Pronunciation of Inspirit
/ˈɪnspɪɹˌɪt/, /ˈɪnspɪɹˌɪt/, /ˈɪ_n_s_p_ɪ_ɹ_ˌɪ_t/

Antonyms for inspirit

blots out, gives run-around, be labors, acts like a wet blanket, reducing to tears, throws a curve, giving the run around, Damped, over-power, shellack, stiffed, having on carpet, under rate, make ones hair stand end, up-sets, dashing ones hope, be dewed, act like wet blanket, contused, slap down, making blood run cold, over comes, dis favor, be-wildering, out jumps, de cried, dashes one hope, over-awed, taking to cleaners, de-solated, counter-acts, broke one heart, dis-illusion, haddest on the carpet, throwing into tizzy, got it, dis-proves, rolled back, plows under, twisting someone arm, Overawing, dis tresses, ex-terminate, re-pressing, dis-appointing, under-value, dis heartening, curdle blood, un-mans, re-strains, took life, PSYCH, cramped ones style, acts like wet blanket, Trashed, re-prove, calling down, under-estimate, Quashed, re prove, tyrranizes, disparage, brings to ruin, gave run-around, shuffles off, scaring away, scaring to death, comminute, whomped, de-files, co oked, stiffing, under value, dis praising, lays one out, dis-armed, under estimates, put end to, Beggaring, casting down, dump on, de-face, spoilates, Dispraising, out-flanked, beat system, de-bars, discourage, re duces, gave turn, puts into a funk, under valued, fore stall, de-barring, dis arming, dis-figured, intimidate, climbs over, dragoon, fore stalling, making one hair stand end, takes aback, un zip, runs rings around, un does, Disfavoring, shame, breaks one's heart, dashing hope, throwing into a tizzy, counter-plotted, threw into a tizzy, birch, acted like a wet blanket, under mining, dis-orders, sur mounting, smashing smithereens, Damping, dis-comfits, dis compose, forces down, sur-mounts, de spoiling, upsetting apple cart, disincline, de grading, under estimate, dis arms, de stroy, dis-patch, dis ordering, makes one blood run cold, dis-arranged, beats system, de luged, dis concerts, make teeth chatter, making teeth chatter, make blue, dis-comforts, Unglue, Dispraised, break ones heart, brake one's heart, co wing, put upon, de press, dis missed, out witting, dispirit, de-fame, put in to funk, under-rates, be-heads, fractured, run roughshod over, tonguelashes, snafued, co-wed, over throws, made snappy, dis-burb, tan one hide, dust off, re strain, Skelp, forfending, give run-around, dis praises, outjumps, quelch, get around, dis credit, turned the heat, gat to, dis incline, dis countenancing, DAMPS, hast carpet, torpedoed, be labor, dis-missing, takes steam out, in validate, dis-figuring, disses, de-predate, weaken, smash to smithereens, laid waste, dis-may, dis-advising, in-validates, took wind out sails, de-spoiling, Fracturing, beating system, un nerving, tanned hide, over loads, putting end to, ex-probates, turning one off, dis-ordering, curdles the blood, airconditioning, de cries, de spoils, de-basing, be-littles, over-flow, makes a mess of, out-raged, de luges, dis-tressed, over awing, counter plotted, in dispose, despotizing, chill to the bone, pre vent, lay one out, de-cries, in validates, de vitalize, re proves, counter acts, disburbing, Creaming, give a turn, tossed turn, sur mounts, beat the system, electro-cutes, dis-praises, bludgeoned, chastise, getting on it, Contusing, re-pulsing, be-sprinkled, de-luging, dis appoint, beating down, splinterizing, prevailing over, cramped one style, over powers, take a life, over whelming, puts the squeeze on, dis composes, dis tressed, dis quieting, bollixed, over-runs, de-cays, chill the bone, throwing cold water on, scarify, psyched out, be sprinkling, showboat, hadst carpet, beating the system, de bars, over flow, dis missing, calls down, make mess of, taking for ride, de-predates, take care of, take steam out, dull, de-faming, over-loaded, put off, un-hinges, grossing out, took a life, bankrupts, with hold, undermine, souring grapes, kablooeys, mis used, acting like wet blanket, Jukes, aircondition, gives the run-around, de capitate, throw monkey wrench in, dis inclining, deter, overpower, dash hope, drags down, despotized, takes care of, demoralize, cramps style, getting around, un-settling, de-file, steamrolling, skunked, under rating, rendered null void, re-proving, dis-countenance, taking wind out sails, twists someone's arm, called down, over flown, leant on, over loading, gave run around, dis comfit, walking heavy, de face, air-conditions, de stroyed, de-moralizing, dis-inclined, cleaning out, in disposing, in-disposed, broke one's heart, Cudgelled, cramps one style, be little, wracking up, co wed, uncalms, taking to task, demote, de-crying, ex pressed, be-sting, throw curve, out flanked, making one's blood run cold, out plays, co-oked, leave alone, downing, crying down, giving the slip, gives runaround, counter-act, Feruled, taking apart, un-calms, de files, dampen spirits, un manned, downed, un-calmed, out-flanking, dis-praising, putting the squeeze on, takes it all, rushed at, dis-favors, brought one down, humidified, brake heart, works over, de base, pauperize, upsets apple cart, scares daylights out of, gives the runaround, de grade, turn on heat, be sprinkled, dis-heartened, gave a turn, made one blood run cold, chilling to bone, with-hold, ex probates, de basing, air-conditioning, chilling bone, Downs, de-vitalizes, threw a curve, break one's heart, make one's blood run cold, out played, wracked up, counter plot, dis-heartens, throwing a curve, de barring, dash one hope, smashes smithereens, threw monkey wrench in, make run for it, ex-terminated, fragmentalize, turning heat, reduces to tears, strikes terror into, be-heading, tongue lashed, dis organized, over whelm, fragmentalized, de-filed, puts hooks in, broke ones heart, de faming, dis-organize, tonguelash, Disfavored, cries down, dash ones hope, Whelmed, de presses, juking, un done, finishes off, took care of, ex-press, curdling the blood, gives run around, lays waste, de predate, makes blue, over loaded, de famed, brings ruin, dis-patched, Careered, beats down, re pulsed, dis heartens, tossing and turn, giving a turn, out maneuvering, worked over, dis-courages, made ones hair stand on end, besprinkles, de-predated, has on carpet, dis-advise, blows away, be-wilder, de fame, chasten, keeping back, strook terror into, mowed down, re-pulses, turned on heat, dis-comfit, nose out, disburb, de-predating, un settles, de stroys, reduced to tears, gave the runaround, force down, rake over coals, Buffaloes, dispraise, lay in to, over coming, dis advising, sub dues, un mans, Forfend, tongue-lash, strook terror in to, dis-tract, throws monkey wrench in, de adens, wreaking havoc on, ex terminated, be heads, up-set, blowing out, Dragooned, hadst the carpet, sent up, breaking ones heart, scare away, shellacks, took all, send up, squash, de cays, making hair stand end, be wilder, ex terminating, de pressing, getting to, have on the carpet, de aden, spoilate, wrack up, gat it, making ones hair stand end, out-maneuver, dampen, throw for loop, take it all, throwing monkey wrench in, dis-heartening, dragoons, under-estimated, out-rage, dis illusioned, casts down, steamroll, dashing one hope, dis-quieted, dis patch, chill bone, over-loading, de based, gets around, dis advise, dis comforted, outplaying, ran roughshod over, over come, dis maying, over throw, out maneuvered, de-based, turned on the heat, out playing, dis-credits, blight, smashed smithereens, de riding, de-rides, takes to task, dis-advised, dis comfits, take wind out of sails, twist someone arm, dis-composes, ex-probating, de moralized, puts screws to, de spoil, shuffle off, out run, in-disposing, dashed one hope, dis orders, in disposed, garotted, de-famed, fragmentalizes, finishing off, lay waste, dis-figure, Feruling, sub-due, dis-praise, dis-quiets, hath the carpet, upset the apple cart, push around, twisting someone's arm, electro-cute, airconditions, dis-tress, de vitalizes, dismay, un-hinge, whelm, climbs all over, under-estimating, skelped, inter-fere, put into a funk, out-play, over running, un-calming, threw for loop, puts squeeze on, dis-courage, fore stalls, out raged, disadvised, makes hair stand on end, out play, strong arm, dis favors, prevails over, threw pall over, de-stroy, breaking one's heart, over-flowing, dis-inclining, dis proving, drag down, torpedoing, made run for it, be dew, ex terminate, de-cried, quelches, dusting off, over-awing, over turns, re pulsing, leaned on, de predating, striking terror in to, climb over, caning, dis arranging, dis order, de-spoiled, counter acted, ex probated, bring one down, co-wing, giving run around, cramp ones style, be-sprinkling, tire, puts upon, taking it all, pulverize, repress, dis burb, tanning ones hide, throw in to a tizzy, indisposes, dis-credited, dis comforts, chills to the bone, buffaloing, appal, ex-terminates, de-luges, climbing over, under rates, out-jump, hast on the carpet, dispraises, chilled to the bone, chill to bone, take wind out sails, plowed under, Counterplotted, haddest the carpet, dusted off, made hair stand end, tosses turn, tonguelashing, dis figuring, dis patching, simmers down, puts in to funk, out jumped, fore-stalled, throws for loop, over-awe, made teeth chatter, gets to, skelping, giving run-around, shipwrecks, over flows, un calming, talks out of, glitches up, dis comfort, Besprinkled, re-duces, un hinged, de-luged, twists someones arm, un-zipped, reduce to tears, gives the slip, de-faced, de ride, dashed hope, runs roughshod over, dynamited, re straining, weighs heavy upon, putting upon, chilling the bone, breaks one heart, out rages, dis figured, throws a pall over, sillying, decrease, keeps under, weigh heavy up on, has on the carpet, makes it snappy, ran rings around, putting into funk, running circles around, turned heat, making run for it, dashed ones hope, making it snappy, pre-venting, throwing in to a tizzy, pre vents, counter plotting, gets on it, out-plays, walk heavy, be laboring, Dulling, ex-probated, ex press, dis organizes, dis-countenances, dashes ones hope, Dragooning, clean out, de feat, use up, forcing down, tanned one hide, putting into a funk, scares death, dis-organizing, make one hair stand on end, blow out, make ones hair stand on end, weighed heavy upon, nip bud, give the run-around, hath on carpet, hast on carpet, dis-proving, dis tracts, throwing curve, showboated, bollix, Birches, pre-vents, over whelmed, dis-order, get it, flaxes, be heading, break heart, dis courages, up-braid, de-cay, dampening spirits, re pulses, enfeeble, dis-tresses, fore-stall, re-strained, over-loads, bedews, unglues, having the carpet, halt, running roughshod over, dilapidate, un nerves, dis figure, dis-composed, be-laboring, Disadvise, up sets, showboating, out-running, un settling, outhitting, hath carpet, un nerved, dis countenances, despotizes, dis-burbs, un hinging, de-faces, humidifying, inter-feres, indispose, scaring death, murder, un gluing, be rates, bringing to ruin, un zips, roll back, up braided, ex probating, de-press, be-rated, up set, putting damper on, dis prove, noses out, gotten around, dis quiet, takes task, over-throw, in-disposes, under-rate, throw in to tizzy, un-glued, whacked, be rate, dis illusion, turned one off, blows out, over-flows, de predated, mis-used, electro cute, bum out, out flank, Dynamiting, putting in to a funk, acted like wet blanket, out-run, wreak havoc on, puts a damper on, tossed and turn, make hair stand end, trouble, humidifies, turns one off, with-holds, wreaks havoc on, de cry, breaking heart, turning on heat, outjumped, re strains, get down, counter acting, out-wits, giving the run-around, under-rated, sub-jugate, dampens spirits, dumping on, acting like a wet blanket, garotte, plow under, dis-organized, de-feat, bring ruin, dis-appoints, de filed, in validating, Hasting, over powered, dusts off, buffaloed, garottes, dis-proved, tyrranized, chilled to bone, re pressed, sur mounted, make it snappy, put hooks in, cow, be-sprinkle, weigh heavy upon, curdles blood, causing setback, dis tract, makes snappy, keeping under, hanging up, Cudgeled, dash, de-presses, over-flowed, dis-crediting, dis ordered, dis-quiet, beats the system, strikes terror in to, sillied, whomping, give turn, threw in to tizzy, made it snappy, threw in to a tizzy, wrought over, rolls back, stiffs, out-wit, be sprinkles, brake ones heart, garotting, under-values, bringing one down, kept down, take to cleaners, unmanning, breaks ones heart, dis courage, Creamed, upset applecart, de-grading, dis-quieting, pre-vent, dis-concert, soured grapes, de crying, be wildering, dis inclines, put screws to, exprobating, foil, rendering null void, disburbed, sending up, de-facing, grossed out, smashed to smithereens, out-flank, made one's hair stand on end, dis-inclines, getting it, break one heart, out-jumps, turns the heat, taking care of, struck terror into, Dilapidating, had carpet, leans on, inter fere, steamrolled, blew out, Birching, upset, throwing in to tizzy, glitched up, bollixes, downcries, over-powered, ex-terminating, dis-mays, run rings around, uses up, tongue lashing, hamstring, de barred, out-hitting, ferules, upset apple cart, broke heart, mow down, ex pressing, depress, scaring the daylights out of, scare to death, with holds, in-validated, turns on the heat, gets it, mis using, made mess of, Despotize, de-solates, in disposes, over-flown, dis-prove, finish off, Hasted, took to cleaners, over-turning, downcry, blew away, Squashing, dis-comfort, contuse, takes life, air-condition, brings one down, sur-mounting, co-oking, upsets the apple cart, contriturated, be-labors, overawed, un-zips, putting a damper on, be-wilders, render null and void, made one hair stand on end, over runs, made one's hair stand end, dashing one's hope, turning on the heat, run circles around, twisted someone's arm, dis-comforting, un zipping, dis arranged, counter act, de predates, tan one's hide, de vitalizing, baffle, kept back, dis-concerts, dis-tracts, making a run for it, took wind out of sails, Reamed, Disciplining, de-moralized, saddled, mucks up, dis inclined, gross out, under mined, un-settle, over thrown, Blanked, contriturating, in-validating, got to, upsetting the apple cart, over-run, had on carpet, cause setback, de spoiled, torpedo, take for a ride, takes a life, oppress, de moralize, re press, prevail over, un-glue, rolling back, blotting out, under-valued, de-grades, wrought havoc on, outplays, dis-concerting, ex probate, outjumping, counter-acting, electro cutes, dis-arranges, with held, turn heat, giving runaround, forfended, made one hair stand end, turn on the heat, be-rate, breaking one heart, dis comforting, get on it, made blue, nip in bud, over-whelms, out maneuver, be sting, re-pulsed, mis-using, chills to bone, lower, Blanking, pre-vented, gave runaround, out wits, talked out of, re-proves, give run around, showboats, dis-credit, rushes at, over-awes, splinterizes, throws in to a tizzy, un-did, breaks heart, dis-organizes, dis mays, out-played, dis-patching, toss turn, kos, threw into tizzy, Indisposing, de faced, Cudgelling, dis arranges, sub merges, be-labored, sub due, blow away, iced, took out, freeze, prevent, spoilating, de-moralize, de graded, smash smithereens, whacking, cramp style, overawe, giving the runaround, sub-merge, dis patches, makes one's blood run cold, pushed around, psyching out, be-headed, scared death, re-duce, make one's hair stand end, splinterize, brought to ruin, laying one out, took for a ride, over-whelm, twist someones arm, dash one's hope, Cudgeling, dis praised, throw into a tizzy, bore, throwing for loop, dis-incline, re-proved, taking aback, up-braided, put in to a funk, with-held, de solating, DISES, de-luge, dis-arranging, sillies, dis organizing, taking task, unnerve, out-maneuvers, over awed, Bankrupted, Comminuting, exprobate, fragmentalizing, dis appointed, bring to ruin, re proved, ferule, in-validate, makes one's hair stand on end, over throwing, quelched, flaxing, disburbs, dis concert, making snappy, bedew, dis quiets, over-whelming, mowing down, climbing all over, forced down, put up on, be littles, dis-advises, disinclines, de-fames, under-mining, pushing around, calm, dis figures, twist someone's arm, Counterplotting, taking steam out, bumming out, under values, throwing a pall over, dis-favor, made ones hair stand end, putting screws to, wreaked havoc on, be wilders, over-load, un settled, Bankrupting, re pressing, be labored, de-solate, cleans out, chills bone, strike terror into, rolls over, talk out of, be-little, un nerve, cramp one style, smashes to smithereens, out-rages, out-witting, making mess of, re duce, puts in to a funk, makes ones hair stand on end, un settle, using up, in undated, bring down, keeps down, frighten, dumped on, puts end to, turn aside, taking out, Shipwrecking, un glues, throwing pall over, tongue-lashes, nosed out, dashed one's hope, disciplined, took for ride, throws into a tizzy, re strained, over-powering, walks heavy, counterplot, dis organize, bollixing, dis burbs, takes wind out of sails, threw curve, slaps down, hadst on carpet, de cay, dis-arms, sends up, dis-illusions, throws into tizzy, takes apart, dis-comforted, in validated, be-sprinkles, takes all, downcrying, counter-acted, Torpedoes, haddest carpet, de solate, renders null void, take life, hath on the carpet, curdle the blood, dis-favored, taking cleaners, dis concerted, rush at, renders null and void, keep down, un calm, dissed, walked heavy, dragging down, flaxed, tossing turn, de-filing, rendered null and void, de filing, gave slip, scaring daylights out of, over flowed, under-valuing, making ones hair stand on end, crush, out-raging, make snappy, make one hair stand end, under-mined, air condition, un calms, dis advises, kept under, sub-merges, dis-arrange, ko'ing, throw a pall over, de-feats, cramped style, curdling blood, dis-figures, un calmed, tan hide, causes setback, annoy, make hair stand on end, de grades, turns aside, out jumping, muck up, keeping down, dis-concerted, scares away, kablooeyed, put squeeze on, had the carpet, work over, dumps on, psychs out, twisting someones arm, dis-arming, dis hearten, dis appointing, dis countenance, out jump, cramping ones style, chilled bone, gat around, de-vitalizing, taking life, rendering null and void, in-undated, shuffling off, tans one's hide, making one's hair stand end, whomps, dis-composing, took it all, sub-merging, take cleaners, twists someone arm, fore-stalling, ferruled, put damper on, ko'd, up braid, Uncalm, got down, chilling to the bone, out hitting, whelms, sadden, give slip, simmering down, de-ride, de solated, cool, throws curve, throws pall over, rushing at, taking wind out of sails, out-playing, unmanned, de rides, dulls, dampened spirits, be rating, dis-illusioned, curdled blood, gotten to, reducing tears, defeat, de bar, shuffled off, dis favoring, turned aside, dis concerting, over turn, un hinge, chill, have on carpet, smashing to smithereens, keep under, take apart, de-cry, tans hide, Besprinkling, dis patched, sub-dues, hurt, offed, counter-plots, cramps ones style, de fames, dis favored, got on it, tans one hide, rolled over, blotted out, keeps back, turns heat, threw a pall over, makes ones blood run cold, frosted, throw into tizzy, un-nerving, strongarm, made a mess of, dis heartened, be-dewed, de vitalized, be-dews, be headed, chilled the bone, sub-merged, un-zipping, brake one heart, gives turn, counter-plotting, making hair stand on end, made ones blood run cold, makes mess of, sub merging, dis-appoint, de-stroyed, take to task, downcried, tanned ones hide, Bedewing, Contriturate, put a damper on, unglued, dis-countenanced, twisted someone arm, ex-probate, daunt, making blue, bedewed, finished off, Saddling, thrash, dis-countenancing, Whelming, throws cold water on, steamrolls, tans ones hide, act like a wet blanket, over-throwing, reduce tears, rolling over, de-solating, took apart, sours grapes, re presses, fulminating against, co oking, dis may, bummed out, striking terror into, be dewing, dis-praised, be-dew, un-gluing, exprobated, tyrranizing, takes for a ride, over-coming, dis countenanced, simmered down, de solates, tongue lash, dissing, de-graded, out-flanks, over awe, un glued, dragged down, with holding, be-labor, over-turn, dis proved, tongue lashes, threw cold water on, spoilated, laid one out, scared away, chills the bone, de moralizing, de-bar, tanned one's hide, cramping one style, counter-plot, un-hinging, making a mess of, Disinclining, cried down, dis quieted, weighed heavy up on, made one's blood run cold, koing, glitching up, airconditioned, shatter, contriturates, tonguelashed, makes hair stand end, making one's hair stand on end, turn the heat, cleaned out, de facing, tanning one hide, over flowing, dis mayed, dis composed, dis crediting, dis composing, under rated, beat down, cast down, dis credited, dis, un-nerve, damage, Caned, un-does, un-nerves, overwhelm, glitch up, dis-ordered, cramped one's style, un doing, fore-stalls, inter feres, up braids, toss and turn, cramping style, leaning on, scares the daylights out of, hadst on the carpet, nip the bud, sur-mount, under-estimates, took to task, dis appoints, up-braiding, sub jugate, gotten it, de file, bludgeoning, out-runs, skelps, de-spoil, get to, cramping one's style, bringing ruin, struck terror in to, taking a life, takes to cleaners, twisted someones arm, agitate, besprinkle, make ones blood run cold, buffalo, out-jumped, offing, drop, throw pall over, be-rates, un hinges, de faces, dis credits, over powering, uncalmed, de-base, scare off, lean on, makes ones hair stand end, tyrranize, turning aside, cramp one's style, mucked up, dis-patches, disadvises, un-man, dis illusions, making one blood run cold, dis-compose, weighing heavy up on, dis arrange, Comminuted, de-moralizes, de-vitalize, talking out of, air conditioned, ex terminates, takes for ride, in-dispose, hast the carpet, comminutes, debilitate, de feats, humidify, dis-appointed, out wit, unmans, be-wildered, de-capitate, put into funk, climb all over, counterplots, pre venting, disadvising, makes one's hair stand end, laying waste, hang up, un-manning, whomp, under estimated, slapping down, up-setting, smattered, exprobates, de pressed, de-stroys, chagrin, psych out, dis-maying, over-whelmed, uncalming, Birched, throw cold water on, under-rating, takes cleaners, call down, has the carpet, making one hair stand on end, climbed over, wracks up, dis armed, nosing out, scared the daylights out of, sur mount, Careering, splinterized, prevailed over, snafuing, deaden, un did, be wildered, sur-mounted, make a mess of, haddest on carpet, dashes hope, de-barred, take task, appall, out runs, running rings around, turning the heat, Beggared, give the run around, brought ruin, re-strain, dilapidates, dishearten, un-hinged, puts damper on, Juke, be dews, gave the slip, dis proves, de luge, giving turn, used up, mows down, de-adens, counter plots, cry down, blowing away, overawes, hanged up, made blood run cold, dis advised, contuses, mucking up, climbed all over, dissuade, tongue-lashed, be-rating, flax, gives slip, frustrate, de moralizes, over whelms, de-pressing, un-settled, giving slip, turns on heat, blot out, gives a turn, air conditions, tanning one's hide, un-doing, be rated, curdled the blood, re-presses, be sprinkle, de-grade, de-riding, dis praise, smite, scared to death, de-aden, over turning, dashes one's hope, ex-pressing, dis-favoring, dis-missed, over-thrown, over awes, slapped down, de-pressed, quash, re-straining, be-dewing, air-conditioned, over-throws, over-comes, un manning, takes wind out sails, de-stroying, cramps one's style, quell, fulminated against, dis-mayed, de-vitalized, dis-hearten, juked, strike terror in to, de luging, up-braids, scared off, up setting, ungluing, balk, de-spoils, dis tress, out witted, caused setback, de stroying, skunking, makes a run for it, bums out.