Pronunciation of Rough
/ɹˈʌf/, /ɹˈʌf/, /ɹ_ˈʌ_f/

Antonyms for rough

well-done, peace-loving, sheer, resigned, re-liable, most well born, shaved, more placatory, de cent, more unresisting, not excessive, most peace-loving, wrapped tight, most caressing, un equivocal, definite, tender, more dextrous, most neutralist, de tailed, fly by night, de-cent, most unwrinkled, more tissuelike, be-fitting, most full-flavored, tame, more easy-going, clear, polished, regular, un prejudiced, broadminded, more wellproportioned, un stable, more firststring, Stormless, more conniving, gone seed, skilled, scatterbrained, in applepie order, co equal, good hearted, equanimous, more adulatory, harebrained, more blurred, in-variant, merry, plumb, most bleeding-heart, peaceloving, most pancake, two faced, more smooth-spoken, more oversensitive, most well-formed, glazier, more chiffon, most sweet sounding, more equanimous, jewel, fully developed, more hyaline, over-indulged, more wizard, up to speed, more fine grained, flyest, cottony, shoestring, de posits, un-emotional, sweet sounding, doable, in tangible, fluffy, most chatoyant, un stabler, more brighteyed, low-toned, un broken, un-real, un complaining, shorn, flush, most wellformed, most cushiony, most hairsplitting, un assertive, most sequestered, Well-born, more coruscating, more hyaloid, set-up, un-savoriest, hohum, certain, in-tangible, de pressed, peewee, most brahmin, silver tongued, more lightfooted, un-detectable, more imponderous, welldressed, most unworried, in firmer, endurable, in securer, most undetectable, dressed teeth, re posing, un hurried, more mildtempered, aesthetically pleasing, achievable, hardly any, clean cut, most balletic, doubledealing, non violent, more good-hearted, de vised, more wellkept, most unexcited, fivestar, lighthearted, uncluttered, most smallfry, more well-born, stabile, windless, more velutinous, un savorier, developed, in-adequate, most mild tempered, ironing, smoothen, more lowtoned, pro-nest, dis-honorable, citified, most mildtempered, most peewee, lintiest, more peace-loving, un anxious, in-flamed, most finedrawn, welldisposed, most ho-hum, most well-kept, courteous, in cline, more toned down, more aside, most mild-mannered, true, pre carious, uni form, not much, re-splendent, un darkened, un-steadier, loveydovey, re liablest, more cursive, tissuelike, goodhumored, chatoyant, un-savorier, longsuffering, de-lightful, trim, in firmest, leeside, more burnished, benignant, hairless, adept, lowpitched, glassy, more well dressed, more sweet-sounding, most bruised, in fashion, mild-mannered, most fivestar, Fine-spun, most cured, un-ruffled, at standstill, gleaming, hotshot, up town, good looking, playful, snug, re-served, more caring, hardly enough, more mildmannered, blueblooded, most bushytailed, peaceable, most abstinent, most aligned, perfect, even tempered, unprotesting, cleanly, un rivaled, Tender-hearted, on line, satin, dis-posed, agleam, lovey dovey, more lovey dovey, most five star, on par, in-cline, more treasured, most poised, unexacting, more stylized, smart, teenyweeny, artful, more finicking, long, most busted, sets down, more unassertive, more acclimatized, cool as cucumber, trans-parent, rippleless, refined, unwrinkled, wonderful, more creamed, dis-passionate, planate, slowest, thoughtful, teeny weeny, uniform, high minded, rarest, un-alterable, most equalized, small time, in-securer, gunkiest, Floatable, more bluffing, out earshot, more gossamery, un deviating, flossy, Gamed, re-liablest, flat, more wellborn, most creamed, exquisite, up par, bushytailed, there, more brahmin, most fine-grained, euphonous, smooth spoken, more mellifluent, easy going, up to date, un frequented, sweet tempered, gookiest, well, in significant, Sleeky, well behaved, in corrigible, sleekiest, re sting, dove-like, upper-class, most cobwebby, fifty fifty, all quiet, Gossamery, more twilight, more fivestar, shining, most collapsed, sharp as tack, Shattery, more tempered, more crackerjack, creamy, light-headed, more whitebread, good, gentle as lamb, Saddling, in secure, un steadier, in visible, un-palatable, most stabile, most small fry, firststring, hair trigger, silvery, Waveless, dressed the teeth, most upper-class, in-conspicuous, preuxest, mid way, matte, un worried, un diversified, more unexacting, more unanxious, more bruised, unlit, most sapless, esthetic, mild mannered, in-firmer, most firststring, be fitting, more toned-down, high-brow, smartser, un impressed, most faltering, lay, un-concerned, bushy-tailed, subfusc, pre-sent, dunest, most velutinous, more punctured, far off, un afraid, tolerable, splay, nice, philosophic, putting forward, more hairtrigger, de posit, more yoked, most even-steven, un substantial, most shaven, more bleeding-heart, neat as a pin, on good terms, in nocuous, prudish, in fine fettle, tranquil, more windless, most twilight, more fullflavored, in-considerable, fore-sighted, more full-flavored, set out, un-important, un safest, more leeside, non resisting, Dovelike, workmanlike, pre-paring, de-pressed, un-trained, more deadened, re-lucent, re-strained, un emotional, bringing forward, more housebroken, un-moved, bushleague, more clocklike, more voguish, un healthiest, most yoked, most sweettempered, non belligerent, meticulous, minute, pre pare, alive kicking, most nonbelligerent, most caring, dressed to teeth, most systematized, splayest, most light footed, most unanxious, re strained, de-positing, Non-essential, flighty, de-liberate, un-questionable, broad minded, esthetical, fine drawn, flawless, set down, more patterned, gingerly, quiet, in-sensible, un varied, most fifty fifty, un-wrinkled, accurate, un predictable, most fine grained, more abstinent, complete, un-qualified, most setup, un affected, most relucent, dis-honest, un-savory, full-flavored, un-hurried, in-visible, more mild-tempered, more bleedingheart, un-mistakable, more unpolluted, in dubitable, more shielded, ex-acting, wellgroomed, most sweet-tempered, most dimmed, most small-fry, peaceful, more cobwebby, inviting, more collapsed, more shoestring, nonbelligerent, gemstone, more floatable, savvy, fifty-fifty, in the know, more subfusc, most toned down, up to par, more waveless, twofaced, more dove like, trans lucent, most sylphlike, un stablest, sets out, gilt-edged, well disposed, dis passionate, laid back, bring forth, velvety, streetsmart, more fragile, un-troubled, most unimpressed, Mellifluent, un-seasoned, more coterminous, most undeviating, euphonious, in-sipid, stoical, more reflecting, un-resisting, re posed, facile, chiffon, flossier, be-arable, pre-pare, most fine drawn, more nonresisting, good tempered, well turnedout, most low toned, un-tiring, most pulverized, most bleached, more loveydovey, in sipid, GUNKY, on plane, most satin, therest, mirrorlike, housebroken, in good health, more hairline, most mini, most peace loving, more tender hearted, tiffany, un ripest, dinky, more accommodated, re liabler, in-firmest, horizontal, most cherished, more uptown, on friendly terms, pleasant, most hair trigger, more well-disposed, high class, more well proportioned, thinskinned, bleedingheart, silvertongued, un-complaining, more undemanding, patrician, un tiring, lubricate, well turned out, more complanate, out standing, un-protesting, de positing, eventempered, cleancut, most reposeful, more pancake, draggier, kind, superb, full flavored, unheavier, undetectable, meek, wimpy, in-securest, most splendiferous, most adulatory, more ho hum, out of shape, most aside, most smooth spoken, mindless, more rookie, leeward, most fracturable, de liberate, more planate, most unexacting, featherbrained, un trained, most well-dressed, most rippleless, most unlit, in conspicuous, wimpiest, pacific, more silvery, more fiftyfifty, ostentatious, more upper class, most relinquishing, more piano, most dove-like, dressed to kill, more pampered, in considerable, be loved, sinuate, most wellkept, finegrained, precise, most placatory, most hairtrigger, trig, most giltedged, giltedged, be-loved, even, most bleeding heart, re gular, most crackerjack, most oblate, most windless, genteel, more reposing, more high bred, un-deviating, distingue, more bushy-tailed, more distingue, in-corrigible, more nothing, most good hearted, demonstration, un-cluttered, most unbroken, spruce, un-selfish, considerate, more neutralist, most well-born, in good taste, good natured, orderly, most quality, most lovey dovey, fine grained, doughy, de-posited, silkest, brought forth, silly, on a line, more bushytailed, more luxurious, most rutilant, punctured, de-signing, most coterminous, level, unassertive, more tiffany, most frictionless, draggiest, un-sound, fine spun, nonsense, Glazy, most high bred, out-standing, more hypersensitive, un-heavy, more muttering, more sweet tempered, luxurious, understated, more giltedged, most imponderous, more well born, right as rain, powdered, fragile, low key, coterminous, minorleague, cushiony, most hairline, nothing much, more sweetsounding, most planed, urbane, most gossamery, in-substantial, more welldressed, gaming, most understated, most lowtoned, saddled, over indulgent, microbic, sweeter, merciful, lintier, more bleeding heart, wellborn, goodlooking, more ho-hum, most mollifying, bringing forth, mild-tempered, temperate, most disciplined, user-friendly, un-adulterated, most patterned, more first string, gloppier, sneaking, balletic, more overindulgent, manageable, un interrupted, nobody fool, in-flexible, more mild mannered, un-fluctuating, fair square, more light-footed, most fine spun, spread out, more cherished, re tired, most unvaried, nowest, small fry, flossiest, blow by blow, more dissembling, un safe, comfortable, most fine-drawn, most particularized, splendiferous, more featherlike, ex-tended, well groomed, sweetsounding, unexcitable, out-stretched, more disciplined, demulcent, dis interested, in the mainstream, sophisticated, most muted, more stifled, most velvety, more darling, un-trustworthy, under standing, un-obtrusive, hands down, in distinguishable, more busted, imponderable, bleeding-heart, mid-way, smallfry, more unfluctuating, more nonbelligerent, glabrous, more fine spun, re-posing, smartsest, more fine-spun, most plotting, featherlike, high bred, more set up, most lovey-dovey, trans parent, sub lime, uni-form, un-heavier, most bated, more shatterable, selfpossessed, un clearest, well-dressed, most splendent, most well-proportioned, enameled, more unexcitable, more leveled, on one plane, un fluctuating, most shoestring, aligned, preuxer, most upperclass, in discernible, more tender-hearted, well kept, non-partisan, more unlit, pilest, in know, re-sting, un-excitable, goopier, great, more caressing, whizest, more quality, toned-down, most hyaline, dis-interested, hospitable, hairtrigger, highclass, in-tolerant, dis honest, sensitive, in-comparable, un-equivocal, more satin, more undeviating, in flexible, most burnished, most fiftyfifty, wellmannered, most toneddown, light footed, dressed to the teeth, more poised, wellbehaved, most high-brow, sur faced, sub-lime, sylphlike, hone, more well disposed, most mild mannered, un steady, re signed, highminded, most hyaloid, elegant, gossamer, non-resisting, hyaline, smooth-spoken, most reflecting, laidback, zeroing in, most gilt edged, most first string, linty, brings forth, un-demanding, more well-kept, clean, more streetwise, more velvety, more relucent, setting down, goopy, more outstretched, most murmured, most stifled, dis-pose, bushy tailed, up-scale, pre-sents, un-broken, more hair trigger, illdefined, handy, re-mote, most murmuring, un-polluted, elementary, undeviating, most shatterable, giddy, bearable, most first-string, most surfaced, re fined, calm, most undiversified, more shattery, mirthful, most good-hearted, more aligned, welloff, non-belligerent, most finicking, more bushy tailed, more melodious, more lenitive, most well-disposed, more bated, un-stable, un sound, un-healthiest, top-pest, more agleam, most renouncing, most nothing, more wellformed, gradual, placatory, un alterable, un-stabler, pappiest, more small-fry, more microbic, at a standstill, uncomplicated, more tabular, un-healthy, upperclass, most mildmannered, un-disturbed, most wizard, first-string, featherweight, non partisan, most sweet tempered, cobwebby, nonaggressive, zeroed in, not rich, ex acting, re-fulgent, most varnished, un concerned, easy, most ornamented, most light-footed, doughier, cozy, shaven, more particularized, in active, kindly, pre paring, sub missive, un-eventful, un-ripest, lustrous, more splendent, un-worried, ex act, most leeside, dis-criminating, in-constant, more enameled, un-changing, accessible, adulatory, dis honorable, undemanding, more balletic, more renouncing, de-vise, un disturbed, soft, rainless, glistening, de vise, more sequestered, Creamed, sympathetic, un-safer, under-stated, most uncluttered, more lovey-dovey, un safer, most mirrorlike, dis posed, in shape, tender hearted, more powdered, more finedrawn, dextrous, un-scrupulous, moderate, dis pose, un-prejudiced, most bright eyed, most bendable, wellbalanced, un cluttered, most featherlike, most reposing, most hypersensitive, more accumbent, Nonresisting, unimpressed, re current, in scrutable, meth-odic, Lown, mini, more smooth spoken, in apple-pie order, ill defined, un heaviest, Velutinous, un-clearest, over cast, most trimmed, more dovelike, most unresisting, more relinquishing, more faltering, goofy, most phosphorescent, most dissembling, most evensteven, solid as rock, more bright eyed, most upscale, more high brow, tasteful, in comparable, more finegrained, un-afraid, pre-pared, civilized, able bodied, pappier, un-interrupted, rock, more fifty fifty, more peace loving, neat as pin, moral, un steadiest, most unmodifiable, be witching, de posited, un troubled, free from strife, Planing, un clear, un interesting, more bendable, de-posit, re pose, more equalized, in sensible, more smallfry, most set up, most voguish, fainter, lengthy, more murmured, wellformed, coolheaded, be-witching, most silvery, un healthier, most outstretched, un perturbed, un-wavering, un varying, low toned, most unprotesting, upscale, un assuming, over done, most tissuelike, prosiest, neutralist, more full flavored, reposeful, more understated, well-proportioned, pre pared, non essential, more rutilant, most high-bred, more varnished, more harnessed, most hair-trigger, absurdity, most deadened, wellbred, out and out, most tender-hearted, de lightful, glad, graceful, in-audible, most punctured, more pabulum, non-violent, Vitric, un modifiable, blue blooded, at ease, over come, hairline, un polluted, sophism, most unfluctuating, dexterous, most treasured, unexcited, friendly, more rippleless, perfected, un-heaviest, most fine-spun, in-consequential, most stormless, more high-brow, lowkey, most clocklike, most nonresisting, tamed, in good shape, streamlined, in-nocuous, all heart, un savory, more unexcited, more arranged, more high-bred, up speed, well-kept, gentle, more mild-mannered, most waveless, most rookie, firstrate, more good hearted, re-liabler, most tempered, more undarkened, more ornamented, most chiffon, contradiction, in-variable, seamless, more frictionless, Planed, to rights, most overindulgent, most wellborn, un heavier, palatable, most bridled, more plotting, most bluffing, wet behind ears, most mild-tempered, most well proportioned, like silk, la di da, de-vised, fine-drawn, most cursive, de-vising, un heavy, lead balloon, courtly, solid as a rock, bendable, nobodys fool, most tiffany, more sweet sounding, most smoothspoken, Piler, out shape, most shattery, dove like, more fine drawn, more welldisposed, glaziest, unheaviest, mis tier, more cushiony, in the pink, slippery, in clover, more toneddown, de signing, under stated, in-sufficient, silky, dis-posing, Splendent, more first-string, clever, voguish, un changing, dun, un ruffled, most undarkened, faultless, ho-hum, ex-act, Imponderous, trans-lucent, High-bred, sweet, un sounder, glazed, un excited, well mannered, more understanding, more sweet-tempered, gracious, wishywashy, sapless, most vitric, be coming, lovey-dovey, pleasing, more light footed, most enameled, Finicking, gookier, more hairsplitting, sweetest, frictionless, re-gular, dis criminating, top notch, most five-star, in pink, un-sounder, hyper-sensitive, wellmade, in-clines, most distingue, more bridled, aristocratic, handsome, most complanate, most tabular, brought forward, under-standing, out of earshot, patient, more bright-eyed, most unexcitable, un conditional, more dimmed, glossy, more alternating, phosphorescent, well dressed, sharp as a tack, most undemanding, most housebroken, more peewee, hypersensitive, pro nest, most loveydovey, sur-faced, more cured, fine-grained, more five star, preux, most accommodated, in adequate, brighteyed, delicate, in expensive, more well kept, unfluctuating, de-tailed, most subfusc, more hohum, giving odds, sure, more easy going, puts forward, more small fry, most lightfooted, more adjusted, thin skinned, in distinct, in flamed, more reposeful, more unimpressed, peace loving, tempered, most piano, unworried, bright eyed, small-fry, well-formed, Relucent, most sweetsounding, more even-steven, de vising, most planate, more hotshot, un-safest, relaxed, gloppiest, in-dubitable, more even steven, un selfish, crazy like fox, un-darkened, well turned-out, un-modifiable, smoothspoken, beautiful, fullflavored, dappest, nonviolent, more mollifying, slashed, most pabulum, un-frequented, un adulterated, splayer, bald, most ho hum, more forbearant, straight, bring forward, most softened, most wellproportioned, in clines, brings forward, pre pares, feeble minded, in candescent, restrained, sleekier, most welldisposed, charitable, most well disposed, most arranged, unvaried, restful, un scrupulous, un demanding, most cottony, whitebread, finished, good-hearted, un protesting, more uncomplaining, most hohum, gunkier, un-exacting, most well formed, most accumbent, un-varied, un-assertive, hyaloid, invariant, over-cast, un-excited, low pitched, overindulgent, light-footed, more ripened, more shaven, smooth, nower, un-perturbed, setting out, in-expensive, most bushy tailed, heart in right place, referring to eyes blank, draggy, un-stablest, most ripened, velvet, be arable, paradox, sleek, more unvaried, first class, more fine-drawn, goodtempered, put forward, spick and span, wishy washy, meth odic, more unworried, gooky, disciplined, re lucent, more hair-trigger, ex tended, in apple pie order, dull, steady, neat, cool headed, un resisting, faint, Finedrawn, Clocklike, comforting, most harnessed, silker, tabular, most full flavored, un-conditional, un detectable, uncomplaining, in order, fracturable, cursive, more fracturable, more dove-like, more systematized, plane, most shielded, well-bred, un flappable, stylish, more well-dressed, well formed, un-rivaled, more oblate, polite, more low-toned, undiversified, most floatable, lenitive, well bred, most oversensitive, more unwrinkled, mattest, un-ripe, pre sent, light, un wrinkled, well off, in-distinguishable, know stuff, un-safe, most mellifluent, un healthy, mis-tier, goopiest, more muted, relaxing, inhabited, in tolerant, alive and kicking, ordered, benign, abstinent, most low-toned, in audible, streetwise, Double dealing, most leveled, laid low, shatterable, re-signed, more sylphlike, goodnatured, most adjusted, unresisting, strong as ox, more set-up, zero in, un seasoned, un wavering, mellow, most toned-down, un-steadiest, un noticeable, recherche, unpolluted, beardless, smack in middle, more undiversified, no dummy, most well dressed, frivolous, more mini, un excitable, frail, most uptown, happy, be-coming, sweettempered, most bright-eyed, well made, most powdered, re-posed, more sweettempered, most streetwise, gloppy, in securest, bright-eyed, more peaceloving, sweet-tempered, more pulverized, fine, most upper class, of same height, more uncluttered, sweet-sounding, cultured, more well formed, of piece, in good order, formal, duner, de-posits, toneddown, un eventful, more mild tempered, cheerful, more planed, most coequal, in-active, flatten, more low toned, un-predictable, most high brow, most dove like, in variable, more fifty-fifty, more overindulged, horse horse, un-soundest, most muttering, most sweet-sounding, vertical, co-equal, very best, adroit, gem, well born, more mirrorlike, fore sighted, doughiest, un obtrusive, agreeable, most brighteyed, slick, un-substantial, most agleam, most stylized, dressed kill, most conniving, in substantial, most forbearant, re-current, more undetectable, in-secure, more five-star, easy-going, Complanate, most lenitive, un qualified, lowtoned, more surfaced, re served, mild, up-town, in line, more upperclass, more demulcent, five-star, dainty, more fine-grained, in firm, oblate, most finegrained, un-clear, ho hum, gone to seed, un mistakable, in consequential, more stabile, under-hand, cunning, in-scrutable, most easy going, whizer, gave odds, un-diversified, most overindulged, more bleached, cultivated, more vitric, accumbent, first rate, neck neck, more unmodifiable, un-riper, un ripe, horse to horse, more cottony, pre-carious, at peace, over indulged, un biased, well-disposed, more stormless, most tender hearted, under hand, un-varying, all together, softer, dis posing, in-distinct, most recherche, firstclass, more unbroken, skilful, ablebodied, most darling, re-pose, un-anxious, more recherche, uptown, well-made, most uncomplaining, un observable.