Pronunciation of Activate
/ˈaktɪvˌe͡ɪt/, /ˈaktɪvˌe‍ɪt/, /ˈa_k_t_ɪ_v_ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for activate

DAMPS, were worthless, dis gusted, throws cold water on, art inert, tire, cast down, make demands on, over turns, sub sides, re-siding, cave in, pressing hard on, whelm, are supported, art contingent, wert ease, go pieces, causes ennui, were seated on, dis-heartened, de tain, am comfortable, refreshed oneself, am upheld, tost in jail, are worthless, de-solates, gives bad time, try patience of, giving a bad time, composes oneself, de-based, scraping off, co wed, bellies up, passes time, were at ease, were contingent, de press, be-deviled, tosses in jail, tuckers, de stroyed, de solated, dis integrate, in capacitates, over-coming, dulls, flaking out, wert at ease, Roosted, wert contingent, being contingent, jerk around, are contingent, taking it easy, reducing to tears, went pot, dis-integrated, dis heartens, giving hard time, re pose, has had enough, co wing, halt, over tire, being ease, keep under, got to, de-spoils, de-grades, give a bad time, harass, Bedraggling, lay by, over-comes, slacked off, re-cline, un-bends, give hard time, Saddling, dis-integrate, were dependent, wrought on, arrest, tax, co-wed, slacks off, noodging, wast at ease, art upheld, conks out, dis tresses, de-solate, be worthless, de pressed, re strain, take a nap, dis armed, in capacitated, Gaffing, kept under, de based, is ease, bedraggles, un nerving, taking out of, lies by, winds down, un bending, gaffs, ease up, beating down, in-validating, is comfortable, dis-gust, ex asperate, de laying, brought low, get the better of, under-mined, art based, un lax, dis-integrates, fagged, take out of, dis-heartens, give out, de-press, dis pleasing, over throw, up setting, FAGS, forayed, got the better of, bringing low, being worthless, de clines, are founded, gat the better of, keeping under, be-draggling, re clines, ex-asperating, unbended, puts pressure on, de-grade, bellied up, leaves one cold, becomes worn, Gaffed, composed oneself, take easy, reduce tears, over-taxes, Slumbered, dis-heartening, put pressure on, dis gusts, de-cay, cut, going pot, be-devil, become threadbare, pre vents, de-graded, rattling one's cage, being comfortable, be dependent, becoming worn, making discontented, art seated on, over-throws, gives hard time, weighted, put feet up, unbends, art founded, de-feats, going to pot, dis pleased, dis integrates, de-basing, take it out of, de stroys, was comfortable, put the cuffs on, stick, refreshing oneself, de tains, Martyring, over-tiring, be-leaguered, dis arming, re lapse, is founded, was upheld, eases off, be founded, passing time, stood still, rattles one cage, take ten, be deviled, be devils, be-draggles, art quiet, dis may, de-vitalizes, de-pressed, de-spoil, being inert, have had enough, in validating, trying the patience of, dissuade, over-tire, de-grading, unlax, discourage, re siding, falling down, gave way, went seed, be supported, over coming, wast comfortable, unbent, giving way, rattle cage, gotten to, lies down, wear thin, de-stroyed, un-nerve, overstrain, overtax, rattles cage, slow down, were comfortable, re lapsing, takes a nap, grows tired, going to seed, rattles ones cage, in-capacitated, dis heartened, scrape off, rattle ones cage, inactivate, Fagging, collapse, stall, tuckers out, gave a bad time, noodges, leaving one cold, taking a nap, grows weary, inhibits, up sets, take five, grew tired, in capacitate, fag, take a break, conked out, over used, un-winding, overtaxed, bums out, caved in, de-vitalizing, dis please, dis mayed, art comfortable, bummed out, putting feet up, brings low, eased up, making demands on, was supported, dis-tressed, growing tired, wear, took out of, getting to, takes it easy, un-bent, be deviling, re-lying, re-clines, calm, growing weary, bushing, stretched out, taking a break, de-clines, in validate, over comes, use up, over straining, gets better of, over strains, de-creased, ex cruciate, de-tain, takes time out, loses spirit, tabbed, re-lied, be-devils, are dependent, sub sided, be draggled, knock over, eases up, de solating, over-powered, re lapses, re-lapsing, be devil, slowing down, throwing cold water on, be leaguered, over-tired, un-nerving, belly up, go pot, Bottoming, ennuiing, puts arm on, drowse, re-lapsed, re-lapses, are seated on, takes nap, take life easy, easing off, dis tressed, jerking around, puts to sleep, took a break, going stale, dis-may, hast had enough, rattling cage, suppress, be comfortable, de spoil, bottomed, being upheld, rattling ones cage, winding down, eased off, be draggle, be ease, dis-pleased, enervate, ex-cruciate, are comfortable, Idled, having had enough, going seed, weigh heavily on, de-lay, bedraggle, tossed jail, leaves cold, ex asperates, dis-arms, putting the cuffs on, wert seated on, being supported, in-validate, re straining, be-draggle, de-crease, be-devilled, lying still, becoming threadbare, dis tress, de-presses, in validates, de-creases, washed away, grew weary, be upheld, get better of, de stroying, losing interest, caused ennui, over tax, gat to, sub side, wert quiet, dis-gusting, fatigue, up-setting, tries the patience of, flaked out, being seated on, lying by, saddled, re duce, take nap, overtired, Whelmed, over-taxed, are inert, dis courages, lie by, wash away, over-used, Devilling, un-wind, sits down, knocks over, is supported, threw cold water on, knocking over, sat down, becomes threadbare, over-turn, sub-sides, be based, takes it out of, fell down, press hard on, overwork, de-lays, tries patience of, works on, over turning, pre venting, puts feet up, wert comfortable, over tiring, top pled, tucker out, ex asperating, putting sleep, re-strain, was based, knocked over, takes easy, re-sided, is worthless, causing ennui, re-lapse, was seated on, being based, beats down, tuckering out, gives a bad time, re lying, de-solating, put sleep, art at ease, re lapsed, make discontented, put to sleep, grow tired, leaving cold, wert inert, go to pot, over powers, over tired, haddest had enough, are upheld, tucker, became worn, in-capacitates, un-bend, dis pleases, left one cold, leaved cold, washing away, art worthless, leave cold, be at ease, taking nap, Preventing, tried patience of, had had enough, be draggling, lost interest, dis-courages, de-stroys, bum out, re-sides, am at ease, de-pressing, dis-tress, re strained, pass time, over-strains, wast based, be-draggled, in capacitating, de-cays, lay still, leave one cold, over-tires, un wound, goes pot, be leaguer, dis-courage, Whelming, makes demands on, de-vitalized, winded down, taking prisoner, dis-mays, takes a break, get to, re strains, re-strained, go stale, lie down, de solates, ex-asperated, try the patience of, dis-gusted, over-works, was contingent, glommed, tosses jail, Vegetated, re sides, de-vitalize, be leaguers, taking time out, over works, slumbering, lose interest, in-conveniences, rattle one's cage, rattled one cage, de feat, re-straining, am dependent, makes discontented, de vitalized, de spoils, was inert, in validated, gat better of, un bended, de creases, wert based, stretch out, weary, dis-hearten, under mined, brake, wind down, dis-mayed, decelerate, over powered, unbend, using up, re-strains, un winding, over burdening, pressed hard on, is based, bellying up, taking break, reduced to tears, re lax, Overstrained, scrapes off, being quiet, thinning out, am seated on, taking life easy, turns one off, over throws, am worthless, tabbing, pre-vent, pre-vented, is dependent, dis mays, Damped, over-throwing, over powering, art supported, stunt, be-leaguering, bring low, re-side, tossed in jail, unlaxing, dis maying, turned one off, over-straining, rattled one's cage, ease off, were founded, de pressing, lay down, scraped off, in-capacitating, puts cuffs on, over strain, lies still, conk out, takes life easy, de-spoiling, was quiet, lied down, go to seed, un-wound, over burden, lying down, re-duce, de vitalizes, end, stands still, toss jail, taking it out of, was ease, reduces to tears, made demands on, am ease, Overstraining, slows down, gotten better of, de grades, put cuffs on, over-wrought, gets the better of, slow, easing up, dis-gusts, was at ease, taking five, dis-tresses, tossing jail, de grading, bumming out, take time out, went to pot, re posed, used up, hadst had enough, re-duces, casting down, de presses, over-turning, re cline, wert dependent, dis courage, tried the patience of, reduce to tears, re-posed, whelms, over using, over tires, wast upheld, lie still, refreshes oneself, over-taxing, de base, took time out, dis-pleasing, over come, wert supported, de-stroying, noodge, lost spirit, be-leaguers, was dependent, took life easy, be-deviling, wast supported, re duces, de-base, de grade, wast ease, Deviling, be devilling, over strained, beat down, over worked, re sting, dis-arming, de cline, de graded, tost jail, re sided, took a nap, refresh oneself, drowsing, am quiet, over burdened, sitting down, goes to seed, Damping, puts the cuffs on, de-feat, de spoiled, over-power, be-devilling, being at ease, overuses, lied still, de spoiling, draw up, be seated on, caves in, wearing thin, wast seated on, un winds, putting cuffs on, weaken, thins out, drowses, is seated on, are quiet, cause ennui, jerks around, be devilled, was founded, wast founded, dis-maying, take prisoner, rattled cage, re strict, in conveniences, dis heartening, passed time, un-bended, ennuied, taking ten, caving in, wast contingent, over-tax, putting to sleep, under-mining, up set, thin out, stop, slacking off, are at ease, be leaguering, de crease, un wind, wert upheld, over-throw, un bent, over burdens, weighing heavily on, de-tains, turning one off, Devilled, de feats, being founded, rattles one's cage, un-bending, takes five, dis gust, am supported, keeps under, thinned out, Roosting, gave a hard time, be contingent, takes break, pre vent, worked on, takes out of, be-leaguer, jam, rest, over-using, over-thrown, took five, gloms, were ease, dis-please, took break, rattle one cage, uses up, Martyred, un-nerves, overtaxes, am contingent, de cay, conking out, getting the better of, Suppressing, stretching out, became threadbare, be draggles, made discontented, am based, co-wing, are based, pre-venting, in-convenience, un nerves, dis-pleases, took prisoner, were inert, were quiet, goes to pot, lose spirit, Dulling, sit down, got better of, over-powering, dis gusting, slowed down, dis-integrating, re-lax, grow weary, check, over-worked, wert founded, un-winds, tossing in jail, over-burdened, gets to, re side, gives a hard time, unlaxes, ex-asperates, dis arms, was worthless, go seed, were supported, puts sleep, give bad time, de-spoiled, un nerved, trying patience of, become worn, overtire, re-sting, over-burdening, de lays, de lay, gotten the better of, over-strained, over taxes, took it easy, un bends, are ease, dis integrating, took nap, de-laying, de stroy, in-validated, de solate, tuckering, goes stale, dis hearten, repress, went stale, wore thin, left cold, sate down, casts down, de creased, overstrains, de cays, reducing tears, in-capacitate, pre-vents, re-pose, vegetate, Drowsed, de-cline, flakes out, un-lax, un nerve, hath had enough, under mining, depress, presses hard on, re-strict, working on, weighs heavily on, being dependent, be quiet, goes seed, wound down, dis-armed, in-validates, art dependent, wast worthless, up-set, losing spirit, is at ease, wast dependent, took ten, jerked around, over throwing, un bend, loses interest, lied by, slack off, wears thin, puts the arm on, de-stroy, wast inert, weighting, ex-asperate, over turn, overtaxing, composing oneself, de vitalizing, over-burden, up-sets, give way, de-solated, be inert, taking easy, took it out of, try, putting arm on, is inert, work on, leaved one cold, unlaxed, jade, Deviled, de basing, prostrate, de vitalize, hinders, over working, over taxing, enervated, putting the arm on, dis integrated, de-creasing, overtires, compose oneself, over thrown, over-strain, went to seed, put arm on, de creasing.