Gotten into

Pronunciation of Gotten Into
/ɡˈɒtən ˌɪntʊ/, /ɡˈɒtən ˌɪntʊ/, /ɡ_ˈɒ_t_ə_n ˌɪ_n_t_ʊ/

Synonyms for gotten into

absorb (verb)

assimilate, comprehend, digest, follow, get, get into, grasp, incorporate, learn, sense, soak up, understand, take in, latch onto.

associate (verb)

accompany, amalgamate, bunch up, come together, confederate, consort, fraternize, gang up, get together, hang around, hang out, hobnob, join, mingle, mix, pal up, pool, team up, tie in, tie up, go along with, take up with, get in on, get in with, run around with, be friends, be in cahoots, buddy up, go partners, hang out with, join up with, line up with, play footsie with, run with, string along with, swing with, throw in together, truck with, work with.

connect (verb)

affix, ally, associate, attach, bridge, cohere, conjoin, consociate, correlate, couple, equate, fasten, hook on, hook up, interface, marry, relate, slap on, span, tack on, tag, tag on, unite, wed, yoke, plug into, tie in with, come aboard, hitch on, meld with, network with.

embrace (verb)

accept, accommodate, admit, adopt, comprise, contain, cover, embody, enclose, encompass, espouse, grab, have, involve, provide for, receive, seize, subsume, take on, welcome, take up, deal with, go in for, make use of, take advantage of, avail oneself of.

enter (verb)

begin, commence, enlist, enroll, inaugurate, lead off, muster, open, set about, sign on, sign up, start, subscribe, tee off, join up, participate in, commit oneself, become member, get oneself into, set out on, set to.

espouse (verb)

advocate, approve, back, champion, defend, embrace, maintain, uphold, stand behind.

invest (verb)

advance, bankroll, buy into, devote, endow, endue, entrust, imbue, infuse, lay out, lend, loan, plunge, provide, put in, salt away, sink, spend, stake, supply, buy stock, plow back into, put up dough, pick up the tab.

preoccupy (verb)

consume, engross, immerse, monopolize.

proselytize (verb)

convince, persuade, sway, be born again, alter conviction, cause to adopt, change belief.

wear (verb)

array, attire, bear, carry, display, don, effect, exhibit, fit out, get on, harness, have on, show, sport, wrap, turn out, put on, slip on, suit up, draw on, be dressed in, clothe oneself, dress in.