Pronunciation of Preserve
/pɹɪsˈɜːv/, /pɹɪsˈɜːv/, /p_ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈɜː_v/

Antonyms for preserve

transmogrify, re tired, let go, has a meal, sings different tune, over-throwing, slap around, made different, hadst a bite, laying one out, rolls over, give the heave ho, end-owed, de solating, having a bite, mis treat, give a going over, de-faming, over-powering, dialling back, trans planted, sub-due, dis placed, re-fining, de-spoiled, reveling in, re-proves, pollute, do number on, trans-figuring, diffuses, rejoice in, dis carding, de-capitate, lets out, hurled brickbat, slings mud, dis-regarding, Disemployed, over powered, having for, was engrossed by, be headed, re-verse, be stow, in-haling, trumps up, switches over, lotted out, dis figuring, gamble away, de clines, wash out, deal with, Emaciating, hosing, rap knuckles, am no avail, trans-muting, de-meaning, fixed wagon, badmouth, de based, kisses off, de grades, dost in exterminate, in-hale, bolting down, dumps on, uses up, did injustice to, de-cays, disciplined, diffused, over-works, blew away, denaturing, took nourishment, de forms, un-did, lose, re oriented, de-frocks, drag down, de selects, reorients, make ready, dis pose, de pones, be lied, dis charged, Pensioning, dust off, re-casts, has for, dialled back, Parceled, gave a going over, blotted out, dusts off, unfrocks, de moralize, de-populated, inverses, imposed on, de ride, garotting, dis-banding, re-model, change, in hale, be rates, re constructed, de spoils, stop, poured down the drain, sends off, dragged down, transformed, drawing blood, greases palm, meta morphoses, am of no avail, cuts to the quick, re lease, drinking in, de cry, re-proving, in-hales, re-casting, de-famed, cussing out, showed out, un doing, be engrossed by, bled dry, lotting out, took life, mis-shapen, resettle, doth injustice to, mismatched, beating down, partake of, pulls apart, over worked, feasts on, de-bar, dis-charge, differentiate, slay, manhandle, paying out, re calls, over comes, gloats over, over working, mis shaping, cut quick, neglect, garotte, drags down, de predated, taking nourishment, de ported, Hoovers, doeth in exterminate, mis-treating, process, drives out, dis-solving, re-set, de-populating, end owed, breakfasted, over-burdening, dis-figured, dis regarded, de sexualizing, doeth exterminate, re orders, push back, feasting up on, giving heaveho, de fame, in-verse, scarfing down, re locate, giving going over, forked out, de-composed, trans figure, re-lease, grinds down, gives notice to, reshaped, fix wagon, metamorphose, be-rates, de stroying, denatures, desexualized, mis-representing, let out, trans forming, didst number on, over taxing, de tach, feast up on, poured down drain, ex terminate, depopulated, re sets, re models, haddest meal, laid waste, re-called, ex pended, de-stroyed, ripped up, dis cards, gobbles up, be-stow, cleared away, parceling, Banqueted, re located, fixt one's wagon, totalling trounce, rationing, gave the heaveho, re-settle, de-creasing, be lying, re-adapt, un-seating, taking care of, de-cry, bangs up, trans figured, cooks one's goose, re prove, gloating over, slap wrist, misemployed, re orients, un-frocking, fix one's wagon, transplant, de cays, pecked at, banging up, doth in exterminate, be stowed, doeth compulsively, blow away, mis-matching, unfrocking, de-fames, up braids, haddest a meal, co-oking, cook goose, de posed, re-construct, feasts up on, goes to waste, lots out, dis-missing, de filing, attended to, leaving ruins, give going over, do injustice to, de-faced, turns the corner, de-frocked, electro-cute, dis-organized, dis torts, Bankrupting, burnt up, doest an injustice to, re arranged, am engrossed by, re-orients, in verse, wreck, makes ready, de-clines, mar, wipes off the mat, de faced, trans planting, ex terminating, release, hath a meal, re-versed, dis-appears, over-runs, dis honoring, over-taxes, took last of, dis-appearing, dis-figuring, put death, re legates, re-vamped, pay out, un-doing, drunk in, dis graces, de-files, forcing out, re setting, re adapting, de solated, mismatching, un-seat, laugh away, wiping mat, breaking down, cooks one goose, take last of, de barred, mis applying, dis regard, cook ones goose, art no avail, sweeping away, re-tiring, give walking papers, de-predating, dis solving, dis frocked, trounce, dis-burse, mis-apply, be-rate, roughhousing, de rides, mis-handles, mis-shape, re vamps, reshapes, dis counts, giving the gate, dis-regards, boots out, dis placing, dis qualify, mis shaped, dis-placed, re-shape, x-outs, squander, pushes aside, de crying, in validated, didst a number on, did a number on, re-vising, trans plant, in versed, over-tax, is of no avail, de bar, dis-appear, ex changes, over-throw, use up, finished off, dis burses, scarfed down, over-thrown, dis tort, tore apart, walk over, over whelms, dis-cards, cut to the quick, cuts to quick, laid one out, mis-mates, dis-integrates, pre-pare, Whelmed, corrects mid course, x-outed, do compulsively, blows away, slough off, over-power, sloughs off, was of no avail, re shape, over running, murdered, revel in, dis-graced, fixing wagon, take a life, have for, re tire, over-worked, gave notice to, de fames, up root, de-moralized, dis patch, drink in, fork out, pooh pooh, mis interprets, putting death, having meal, make pig oneself, xouted, mis matches, trans figuring, dis-regarded, dis-organizing, cooked goose, burning up, under-mining, de-forms, imposing on, giving works, drove out, dost a number on, de-sexualized, re-orienting, gave warning, has a bite, dis-grace, de-sexualizes, pull apart, be-stowing, de spoiling, taking a life, shell out, downed, dis-solve, had a meal, de-based, re-formed, had done with, dis-qualifying, cooking one's goose, cook one goose, de-solated, be-rating, trifles away, takes nourishment, pro-rating, trump up, de-natured, re order, up rooting, re orienting, doing number on, having a meal, slung mud, teach a lesson, over burdens, under-mined, dis solve, de barring, make different, atrophied, trans muted, de-select, trumping up, forks out, wipes the mat, de-cay, totaled trounce, dis gracing, de basing, grinded down, dis place, does a number on, give heave ho, mis-treats, sub dues, ex-changed, attack, de-facing, doest number on, re fines, injure, ex-tract, turning corner, sling mud, out lawing, rolling over, gives the works, re-settling, dis appearing, being no avail, de spoiled, mis interpreting, ex-tracts, sang different tune, dis-frocking, evulse, sung different tune, wolf down, Illtreat, revelled in, made pig oneself, root out, mis construe, mis-match, un seated, giving the works, Scarfed, attends to, resetting, de face, over-turning, trans-pose, cutting the quick, re-modelled, re settled, haddest done with, de-spoiling, hadst a meal, in gest, doth number on, over-powered, de-pones, de-solate, electro cute, trans muting, dis-frock, scammed, dis solves, gives heave ho, over turns, eat, re news, mis representing, de predates, burn up, re-vise, feasted on, turning the tables, dis-patched, dost number on, measure out, turn around, co oking, resettled, de-populates, end-owing, fixes wagon, de files, give up, turns the tables, de grade, re pulses, dost an injustice to, dis figured, gives a going over, de-grades, xouting, teach lesson, xout, de-moralizes, re calibrating, dealing out, re-fashion, leaved in ruins, blots out, pro-rate, de-means, fix one wagon, turn the tables, taking for ride, over throwing, liquidate, re model, garottes, re constructing, sliced up, gives a black eye, flip flopping, flipflopped, remove, dis appear, has bite, pushed aside, re adapts, take for a ride, re-arrange, massed murder, defrock, dis-qualify, ex-terminates, re-shapes, leaves ruins, dis missed, did an injustice to, give gate, dis patches, de-posed, reorient, bleeds dry, dis charging, scarf down, dis tribute, does number on, letting go, inter-change, recast, dis-mantle, lets go, mis-treated, took a life, banqueting, art of no avail, mis handling, be littles, turned around, taking out, zinged, takes a life, gives ax, slinging mud, rolled over, dis-charges, casting out, totals trounce, de-stroy, de select, co-oked, disemploys, leaves out, dis-organize, tuckering, doing voraciously, mis match, hath for, burns up, massing murder, letting out, re construct, using up, giving the heave ho, correct midcourse, are engrossed by, pours down the drain, ex-pending, be stows, dis graced, de-feats, up-braiding, be-lied, de frocking, bang up, swears at, deal out, kissing off, has meal, feasted upon, dis-place, giving warning, mis-used, snacked, doing an injustice to, blows off, hacked up, turning the corner, pre paring, out-lawed, bunged up, re-calibrating, swallows up, go to waste, sweeps away, give heave-ho, attend to, Trashed, porks out, de nature, locks out, out lawed, sent off, hath bite, reorder, readapted, dis-places, re-calibrate, re locates, takes last of, dis-figures, being engrossed by, cooking goose, mis shapen, corrected mid-course, giving ax, dis employs, casts out, de-composes, up-braided, dis-charged, spoilt, over-whelms, denature, being of no avail, de-ride, washed out, break down, locking out, doeth voraciously, pre sent, has done with, mis-construes, de pose, re-calibrated, be little, de natures, gave heave ho, de capitate, didst exterminate, be-littles, dis frocking, correcting mid course, drave out, over works, Re-orient, dis organized, corrected mid course, dis places, cook one's goose, re-oriented, pre pares, impair, taking food, have done with, cooked one goose, turn over new leaf, booted out, de-grading, threw the book at, dis appeared, pro-rated, gives going over, re-vamps, dis band, Furloughing, gave walking papers, dis carded, de-base, re-pulsing, pro-cesses, wast of no avail, re-located, lunching, dis organizing, wert no avail, grind down, de feats, be-little, gave a black eye, mis represent, dis-graces, Scarfing, over-coming, Rifted, turn the corner, Re-form, Metamorphosed, downlinking, dis-charging, de solate, over thrown, Hashing, frazzle, dusted off, pushes back, finishes off, finish off, de frocks, didst voraciously, de filed, cracked down on, clears away, de selecting, pre-sents, re-calibrates, mis mated, pro cessing, went to waste, switch over, beat down, re-fashioning, give heaveho, re locating, deselecting, Ribboning, dis-employ, mis handled, re-pulsed, rapt knuckles, Breakfasting, disregard, turning around, dis-gracing, de-compose, de-faces, ex-pended, phonying up, re calibrated, de-stroying, caponizing, send off, dis-tressed, over-throws, hacks up, pouring down drain, re-constructing, pinkslip, recalibrates, gave the works, didst in exterminate, re-shaped, walks over, de-forming, dis-qualified, hurt, pours down drain, ex changing, in hales, ex-changing, do in exterminate, ragged on, re-legate, dis-qualifies, cooks ones goose, mis-handling, drinks in, re-vised, pouring down the drain, dis integrating, over throws, endanger, de-spoil, de-solating, fixing ones wagon, over coming, gives heaveho, de porting, laughing away, inversed, wast no avail, dis-counted, bleed dry, phonied up, depopulate, de frocked, re-ordered, bolt down, destroy, de cay, re-fashions, feasts upon, re-constructs, mis-construe, mis-applies, laughs away, de famed, swallowing up, de predate, over-taxing, re-adapting, refashioning, cooks goose, take for ride, atrophying, doest compulsively, re-pulses, de-crease, took care of, lay waste, unfrock, un-frocked, dis banding, lay one out, deals out, re-vamping, corrected midcourse, out-raging, end owing, leaving out, fixt wagon, leave ruins, broke down, frivoling away, co-loring, re-arranges, dis integrate, over burdened, do exterminate, sucking dry, wastes away, trifled away, giving the heaveho, de-solates, turned the corner, distribute, re-vile, dis employing, over come, re forming, locked out, un-sexed, re-settles, washing up, makes pig of oneself, electro-cutes, turn tables, dragging down, up braided, doth a number on, re vising, gives warning, turns around, reset, ex-pend, gives walking papers, re pulsing, had for, shellack, disemploying, desexualizes, downing, dost voraciously, wast preoccupied, de frock, slapped around, re casting, going to waste, dis-tresses, pre-sent, gave the heave ho, dis-tress, greased palm, runs dry, re vised, un frocking, electro cutes, runs through, ex pending, rags on, de-cline, wiped mat, de composes, re-settled, doing injustice to, ex-pends, dis appears, re adapt, having done with, garotted, forces out, be rating, slaughter, hurls brickbat, give a black eye, readapts, pecking at, make pig of oneself, over taxes, pulling apart, didst injustice to, de riding, feasting on, de-predate, dis employed, de stroy, feasting upon, de creasing, setting aside, being preoccupied, inter changes, clear away, tucker, gave heave-ho, cuts quick, dis-frocked, cutting to the quick, swallowed up, in validating, de-sexualize, measured out, un sexing, re adapted, over-whelming, murder, de-natures, recalibrate, forayed, mis-represents, puts one on, dis organizes, dis tresses, fixing one's wagon, Pirated, turns over new leaf, shut the door on, rips up, Furloughed, mis employing, Disfrock, pro cessed, spoil, frivol away, go waste, forking out, xouts, mis treats, Disemploy, out-rage, re settle, have a bite, de-formed, mis-interpreted, mis represented, Misemploy, emaciate, trans formed, trans-lated, scamming, cooking ones goose, dis-banded, over tax, over runs, had bite, dis qualifies, mismates, Pirating, am preoccupied, re-move, frivolling away, re modelled, re leases, up-root, measures out, laid aside, re shapes, re-modeling, hath a bite, HOSED, Torpedoes, re modelling, lock out, re fashioned, going waste, feast on, laying waste, dost injustice to, gave black eye, clearing away, doeth number on, wipe mat, deselect, readapting, re moved, blot out, resets, re-moves, throw the book at, doth voraciously, torpedoing, partaking of, pushed back, dis-carded, mis-employ, Preyed, up-rooting, de pone, goes waste, shows out, wipe the mat, de-fame, discontinue, de forming, de crease, made mincemeat of, dis tressed, garrotes, mis mating, used up, Quashed, mis interpreted, in-gest, throw book at, wasted away, pre pared, dis solved, pork out, banged up, dis-regard, mis apply, trans pose, singing different tune, un-sex, trans-figures, gobble up, over powering, inter changed, shellacks, is engrossed by, slapping around, chowing down, mangle, waste, mis-construing, gave heaveho, make out like, mis construing, re vise, dials back, Pensioned, threw book at, bleeding dry, bung up, Creamed, dis-solved, tire, drive out, giving heave-ho, put one on, cracking down on, taking life, in-validates, putting one on, slicing up, re calibrates, sell, be-rated, doeth an injustice to, halt, sing different tune, in validate, giving heave ho, de-form, fixed ones wagon, over turning, chow down, evulsed, harm, letted go, Garroted, takes out, de-ported, re move, dis frock, doest a number on, taught lesson, partook of, pushing back, fixed one wagon, attending to, be stowing, emigrate, re ordering, dis banded, bad mouth, makes different, mis-matches, be preoccupied, de populates, takes care of, brake down, re-leased, gobbling up, dis-tribute, fixes one's wagon, give the heave-ho, re casts, de-filing, mis-shaping, dis-employed, mis-mating, peck at, lays one out, re-cast, took for a ride, dis tributes, re-locate, maltreat, de-stroys, wiped off the mat, waste away, sending off, DE Form, caponize, rapping knuckles, over burdening, trans mutes, turned tables, mis treating, did exterminate, re constructs, de base, de selected, mis-employs, doth compulsively, push aside, be rated, wert preoccupied, de-frock, puts to death, didst an injustice to, draw blood, showing out, wiped off mat, dis-burses, diffusing, un sex, over-whelm, re-locates, de means, ravage, pays out, mis matched, re-orders, de-cried, dis-posed, chowed down, leaves in ruins, exterminates, dialed back, trans-form, slapping wrist, re versing, left ruins, re arranges, in-versing, take care of, sub due, mis mate, trans-planting, quit, de file, trans-mutes, de-nature, crack down on, mis-applying, transubstantiate, took for ride, depopulates, sucked dry, de moralizing, over burden, blow off, de moralized, re-models, pro rating, sets aside, break, re fashions, de grading, un-frock, make mincemeat of, greasing palm, hacking up, dis counted, dis-patches, throwing book at, rationed, wipe off mat, snacking, over whelmed, shift gears, hadst bite, wert of no avail, de populated, mis construed, bolted down, giving walking papers, cooked one's goose, punish, gives the heaveho, dialing back, wasting away, Depopulating, ran dry, de bars, does in exterminate, reorders, de-barred, laughed away, trans-plants, dis-carding, re fine, de creases, takes life, Snowing, ex pend, be heading, mis-represent, dis-honors, cut to quick, boot out, whelm, swore at, de-selected, re-arranged, re new, re-adapts, un seat, feast upon, offed, be-stows, evulsing, Garroting, fixt one wagon, mangled, de-basing, re-new, making ready, de compose, hoovered, recalibrated, washes out, dis-organizes, hath done with, de-selects, wiping off mat, flip-flopping, cast out, trans plants, finishing off, trans-forms, trans-mute, dis-solves, switched over, pre-pared, de mean, over-comes, de-riding, denatured, putting to death, cooking one goose, be-heading, dis-employs, sucks dry, haddest for, mis applies, de-grade, over whelm, pro cess, took out, give the ax, gloated over, de-creases, re pulsed, are preoccupied, lay aside, correcting mid-course, burned up, is preoccupied, de-pose, giving a going over, de-moralizing, under mining, de-graded, turned the tables, out-lawing, re-constructed, devour, ignore, de formed, cooked ones goose, Bankrupted, inter change, sweep away, hadst for, in-validating, dost exterminate, tare apart, throwing the book at, shutting the door on, de-filed, dial back, gives the heave ho, dis charge, poohpooh, re cast, roots out, molest, was preoccupied, re arranging, re-order, ground down, draws blood, resettles, swept away, pushing aside, breaks down, made ready, blotting out, dis employ, hadst done with, throws book at, un frocks, walked over, tuckers, over powers, re-locating, de-posing, re legate, ex terminates, de faces, pecks at, were engrossed by, raps knuckles, de-frocking, gambled away, un frock, dis-counts, dealt out, re-tire, overtaxed, dis bands, teaches lesson, co loring, mis matching, did voraciously, de feat, slaps wrist, corrupt, de-predated, drank in, de-crying, up-braid, re-prove, hoovering, in-validate, transpose, over-run, leave out, puts death, mis-interprets, dump on, up rooted, be no avail, teaches a lesson, caponized, re verse, takes for a ride, slice up, OFFS, hadst meal, mis-mate, wash up, turns tables, over-turn, over-wrought, blowing away, re tires, de-creased, distort, trans forms, dis posing, dis honor, be-lying, recasting, de-pone, reoriented, de-mean, running dry, trans-figured, dis-pose, driving out, hast a bite, gnarls, slaps around, trans-forming, re-fines, in-gests, swearing at, re-news, cusses out, dis figure, Blanked, take food, turned corner, de facing, did number on, flipflopping, reordering, desexualizing, mis-shapes, abandon, damage, be-headed, dis counting, unfrocked, re shaping, re proves, de cried, dumping on, mis used, blew off, were no avail, gloat over, meta-morphoses, out raged, Gnarling, inversing, rejoices in, sub-dues, gave the ax, shut door on, paid out, de-sexualizing, in haling, measuring out, wolfed down, gives the gate, re-fine, turning tables, shutting door on, trans-muted, rip up, dis-patching, un-does, lot out, pre-paring, inter-changing, doest in exterminate, de-rides, re shaped, mis-employed, hast for, over turn, under mined, dis qualified, re-adapted, un-frocks, re-call, transmute, taught a lesson, Blanking, fixes one wagon, tears apart, slapped wrist, takes for ride, eliminate, porked out, dis-band, swear at, hast done with, correct mid course, overtaxing, dis figures, doth exterminate, give works, out-raged, readapt, shifted gears, Downs, de-cries, defrocking, turning away, dis integrated, re-modeled, erode, de moralizes, dis-mantling, out rages, de-porting, garrote, kissed off, ruin, wert engrossed by, dis-counting, de-feat, mis handles, wipes mat, pre pare, wast engrossed by, Lunched, de-predates, doeth a number on, dis mantles, dis honors, reorienting, axe, taking last of, pro-cessed, revelling in, ex-terminating, phonies up, refashioned, overpower, gave works, over-whelmed, over-taxed, beats down, had meal, dusting off, totaling trounce, Disciplining, quell, ate away, bankrupts, re-calling, hast meal, un sexed, in-validated, dis burse, up-braids, up braid, re orient, de stroys, dis posed, Parcelled, dis perse, leaving in ruins, rooting out, washing out, re formed, gave ax, hast bite, does an injustice to, give the gate, be-stowed, dis-bands, ripping up, payed out, re-ordering, pro-cess, x outed, show out, dis-frocks, disfrocked, mis applied, deselected, swallow up, hack up, Hacking, take life, re settling, turn corner, doing a number on, reshape, Hacked, dis-tributes, re set, dismiss, dis-integrated, letted out, dis-placing, rejoicing in, Snowed, refashion, de-barring, deselects, re fashioning, de cries, dis qualifying, doest injustice to, trans-plant, art preoccupied, dis-patch, corrects mid-course, de sexualizes, dis-honored, de composed, switching over, in gests, misemploying, dis card, de-spoils, doth an injustice to, de-bars, re-setting, inter changing, dis tress, re settles, sub jugate, de composing, turns corner, blowing off, ex tract, corrects midcourse, cussed out, rooted out, sloughed off, put to death, made out like, recasts, mis shape, re vile, x-outing, ex change, defrocks, trans form, over-burdened, hast a meal, trans-figure, shifts gears, mis represents, re-moving, pulled apart, transform, un-sexes, desexualize, re form, dis-integrate, de-composing, overtax, re-proved, re-shaping, in-versed, out-rages, over whelming, did in exterminate, re moving, re proved, re-legates, teaching lesson, scarfs down, correct mid-course, giving the heave-ho, torpedo, dis-tort, un frocked, did compulsively, be of no avail, dis-integrating, wiping off the mat, gives the ax, hurl brickbat, total trounce, mis-construed, is no avail, lays waste, dis patching, re fined, un seating, made pig of oneself, throws the book at, shifting gears, correcting midcourse, mis-using, de posing, turn away, hath meal, dis charges, cracks down on, re modeled, does voraciously, wiped the mat, re vamped, mis using, cuts the quick, dis-mantles, ex terminated, de taches, mis-handled, in haled, rag on, dis missing, do an injustice to, trans-posing, rapped knuckles, does exterminate, spend, have bite, feasted up on, dis mantled, mis-treat, have a meal, wiping the mat, de sexualize, re-arranging, dis-torts, de sexualized, making different, in-haled, inter-changes, dis-card, de natured, mis treated, trans mute, cut the quick, over-burden, dis organize, phony up, dis honored, de-moralize, de-tach, be-heads, in validates, doest voraciously, does injustice to, went waste, whelms, grease palm, roughhoused, re forms, bunging up, wipes off mat, disfrocking, un did, de-file, de predating, mis-applied, give black eye, dis integrates, ex-terminate, dis-mantled, dis patched, trans posed, Rifting, give the heaveho, doeth injustice to, making pig oneself, dumped on, de faming, cutting quick, porking out, misemploys, co oked, cuss out, gave the gate, dis-employing, gnarl, dis grace, eats away, laying aside, giving gate, pour down the drain, bolts down, gave gate, x outing, re fashion, de creased, mis shapes, un does, rive, giving the ax, de cline, forced out, torn apart, re-sets, mis-represented, un-seated, ex pends, dis-figure, dis-honor, dis frocks, totalled trounce, caponizes, trans-formed, dis-perse, defrocked, downlinked, mismated, de meaning, re-forms, Creaming, refashions, frivolled away, turning over new leaf, de stroyed, wipe off the mat, were of no avail, abuse, re-leases, resettling, trans-planted, re calling, didst compulsively, turned away, slices up, re calibrate, offing, ex-terminated, doing exterminate, dis-appeared, un done, quash, leaved ruins, re-vamp, fix ones wagon, de solates, turns away, de-taches, trans late, making mincemeat of, dis regards, sloughing off, forget, dis mantle, frivols away, mis handle, washed up, cutting to quick, de populating, de spoil, be rate, re tiring, over throw, de-selecting, disfrocks, use, dis-posing, bungs up, booting out, de populate, Whelming, recalibrating, chows down, dis mantling, dis regarding, had a bite, re-calls, mis-handle, be heads, de-face, torpedoed, de-populate, evulses, take out, expunge, dis-honoring, pour down drain, dis-missed, overtaxes, eating away, de graded, un sexes, doing compulsively, Re-forming, drew blood, walking over, was no avail, fixing one wagon, x outs, parcelling.