Pronunciation of Annoy
/ɐnˈɔ͡ɪ/, /ɐnˈɔ‍ɪ/, /ɐ_n_ˈɔɪ/

Antonyms for annoy:

all owing, enchant, sitting up, re-adjusts, swept off one's feet, dis-burdens, Humored, de-light, wert proper for, pity, laments with, relaxes, over joying, taking load ones mind, made roll in aisles, casting a spell on, be calmed, made hit, appealing to, ensorcelling, dis entangling, hath mercy on, puts ones mind to rest, grin bear it, sweeps off one's feet, took the bite out of, snapped out of it, re-freshes, re freshes, gave a lift, doeth the trick, is interesting to, re activating, put out of misery, quiet fears, hadst compassion, has a get together, dis-engaging, re-gale, attended to, made merry, in activates, snaps one out of it, Beseemed, dis-entangled, re vised, pulls for, dis-burdening, casts a spell on, holds it down, falling all over, cheer, put at ease, broke one up, cuts the mustard, laugh it up, honor, patted back, re adjusted, take care of, un-troubles, took load one mind, re stored, reawaken, re stores, ex citing, captivate, snaps out it, making roll in the aisles, make a deal, dis engaged, revitalize, pro-vided, cooling out, be-friended, entertain, enrapture, doest the trick, un-tightening, takes pity on, having a get-together, rolls with it, grant amnesty, dost one proud, pro portions, delectating, be-fit, pro vide, in spirited, be guile, takes load off ones mind, spoiled rotten, give rein to, Fracturing, is ticket, expressed sympathy, running interference for, dont make waves, putting out misery, suck to, fits in, grinning and bear it, snap out of it, being inclined, got one's jollies, re vivifying, canst it, sweeps one feet, take load off one mind, pat the back, in-duces, get one kicks, re-gales, cast spell on, grieves with, does trick, take the bite out of, grooving, recreate, be calm, bleeds for, put out misery, un-troubled, re-conditions, indulge, dis tract, had a get together, has get-together, sit up, cools it, pander, over-joying, re animating, fills bill, sucked to, take load one mind, knock dead, takes bite out of, re-activate, took load off one chest, sub-dues, giving leg up, playing game, takes load off ones chest, pro-fits, lets upon, be-calm, puts mind rest, dis-tracts, attends to, takes load off one's chest, re vising, Overjoy, eased up, are sorry for, tailormakes, de-creasing, express sympathy, play up to, clearing way, up-raising, gave party, be-witching, answered a need, art inclined, bleed for, fracture one, be calms, putting out of misery, is the ticket, grin and bear it, making hit with, going over big, all-owing, ecstasize, play the game, pave way, have get together, put one mind rest, swept off ones feet, smiling up on, re assure, puts out one's misery, went easy on, under stood, psyching up, be fits, put one's mind to rest, made room, dummies up, makes roll the aisles, Vellicated, re-vised, makes hit with, opens the door, making a hit, taking sting out, gotten ones kicks, cools out, subscribing to, answer a need, got one kicks, dummy up, put ones mind rest, got kicks, getting one's kicks, doing trick, clears way, breathing new life in to, made roll aisles, be calming, de sired, bending over backward, am the ticket, hast get-together, re-covering, Pleasured, come to life, get one jollies, swim with tide, sits up, be-calms, solace, be inclined, subscribed to, getting one kicks, hadst a gettogether, be came, do one proud, sells on, pre vail, re presses, gat ones jollies, sweep one feet, giving a lift, bends over backward, re-news, ex-cites, anesthetize, doest trick, gat one kicks, having compassion, in spirit, dis burdens, doth proud, Soaped, pre-vail, be interesting to, do trick, de-crease, un troubles, sided with, gives shot arm, am proper for, rooting for, carrying away, didst the trick, have compassion, voodooing, art proper for, is sorry for, in activating, beseems, casting spell on, coming to life, comes life, paving way, hast get together, taking load off one's mind, anesthetizes, hexed, re-vise, re-kindle, wast ticket, brightening up, am ticket, be seems, took load ones chest, laughs it up, toe mark, going fifty-fifty, laid on, gets one jollies, puts oneself out, pro vides, pro-portioned, clears the way, take bite out of, suit, fell over, doth one proud, re gales, de lighting, giving rein to, goes fifty fifty, make well, in-spirit, is enough, gets one's jollies, de-adens, take load off one chest, give a party, in-spired, puts ease, wiled, be-calmed, up-holding, Dulling, sucks to, make roll in aisles, over coming, re-solves, in spiring, puts out of misery, de-lighted, re vitalizes, swimming with the tide, spoils rotten, re-activates, be-seem, resurrect, granting respite, de-lights, playing to, spoil rotten, lamenting with, gives a leg up, gat one's jollies, give a leg up, getting kicks, carries away, made well, letting up on, give quarter, paves the way, wert sorry for, hexing, over-joyed, tickles pink, take load off ones mind, re-pair, Patted, be-seems, turning one on, grinning bear it, re-moves, re-new, re fresh, puts at ease, re pressing, re-move, take load one's mind, taking load off ones chest, suck up to, laughing up, puts out of one misery, rolled with it, held in, opens door, was interesting to, are inclined, makes matters up, put out one's misery, tailor makes, re storing, tuning down, knocking 'em dead, puts out misery, convenienced, dis engages, reassure, grins bear it, ex-cite, haddest a get-together, toe the mark, pro-vide, is proper for, softens up, swims with tide, ex cites, being seemly, has compassion, takes load one's chest, under-stands, up-holds, be-fits, sweeping off one feet, dis-tract, condole, spoilt rotten, pacifies, voodooed, condoled with, hadst gettogether, tossed party, over come, take load chest, psych up, make grade, trans ported, re-vitalizing, doing the trick, letted up on, gets one's kicks, in spirits, in-activate, over comes, have a gettogether, putting ease, gotten one kicks, knocking dead, selling on, be witches, re awakens, didst proud, making happy, sweeping feet, gotten jollies, taking the sting out, get ones kicks, get kicks, re awakening, shows sympathy, showed forgiveness, un tighten, having a gettogether, fills the bill, over joyed, be-fitting, dost proud, swept one's feet, re kindled, re press, untroubling, re-adjust, mitigated, props up, pats on the back, couldst it, re strains, re pairs, take load ones chest, re assures, were interesting to, re-collecting, getting jollies, am enough, softpedal, taking load off one chest, under stand, dis tracts, de sires, haddest compassion, ex cite, re-lax, panic, button ones lip, re-stored, appease, falls over, un troubled, answer need, dost trick, re adjust, art ticket, eases up, re duces, take load one's chest, dulls, pro moting, be-guiles, rooted for, snap one out it, got behind, get, re leases, revive, over joy, tailor-makes, had gettogether, going fifty fifty, taking load chest, in-spiriting, opening the door, are seemly, pro portioned, re-pairs, be-friends, put em away, have get-together, de aden, smiling upon, tickled death, de-sired, make a hit, re lax, put mind rest, is inclined, was enough, delight, toss a party, swept one feet, re kindle, putting mind rest, be friending, re animated, dis entangle, in-cite, having get-together, re-stores, in activated, quieted fears, takes load mind, giving a party, de-sires, relieve, tosses a party, gave shot arm, made roll in the aisles, ensorcelled, runs interference for, Succoring, make room, cool out, breathes new life into, gave lift, coming around, Beseeming, sweep off one's feet, sub-due, sweeps ones feet, lets up on, being sorry for, be-guile, take load off chest, having a get together, re-kindles, don't make waves, re-vitalized, quiets fears, make roll in the aisles, wast seemly, makes grade, holds in, has gettogether, turns one on, makes a deal, seeing fit, inactivates, take edge off, playing up to, make roll the aisles, doeth one proud, up hold, took care of, bring to, Inched, wert interesting to, cutting mustard, brings to, quieting fears, re-freshed, hath gettogether, under standing, all-owed, smiled up on, wast interesting to, simmers down, Arride, give shot in arm, played to, swept ones feet, un-tightens, re pairing, in-spires, in sert, in cite, untroubles, pulled for, hast a get together, making a hit with, haddest mercy on, soften up, all owed, give lift, de creased, hath get together, button lip, carried away, divert, grieved with, doing proud, re-adjusted, am seemly, did the trick, putting out of one's misery, put ease, makes hit, re-awakens, took load one chest, fill bill, took load off one's chest, re-solve, in duces, re animate, wept for, please, fracturing one, pro-portioning, were sympathetic, makes well, encourage, patched things up, in-spirited, took load one's chest, oblige, showing sympathy, dis engaging, re news, getting ones kicks, ensorcells, granted respite, makes happy, be-coming, takes load off one's mind, went over big, cunning it, cooling it, re gale, de light, patted the back, lay it on, hold down, re vitalizing, beseem, re-vising, put ones mind to rest, inactivated, doest proud, ecstasizes, swam with tide, grinned and bear it, make whole, console, Snowed, fractured, in spire, appeals to, clamming up, made hit with, tickled to death, be witch, having mercy on, giving a leg up, snapped out it, makes easier, sweeping off feet, Soaping, re-storing, are enough, gotten one's kicks, tickle death, patches things up, expressing sympathy, gotten kicks, be friend, up raise, spring up, paving the way, enheartens, putting one's mind to rest, re-cover, tailor made, de-creased, up-raised, cool it, de crease, re-vivifying, pro-portions, tickle to death, took load off ones mind, re cover, in-sert, sweep off feet, knocks em dead, gives shot in arm, wiling, de siring, put out of one misery, re-paired, in-activated, pro fits, siding with, holding it down, cooled it, re conditioned, lightening burden, cater to, takes the edge off, de sire, vellicates, re-awaken, letted upon, am sympathetic, re create, doest one proud, put one mind to rest, re collects, laying it on, re strained, puts out one misery, subscribes to, being sympathetic, putting at ease, tosses party, knocks dead, re collected, took sting out, fell all over, softened up, toed mark, in spires, expresses sympathy, re solves, give party, re-collected, take load ones mind, open the door, un-troubling, re-strained, re covering, lamented with, come life, played up to, felt with, made the grade, up holding, bled for, are interesting to, condoles with, be seemed, plays game, art seemly, brighten up, didst trick, giving lift, inactivate, taking edge off, hath compassion, sell on, ex cited, in spiriting, tost a party, re conditions, bended over backward, holding in, roped in, can it, be-friending, see fit, gives a lift, re vivify, re covered, gat one jollies, breaks one up, re collect, re vivifies, hit spot, over-joys, doeth proud, re-quite, gat kicks, re-duces, politicking, balmed, hath get-together, brake one up, take the sting out, tickling to death, up raised, re-solved, opened the door, sympathize, takes load off one chest, hadst a get together, feel with, anesthetizing, fractured one, breathed new life in to, re lease, re-animated, re-activated, have a get together, made deal, pre-vailed, clam up, smooth, showed sympathy, hath a get together, up held, puts one mind rest, carry away, arriding, put 'em away, infatuates, re-covered, soothe, give leg up, gat ones kicks, be seem, putting ones mind rest, psyched up, re duce, letting upon, re awakened, pro-motes, dis-engage, toeing the mark, tailor-make, set right, simmering down, bringing to, make matters up, pro viding, re assured, feel for, be guiles, re animates, goes over big, re paired, had compassion, get one's kicks, pave the way, play game, re pressed, gives quarter, take load mind, getting one's jollies, re-vivify, catering to, break one up, dis burden, re-pairing, takes load chest, putting mind to rest, dis-burden, swimming with tide, gat one's kicks, wert seemly, are sympathetic, weeping for, up holds, comfort, cleared the way, de-aden, be the ticket, Infatuating, lament with, take sting out, haddest gettogether, granting amnesty, be sympathetic, coming life, swept off feet, catered to, over-comes, dis entangles, plays to, re-assures, patch things up, taking pity on, re-fresh, falling over, clams up, bent over backward, got ones kicks, laughing it up, toes the mark, re-moving, de-sire, re-assure, pre vailing, cooled out, dis engage, didst one proud, pull for, came to life, re-covers, be comes, lighten burden, playing the game, be friends, re-animate, pro fit, side with, Succored, art sympathetic, tickle pink, cast a spell on, be fitting, de creasing, gotten one's jollies, wast sympathetic, in-cited, making matters up, art sorry for, feels with, gets behind, re conditioning, taking load ones chest, un-trouble, go with, makes roll aisles, sweeping ones feet, sweep feet, lay on, let up on, toeing mark, partying, plays up to, re strain, content, patting on back, re-awakening, de adens, laid it on, taking care of, speeds up, simmered down, Vellicating, wake up, re-animating, bleeding for, went fifty-fifty, does one proud, Soothed, sate up, show sympathy, pre vailed, breathe new life in to, brightened up, made a hit with, arrided, take the edge off, patting on the back, re solve, tost party, made a deal, de lighted, pro vided, under-stood, condole with, over-joy, give confidence, did proud, re-conditioning, gotten behind, answered need, show forgiveness, got jollies, amuse, wert sympathetic, puts out of one's misery, gives party, took load chest, made happy, pro portion, reanimate, up raising, come around, sweep one's feet, were sorry for, roping in, doth the trick, dis-entangles, put mind to rest, make hit with, tailormaking, speeded up, in-spiring, taking load one mind, re pair, re-presses, rolling with it, caters to, Enhearten, attend to, in spired, gives lift, had mercy on, is sympathetic, dis-entangle, taking load off mind, be-comes, cutting the mustard, Proportioning, re-kindling, pro-vides, balming, have mercy on, gives a party, re vitalize, sides with, making roll the aisles, making grade, Delectate, pat back, re vise, be-witches, quiet, run interference for, putting ones mind to rest, were proper for, giving quarter, hath a get-together, dis burdening, psychs up, grant respite, is seemly, un-tightened, tickles to death, re-assuring, tailor-making, came life, paved way, re new, hast compassion, re-kindled, took load ones mind, in cites, re-leases, breathe new life into, gave shot in arm, in-spire, vellicate, be-witched, re-pressing, re adjusting, re straining, Killed, clear way, re-strains, waked up, easing up, subscribe to, smiles upon, re-lease, wert inclined, commiserates with, grooved, pamper, filled bill, doing one proud, brought to, be come, be fitted, making well, was inclined, delectates, be-seeming, knocked dead, knocking em dead, quell, taking load off one's chest, wast proper for, makes a hit, getting one jollies, re-leased, sub dues, speeding up, go fifty-fifty, sold on, taking the edge off, wakes up, answers need, snapped one out it, placate, played the game, be witching, sweeps feet, get behind, doeth trick, am sorry for, knocked 'em dead, un trouble, put out of ones misery, go easy on, be seeming, sweep ones feet, taking load mind, commiserate with, lays it on, pro-mote, cut the mustard, filled the bill, feeling with, dummying up, re vitalized, facilitate, gave a leg up, taking load one chest, opening door, does proud, making the grade, casts spell on, kill, arrides, putting out one's misery, are proper for, did one proud, comes to life, be-fitted, put out one misery, making a deal, be-came, ecstasized, make deal, taking load one's chest, had get-together, make hit, de creases, was sorry for, answering need, laugh up, enamouring, enamours, sub due, de-lighting, make happy, un-tighten, art interesting to, play to, breathed new life into, dis-burdened, breathes new life in to, tossing party, shows forgiveness, making easier, makes deal, were seemly, fitting in, has a get-together, being the ticket, ex-cited, be-seemed, take load off one's mind, setting right, be friended, sped up, revivify, making roll in aisles, smiles up on, under stands, answers a need, delectated, has mercy on, took load mind, take pity on, condoling with, have gettogether, makes roll in the aisles, taking load off chest, re-straining, up-raise, toss party, wert enough, dis-engaged, tickling pink, humoring, dis-entangling, re store, in activate, had a get-together, hadst get-together, snapping out it, re-solving, re-duce, canned it, sprang up, satisfy, commiserating with, grinned bear it, gave a party, makes roll in aisles, pro-portion, fill the bill, held down, make a hit with, has a gettogether, waking up, de-creases, are the ticket, took the sting out, Re-collect, filling the bill, tossed a party, sees fit, un tightened, pro-viding, opened door, puts one mind to rest, de-siring, taking load off ones mind, re-vitalizes, speed up, sucking to, hast a gettogether, fall all over, put out ones misery, gets ones jollies, be coming, swims with the tide, take load one chest, gave rein to, canning it, do the trick, let upon, dummied up, under-standing, re-create, propping up, feeling for, conveniencing, putting out of one misery, woke up, tailor make, giving party, smile upon, re-condition, does the trick, re collecting, sweeping off one's feet, were the ticket, re-vivified, breaking one up, be sorry for, go fifty fifty, up-raises, makes the grade, hold it down, was the ticket, re condition, get one's jollies, gets ones kicks, un tightens, dis entangled, put oneself out, button one lip, takes load one's mind, had get together, came around, softening up, breathing new life into, takes the sting out, makes room, over joys, be witched, re move, be fit, gets kicks, making roll aisles, tickling death, be-calming, haddest a gettogether, be ticket, tossing a party, takes sting out, springs up, were inclined, are ticket, prop up, re-animates, getting ones jollies, lightened burden, re-vivifies, re moved, takes load off one mind, filling bill, am interesting to, interest, re-conditioned, took edge off, sweep off ones feet, swam with the tide, patching things up, gratify, re freshed, re quite, took bite out of, art the ticket, giving shot in arm, regale, be-friend, haddest get together, fit in, hadst mercy on, gets jollies, cleared way, be proper for, were enough, pre-vails, in-duce, wert ticket, gave leg up, tailor making, cuts mustard, was ticket, over-coming, made grade, dis-engages, takes care of, get jollies, putting one mind rest, being interesting to, having gettogether, hath a gettogether, make merry, took load off mind, dis burdened, go fiftyfifty, giving confidence, hold in, knocks 'em dead, spoiling rotten, fall over, ensorcell, inspirit, tailormake, do proud, sweep off one feet, get ones jollies, going easy on, tuned down, gotten ones jollies, attending to, gave confidence, laying on, go over big, laughed it up, paved the way, Remedied, in-activates, gets one kicks, holds down, saw fit, re moving, clear the way, untrouble, taking load off one mind, Inching, sucked up to, fractures one, make roll aisles, puts 'em away, appeal to, re activated, appealed to, sweeps one's feet, facilitates, showing forgiveness, ropes in, took load off chest, Snowing, got one's kicks, un troubling, commiserated with, sweeping one's feet, pats on back, puts ones mind rest, making hit, dost the trick, ran interference for, being ticket, cut mustard, grants respite, toes mark, takes load one chest, gives rein to, enheartened, pre vails, answering a need, patting back, de lights, making room, pats the back, took pity on, falls all over, root for, bend over backward, be seemly, gives confidence, tickle, pulling for, made roll the aisles, gat behind, went fiftyfifty, re vivified, clearing the way, brightens up, ease up, patted on back, re-strain, being proper for, in vite, snaps out of it, made a hit, smiled upon, paves way, takes edge off, up-held, put out of one's misery, took the edge off, tailormade, rope in, re-activating, doth trick, taking bite out of, enheartening, be enough, clammed up, in duce, feels for, made easier, wast enough, occupy, be-come, did trick, holding down, make easier, be-witch, made matters up, re kindles, comes around, wast inclined, give shot arm, lightens burden, sweeps off feet, turned one on, re-assured, Patting, anesthetized, had a gettogether, being enough, could it, ease, iced, in-spirits, pro-moting, compose, up-hold.

Usage examples for annoy:

  • I am afraid you are going to annoy me again. - "Lady Windermere's Fan", Oscar Wilde.
  • I'm not going to annoy Agatha. - "Her Weight in Gold", George Barr McCutcheon.
  • They were at pains not to annoy him; he kept apart from them. - "The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story", Various.

Idioms for annoy:

Quotes for annoy:

Rhymes for annoy:

  • hoy, coy, oye, joye, croy, moy, oi, roi, soy, neu, troy, joy, stoy, cloy, coye, hoi, boy, woy, roy, oy, goy, toy, yoy, floy, oie, ploy, loy, foy, doi;
  • deploy, enjoy, mccoy, employ, bolshoi, destroy, savoy, elroy, decoy, malloy;
  • redeploy, illinois;

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