Pronunciation of Regularly
/ɹˈɛɡjuːləli/, /ɹˈɛɡjuːləli/, /ɹ_ˈɛ_ɡ_j_uː_l_ə_l_i/

Antonyms for regularly

almost never, whimsically, un frequently, irregularly, sporadically, un methodically, at random, in describably, once a blue moon, on rare occasions, Eccentrically, unusually, exotically, astonishingly, unevenly, strangely, un evenly, on occasion, unexpectedly, never, un commonly, Unoften, now and again, erratically, scarcely ever, out of sequence, amazingly, curiously, extra-ordinarily, out blue, dis-connectedly, uniquely, now then, helterskelter, un familiarly, un-expectedly, a few times, abnormally, inhabitually, circumstantially, hardly ever, once in a blue moon, in snatches, surprisingly, rarely, every now then, un-familiarly, startlingly, in a few cases, finely, disconnectedly, out of blue, once in blue moon, off on, spasmodically, un-often, un-frequently, by fits starts, in few cases, not regularly, dis connectedly, once twice, from time time, un-evenly, Willy nilly, un often, un common, in habitually, in frequently, once a while, every so often, sparingly, Unfrequently, in-habitually, occasionally, unpunctually, un-methodically, by fits and starts, queerly, un certainly, uncertainly, out sequence, once while, once blue moon, now again, un-punctually, extra ordinarily, un usually, semi occasionally, un punctually, un-common, un naturally, un-commonly, in-frequently, un-naturally, un-certainly, uncommonly, seldom, willynilly, unfamiliarly, fantastically, once or twice, not very often, in-describably, un-usually, unmethodically, by coincidence, helter skelter, un expectedly, not often, indescribably, on an irregular basis, at intervals, strikingly, Semioccasionally, jerkily, once in while.