gat ready, let sunshine in, stir up, spices up, be thinks, procreate, re-commences, be think, progenerates, brace up, cleans up act, doth again, puts in power again, bringing back to life, gave a new look to, re-work, re-molded, all owed, in-spirits, brought forth, re grouped, ex citing, regenerate, are out woods, re animates, sits on, re-builds, re works, re lives, re habilitates, trans form, mimeographing, made alive, dis patch, remakes, reenacting, diffusing, made comeback, brought back to life, re-tread, came order, hath in hand, regain one strength, re affirm, give birth, comes to order, re treading, un-did, de vise, talking in to, giving lift, wert out woods, made pregnant, made up for, being delivered of, grows rapidly, photo graphed, re-commencing, out witting, giving birth to, re-touching, photo stating, imbrues, talk into, pre-pared, made whole, is delivered of, make happen, pro duce, re-elected, ex-tract, raises from the dead, gave a face lift, re storing, rehiring, re-imposes, am delivered of, re-stamp, pieced together, sold on, won back, re invested, stereo typing, in cite, juicing up, re-does, whipt out, comes order, beginning again, making amends, re molded, re new, gets shape, gave forth, in form, ringed bell, compensating for, calling up, nail it down, up-lifted, sell on, compensate for, re produces, make well, re-generates, re constituting, Having, makes healthy, renew, re-stocks, gives birth, re modelling, re-doubles, snap out it, rehired, re doubled, re vitalized, de-bug, re-produced, pro longing, raise from dead, re vising, re-shuffling, ex cites, dashes off, pro-created, dashed off, re commences, gotten back feet, in spires, give lift, up-hold, signing on, got shape, cleaning act, re freshes, restore, Succoring, reinvests, signs up, wast delivered of, gat out from under, re-vitalizes, recall, called forth, clean up, Mothering, falling in to place, pro-vided, gussying up, put back, was up to, trump up, lock up, wert one duty to, cleaned up, re-modeled, re-build, coming together, getting back feet, re-possessing, re counting, dis covers, gussied up, re-vitalizing, harden, relives, pro cure, be-come, re-activating, make haste, in-spiriting, re worked, come together, re activated, gave lift, gives a boost to, re-habilitating, pro moting, over-reaching, re paired, mend, de-livers, thinking up, make, pro-long, re energizes, pro generating, sware off, snapping out of it, meet with, livening up, Re-turn, re conditioned, livens, brings together, changes ways, re plicated, being out woods, cleans one's act, do again, makes alive, bring up to date, was out woods, gathering resources, re-create, getting hold of, out-smart, re vise, Sprucing, re tain, Innerve, re-tains, intro duces, begin, wast forced to, feels oneself again, pro vide, re peats, re placing, intro-duces, ex-tracts, getting well, re-vivifying, in spired, made amends, re-working, out-foxes, Innerving, striking a note, re activating, latches on to, re produce, re deem, am out of woods, gets hold of, pro-generate, re-introduces, bringing forth, re energize, re-dressing, re modelled, put order, photo stated, re-populating, putting pep in to, anger, take care of, bringing to mind, am ones duty to, make sound, re-counted, re-vivifies, get better, re makes, re made, ringing a bell, gentrified, pro vides, brought code, re populate, give face lift to, re possessing, puts on feet again, steamrolling, woke up, reimposes, teem with, forge ahead, fall into place, flashed on, re-collected, goosed, teemed with, re assembled, re-fresh, doest again, Spruced, gotten well, re condition, produced young, re instituting, snap out of it, sets motion, gives face-lift, re stocking, regained ones health, re touches, fires up, re duplicate, re-activates, change one's ways, un derwent, made happen, lends hand, reelects, re turning, out lining, re hires, wast duty to, come to one, get shape, re-electing, softsoaped, is duty to, refashions, dis-perse, signing up, re-energizing, Photostats, fill up, getting out from under, cleans one act, initiate, re vitalize, re-furbishing, snaps up, wert forced to, re animate, bringing back, re-erected, juice up, putting feet again, be-thinking, bringing code, latches to, set in motion, cleaning up, thinking of, in-vent, re gaining, re-gain, re shuffle, sell one on, re-affirms, bringing to code, changed one ways, sowing the seeds of, re-constitutes, out-lined, be-comes, de-livered, in-nerve, re vamped, gathered resources, is one duty to, are duty to, re shuffled, in-vents, suck in, gets in shape, toned, keep, over flown, de bugs, pro-motes, am up to, in-vented, re cover, re collected, re-pair, in cited, make pregnant, taking shape, retool, takes shape, in nerving, makes for, gotten shape, gets ready, give new life to, re-kindle, forged ahead, re calling, regrouping, re claim, un done, re generated, sprang up, restamped, over hauls, was compelled to, under going, re-dresses, took on character, re investing, making for, re-dress, parented, re-solves, reenacts, reassemble, re solve, repulse, starts anew, reimpose, reenacted, clean up act, reprint, served as, under-going, revivify, out-lines, over-hauled, come life, pro duces, was out of woods, coming one, talks in to, livening, re-commenced, convalesce, brings to mind, awake, raised from dead, stirring up, makes happen, re-fitting, filled up, cleaning ones act, reprinting, sucked in, re stamp, Mothered, re-plenishing, regained health, re commenced, cleaned up act, springs up, is ones duty to, re-pairing, re-presenting, re present, coming order, re gained, bear, re molds, re-grouped, up-dates, produce young, brings mind, over flows, minister to, got back on feet, setting in motion, brings to order, bring to, re-introduce, re vivify, are out of woods, laid eggs, lays eggs, pro claimed, photostated, re-couping, bring back, Siring, in nerves, takes turn for better, be-thought, give birth to, puts power again, re construct, re-minds, out-fox, re-cast, in-forming, re places, re vised, be stirred, de bug, show fruit, re habilitate, re placed, rested with, all-owed, oughting, trans fuse, re-erects, photo-copied, re covering, re duplicated, re cast, restamp, putting in power again, re-turning, is up to, gets hands on, ex-cites, cleaning up act, re-fitted, twisting one arm, re kindles, making a comeback, re conditioning, threw together, got in shape, change one ways, opens doors, gave new look to, raise from the dead, out fox, re casts, rang a bell, make young again, puts order, spice up, re-wrought, ministering to, re builds, in venting, brings to code, come around, became a reality, ex-tend, be-stirring, re-bounding, re-imposed, ratify, reassembled, over reaching, ex-tends, re coup, re touching, trans-form, fire up, re-furbish, makes good, lending hand, in-form, made well, Enhearten, re building, hast hand, reassembling, didst again, over-flown, reenergized, re tooled, put power again, re vamps, pre sent, re-doing, breathing new life into, re vivified, gooses, re-invested, re-stored, intro-duce, gets out from under, re-produce, counterattacked, re-establish, re tains, re establishing, result in, dis covered, re stores, re-invigorates, re equipping, makes firm, pro-duces, Re-orient, multi-plying, restocks, uphold, starting anew, animate, re-covering, lent hand, getting back on feet, parturitates, came one, ministers to, re constructs, re-conditions, over-coming, set motion, re producing, re-activate, out foxed, re enacts, refitting, re generate, pre-sents, de-duce, bring to date, re oriented, re opening, rehabbed, gave a face-lift, beget, nailing down, stereo typed, de bugged, hadst in hand, re kindle, in-spirited, de-bugged, locked up, tamper with, producing young, re-minded, re-elect, bonded together, propagate, lends a hand, giving rise to, became reality, be-stirs, de livering, ex tend, open up, re-treads, re electing, raising from dead, re constituted, pre paring, re-organize, in-nerved, calls up, reinvested, put feet again, wast out woods, gat better, trumping up, oughts, be stirring, modernize, gentrifying, ex tended, snapped back, re elect, sucks in, regained one's strength, remake, re tools, diffuses, reerected, re-models, reimposing, re-duplicates, make up for, re-generated, spiced up, inspires, in-nerving, over-flowing, pro-vide, ballyhooed, win back, recruit, re-solving, re model, bring up code, pro claims, re-gaining, be comes, reequipping, pro create, out foxing, stores up, bringing order, soft soaping, retreading, bringing to order, being forced to, re-formed, originate, turning over a new leaf, re molding, brings back, re state, ushers in, over flow, re invigorated, re-introduced, twists arm, were one's duty to, re presents, changes ones ways, sober up, oughted, cleans up one's act, getting better, re impose, re-tooling, dis-patch, re-turns, makes amends, giving life to, turns over new leaf, tire, re formed, brought to order, re-assembles, brought to mind, raised from the dead, up-date, get out from under, call arms, bracing up, Toning, re vivifies, get in shape, goosing, re-animating, be-thinks, bring back life, dis covering, being up to, in spirited, Rehire, brought up date, re-printed, cleaned act, repair, thinks of, all owing, were ones duty to, re gain, re-plicate, dis-tribute, opening doors, retain, recasts, Bestirring, soft-soaping, trans-fuses, bring up to code, regain ones health, re orient, re-enacting, re organize, innervating, over reach, rehabbing, photo graphing, re-plenish, becomes visible, gat shape, rehires, hadst hand, brings order, re collecting, under gone, up lifting, breathes new life in to, gat hold of, in spirits, re-molding, dis-patched, re assembles, shoulds, re living, were one duty to, up holds, regain ones strength, regains ones health, snap back, regaining health, de-liver, break ice, got hold of, swearing off, restock, regained ones strength, piece together, pro cures, calling forth, reelected, get well, twist arm, making whole, coming to life, struck a note, cleans act, spruces, raising from the dead, re-shuffle, re shuffles, took character, sobering up, fills up, in-spired, are to, mimeograph, call forth, re-habilitated, in forms, has in hand, re-coup, re constitutes, clean one's act, re-covered, re mold, giving a face lift, came around, multi-plied, re-making, de-vised, re-constitute, re counted, re fitted, gives new life to, re forms, form, re forming, re fashioned, regaining strength, teems with, re peat, come to life, finds human resources, putting with, shaped up, gat well, felt oneself again, recondition, in-citing, gotten in shape, reduplicating, looked back, snapping up, re organizing, go with, were up to, re bounds, lets sunshine in, being ones duty to, re-invigorated, laying eggs, feeling again, livened up, gives birth to, Progenerate, re establishes, bringing to, de bugging, de signing, giving a facelift, re-producing, resurrect, re populates, acts as, liven, re bound, breathe new life in to, snapping out it, re-enacts, re-peats, re-instates, reinstitute, giving a face-lift, re-furbished, re-builded, regains one strength, re-live, retreaded, retread, makes whole, re-presented, re-living, re-stating, un does, re-adies, re-possesses, made sound, re equipped, re-shuffles, photo-copies, putting up with, put on feet again, pro-creating, changing one ways, re making, making alive, re-investing, put in power again, reanimate, re adies, re print, re-storing, think of, re awakened, mimeographs, steamrolled, refashioned, counter-attacks, re-kindles, re-shuffled, re touched, retooling, induce, was one duty to, re-generate, came to life, swear off, filling up, giving weight, re arranges, vivificates, strook note, authored, does again, made healthy, becoming reality, re invigorating, pro longs, re-affirm, re-fashioning, come with, restocked, rings bell, give a facelift, brings up date, brought back, be thinking, was delivered of, re invest, puts back together, re erected, over-flows, up lift, are ones duty to, cleans up, re-generating, re-printing, acting as, got ready, mimeos, stirs up, setting rights, re-stamps, regained strength, re-orienting, snap up, give a face lift, de duce, sold one on, out-maneuvers, change ways, re pairing, pro-vides, enheartening, is to, sows seeds of, in-creased, in ducted, de sign, re touch, re awakening, dis-patches, re stated, re opened, re-pairs, make for, re orienting, bringing up date, Reerect, re-mold, Re-present, are compelled to, re-solve, re fashion, Bestirred, sets rights, re place, gives new look to, in-venting, recommenced, reelect, pre-pare, re-stocked, recast, come to order, giving face lift to, re-energize, out-lining, got out from under, re-touch, changed ones ways, dis-patching, making happen, cleaning up one act, in-duce, signs on, puts pep in to, opened up, snaps back, de-signed, trans fusing, brought to code, brings up code, give boost to, in-creases, re news, met with, braced up, over haul, re-deems, be out woods, pro cured, revive, out smart, flashes on, re-duplicating, wert up to, give a face-lift, take on character, are up to, making young again, whips out, inform, re-vising, re solves, talked in to, in-ducted, cleaned up one act, cleaned ones act, re-vamped, reproduce, are delivered of, give rise to, re lived, become visible, intro duce, re-awaken, putting order, co-axing, legalize, being one's duty to, return to form, de-sign, dis patches, re-lives, became visible, out-foxing, reform, dost again, re turns, pro-claiming, find human resources, in crease, steamrolls, becomes reality, re energizing, wert ones duty to, dis-covers, work up, sit on, took turn for better, re-stores, refit, re-organizing, over reaches, re-turned, cleans up ones act, be up to, regaining ones health, structured, re introduced, dis perse, re dress, pro long, reduplicated, re institute, de livers, re stock, sobered up, changed ways, latch on to, over come, further, serve as, brought to date, ministered to, stirred up, rests with, trans-fuse, up date, ringed a bell, de livered, wast up to, re-touched, comes to life, giving new look to, strengthen, reliving, re covered, up-holds, lose, making healthy, get hands on, were duty to, regains health, pro created, came to one, argues into, innervate, re-stocking, over-reach, wins back, re affirming, up-holding, jazzes up, gave facelift, re make, re-assembling, waking up, letted sunshine in, makes comeback, came together, ushered in, re furbishes, dis-tributes, re plenishing, re-invigorating, be-stir, think up, co axed, in spiriting, counter-attacked, out lines, re-invigorate, trans-formed, reequip, Re-open, have, adds fuel to fire, out-wits, re generates, trumps up, ought, re shuffling, shaping up, re deemed, retrospecting, twisted one's arm, enheartens, re done, re possessed, brings date, twist one's arm, stored up, re-bounded, pro claim, am out woods, put pep in to, serviced, giving forth, bonds together, fell on, recharge, meets with, re opens, re-hire, re minding, re treads, repel, re-instituted, give a new look to, Pirating, re-oriented, over comes, in-spiring, fall on, art ones duty to, Manifolding, took care of, soddening, Innerved, re-placed, struck note, in-duct, father, toned up, were delivered of, counter attack, breed, re-gained, un did, had in hand, re-assembled, turn over a new leaf, re counts, trans-fused, repopulates, remolds, twist one arm, gave character, re couped, sowing seeds of, cleaned up one's act, re duplicating, re animated, re tread, re-kindled, re-done, called up, retrospected, co-oked, giving new life to, adds fuel fire, reduplicates, rings a bell, counter attacking, bringing up to date, snaps out of it, de-vise, re-lighting, rejuvenate, mimeographed, re-constructing, trans forming, multi plying, reinvesting, twisting ones arm, pro-curing, re-called, re-erect, re-grouping, in creasing, re generating, regaining one's strength, re invigorate, are one's duty to, reconstitutes, re-constituted, re-new, dull, gets back on feet, brought back life, returns to form, re-established, re grouping, pro-moting, set to rights, acted as, take shape, re-conditioning, bestirs, doeth again, retro-spect, re-minding, regains ones strength, twists one arm, re hire, reinvigorate, brings forth, found human resources, be stir, returned to form, re gains, tone up, were out of woods, making haste, enliven, brought order, over flowed, was ones duty to, were out woods, twists one's arm, taking on character, re-tain, refurbish, over-hauls, brings code, pro-create, re imposed, re assemble, re minds, becoming a reality, gussies up, re-vitalized, restamps, re lighting, foment, recasting, sells one on, act as, re plenished, giving a new look to, clean act, makes well, throw together, re bounded, re light, twisted arm, institute, gather resources, out maneuvered, de-vising, serving as, pro viding, talked into, re-couped, strikes note, strike a note, sate on, re-treading, Spicing, over-haul, reconstituting, diffused, Re-collect, making pregnant, re store, re-arrange, in spiring, be-getting, generate, gat back on feet, re-modeling, wast ones duty to, in-forms, twists ones arm, be thought, tearing off, opening up, thinks up, re-freshes, up-held, bringing to date, takes care of, sitting on, soddened, reenergizing, be out of woods, snapped out of it, lent a hand, retreads, enact, trans-forming, counterattacking, re doubles, wert duty to, be coming, finding human resources, did again, sow seeds of, win over, de liver, swears off, re-charging, repopulating, rekindle, feel oneself again, breathing new life in to, makes up for, gathers resources, ex tending, become a reality, gave birth, re established, reconstruct, jazzing up, gat hands on, thought of, re-plicating, return form, Pirated, making over, making good, wast out of woods, remolding, re organizes, begin again, re-counting, putting on feet again, out-line, up dating, sells on, re models, brought up to code, de signs, started anew, begins again, sowed seeds of, pro-generated, re prints, remold, ex tends, gotten out from under, dis patched, ballyhooing, de-livering, out wits, have hand, strook a note, re possesses, gives a face-lift, re-vamp, re-cover, re-bound, pro generate, carboning, re-kindling, cleaned up ones act, de signed, argued in to, thought about, returning form, trans fused, repopulate, wast compelled to, juices up, up-lifts, re-vised, re-building, be forced to, am one's duty to, re introduces, locking up, re-lived, re-peat, feeling oneself again, get, re awakens, cleans ones act, reoriented, up dates, re-molds, latched on to, be delivered of, re-instituting, bestir, pro-viding, re-works, re stocks, re-vivify, make a comeback, were compelled to, taking turn for better, are one duty to, re-conditioned, in spirit, cleaned one's act, re affirms, pre pares, art delivered of, taking character, start anew, re organized, put up with, getting shape, de-bugging, gat in shape, innerves, brings to date, art up to, braces up, reaffirmed, promote, re states, ex tract, re-claimed, thinking about, give new look to, trans formed, re-erecting, is compelled to, re-dressed, restamping, ex-cited, relights, waked up, reorienting, sucking in, reequips, re-news, breathed new life into, up-lifting, up lifts, winned back, bore, re-opening, re-arranged, out-smarted, re-organizes, counter attacked, re instate, led to, art out woods, re-enact, ex-tending, fiddled with, cleaning one's act, Spawned, re-group, spring up, twisted ones arm, re vitalizing, ring a bell, retro spects, shoulded, re lighted, fall in to place, under-went, opened doors, tampered with, manage, snapped out it, over flowing, gotten back on feet, wast one's duty to, snapping back, re-equipping, re energized, whipping out, re instituted, regained one's health, re pairs, up-lift, give face lift, re-tools, bond together, drew in, make whole, brings back life, reimposed, de vised, re-doubled, pieces together, selling on, re charging, re stamps, regained one strength, Sired, regaining one strength, bringing up code, out wit, torn off, re stamping, has hand, re claiming, trans fuses, be stirs, breathed new life in to, re-animated, re group, am compelled to, pro-cured, re plenishes, re-states, in vented, make over, support, opens up, art one's duty to, sowed the seeds of, turns over a new leaf, wert delivered of, relighting, making comeback, hath hand, re-places, re live, re plicating, falls on, under-gone, re constructed, impregnate, look back, argues in to, imbrue, re-condition, latching on to, re erecting, re-arranges, re claims, re-plenished, bring code, refresh, co axing, re-vivified, pro claiming, reprinted, be to, pro-generates, out smarts, re build, re-print, re form, re-awakens, re-did, vitalize, relive, pre-paring, pro vided, all-owing, talk in to, came to order, in-duces, re presenting, out lined, re possess, innovate, bring up date, give forth, give life to, work for, out-maneuver, are forced to, wakes up, revitalize, re deeming, re constitute, am to, confirm, re collects, vivificating, bringing up to code, re-habilitate, putting in order, re-populate, continue, strike note, throws together, be-came, in duces, swore off, bring mind, throwing together, out smarted, re conditions, photostating, working for, gave new life to, re commencing, re populating, re-populated, re-collecting, re lights, re-vamps, brought up to date, soddens, set rights, bring about, re-produces, came life, making firm, wert one's duty to, returns form, gives life to, innovates, Manifolded, in-spire, re-plicated, regains one health, shapes up, thinks about, coming to one, re bounding, re-doubling, re stored, re groups, sweettalk, re does, under went, brought to, re-casting, reinstitutes, re-instating, photo-stating, signed up, comes life, re-paired, forging ahead, un-does, makes pregnant, wert out of woods, reaffirms, refurbished, de-duces, puts feet again, getting in shape, re-institute, re commence, brought date, tears off, re imposing, refitted, up dated, sobers up, gotten hold of, bring to order, re turn, forges ahead, imbrued, re furbished, imbruing, re plenish, flashing on, re-animate, invigorate, reinstituted, re-possess.