Hitch On

Pronunciation of Hitch On
/hˈɪt͡ʃ ˈɒn/, /hˈɪt‍ʃ ˈɒn/, /h_ˈɪ_tʃ ˈɒ_n/

Synonyms for hitch on:

add (verb)

affix, annex, ante, append, augment, beef up, boost, build up, charge up, continue, flesh out, heat up, hike, hike up, hook on, hook up with, include, jack up, jazz up, pad, parlay, piggyback, reply, slap on, snowball, soup up, speed up, spike, supplement, sweeten, tack on, tag, run up, step up, pour it on, plug into, cue in, join together, say further, figure in.

affix (verb)

add, bind, fasten, glue, join, paste, rivet, subjoin, tack, tag on, put on.

annex (verb)

adjoin, appropriate, associate, attach, connect, hitch up, hook up, link, take on, take over, unite.

attach (verb)

adhere, couple, fix, prefix, secure, stick, tie, latch onto, make fast.

bind (verb)

bandage, border, chain, cinch, clamp, constrict, cover, dress, edge, encase, enchain, fetter, finish, fold, furl, hamper, handcuff, hem, hitch, hobble, lace, lap, lash, leash, manacle, moor, muzzle, peg down, pin, pin down, pinion, put together, restrain, restrict, rope, shackle, strap, swathe, tether, trammel, trim, truss, wrap, yoke, Enfetter, tie up.

combine (verb)

amalgamate, band, blend, bond, bracket, bunch up, coalesce, commingle, compound, conjoin, cooperate, dub, fuse, get together, incorporate, interface, league, marry, merge, mingle, mix, network, pool, relate, synthesize, unify, wed, team up with, tie up with, coadjute, glue oneself to, stand in with, throw in together.

connect (verb)

ally, bridge, cohere, consociate, correlate, equate, get into, span, tie in, tie in with, come aboard, join up with, meld with, network with.

consolidate (verb)

add to, amass, cement, centralize, compact, concatenate, concentrate, condense, develop, federate, fortify, harden, mass, meld, reinforce, set, solidify, stabilize, strengthen, thicken, densen, render solid.

fasten (verb)

anchor, bar, batten, belt, bolt, brace, button, catch, cleave, close, embed, establish, girth, grip, hold, hook, implant, infix, jam, knot, lock, lodge, mortise, nail, seal, settle, solder, stay put, string, tighten, wedge, weld, screw, make firm, freeze to.

join (verb)

accompany, agglutinate, assemble, clasp, clip, combine, concrete, conjugate, entwine, grapple, interlace, intermix, juxtapose, knit, mate, melt, pair, splice, stick together, touch, weave, Coadunate, copulate, lump together.

link (verb)

group, identify, tag along, throw in with.

merge (verb)

absorb, assimilate, conglomerate, consolidate, converge, intermingle, meet, submerge, team up, Immerge, line up, join up, be swallowed up, become lost in, become partners, deal one in, melt into.

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