Pronunciation of Rebuild
/ɹɪbˈɪld/, /ɹɪbˈɪld/, /ɹ_ɪ_b_ˈɪ_l_d/

Antonyms for rebuild

over-coming, over-throwing, un did, gobbles up, liquidate, de-feats, wast durable, going to seed, standing up, wast worthless, gat the better of, de stroyed, wipes off map, gobble up, hast on, devour, wert dressed in, dis mantles, putting damper on, gall, rubs off, wear, extinguish, consume, over throws, declares null and void, Endamage, clothes oneself, over throw, declare null void, dis solve, pulverize, fit out, de-stroys, be durable, gets better of, deface, dis charges, dis plays, draw down, am durable, dis mantled, dress in, re pressing, clothing oneself, dis-solved, cracks down on, haddest on, gat into, gets in to, over-wrought, gets into, clothe oneself, over come, taking out, in flames, quash, fits out, dis-mantling, vitiate, de stroy, took out, injure, corked up, torpedoing, in-validate, distintegrate, re peals, are dressed in, fracture, dis solved, slipt on, in validate, over throwing, ate away, ex asperates, eradicate, having on, in validates, dis-play, wear thin, chafe, went seed, snow under, hath on, over works, wore thin, de-stroyed, extirpate, washes away, slips on, de creased, over-works, re-versed, goes seed, de cay, un does, de crease, dis charged, got in to, re press, dilapidate, fitting out, get into, am worthless, wears thin, dis solves, over-rules, re main, slip on, go seed, eating away, disfigure, declared null and void, dis-integrates, get better of, un doing, stood up, re-pealed, putting lid on, de-cays, gobbled up, got better of, eats away, rive, raze, de feats, is durable, re verse, expend, drest in, slipped on, slipping on, being dressed in, cracking down on, knocks down, clamps down on, used up, nuke, de-clines, over-used, de cays, in-validating, over-throws, setting aside, wipe map, over working, re-duces, dis charging, wipe off map, dis-mantled, became threadbare, gat better of, becomes worn, over threw, gets the better of, re mained, un-doing, absorb, re-peals, spend, declared null void, becoming worn, getting the better of, in flaming, in-validates, dis-charging, exhaust, torpedo, wiped map, over-threw, overuse, overusing, was durable, de creasing, dis played, ground down, declares null void, ex-asperates, over turning, de stroys, grind down, over comes, clamped down on, Torpedoes, dresses in, dis-charges, watergating, snowing under, takes out, Lasted, wearing thin, exterminate, re maining, in flame, re-presses, wert durable, dis play, Trashed, goes to seed, expunge, re pressed, dis charge, de-feat, over-ruled, black out, knocking down, dis-solves, puts the lid on, dressed in, gotten the better of, over coming, in validated, taking apart, re-duce, wert worthless, cancel, being durable, dis-charged, be worthless, puts toilet, pull down, clamping down on, in flamed, is worthless, becoming threadbare, Quashed, suited up, get in to, ex asperate, de cline, over thrown, ex-asperate, put the lid on, over-comes, demolish, cracked down on, sub due, putting toilet, re pealing, decimate, dis-plays, watergate, takes apart, drain, de-stroy, puts damper on, ex-asperated, over-thrown, were durable, put damper on, going seed, un-does, gotten better of, overuses, dis-mantles, suiting up, take apart, get the better of, put toilet, become threadbare, corks up, de creases, re-pressing, am dressed in, gnaw, re presses, in validating, gotten into, dis solving, re mains, de clines, Unbuild, vaporize, washing away, art worthless, devastate, getting into, crack down on, went to seed, dis-mantle, dis mantle, took apart, dis-charge, dilapidates, re versing, over-turning, abolish, over ruled, over turn, were dressed in, de-creased, dis playing, using up, putting in toilet, became worn, are worthless, over-ruling, destroy, wrack, becomes threadbare, ex asperating, cork up, dis-playing, clad oneself, disrupt, re duce, are durable, gat in to, put lid on, de-crease, de feat, scraping off, clamp down on, wast dressed in, re-verse, over-using, re pealed, grinding down, wiped off map, over ruling, re duces, scrapes off, dis-played, dis-integrate, in-flames, rub off, take out, had on, wash away, over used, de-creasing, over-turn, sub dues, obliterate, erase, dis integrating, sub-dues, snows under, dressing in, de-cline, declaring null and void, go to seed, put in toilet, suits up, de stroying, torpedoed, dis-solve, in-validated, uses up, grinded down, over-rule, being worthless, de-stroying, un done, corking up, clothed oneself, re peal, knocked down, use up, declare null and void, re-main, stands up, un-did, washed away, scraped off, dis mantling, dis integrate, over worked, ruin, knock down, deplete, declaring null void, grinds down, in-flamed, puts in toilet, de-cay, wiping map, dis integrates, ex-asperating, got into, de-creases, snowed under, play out, were worthless, dis-integrated, was worthless, become worn, dismember, wipes map, annihilate, over rules, over-throw, shatter, got the better of, cripple, be dressed in, wiping off map, gobbling up, over-worked, sets aside, dis-integrating, in-flame, dis integrated, Dilapidating, sub-due, over turns, dis-solving, scrape off, re-mains, over using, erode, watergates.