Pronunciation of Imprison
/ɪmpɹˈɪzən/, /ɪmpɹˈɪzən/, /ɪ_m_p_ɹ_ˈɪ_z_ə_n/

Antonyms for imprison

unsticks, re-gaining, un-buttoning, puts the street, un burden, un-chains, chiming in, repurchases, un-lock, showed door, came across with, un-fix, manumit, disimprisoning, hold over, bailed one out, re-captures, un screwing, re-covers, un strapped, un-laces, dis entangling, un-did, dis burden, re place, got hook, puts on the street, shows door, de-mobilized, un button, un-shackles, pulling out fire, dis placed, ex-plaining, un-fettering, re-moves, un stowed, re move, Disembogued, un pinning, re prise, letting the hook, saved one's neck, dis-enthrals, ex pressed, un-tying, get hook, letting one go, deliver, dis imprisoning, de taches, becomes unfastened, unlash, handed, un pinned, re-gain, un-buckle, dis-enthrall, paying for release of, re ached, un-locked, ex-crete, de mobilized, pre serves, un loosed, dis-carding, dis joins, re-cover, re-solves, sets free, dis-tributes, let hook, letting off the hook, dis connected, hand carries, accouch, unscrews, un looses, ex-plains, free up, gave forth, de livered, de mobilizing, unbarring, accouched, un caging, unstrapped, letted hook, un hooked, ex pressing, get the hook, un-strap, forking over, re-gained, loosen, letting go, handcarries, un-bind, pro vides, pulled out of fire, takes away, dis card, unburdening, getting out of hock, carrying through, dis patching, put street, re-solved, un bind, un latch, re-deem, runs out of town, re-captured, setting free, Re sign, chime in, un-tightening, pulls out of fire, re-moving, buying freedom of, dis charges, de-clare, disembogues, saving one's neck, let one go, un-screw, removed cargo, save neck, dis carded, un bars, bought out, un fastens, un fasten, un-loose, un-bolt, puts street, dis imprison, dis embarrassed, pro-curing, dis-connected, un loaded, re-prising, un clasp, dis-joins, ease off, allow, un-burdens, unbolts, liberate, gave notice, dis places, un-bolts, off loaded, un-loosed, re solves, de clare, re signs, de-mobilizes, re-gains, let the hook, dis-enthralling, get off the hook, un-burdening, dis-placing, dis-solved, gives forth, carry away, gets off hook, dis-connects, dis encumber, letting off hook, putting on street, dis joined, defogging, earning wings, un-doing, got out from under, un latches, un lash, dis-burdening, de-livers, un-chaining, dis-entangling, freezing out, un-buttoned, setting at large, de-livered, un fixes, un-snaps, un-leashes, unpinning, re lease, gets off the hook, disenthral, dis imprisoned, un leash, un-caged, dis-card, Unshackle, shows the door, taking out, un lashes, un lade, un loosing, re-solving, Unhooked, re gains, de clares, become unfastened, achieve, pro cures, re-tains, turns loose, un bound, hand carrying, un fixing, re covered, bought freedom of, paying up, hand-carry, un-bar, dis-missed, dis engaging, dis burdened, sets loose, pro duces, trans ported, un-hitches, dis-charges, cease, got out hock, frees up, cast loose, un-snapping, re moved, relieve, Unfetter, letting off steam, Unlatch, re-leases, allowed go, sees through, unbars, un-burden, off loads, un-strapping, un done, dis-patch, unshackles, dis embarrass, opened up, un screws, dis solving, set free, un-hooks, un-load, saved ones neck, let go, un-screwing, dis-tribute, save one's neck, unbar, affranchised, un buckles, lets the hook, letted one go, ex press, re prised, getting off hook, allowing to go, went easy on, paid up, un lading, un did, discharge, de fogging, allowing go, un-stowed, un bolt, putting the street, sur renders, re tain, gat done, Pardoned, uncaging, repurchase, pre-served, comes across with, re-covering, paid ransom, Borning, pulled out fire, dis imprisons, un-fixing, pulling out the fire, take away, disimprisons, letted up on, forced resign, privileges from, going easy on, force to resign, un hitched, held over, gotten hook, dis connect, gets hook, sets off, un-stick, Bailing, un lock, pro vide, got off hook, re covering, setting large, removing cargo, un-tighten, un clasped, unburdens, off load, took away, re-capture, carries away, dis connects, un ships, setting off, accouching, carrying away, ex cretes, hand-carrying, Uncage, coming across with, re places, dis entangles, forces to resign, gotten out hock, give a break, re-tain, gotten the hook, lets one go, save one neck, de-tach, dis-charging, un-clasping, unbolted, work free, saving ones neck, unscrewing, un loading, paying ransom, allowed to go, re lax, un-ships, re gaining, took out, accouches, letting out, pro cure, re-deems, saves neck, gat out hock, lets upon, obtained release of, un-tightens, un-leashing, un-ship, un hook, dis engage, re capture, defogged, un locking, opening up, off-loading, un-binds, allows go, de-mobilize, re-leased, un-burdened, de-fogging, un-clasped, dis-cards, gave break, wipes slate clean, send forth, unlatched, Handing, saved one neck, letted upon, un-fastened, getting the hook, un-buttons, getting out from under, help, got out of hock, riding out rail, dis-charge, carried away, un-cages, re cover, dis engaged, un clasping, casts loose, freeze out, de-liver, dis-entangle, un-straps, un-hitching, pulled out of the fire, un latching, re prises, dis missing, un-fasten, unlace, dis-encumbered, un-caging, gets out from under, rode out on rail, un fettering, un shackling, gat off hook, un-screws, dis-places, un buckle, dis charging, uncaged, hand-carries, un doing, un snapped, letted the hook, Bailed, un fix, rode out rail, privileging from, works loose, re-lax, boot out, gives a break, un-stows, dis-missing, de-taches, un bar, giving break, put on the street, pay for release of, ran out of town, squares up, Disenthrall, set loose, come across with, ex plained, disenthrals, dis solves, wiped slate clean, pro-duces, dis enthralled, chimes in, un shackled, unfetters, unstrap, give notice, holding over, unstraps, dis charged, de fog, un-tied, re-capturing, un-fetters, set at large, dis cards, de mobilizes, re-signs, give break, getting hook, un-bars, un-clasp, de-mobilizing, letting steam, un-chained, un sticks, remove cargo, unbolting, re deem, un snap, locked out, un loads, allow to go, pro-cured, un lacing, ransom, un fixed, un chained, un bolted, unchains, get out from under, showed the door, letted off hook, de-livering, dis burdening, un-fixed, carries through, dis-burdened, became unfastened, de livers, pulling out of fire, give one notice, giving forth, un-hooking, pays up, gat out from under, earned wings, pro cured, unpinned, ran out town, getting done, ex plaining, holds over, pre-serves, dis charge, Unfix, taking away, un-tightened, allow go, dis-patches, un burdening, eases off, un snaps, gimmed, un-barred, re prising, un-snapped, unchain, dis joining, dis-encumber, dis-engaging, pay up, dis-placed, dis-solve, un tied, ex crete, dis solve, un fettered, disenthralled, booting out, unchained, de fogs, re-purchases, ex plain, payed ransom, un screwed, affranchising, letted off steam, un pins, un lace, booted out, gat off the hook, un locked, handcarry, lets off steam, stop, becoming unfastened, letted out, giving one notice, un-sticks, disculpates, dis-solves, letted steam, pre-sents, un binds, re-solve, un stow, dis patches, un leashes, turned loose, lets go, obtain release of, un-pinned, ride out rail, re tains, un cage, un-bolting, re deemed, clear, re deeming, allows to go, gat the hook, un packed, re aching, gotten out from under, un screw, un-pinning, re-placed, buy freedom of, un-shackled, saves one neck, payed for release of, sending forth, lets off hook, bail one out, birthed, re-ached, pro duce, let up on, un shipped, un-chain, force resign, re-places, un stows, un lades, offload, pulled out the fire, ex-cretes, setting loose, un-clasps, re purchasing, saves ones neck, un-locks, un-pack, riding out on rail, un-buckles, dis-enthralls, un strapping, saves life of, renders void, un buckled, saved life of, dis-imprisoning, let steam, gets out of hock, dis-embarrassing, dis patched, disimprison, re-lease, re purchase, forked over, un-hooked, dis engages, dis enthralls, un-buckled, unships, un burdened, unlaces, sur-rendering, un chain, un fastened, rescue, dis tributes, reprised, wrought free, unlashed, dis-imprisoned, save ones neck, pulls out the fire, un tightened, un-looses, forcing resign, re-purchase, un hitches, opens up, dis tribute, off-loaded, dis-patched, un-does, chimed in, un-packs, gave a break, un hitch, de-clares, letting up on, lets out, pays for release of, gets out hock, unburdened, pre serve, Disculpating, got the hook, un-screwed, rid out on rail, un caged, unscrew, nixed, go easy on, pull out the fire, dis burdens, dis-embarrass, letted go, defogs, dis place, buys out, give forth, un-lading, dis solved, un-shackling, Unship, un-button, un load, gotten off the hook, re moving, un-shipping, dis-charged, buy out, unshipping, sur rendering, pre-serving, offloads, hand-carried, un-lashes, gives one notice, pay ransom, un lashed, ex plains, dis-enthral, Disemboguing, dis placing, unpins, re gained, dis-encumbers, unsnapped, dis enthral, un bolting, un cages, sur-rendered, dis-patching, Disembogue, easing off, un laces, carry through, Disculpate, dis connecting, pro viding, re-aching, dis enthrall, un hooking, un chains, found innocent, shot off, un-stow, un hitching, un straps, open up, unstow, un-latched, pro curing, squaring up, save life of, square up, unshackled, getting out hock, seeing through, pre-sent, dis embarrasses, freezes out, sur-render, un-fetter, unhook, saves one's neck, re placing, un does, un locks, repurchased, get out of hock, emancipate, dis encumbering, reprises, gotten off hook, lets up on, ex-pressing, un leashed, redeem, un-hitched, dis-joining, earn wings, runs out town, unfixes, un-bound, dis-connecting, de-fogs, dis missed, re gain, re-covered, Disculpated, eased off, pre served, affranchise, un-lades, re purchases, bails one out, fork over, rendered void, un-sticking, re-deeming, disimprisoned, un-latches, pulls out of the fire, pro-cure, un laced, re signed, un strap, sets at large, un buttoned, offloaded, shoot off, un-shackle, de tach, un-lashing, putting on the street, earns wings, re placed, let off hook, give out, de fogged, re captures, dis-engage, payed up, turn loose, wrought loose, un ship, unshipped, dis enthrals, Unlatching, pro-vides, un-buckling, saving one neck, un-stowing, lets off the hook, re solve, pulls out fire, sets large, affranchises, dis-imprisons, forks over, letted off the hook, dis-engaged, letting upon, un-pin, unfettering, run out town, dis-entangled, re signing, forcing to resign, obtains release of, privilege from, release, boots out, pre sent, running out of town, un-hitch, bailing one out, un laded, sur-renders, gets done, de mobilize, dis entangled, dis encumbers, un clasps, worked loose, dis-burden, dis-place, un burdens, get out hock, give up, un-lace, wiping slate clean, sur rendered, shooting off, letting loose, un bolts, de livering, ex-press, lets hook, un barred, un-cage, shoots off, un-loads, de-fogged, dis join, dis-embarrassed, un buckling, un-fettered, pre serving, dis-joined, un-strapped, buys freedom of, unfixed, dis-join, dis-solving, re-prised, un tying, paid for release of, borns, laxing, let out, dis carding, nixing, getting off the hook, un shackles, giving a break, giving notice, un-lade, get done, permit, borned, pro-vided, running out town, worked free, un-fixt, see through, re capturing, un tighten, un-loosing, rendering void, dis-connect, pulling out of the fire, pro-cures, saved neck, aid, rides out rail, gotten out of hock, GIMME, de-fog, dis-entangles, unlaced, unstrapping, off-loads, freed up, dis-encumbering, gotten done, putting street, unlashes, gives notice, working loose, ex-plain, un fetters, carried through, un sticking, re leases, run out of town, unlashing, un buttons, dis enthralling, casting loose, un shackle, pro-viding, un fastening, un fetter, un-fixes, privileged from, pro-vide, put the street, rid out rail, disenthralling, dis-imprison, show door, dis embarrassing, un barring, dis-burdens, unstows, re captured, un-barring, un chaining, dis entangle, disenthralls, forced to resign, work loose, un snapping, re-move, free, defog, ex-plained, un stick, render void, dis-enthralled, un-stuck, un loose, dis-engages, unscrewed, assist, un-leashed, un-laced, lets steam, un fixt, finds innocent, unhooks, let loose, dis patch, bring pass, got off the hook, re-signed, un packing, dis-carded, let upon, de liver, locking out, un tightens, dis-embarrasses, buying out, set off, sent forth, un hooks, pro vided, un pack, laxes, reprise, dis encumbered.