Pronunciation of Ratification
/ɹˌatɪfɪkˈe͡ɪʃən/, /ɹˌatɪfɪkˈe‍ɪʃən/, /ɹ_ˌa_t_ɪ_f_ɪ_k_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for ratification

inculpations, dissolution, opposition, dis unions, non concurrence, de-feat, variance, disclamations, dis approbation, re peals, non-agreement, re buttal, voiding, in consistency, dis-cords, ex probations, dis-pleasure, passing overs, reprobation, difference of opinion, non-agreements, dispeaces, Negatory, de partings, interdictings, nonbelief, dis-sentience, dis avowals, nonconsents, dis-affirmance, forswearings, inverses, un orthodoxies, dis peace, terrorism, no way, dis-contents, Refutal, iconoclasms, dis favor, nonadmissions, non-consent, lockout, dis avowal, re-monstrances, non-consents, noninclusions, dis charge, kick in teeth, dis orders, re tractions, barrings, running out on, dis-credit, dustups, renouncements, ex probation, Inharmony, in-credulousness, poles aparts, re-buffs, nono, elusion, dis-owning, objurgation, cancellation, Nonconcurrence, no nos, bad vibe, inter-diction, counter parts, hetero doxy, hetero-doxies, de feat, dismissings, demurrals, re legation, dis favors, hetero-doxy, re mission, de-mission, dis-esteem, donts, no-no's, ex postulations, settos, clinker, non-acceptance, keeping out, in credulity, contention, don't, de relict, different strokes, transgressiveness, exception, Demission, demurral, dis credits, nonagreements, clinkers, in-verse, repudiation, eschewals, mutinousnesses, sunderings, chidings, shrinkings, annulment, re-mission, un willingnesses, Bohemianism, kick teeth, demurrings, un-harmoniousnesses, re peal, Contumaciousness, adjurations, dis approvals, giving ups, brush-offs, re-striction, bohemianisms, exclusion, re missions, agnosticism, no dice, counterargument, unharmoniousness, excusings, counterarguments, in-subordinations, de feats, de-barring, disapproval, sur renders, sur-render, mis-belief, non-existences, in crimination, bone contention, dis-obediences, re-monstrance, counter argument, demissions, ex-probation, non committal, dustup, concours, in congruities, dis-unions, dis sent, mob rule, dis cords, relegation, dis-countenancing, out bound, objurgations, dis-missals, ex-postulation, neutralization, Quashing, Misbelief, dis peaces, dis harmony, non-admission, non-acceptances, dis missing, disownings, with-holdings, dis-missal, dis-harmonies, dis sonance, impeachment, controversions, dis affection, in-junction, self-abnegations, dis loyalties, self denial, re criminations, knockbacks, de-bates, re monstrances, in credulousness, un harmoniousness, in harmony, unorthodoxies, recusances, dis-sents, nonconsent, ex-probations, dis-affection, Unfaith, self-sacrifice, dis claimers, dis-loyalty, dis sentiences, dis-content, dis-pleasures, non agreements, un faiths, divided loyalties, dis-peace, no-no, proscription, dis unity, dis pleasure, statement abnegations, don'ts, midcourse correction, re-legations, midcourse corrections, in-credulousnesses, dis charges, inculpation, brushoffs, re striction, re-treat, in verse, counter-arguments, de-feats, un conventionalities, divided loyalty, enjoinments, in-junctions, departings, dis-peaces, difference-opinion, Nonadmission, non compliance, non conformism, un willingness, in harmonies, irreconcilable difference, impeachments, dis-approbation, selfdenial, dis-avowing, discordance, dis countenancing, dis satisfactions, blame, nihilism, dis-order, nono's, selfabnegation, un-willingness, un beliefs, dis-allowances, brushoff, re-verse, mis trusts, selfsacrifice, ex-communication, un-orthodoxies, dis-allowance, re probations, dis beliefs, repeal, dissidence, dis-favor, factionalisms, non-committal, dis obedience, Dispeace, dis-unity, dis sonances, bone pick, brush-off, re volts, in-consistency, in-harmony, division, hard times, non belief, sour notes, in-subordination, dis accord, bickerings, dis missals, noninclusion, dis-affirmation, dis-avowals, un-conventionalities, counter-part, non-beliefs, hard time, dis-sentiences, non-belief, dis loyalty, rejection, non beliefs, de fiance, dis-agreements, Disclamation, out of bound, re creance, de bate, mis trust, in junctions, slap in face, dis affirmances, dis claimer, agnosticisms, nonconformism, re monstrance, misbeliefs, running out ons, mis beliefs, nonbeliefs, un-belief, spurnings, dis belief, terrorisms, non-committals, dis-beliefs, Disaffirmation, unharmoniousnesses, with holdings, de fiances, re-volts, set to, dis-claimer, dis-affirmances, dissent, non acceptances, set tos, disallowment, coventries, brush offs, re buffs, non inclusions, Non-concurrence, no no's, dis-sonances, statics, non conformisms, set-to, de-parting, self abnegations, nonconformity, de bates, disownments, dis sents, in-congruities, disavowals, recrimination, de parting, renegement, nothing doings, denial, de-missions, off limit, castoffs, dis agreement, in subordination, dis accords, nonacceptance, dis-belief, dis-orders, dis-approbations, re-crimination, resistance, relegations, forsakings, un orthodoxy, renegements, disproof, selfabnegations, desertion, heterodoxies, eschewal, Mutinousness, dis-trust, in-criminations, anti-thesis, slap face, re-versal, adjuration, non admission, difference opinion, unconventionality, refutals, no ways, dis agreements, selfsacrifices, Contraries, un belief, no go, dis credit, mis-beliefs, far cries, avoidance, dis sentience, castoff, self sacrifice, de-fiance, dis missings, recusancies, keeping outs, dis-obedience, dis approval, dis-loyalties, sour note, mid course corrections, going back ons, non inclusion, dis-inclinations, recusance, in-congruity, self-sacrifices, in credulousnesses, re traction, withholdings, iconoclasm, dis-esteems, re-volt, unbelief, dis-sonance, setto, flak, disbelief, turndown, mid course correction, unfaiths, repudiatings, dis avowing, no goes, dis inclinations, in-consistencies, re legations, dissension, dis inclination, non-admissions, dis-affections, non consent, un conventionality, ex communication, censure, re-missions, re-buttal, re-peals, coventry, dis trust, heterodoxy, non existence, dis-approval, dis-affirmations, re-treats, abstainings, non concurrences, de-partings, re treats, dis-inclination, nonacceptances, difference, bone to pick, dis contents, dis-avowal, re pulses, dis allowance, runin, dis-approvals, dis obediences, discountenancings, set-tos, in junction, nothing doing, inter diction, re versal, dis-favors, abolishment, disownment, elusions, off limits, dis-union, re-creance, ex-postulations, noncommittals, mis-trust, contumaciousnesses, eschewings, nullification, abolition, non-concurrences, non-inclusion, in-harmonies, in congruity, protestation, ex postulation, un-willingnesses, abrogation, counter arguments, counter-argument, re-tractions, inter-dict, non conformities, dis pleasures, de-relicts, dis trusts, counter part, debarments, abatement, un-orthodoxy, Remonstration, un harmoniousnesses, dis affirmation, sur-renders, conflict, factionalism, dis esteem, disproofs, re-strictions, dis allowances, brannigan, re volt, un-faith, defectings, dis-harmony, dis-accord, exceptings, recusancy, Controversion, slap in the face, re-legation, disallowments, nonconformisms, debarment, forbearings, self abnegation, non-conformity, de barring, anti thesis, self-abnegation, renouncement, bad vibes, non conformity, dis-claimers, poles apart, dis-agreement, non-conformities, dis union, ex-communications, different stroke, dis content, re-pulses, non-conformisms, in credulities, in subordinations, in criminations, nonconcurrences, transgressivenesses, in consistencies, un-harmoniousness, dis-charges, dis-charge, re-prehension, dis affirmations, lockouts, dis affirmance, dis-trusts, yieldings, dis-cord, veto, dis satisfaction, dis-missing, dis-missings, refrainings, dis owning, counter-parts, brannigans, tergiversation, de-bate, de mission, reprehension, feudings, with holding, Rescindment, far cry, exprobation, unorthodoxy, ex communications, dis-sent, unbelievingnesses, recriminations, invalidation, re strictions, inter dict, debarrings, dis missal, about face, re-traction, de-fiances, un faith, non agreement, non-compliance, hetero doxies, disavowings, dis-accords, dis harmonies, refusings, mid-course correction, de-relict, re verse, dis-satisfactions, knock, forbiddings, re-buttals, dis approbations, dis order, refusal, de relicts, non admissions, re buff, non-compliances, re probation, dis cord, nonagreement, re-criminations, non consents, no dices, NOS, slap the face, irreconcilable differences, de missions, enjoinment, re-creances, un-faiths, Defeasance, unconventionalities, mis belief, NOPES, re prehensions, dis-satisfaction, dis-credits, disavowal, forget its, negation, non existences, dis affections, non-conformism, quitclaim, dis esteems, statement abnegation, exprobations, re fusing, relinquishment.