Pronunciation of Saddling
/sˈadlɪŋ/, /sˈadlɪŋ/, /s_ˈa_d_l_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for Saddling:

blame (verb)

admonish, ascribe, attribute, blast, censure, charge, chide, condemn, criticize, denounce, disapprove, finger, frame, impute, indict, knock, rap, rebuke, reprehend, reproach, reprove, roast, saddle, skin, tax, upbraid, Denunciate, lay to, find fault with, jump all over, lower the boom, hold responsible, pass the buck, blow the whistle on, climb all over, express disapprobation, jump down one's throat, lay a bad trip on, lay at one's door, let one have it, point the finger, stick it to.

charge (verb)

afflict, burden, choke, clog, commit, cram, crowd, cumber, encumber, entrust, fill, heap, impregnate, instill, lade, pack, penetrate, permeate, pervade, pile, ram, saturate, suffuse, transfuse, weigh.

cumber (verb)

delay, hold back, inhibit.

encumber (verb)

block, cramp, discommode, embarrass, hamper, handicap, hinder, hog-tie, hold up, impede, incommode, inconvenience, load, obstruct, oppress, overburden, overload, slow down, trammel, weigh down, weight, hang up, saddle with, retard, make difficult.

harness (verb)

accouter, apply, bind, bridle, channel, check, cinch, collar, constrain, couple, curb, domesticate, employ, equip, exploit, fasten, fetter, fit, furnish, gear, govern, hitch, hold, leash, limit, mobilize, muzzle, outfit, rig, secure, strap, tackle, tame, tie, utilize, yoke, make productive, put in harness, render useful.

impose (verb)

appoint, command, compel, decree, demand, encroach, enforce, enjoin, establish, exact, fix, foist, force, horn in, inflict, infringe, institute, introduce, intrude, lay, lay down, levy, move in on, oblige, obtrude, ordain, order, place, prescribe, presume, promulgate, put, require, take advantage, trespass, visit, wish, wreak, wreck, lay down the law, force upon, put foot down, read riot act.

lade (verb)

bear down on, bother, depress, dish out, freight, obligate, overcharge, snow, snow under, dump on, give it to, dish it out, make heavy.

lay (verb)

accredit, address, aim, allot, assess, assign, cast, direct, impose, incline, level, point, refer, train, turn, zero in.

load (verb)

task, trouble, worry.

lumber (verb)

land, impose upon.

oppress (verb)

abuse, aggrieve, annoy, beat down, crush, dishearten, dispirit, distress, harass, harry, hound, keep down, maltreat, outrage, overcome, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, persecute, plague, press, ride, rule, sadden, smother, strain, subjugate, suppress, torment, torture, trample, vex, wrong, Despotize, put down, pick on, prey on, put screws to, put upon, tyrranize, weigh heavy upon, put the squeeze on.

task (verb)

exhaust, push, test, weary.

tax (verb)

drain, enervate, overtax, overuse, overwork, pressure, sap, stress, stretch, tire, try, weaken, wear out, make demands on, press hard on, put pressure on, weigh heavily on.

transfuse (verb)


weigh (verb)

carry weight, count, cut, import, impress, matter, mean, militate, pull, register, show, signify, tell, stack up against, be heavy, be important, be influential, be something, cut some ice.

Usage examples for Saddling:

Rhymes for Saddling:

  • paddling, straddling;

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