Go Easy On

Pronunciation of Go Easy On
/ɡˌə͡ʊ ˈiːzi ˈɒn/, /ɡˌə‍ʊ ˈiːzi ˈɒn/, /ɡ_ˌəʊ ˈiː_z_i_ ˈɒ_n/

Synonyms for go easy on:

absolve (verb)

acquit, bleach, clear, discharge, exculpate, excuse, exempt, exonerate, forgive, free, launder, liberate, lifeboat, loose, pardon, release, relieve, sanitize, set free, spare, spring, vindicate, whitewash, wink at, write off, let off, blink at, let off easy, let off the hook, let up on, wipe it off, wipe the slate clean.

conserve (verb)

cut back, hoard, keep, maintain, nurse, preserve, safeguard, scrimp, skimp, squirrel, squirrel away, stash, steward, support, sustain, sock away, store up, take care of, cut down on, use sparingly.

exempt (verb)

dispense, except, pass by, grant immunity, privilege from, wipe the slate.

indulge (verb)

allow, baby, cater, coddle, cosset, delight, entertain, favor, foster, give in, go along, gratify, humor, mollycoddle, nourish, oblige, pamper, pander, pet, please, regale, satiate, satisfy, spoil, tickle, yield, give rein to, spoil rotten.

release (verb)

absolve, bail out, commute, deliver, disengage, drop, emancipate, extricate, give off, give out, issue, leak, loosen, manumit, open up, surrender, take out, unbind, unchain, undo, unfasten, unleash, unloose, untie, vent, Unfetter, Unshackle, turn out, turn loose, cast loose, set at large, set loose, wipe slate clean, let off steam.

relent (verb)

acquiesce, capitulate, cave in, come around, comply, cool it, die away, ease, ease off, ebb, fall, fold, forbear, give up, give way, let go, lighten up, mellow out, melt, moderate, quit, relax, slacken, slow, soften, subside, wane, weaken, show mercy, go along with, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, have mercy, have pity, lay back, let it happen, say uncle, cry uncle.

spare (verb)

leave, pity, relent, refrain from, be lenient, get off the hook, get out of hock, give a break, give quarter to, pull out of the fire, save bacon, save from, save neck, relieve from.

stint (verb)

begrudge, confine, cut corners, define, grudge, limit, penny-pinch, pinch, restrain, save, scrape, withhold, make ends meet, roll back, be stingy, be frugal, be sparing, be parsimonious, save for rainy day, skimp on, tighten belt.

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