Pronunciation of Enter
/ˈɛntə/, /ˈɛntə/, /ˈɛ_n_t_ə/

Antonyms for enter

set out, gat away, locomotes, dis placed, packed up, dis-sents, dis-engaged, makes one way, casting aside, dis-engaging, letted go, drop out sight, dis missed, re-duce, by-passing, ex tract, going sleep, re-versed, re-tire, blinking at, re pealing, de-creases, dis-solves, finish, Absenting, xouted, dis-placing, makes break for it, disapprove, march out, re-located, headed for, makes scarce, taking away, sever connections, drop out, be swallowed up, re treating, evanishes, bids farewell, bade farewell, de camp, went on strike, retro ceding, de materializes, pack up, gitted, hits the sack, got going, moved out, re-tracts, bidding farewell, go forth, be falls, dis-locates, rusticates, dropt out sight, dis appears, off-loads, be falling, goes to room, Overpassed, make one's way, re-tired, heads for, pull out, Trooping, dis-appearing, ex filtrates, dis-charges, off loads, gives up work, going to one room, avoid, leaved out, give work, dis locate, going on strike, moving on, head for, going to ones room, de materialize, ex-cursed, ex-tract, went south, complete, re duce, ceases exist, take leave, ex-filtrated, sur rendering, re-tract, blink at, do vanishing act, drop out of sight, missing out, wast gone, ex cursing, dis-missing, throw out, disappear, being done for, end gradually, exile, miss out, re coiling, de parts, weigh anchor, comes to naught, dis-regarded, takes one's leave, dis-engages, dematerialized, re-pairing, ex cept, re cedes, de-cline, x outing, hits the bricks, off loaded, re coils, goes one room, absents oneself, taking one leave, bugs out, excursing, leave no trace, hitting trail, drops out sight, runs away, sets off, trans posed, said goodbye, skip out, over-passed, go to bed, with draw, leaves undone, takes a hike, taking place, kept apart, took ones leave, x outs, dis place, goes forth, left hanging, made ones way, re-coiled, leaving out, dis-agreed, Re sign, take a walk, ceased exist, makes way, stopping shining, hung it up, de creases, wert done for, art gone, made tracks, deport, dis-locate, Neared, leaved undone, go to sleep, saying goodbye, hit road, leaving service, leave undone, dis-regarding, draining away, makes oneself scarce, is done for, takes walk, re-locates, de-parting, cuts run, retro grades, are swallowed up, de part, drop by the wayside, hits bricks, be-fell, took place, retro cedes, dis card, delete, dis appeared, decamp, leaving flat, over-looking, retro grade, re-coils, re coiled, Pensioning, dis-cards, dis solved, moving out, retro graded, was gone, go to one room, dis placing, dis-located, blackball, letted slide, taking leave, art swallowed up, sur-rendering, making one way, blinked at, ceasing exist, shove off, going ones room, go south, dis-solved, moves on, flowed back, going to sleep, goes room, cutting run, Git, gave up work, were no more, leaves flat, become dark, go along with, cut run, with-drawn, hit the bricks, turn aside, went to room, re pair, re tired, bar, walked out, dropped out of sight, die out, banish, went bed, re peals, by pass, laid down, fall by the wayside, de-sert, heading for, bad farewell, dis agreed, over look, moving out of, moves out, re-pealed, go to room, dying out, disallow, going to bed, take place, de camped, were gone, went away from, oust, give up work, hits the trail, exfiltrated, take flight, de-parts, dieing off, re moving, faded out, dis-carded, excursed, trans pose, moves out of, be lost, dis-place, skidaddling, hitting the sack, erase, refuse, goes sleep, get away, offed, run out on, goes out, be-fall, be-fallen, GITS, cease to exist, exit, head for hills, wast no more, dis-regard, denying oneself, dis locating, rusticate, went ones room, hanging it up, come to naught, leaved service, drain away, makes ones way, re move, re-treats, over-looks, quit, hitting sack, dis-locating, flows back, give way, de-taches, fades out, starting back, bug out, de parting, doeth vanishing act, dis-appeared, xouting, dis-placed, dis-card, lets go, re signs, became dark, with-held, hit bricks, dis-sent, go out, give up, cuts and run, gat lost, over passes, flaking off, go bed, stop working, sub-sides, doest vanishing act, wast done for, flaked off, goes to ones room, went to sleep, goes to one's room, re locates, be done for, goes strike, made one's way, ex-cursing, hits sack, making scarce, off-loading, re located, left service, ending gradually, dying off, skipping out, dis carded, dieing out, retreat, makes a break for it, sub side, x-outs, exfiltrate, outed, decline, take walk, re signed, went to bed, ran out on, make break, wert swallowed up, turns aside, make a break, running out on, re-signed, goes on strike, dis-places, with-holds, hanged it up, de crease, offloaded, stop, eased out, goes one's room, being swallowed up, dis charge, dis-perse, letting slide, took away, made scarce, embark, went to one's room, hits trail, putting out to pasture, goes to sleep, sur-renders, re-pairs, being no more, moved out of, pulled back, misses out, absenting oneself, making vacant, with hold, trans-posing, dis-charging, re turns, gets lost, go off, dematerializes, re-ceding, re verse, made a break for it, take one leave, becoming dark, with drawn, leaved hanging, didst vanishing act, dis solves, re turn, caves in, de tach, makes for, by passing, abstain, ex-cept, re-moving, goes south, nears, locomoted, let slide, x-outed, de sert, keeping apart, move, re pairs, re locate, leaves service, ex-filtrating, dis agrees, ex curse, slips away, caving in, die, letting go, says goodbye, move out, with-drawing, dis places, coming naught, dropped out sight, hang it up, sur-render, recede, refrain, stops working, giving way, go room, dis-solve, conclude, turned aside, go one room, hang up, giving work, Rusticated, x outed, cut and run, started back, leave hanging, re treats, makes vacant, give ground, re-turned, stop shining, going away, gave ground, puts out to pasture, runs along, dis-appears, re-peals, start out, ex-tracts, made break, absents, hit sack, re-tires, locomoting, move on, runs for hills, move out of, go one's room, over-passes, went sleep, taking one's leave, start, be-falling, retro grading, dis agreeing, re-pair, re peal, de-clines, setting off, with-draw, dis locates, gitting, is gone, dis appearing, re pealed, re tract, re-cedes, with holds, ceased to exist, does vanishing act, gotten lost, head for the hills, re-verse, setting forth, hitting the trail, Excurse, died out, re-treat, dis engage, made oneself scarce, drained away, wert lost, is lost, gotten going, going one room, be gone, packing up, sub sided, dis-regards, dis charged, dost vanishing act, end, ease out, make vacant, skidaddled, fade out, headed for the hills, Evanish, pull back, put out pasture, push on, marched out, over looked, made one way, re-cede, come naught, make ones way, re signing, with held, walk out, took a walk, with-drew, vacate, going forth, secludes oneself, dropt out of sight, comes naught, de clines, severed connections, ban, ex filtrated, pulls back, severs connections, making way, go strike, dis regarded, ex curses, giving ground, was lost, cave in, evacuate, ex filtrate, parted with, got away, over pass, makes a break, re coil, hitting bricks, ex-pire, de-materializing, make for, took powder, going one's room, re tire, hanging up, leave out, de-materializes, de materializing, get lost, re pairing, dropping out of sight, set off, dis engages, keeps aloof, re ceding, came naught, left flat, going strike, re moved, offloads, stopping working, ran for hills, over passed, made break for it, goes bed, move back, offing, ex-filtrate, doing vanishing act, ends gradually, be fell, keep apart, went to ones room, taking walk, going south, am gone, re-turns, melts away, re-ceded, fall back, took a hike, taking powder, made vacant, slipped away, de parted, re versing, Re-turn, goes away, stopped shining, re-locate, dis-agrees, stopped participating, left no trace, take powder, making for, set forth, take away, x-outing, packs up, make way, hit the trail, stopt shining, turning aside, dis located, gets away, was done for, are gone, retro-graded, de materialized, de camps, am lost, de-tach, re tires, started out, flowing back, dis missing, gave way, dismiss, bugging out, make one way, dis regarding, de camping, went one room, OUTS, take hike, walks out, de-creased, xout, passed by, sur renders, sur rendered, stop participating, running for hills, taking a walk, take out, takes ones leave, leave service, de-camping, put out to pasture, took leave, parting with, making break, retro-cedes, re turning, dodge, putting out pasture, re-treated, over-look, make tracks, over-pass, dis-carding, fading out, with draws, were swallowed up, makes one's way, getting going, giving up work, getting away, running for the hills, went strike, ostracize, exfiltrating, dis solve, making tracks, moves back, re-turning, got lost, takes a powder, de-materialized, go on strike, leave alone, took one's leave, retire, marches out, gives ground, by passed, moving back, de-crease, takes leave, am swallowed up, go sleep, ex pire, with-hold, stopt participating, trans-pose, leaving hanging, am done for, sub sides, exited, reject, went one's room, leave, makes tracks, goes to bed, re tracts, takes place, starts back, taking hike, hitting the bricks, re-tiring, trans ported, skidaddle, gotten away, re duces, depart, evanished, pulling back, were lost, stopped working, drawing away, missed out, re-treating, making a break, stopping participating, re tiring, goes ones room, re paired, ceasing to exist, retro-grading, with drawing, go away, drops out of sight, drains away, dis-agreeing, offload, over looks, making a break for it, de creased, dis appear, take ones leave, took one leave, ex cursed, being lost, are done for, severing connections, runs for the hills, remove, wert gone, xouts, go to ones room, art no more, make scarce, secluded oneself, hit trail, take one's leave, stopt working, lay down, make a break for it, de-camp, Pensioned, went room, superannuate, sets forth, go, doth vanishing act, dis-engage, Trooped, secluding oneself, going to one's room, gets going, fade away, dis agree, ran along, dis regards, leave flat, took hike, took out, re-locating, drew away, takes a walk, takes powder, wast swallowed up, retro cede, re-move, de-parted, re-coil, expel, be fallen, re locating, run for hills, melting away, left undone, cast aside, dis-agree, slipt away, forget, run along, taking a powder, leaves hanging, skipped out, melt away, part with, kept aloof, taking out, withdraw, Rusticating, with holding, retro-grades, stops participating, By-pass, Demit, dies off, Overpassing, making one's way, laying down, de-camped, ex filtrating, gives work, dis-charge, taking flight, being gone, goes to one room, de-materialize, art lost, dis sent, made a break, denies oneself, came to naught, die off, dis engaged, take a hike, gave work, bid farewell, dematerialize, eases out, dis-appear, off-loaded, dropping out sight, skidaddles, leaved flat, run for the hills, set sail, go away from, go to one's room, cease exist, off load, retrogrades, makes break, ran for the hills, be fall, hit the sack, dis carding, dis engaging, running along, de creasing, blinks at, omit, went forth, dies out, went to one room, ran away, cutting and run, going room, re-moves, going to room, dis charges, retired, takes flight, emigrate, takes away, lays down, de taches, blacklist, deny oneself, de-camps, Retrograded, were done for, over-passing, flake off, be no more, denied oneself, ceases to exist, retro-ceding, going away from, dis-missed, dis sents, leaves out, coming to naught, died off, with drew, bugged out, re-duces, de-part, overpast, by passes, re-paired, by-passed, by-passes, caved in, moved on, dis-solving, casts aside, hanged up, re-coiling, going bed, starts out, melted away, lets slide, de cline, leaved no trace, dis perse, go ones room, marching out, ex-curses, skips out, making ones way, takes one leave, goes away from, dematerializing, run away, dis cards, easing out, leaving undone, sur-rendered, takes hike, draws away, becomes dark, Retrograding, seclude oneself, be-falls, dis solving, am no more, say goodbye, starting out, taking ones leave, get going, de-creasing, dis regard, keeping aloof, taking a hike, slip away, dis charging, re-signs, over passing, gat going, did vanishing act, dis-charged, draw away, is no more.