Pronunciation of Endanger
/ɛndˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒə/, /ɛndˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒə/, /ɛ_n_d_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ_ə/

Antonyms for endanger

gets hook, riding shotgun for, re-pairs, re-serving, re-furbished, Sentinelling, re-acquired, pulling out fire, Shrouded, caring for, Sentinelled, get out of hock, gotten out hock, beat off, covered bases, companioning, lock up, re-paired, pre venting, re-forms, gat one hands on, keeps safe, convoy, gat out hock, get the hook, hides away, seeing after, feathers nest, Pinioning, pro vides, Provisioned, re-furbishes, super vising, keep safe, lay away, made fast, pulls out fire, padlocks, super-vise, cut corners, re-covered, re-capturing, dis guise, laid away, save ones neck, cover up, getting off the hook, make ends meet, getting out hock, recycle, re-aching, got off the hook, Chambering, re-capture, pro cured, re-captures, ride shotgun for, buttoned, gave cover, Bunked, give shelter, pro vision, guarded against, under-written, Bottling, giving a break, cater to, cuts corners, get ones hands on, take care of, gets off the hook, set out, de fended, putting on ice, chambered, beats off, mothballs, watching out for, gobbling up, getting one hands on, re claims, locked up, Policed, Bulwarking, won back, came rescue, safeguarding, re generating, de posited, wast frugal, ensure, giving shelter, umbraging, guard, get off hook, saved for rainy day, keep tabs on, pro-vides, pinions, held at bay, puts on ice, make use of, watch out for, keeps under surveillance, de livering, copping, make fast, bringing back, gives a break, gets out of hock, being frugal, cover all bases, saves neck, screen, re-possessing, comes to rescue, over seen, over sees, under-writes, re paired, made safe, lay aside, panoplying, re-trench, make sure, give break, covering all bases, Shotguns, with standing, de-posits, re captured, provides refuge, got one's hands on, with stands, dis-guise, un shackle, stow away, with holds, protect, re processed, gat the hook, up-held, wins back, saving one neck, ward off, covered up, dis guised, got ones hands on, re-called, with holding, shrouding, keep, take under one's wing, looks after, looked after, un-chains, super-intends, over-seen, care for, re trenched, pro cures, are frugal, fights for, reacquire, re claimed, mothballed, tighten belt, put on ice, watches out for, de livered, giving break, gets one hands on, pre-vented, re generate, holds bay, kept tabs on, piles up, kept view, pro cessing, super intend, kept eye on, preserve, begging borrow or steal, laid aside, hooked on, re captures, watched out for, re-aping, safeguard, fight for, re capturing, dis guises, with hold, provide refuge, got one hands on, wert frugal, re cycling, de-liver, pre served, re deemed, seeing to, roll back, kept safe, super-intend, babysit, lookouting, kept an eye on, guards against, gobbles up, stood guard, gets hands on, re solves, reacquiring, retrieve, feather nest, locking on, pre serving, cared for, re processing, get hold of, re store, unchains, Companied, de fend, re-call, re claiming, give refuge, de-fending, pro-cured, piloting, got the hook, caters to, getting hands on, re-processes, re aped, re-solve, Domiciling, salvage, lookouted, guarding against, gets hold of, gives break, de fends, reprocessing, re-deems, save one neck, hid away, de-livers, re cycles, gave break, cover, pro visions, re-cycled, watching over, hold bay, pro-cesses, re deeming, re aching, is thrifty, come to rescue, assist, getting off hook, Companying, gave shelter, pre-served, pinion, re stored, pre vents, rides shotgun for, pre-serving, Havened, battened down, re possessing, Piloted, re capture, Re-forming, gives cover, gives sanctuary, holding bay, re pair, unshackled, re possess, super intended, re-formed, beg borrow or steal, re tain, give sanctuary, giving cover, aid, repels danger, took under wing, re tains, Victualed, go bat for, super-intended, re-serve, re-aped, pre-venting, de fending, scraping together, re-calls, re-couping, ministered to, keep under surveillance, pro-vided, re calling, saved ones neck, gives shelter, hiding away, gat one's hands on, beg borrow steal, being thrifty, re gaining, re-furbishing, repelling danger, save one's neck, unshackles, re calls, re covered, keeping safe, winned back, in-sure, brings back, locked on, re process, shelter, re-serves, re-trenching, sees to, look after, shotgun, button down, keeping eye on, gat hold of, pro-visions, up-holding, art thrifty, setting free, pre vent, un chaining, un shackles, standing guard, over seeing, takes care of, pre-vent, gotten hook, re serve, blinded, lock on, pre-serves, made ends meet, keeping view, resume, takes under one's wing, re covering, de-fend, re forms, piled up, be frugal, re trenching, hook on, Cinching, get one's hands on, taking under one wing, re furbished, gat hands on, fend, pro-cess, stands guard, ministers to, saving for rainy day, re-solving, accessing, rivetted, puts ice, roofed, give cover, pinching pennies, art frugal, dis guising, re-solved, set free, pulls out of fire, coming to rescue, taking under one's wing, re-deeming, over see, scrapes up, gives refuge, make certain, makes sure, re furbishes, re coup, re pairs, pro-viding, tend, re gained, under writing, Cinched, making ends meet, saving one's neck, keeping an eye on, begged borrow steal, gets ones hands on, scraped up, re possessed, keeps tabs on, tightening belt, looking after, de-fends, feathering nest, taking care of, un-chain, re coups, re cover, re stores, re-cover, locks on, get one hands on, re-pair, pro cure, under write, reacquires, buttoning down, pro-curing, Bunking, coming rescue, makes certain, fighting for, under-wrote, scraped together, see to, de posit, pile up, tightens belt, stowing away, saving neck, in sure, getting out of hock, getting hook, holding at bay, re-tain, pro vide, giving sanctuary, takes under wing, saw after, keeping in view, scrape together, beating off, pulled out of fire, Victualing, makes use of, gave sanctuary, reclaim, provided sanctuary, Riveted, hide away, de-posit, covering bases, over-saw, are thrifty, got hold of, provided refuge, de posits, dis-guising, tying down, gotten out of hock, unchained, re-acquires, begs borrow steal, batten down, winning back, come rescue, re-deem, got out of hock, insure, re gain, put by, un chains, saves ones neck, covers up, super intends, re-cycle, panoplied, re-generated, with-hold, re formed, re deem, gat ones hands on, get out hock, re-ached, taking under wing, super vised, provide sanctuary, re forming, rid shotgun for, saves for rainy day, gets off hook, hooks on, roofing, tightened belt, Provisioning, pulled out fire, save, under-write, gat off the hook, under written, pro cess, tied down, re-furbish, mothballing, de positing, de-posited, re trench, kept under surveillance, pro cessed, re-covers, un-shackling, re storing, takes under ones wing, un chain, re-coups, pro vided, stand guard, re-acquire, feathered nest, Garrisoned, making use of, dis-guised, re serving, re-gains, bring back, buttons down, re pairing, re-gain, re couped, putting ice, Victualled, took under one's wing, got hook, begged borrow or steal, battening down, guard against, super-intending, pro-cessed, cover bases, over-sees, rode shotgun for, re-process, keeping under surveillance, catering to, nailing down, came to rescue, making certain, Padlocked, put ice, lays away, re-generate, re-tains, minister to, rolling back, re claim, under writes, covers all bases, shield, with-standing, re-possesses, saves one's neck, re-couped, Garrisoning, gotten off the hook, harbor, re-served, re-generating, comes rescue, stows away, re-processed, re possesses, re-coup, Copped, de-fended, comfort, de-positing, got out hock, Padlocking, defend, pro visioning, catered to, keeps view, repelled danger, gotten hold of, un shackling, re cycle, take under ones wing, save for rainy day, sets free, laying away, Policing, brought back, re-generates, shuttering, with-holds, cares for, laying aside, pull out fire, un-chained, gotten one hands on, super intending, Shepherded, watch over, pre serves, gave a break, saving ones neck, tie down, re-claimed, re generates, un-shackles, havening, re-pairing, super-vised, Bottled, re-possess, keep view, take under wing, Sentineling, pro curing, sees after, pinched pennies, Shepherding, saved one's neck, get hook, hided away, over saw, scrapes together, Domiciled, reprocesses, re served, un shackled, super vise, makes ends meet, up held, re-solves, saves one neck, re acquire, got off hook, covers bases, up-hold, pulling out of fire, rolls back, gets out hock, up hold, save neck, scraping up, buttoned down, re-stores, accessed, un-shackle, with-held, battens down, help, re gains, saw to, pro-cures, gets one's hands on, baby sit, with-stand, re-gained, take under one wing, victual, gotten one's hands on, taking under ones wing, takes under one wing, begging borrow steal, made sure, wast thrifty, rolled back, pinch pennies, pro visioned, took under one wing, gotten hands on, blinding, umbraged, Sentineled, pinches pennies, gave refuge, with stand, sets out, walls off, sur rounded, gotten the hook, keep an eye on, with stood, holds at bay, de liver, providing sanctuary, re-stored, pro-vide, take care, gets the hook, begs borrow or steal, pro-cure, saved neck, getting the hook, pull out of fire, re couping, shotgunning, under wrote, companioned, with-stands, making safe, reprocess, under-writing, give a break, sur-rounded, Unshackle, cutting corners, am thrifty, rivetting, ties down, be thrifty, up-holds, re-trenched, padlock, re-gaining, were frugal, with held, keeps eye on, reprocessed, hooking on, re form, de livers, up holds, keeping tabs on, kept in view, getting hold of, Bulwarked, Housed, re-covering, up holding, un chained, re cycled, setting out, re-calling, took care of, were thrifty, de-livering, gobble up, sur rounding, covering up, re acquiring, gotten off hook, covered all bases, un-chaining, pre-vents, re-cycles, reacquired, re-trenches, wert thrifty, saved one neck, re generated, get hands on, mothball, dis-guises, took under ones wing, re acquires, pro viding, giving refuge, gat out of hock, get off the hook, watched over, re solve, gat hook, re ached, shuttered, pre serve, Buttoning, repel danger, keep eye on, unchain, shotgunned, keeps in view, re trenches, locking up, re processes, obtain, de-livered, win back, pro-visioned, sur-rounding, gat off hook, re-storing, secure, wall off, pro-vision, ministering to, pinioned, re-captured.