Pronunciation of Untie
/ʌntˈa͡ɪ/, /ʌntˈa‍ɪ/, /ʌ_n_t_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for untie

in-vested, cork up, de fending, re tain, gotten hooks into, crochets, made hitch, putting lock on, de clare, corked up, keeps within bounds, dis-enfranchised, inter faced, Tamped, trussed, encases, Cabling, cramped style, puts ice, Berthing, keep with, re quires, in-vest, hold down, Subjecting, sub-scribing, gift wrapped, hooking on, de-fined, crossing heart, rendered useful, bundling up, dis franchises, making a hitch, de-creasing, re-duce, wast on par, telescoped, am a par, bundles up, re-tain, were neck neck, re-strains, sub-scribed, measure up, de fined, held down, Gunning, up-holds, asservates, art neck and neck, encase, keeping under thumb, tie one's hands, re pairs, batching, hook on, out fits, is par, putting ice, knot, in denture, keep within bounds, Engird, slap on, demark, are a par, teaming up with, covered up, hamper, got in way, make ready, inter-mingle, tether, co here, re-pairs, giftwrapped, locking up, de-hydrates, staid put, re pairing, in fixes, re duce, pre pare, dis posing, under taking, dis franchising, makes brief, Cording, cooling down, dragged ones feet, in sert, batten down, co-here, sardine, sub-join, blockaded, plat, deadlocking, affiances, densify, ties with, pre scribing, putting in harness, inter laced, delimitates, interfaced, swearing bible, webbing, took oath, de-marked, dis-enfranchises, pre-limits, dis-posed, disfranchised, gets hooks into, shackle, Gluing, sware up down, swore up down, Girdled, piggybacked, de limits, swears bible, Bulwarked, wast a par, sardines, dis franchise, de fend, slapping on, shleps, plugging into, under taken, makes sure, de-tains, out-fitted, Freighting, de fining, sending up, ramming in, ties hands, pro-mise, buttoned down, got in the way, keep under thumb, puts irons, de-limiting, Threading, wrap, Prefixing, pre pares, in-stall, plugs in to, gets ready, de creases, asservating, swear up and down, under-written, dragged one feet, re-adies, re tains, drags ones feet, co heres, gird, gave one's word, delimitating, de-tain, re late, sub-due, Berthed, re-paired, in vest, put on ice, drove in, Saddling, cools down, tape, measures up, being on par, Cinched, inter-weaving, enchaining, drives in, bundle up, boiling down, interfering with, made fast, teamed up with, covering up, melds with, up holding, ties in with, hooks on, rigidifying, cramped one style, making productive, tensing, give one's word, inter wove, made bow, stays put, inter mingle, Prelimit, in-closes, corking up, dis posed, pre-vents, dis enfranchise, chock, twist, palm, restrict, out-fit, de hydrate, tying down, hooking up, under written, prelimits, wast even, asservated, tag on, saying so, shuts in, renders useful, incloses, be on a par, coming together, inter weave, dragged feet, taking an oath, board up, under-taking, cramp ones style, disenfranchising, boarding up, rendering useful, said so, inter-face, demarking, link, Padlocking, pre-vent, with holding, palletize, tensed, re-strict, stay put, densifies, Crocheted, re straining, taking oath, forces into space, sub dues, pressing together, dragging feet, putting a lock on, clamps down, sub scribe, tacking on, wadding, de-fend, swore bible, swearing up down, purl, interfered with, fetter, freezes to, be even, gets in the way, asservate, Mortised, tied down, densifying, knit, in-stalled, tying ones hands, getting ready, was neck and neck, palletizes, de fended, close, froze to, hitching up, gotten ready, be neck and neck, entrammels, put a lock on, be-troths, drags one's feet, is on a par, threw with, inter-weaves, put in harness, densened, forces in to space, slowing down, interfere with, gives word, threw in with, telescope, gets way, sub-joined, swear up down, crossed heart, living to, fix, in stilling, shutting in, re-lated, purls, gift-wrapped, wert on a par, puts in order, up-hold, re duces, swear on bible, gat hold of, de-hydrate, hitches on, yoke, de marks, infix, inter weaved, boiled down, cramps one style, secure, pre fixed, kept close, in dentures, dragged one's feet, de-fines, TAMPS, tops off, gave ones word, corks up, give ones word, re-quire, locked up, in-vests, forced in to space, re strains, disenfranchised, got ready, am on a par, bundle, inter-mingled, Cinching, putting in irons, Platted, wert neck neck, shut in, tie down, getting the way, inter faces, putting irons, in corporates, thrust in, Bracketed, delimitate, were neck and neck, buttoning down, swearing up and down, pinion, Stringing, came together, wert neck and neck, under takes, evens up, pro curing, cramp style, demarked, de-clare, tamp, in-grain, Prefixed, takes an oath, de tain, padlocks, palms, enfetters, not let went, puts a lock on, interferes with, sub join, de limit, interfacing, makes a knot, tying with, sends up, cool down, art par, tying one hands, force into space, made brief, drags feet, swore up and down, Bracketing, in-graining, sub joined, de tains, pro-fess, latching onto, pre vents, cramping style, de-fended, drag one feet, am even, pre fixes, threaded, de-marking, Inclosing, humped, giving ones word, presses together, tie in with, drags one feet, drag ones feet, de creasing, de-fine, pro cure, tie hands, pre limit, mortgaged, get hooks in to, holding down, re-strain, in-grains, under took, inter-faces, enslave, de-creases, crochet, disfranchises, cramped ones style, sware bible, harness, gift-wraps, cramps one's style, inter-weaved, disenfranchise, made a hitch, densening, got the way, topping off, Pinioning, keeping up with, dis pose, nailing down, jampack, keeps within limits, make a bow, swear and down, was even, kept out, in graining, de fine, wert on par, Inclosed, rolling up, made ready, stayed put, out fitting, cover up, making a knot, inter-lacing, is on par, pressed together, shlepped, made productive, giftwrap, strung, was par, be troth, throws in with, sware down, is neck neck, re-straining, forced into space, cramping ones style, swearing on bible, sardined, dis-posing, puts harness, Tamping, Purled, sub joining, tangle, put in irons, tele scoping, syncopates, pre vent, hanging up, pre-scribes, am neck and neck, rammed in, in corporate, inter lacing, inter-faced, forcing into space, pre-vented, makes firm, out fitted, up-held, slowed down, de clares, crosses heart, in-convenience, dis-enfranchise, pre-pared, trothed, inter weaving, pinning down, inter woven, pegging down, were even, de-mark, in-stilled, Allying, rivetted, make sure, hitch up, plugging in to, jam, inter face, pro fess, under writing, putting on ice, in sure, pre limited, made sure, gotten in way, keeping with, Manacled, whacked, hitched on, shlepping, in-grained, interweave, pinned down, de hydrated, makes knot, slapped on, throws with, keep close, getting way, makes fast, take oath, in-corporate, de hydrating, hogtie, interface, palletizing, putting half nelson on, de marking, are on par, gives ones word, slow down, attach, boards up, dragging one feet, Jagging, in-close, come together, inter-wove, hog tie, being neck neck, in vests, get hooks into, rigidifies, be-troth, dis enfranchises, braid, measured up, take an oath, sur-rounding, tele-scoped, pre pared, in-conveniences, get hold of, under-taken, cramps ones style, dragging ones feet, inter-woven, puts in irons, Viseing, sub scribes, sub scribed, Thronging, sub-dues, pro mise, co-hering, engage, swore down, comes together, plug into, Baling, tagging on, re quiring, prelimiting, getting in the way, under take, subjoin, densens, cross heart, made a bow, being even, Shrouded, tying in with, pro-cure, shlep, dis-franchise, gave word, under-takes, Baled, render useful, holds down, inter facing, re-tains, pre-scribe, with hold, Cabled, am par, gets in way, vising, force in to space, gat the way, is neck and neck, inter weaves, give word, puts on ice, with held, tags on, enchained, get in the way, up holds, dis-franchising, Affiancing, Cinctured, was on par, wast on a par, pre-paring, says so, co hering, pro-cured, splice, put irons, thrusts in, put lock on, keep within limits, making hitch, sub-joining, were on a par, living up to, PLATS, Indenturing, be neck neck, wast neck neck, with-held, entangle, Telescoping, putting in order, dis-pose, re strain, de crease, prelimited, swearing and down, corded, gets hold of, gives one word, inter lace, boil down, padlock, throw with, out fit, tele scoped, giftwrapt, staying put, vised, gift wrapping, entrammeled, drag feet, in-corporates, pre-scribing, live to, buttoned, pegged down, syncopate, keeping within bounds, Viseed, plug in to, gotten in the way, giving word, pinioned, throwing with, swearing down, sub joins, tatted, crocheting, Padlocked, being neck and neck, be par, sur rounding, inter-mingles, clamping down, inter-lace, pre scribe, meld with, got way, trothing, re-quiring, Enfetter, pin down, re-pairing, tacked on, saddled, re adies, making fast, Wedging, Disfranchising, in conveniences, dis-franchised, even up, tags along, kept under thumb, Moored, peg down, gat in way, slows down, cooled down, got hold of, de-limit, whacking, gift-wrapping, under writes, re-quires, teams with, bundled up, re-strained, pro-mises, be troths, wast neck and neck, be a par, pre-fixes, tie ones hands, re strained, cramp one's style, wast par, sub-scribes, gets hooks in to, made knot, cramps style, de hydrates, lace, de-fining, Buttoning, girthing, pack, piggybacking, put order, evening up, cramping one style, disenfranchises, freezing to, promise, keep out, gift-wrap, latch onto, inter-laced, in-vesting, keeping out, inter-mingling, put ice, interlace, tagged along, was neck neck, live up to, de-limits, ties down, get in way, in-sure, sware up and down, ties ones hands, battened down, moor, teaming with, put in order, de-creased, de-limited, not let goes, dis enfranchised, warehousing, Stringed, jam pack, sur-rounded, connect, sur rounded, puts in harness, batten, in close, tied hands, Trussing, not let go, snarl, hooked on, Freighted, topped off, gat ready, pro-fesses, tied with, pro cured, out-fits, makes hitch, drag one's feet, covers up, hem in, pro cures, syncopated, co-heres, battening down, dis franchised, fasten, delimitated, ties one hands, tying hands, hitch on, ties one's hands, Platting, pegs down, tie, being par, batched, in-denture, up-holding, keeping within limits, tied one's hands, measuring up, wind, in fix, pre-pare, swore and down, under-writes, nail, re-quired, sub jugate, making ready, held together, rigidified, lash, enfettering, puts half nelson on, de-hydrating, dis-enfranchising, tack on, gotten hold of, roll up, getting in way, Bulwarking, art neck neck, up held, makes productive, Purling, drive in, densen, in fixing, under-wrote, were a par, puts lock on, inter laces, encasing, densified, give one word, pro fesses, Chocking, Subjected, de-crease, hold together, hobble, pre paring, de fines, making firm, pre-fixed, say so, palletized, are par, steadying, pre-venting, pre fixing, make firm, compress, shrouding, gat in the way, making bow, TATS, de-hydrated, re-pair, wert par, dis enfranchising, pins down, roping, are even, in-fix, teamed with, de marked, buttons down, sub scribing, pre-scribed, telescopes, swears and down, kept within bounds, up hold, get the way, tatting, in grain, re paired, tied in with, pre venting, gotten the way, packaging, team with, in-dentures, inter-laces, were par, make brief, de-clares, demarks, sub due, brace, pro-cures, trammel, got hooks into, swears up and down, throwing in with, pre-limited, de limited, under-writing, gift-wrapt, hitching on, tied ones hands, gunned, clamp down, webbed, make a hitch, girthed, in-fixes, de limiting, keeping close, pre-fix, entrammeling, Chocked, is even, pinions, plugs into, Roped, enchain, de mark, being on a par, de fends, hang up, dis-franchises, Palming, pre-fixing, wert a par, bind, in closed, in-stalling, in stalling, makes a hitch, cincturing, hitched up, enchains, re strict, sent up, Warehoused, boils down, puts order, kept within limits, make fast, hook up, in-stilling, pro-curing, putting order, inter-weave, evened up, keeps with, deadlocked, steadied, make hitch, tie with, being a par, under wrote, Palmed, hanged up, re quired, sware and down, de-marks, in fixed, be on par, chocks, tie one hands, making knot, am neck neck, make knot, pre-limiting, cramping one's style, pre fix, battens down, hold, makes ready, tied one hands, make a knot, swore on bible, am on par, tag along, making a bow, disfranchise, in stalled, gotten hooks in to, accessing, de-fending, keeps out, is a par, affiance, make bow, pro mises, Mortgaging, button down, under write, send up, hitches up, de creased, rolls up, latched onto, gat way, are on a par, gat hooks into, with-holds, art a par, Mortising, re quire, Entrammel, Manacling, hooks up, putting harness, swears down, with holds, keeps up with, melded with, under-write, drave in, fettered, packaged, giftwraps, wert even, rams in, tagging along, de-fends, enfettered, re pair, kept with, with-hold, giving one's word, swears on bible, tele-scoping, cramped one's style, rivetting, in vested, dragging one's feet, swear down, get ready, cramp one style, folding, makes a bow, put harness, clamped down, holds together, glued, getting hold of, Syncopating, makes bow, inter mingling, keeps close, in stilled, boarded up, re-duces, tighten, lock up, in-sert, latches onto, made a knot, accessed, out-fitting, Riveted, interfaces, blockading, tacks on.