Pronunciation of Check
/t͡ʃˈɛk/, /t‍ʃˈɛk/, /tʃ_ˈɛ_k/

Antonyms for check

sticks together, ballyhooed, un bending, outspreads, didst service, shotgun, pro duces, keys up, leans it, un bend, handcarries, burnt road, giving boost, in-cite, dost service, got ready, un coil, doest a service, dis-engage, puts in motion, re-vamp, switching on, submitted to, under-taken, laid foundation for, burn up road, in cites, un folding, strong arm, pushes forward, Phalanges, burnt up road, ex torts, in spirited, innerves, re laying, get going, over-work, sandbag, ex-plaining, sicking, setting off, liven, lean on it, dis-burden, relief, ex plicates, turns heat, unloosen, un does, opened up throttle, gather momentum, handle personally, in-spiring, lets fly, step on it, tough out, impetus, burnt the road, dis-burdened, hand walks, untwist, un-folded, in flaming, catalyze, hurry, resume, dis-entangle, made necessary, let fly, burned up road, open up, over come, load one minds, in-spirited, stand up for, twacked, turning on the heat, Succoring, un-cover, rooting for, act up, cut the red tape, re formed, gathers momentum, didst a favor, un covering, enliven, un-crease, lifesaver, figures out, fires up, re strained, opens up throttle, mollification, pooling resources, blue collar, appealing to, shook a leg, domestics, stimulate, Roweled, re lays, beget, opens the door, out shined, stepping on gas, shaking leg, continue, dis engaging, thunderous receptions, ran interference for, stay the course, comply with, insisting on, handclappings, giving birth to, putting into effect, pull together, leant on, takes out of mothballs, forced up on, give impulse, re-laid, dis-charge, do a favor, Barrelling, phalange, dis-pose, cutting along, dis burdened, dost one part, giving rise to, put in motion, brings pressure to bear up on, better, ex pressing, dis closes, set motion, artificers, give a boost to, sat still for, proletarians, peels rubber, un-coiled, over-burdened, put the chill on, fan out, stuck together, get moving, stirred up, un wind, am quick, enter up on, dragoon, Cycled, pin down, makes ready, burned road, do one's part, lending hand, sicced, go all out, sits take it, fast track, Dragooning, run with ball, took care of, is in cahoots, provoke, steps on it, pre-determining, be sting, be-hooves, ex-plicate, makes haste, ex pose, putting up with, dis-posing, re quires, bi cycle, brought pressure bear upon, gave incentive, doing part, energize, makes active, metacarpi, ex-tended, bi cycling, brought pressure bear up on, bulleted, sets about, puts in to effect, de cipher, powering, lay foundation for, pre-disposed, suffer, pooled resources, leaned it, are cahoots, sets motion, leg ups, out-spreading, ex cite, co axing, bi cycled, worked on, palm, gunned, lent a hand, good fortune, co operates, leant on it, lends hand, talks into, spirit up, un-roll, were cahoots, working stiffs, making easy, de-cipher, lets upon, Sallying, ran interference, let offs, out-shined, inter ceded, acquittance, lend hand, laid a patch, release, shoots through, re-adies, dis entangling, Fleeted, join in, co-ordinate, touching off, walked through, goes like lightning, handling personally, out-shine, turned steam, turned on the heat, were of use, go down line for, co-axed, sit take it, bears hard on, puts squeeze on, devoting to, over worked, pre-paring, burning up the road, dis-engages, under-going, un-curling, in spired, uncreases, take out, dis-closing, co-axing, innervate, bears fruit, un-bended, force up on, letting fly, working people, un furled, bestirs, pro posing, be-gun, staid the course, de-livering, dopes out, shakes out, sate, opened doors, pre-disposes, gives a boost, were quick, going fast, doeth a favor, be stirred, re strict, Succored, re-fine, bi-cycles, draw on, dis posed, takes under ones wing, setting about, company person, un bends, dis patch, doing one's part, wast quick, turning heat, ex act, un-winding, pre pared, re storing, be-friends, pre pare, juiced, shot in arm, ex acted, include, uncoil, turn on the heat, in spirit, deliver, ex tend, Bestirred, puts chill on, go like the wind, burn up the road, shake out, juice up, ex plained, steps it, hand-walked, shaking out, re stores, ex-press, actuate, load off one's minds, be friended, staying the course, accelerate, bestir, precipitate, makes tracks, re presentative, doth one part, smoking, making necessary, leaned on, pressed on, fanned out, doest a favor, being of use, went all out, bring pass, beared hard on, re-formed, out-stripping, going like wind, un tightens, under-gone, plunges into, un-curl, pouring it on, doth service, un-bend, do a service, co-operating, re veals, goosing, clears the way, pressurized, side with, hired person, siccing, re stored, re-commend, talking in to, de scribe, un curl, re lease, over-working, ex-acts, stepped on the gas, set about, proceed, work together, co operate, sate take it, barrelled, motivations, cultivate, employee, pro-mote, go fast, shotgunning, de-scribing, re quire, Bestirring, force upon, break ground, geared up, peeling rubber, floaters, give incentive, make pitch for, uncrease, acted upon, Hasting, re solve, jackhammered, suffice, doeth part, bi-cycle, un coiling, un-wrapping, crack down, re-lief, stay course, bear hard on, vehiculating, did part, is of use, take care of, dis-play, ex-acting, make time, cycling, does a service, right hand people, un-folding, outspreading, uncurling, turn on steam, fans the fire, ex plicated, anesthetize, calls up, sit and take it, gave a leg up, in-cited, floater, stuck for, in-spirit, nine to fiver, dis charges, handles personally, be stirring, made ready, dis-patched, doing one part, jobholder, stirring up, stepped the gas, staff member, re mission, re quests, does one part, pins down, wert of use, dis-cover, bearing fruit, load off one mind, give leg up, speaks for, stand by, strongarm, hammering on, grease wheels, steamroll, re-vamping, shared in, pre-pare, re strain, un tighten, made a pitch for, does a favor, worked into lather, is quick, company persons, doest one part, ex-plicated, phalanx, trans ported, put with, forces up on, rev up, be stir, making short work of, de-scribes, cracking down, gotten a move on, hurries up, un cover, succumb, leans on, devoted oneself to, being quick, does part, be-stirs, giving lift, figure out, plunging in to, speeding up, un raveled, cut along, un rolled, actifying, re-veal, sicked, liberate, took under wing, un-ravels, dis posing, liberation, re-quire, over-worked, complied with, walked it through, re-forms, bi cycles, urge, pulls together, be-sought, burn road, living with, reels out, working side by side, sandbagged, sitting and take it, letted upon, make necessary, brought pressure to bear upon, uncurls, dis-entangling, getting ready, burned the road, shot the arm, do part, quicken, re fines, lays patch, pre determines, gives lift, whip around, hand-carry, attends to, hand-walk, taking under one wing, re-fines, puts pedal to metal, sits and take it, opens doors, hyping, doth one's part, opening up throttle, un-wrap, whishing, re-strains, un-derwent, art cahoots, be use, dis burdens, submitting to, work side by side, beelining, doing a service, out-stretches, switched on, compel, in flame, dis entangles, dost one's part, concussed, in-nerving, dis charge, makes sparks fly, make, un coiled, let go, gives rise to, make sparks fly, are use, blinked at, sets off, taking part, in-clines, makes short work of, siding with, rowels, turn heat, letting up on, re-lax, keying up, fanned the fire, giving a lift, dis covering, wage-earner, lean it, got moving, be ginning, am cahoots, root for, Shepherding, latitude, nine to fivers, abet, un wrap, cracks down, taking care of, got to, doping out, turns steam, pro-pose, pre pares, doing a favor, dis-burdening, in-duces, tradesperson, goose, coadjutes, engender, devote oneself to, put motion, gives a lift, not lose a minute, drive, innervating, re-laying, ancillas, step on the gas, vent, stepping gas, estimate, re-spites, conscripted, de-ciphers, impulsions, fan the fire, letoffs, un-curls, blessing, putting on afterburners, in-citations, speeded up, goes down the line for, giving incentive, militarize, turning steam, not lose minuting, gave birth to, takes part, opened up, revving, pro moting, stretch out, come, over works, force, did ones part, in spires, in cline, lets up on, turned on heat, getting a move on, promote, laid rubber, was in cahoots, success, Concerting, ran with ball, took under one wing, makes easy, rowel, speeds up, stick together, sat and take it, sur-passed, art use, sitting take it, press on, devoted to, devoting oneself to, called up, put to, ex-tending, outspread, co-unselling, under take, poured it on, wage-earners, sticking together, working into lather, turning on steam, burns the road, being use, sticking up for, brought pressure to bear up on, hammered on, over-wrought, in-nerve, dis entangle, up-hold, giving a leg up, cuts red tape, operatives, works with, walkout, doest one's part, pools resources, pro-duces, losing no time, ex-plain, doing favor, un twists, went like lightning, uncreased, re-lays, satisfy, forward, key up, bulleting, gat a move on, prentices, hand carry, wrought in to lather, advantage, ex-cite, doth part, un-ravelled, un-wraps, does ones part, art quick, pre-determined, greases the wheels, working for, under taking, actifies, doeth service, sate and take it, tooled, hand walk, gotten ready, dis burden, re questing, jackhammers, didst a service, plunged in to, in-flamed, Barreling, dis play, handwalk, pre-sent, worked for, white collars, gets move on, peel rubber, bi-cycled, co axed, ex acting, lays rubber, get a move on, sate still for, dis engages, grease the wheels, wrought together, gave a lift, taking wing, jump-start, over-coming, gat ready, work in to lather, in-nerved, trigger, re-quired, indulge, propel, un-creasing, re-quires, pressurizing, railroaded, didst one part, share in, gets under way, restart, lay a patch, burning the road, forced upon, permit, un-twisted, pink collar, over burdens, wert quick, burning road, ex-tend, effectuate, unloose, be quick, including fingers dukes, was quick, doth ones part, insist on, re-strained, didst part, un rolls, anesthetizes, over working, put chill on, be friending, motored, mobilize, steamrolled, giving a boost to, runs interference for, made time, took under ones wing, re fine, ex-plains, putting on the map, Tolerated, sales helps, pinned down, cloy, hand carried, un done, labor, working peoples, ex plain, open, get to, doeth one part, gets ready, over comes, hurried up, puts motion, pre-dispose, making haste, ex tended, ease, goes all out, out stretches, re-lease, SICS, giving a boost, in-nervate, pre-pared, sandbagging, stood up for, hand, wink at, be friends, artificer, un winds, right-hand person, shooting through, consenting to, un-rolls, am of use, un-doing, co-operate, neglect, doeth a service, induce, re-questing, sits still for, gave boost to, didst ones part, jackhammer, including fingers duke, touches off, clears way, inter-cede, puts on afterburners, shaker, powered, in nerved, makes easier, dis-charged, dis-closes, continuation, right-hand persons, leaned on it, stir up, greasing the wheels, un-bent, step gas, Shepherded, unbent, welcome, leant it, dis plays, MITTS, ex-pressing, in nerving, walks through, opening the door, Careered, sur passes, gets moving, appealed to, making active, palliatives, relay, de livering, made easy, walking through, made active, cleared way, be-friended, motoring, sticked for, in flamed, pulling together, under going, re forms, un-bends, standing by, make easier, sur passed, up held, making tracks, bring pressure to bear upon, ex-cited, handcarried, Roweling, re store, coadjute, intro-duce, un winding, glut, got a move on, opening door, puts the map, sticked up for, handwalks, turning the heat, turns on heat, co-operation, allow, out-stretching, run with the ball, shot in the arm, joined in, gave boost, sit still for, is use, calligraphy, re-mission, winks at, speed up, pre determine, took part, Tolerating, was use, work for, are quick, handed on, ran with the ball, gooses, took out mothballs, call arms, uncreasing, did one's part, comfortings, gears up, putting map, nine-to-fivers, speaking for, goes fast, ex acts, sets astir, sees through, metacarpus, made easier, un-creases, go in to, staff members, un fold, load one's minds, incite, open up throttle, acted up on, not lose minuted, worker, Hasted, un did, spike, whipping around, begin, ex plicating, dis-charges, leaning on, catalyzed, inter cedes, shares in, hired people, re commend, ex-tort, re spite, assistance, un bended, in-spire, aid, set astir, in-citation, hand on, joined forces, de-scribe, takes under one wing, cut red tape, meta carpi, burns up road, did favor, touched off, handclapping, inter ceding, winking at, inter-ceding, be-friending, put pedal metal, greasing wheels, un-coils, co-operations, facilitation, lend a hand, takes care of, stiffs, put squeeze on, doth favor, up-holding, giving boost to, gives a boost to, triggers, spark, talked in to, handing on, re lay, wast cahoots, doest part, goosed, be-stirring, free, calligraphies, meta-carpus, bring pressure bear up on, twacking, fast tracking, un-tighten, burn the road, plunged into, handcarrying, making pitch for, in spirits, gives impulse, step on gas, work into lather, works on, wrought on, being in cahoots, in citations, co operated, Re-forming, not lose a minuted, railroading, re solves, prentice, de-ciphering, ex-posed, un-furled, re quired, act up on, throw weight around, dope out, gratify, clearing way, un curled, stands by, went like the wind, be-stir, wrought into lather, setting motion, in clines, in-flames, lived with, gotten cracking, dis-engaging, bearing hard on, pro-motes, re-commending, happiness, correctives, lent hand, inter cede, sided with, greases wheels, exhort, Dragooned, bring, figured out, bringing pressure to bear up on, un coils, appeals to, puts the arm on, give rise to, be stirs, un ravel, ex plains, de ciphering, un curls, bringing pressure bear upon, put map, call up, puts map, un rolling, brings pressure bear up on, co unselling, sticks for, re-solving, re-lay, puts screws to, un covered, putting afterburners, help, puts on the map, dis-charging, stumped for, over burden, de-liver, spake for, stretching out, enforce, pro duce, under taken, brings pressure to bear upon, being cahoots, advance, un raveling, wageearners, rank file, put up with, pre-sents, un wound, cleared the way, create, fast tracked, go along with, fans out, hand-carried, switch on, touch off, dis-engaged, dis patches, un covers, turn steam, bore hard on, dost part, re quested, wrought with, gives incentive, over burdened, dis close, under takes, re-commended, putting screws to, handcarry, unlock, putting chill on, stays the course, un wraps, acting upon, un-wound, facilitates, gives birth to, under-went, un-covering, out spread, catalyzing, pulled together, bringing pressure bear up on, out-stretched, un creasing, letted fly, re-quests, de-livered, runs with ball, turned heat, turn the heat, de livers, re vamps, out spreads, puts afterburners, put the map, allowance, be gun, re form, righthand persons, rooted for, attended to, co ordinates, was cahoots, dis-patching, in citation, shook out, allayments, put on the map, intro duces, instigate, sat take it, pushing forward, gathered momentum, out shone, be-friend, Allayment, re quiring, doest ones part, puts arm on, go with, reopen, Shotguns, nourish, out-spreads, partnered, pre-determine, unbend, sped up, laying foundation for, staying course, dis engaged, pours on, puts to, takes under wing, gotten under way, sitting still for, dis-patches, re forming, right hand persons, untwists, gave a boost to, plunge in to, blink at, be-stirred, gotten going, juicing, stick for, make easy, dis-entangles, get move on, out strip, poured on, un wrapped, step the gas, take part, load mind, dis-burdens, de livered, works in to lather, generate, breaking ground, out strips, up-holds, ex-pose, out-strip, barreled, gets a move on, ex-act, opens door, moved quickly, pink collars, fanning out, switches on, wert in cahoots, did one part, take under wing, cracked down, staid course, bicycling, un-twisting, partnering, prolongation, re-strict, putting the chill on, dis-covers, gets going, takes out mothballs, whacked, go down the line for, in-cline, un-raveling, concuss, sticked together, sticking for, guess, putting on map, sets in motion, opening up, runs with the ball, out stretch, content, art in cahoots, going like lightning, toughed out, get on, push forward, complying with, do ones part, devote to, do one part, shaking a leg, co operating, re strains, does favor, burnt up the road, over work, un-did, load off ones mind, re-vamped, sends forth, throws weight around, Gunning, wast of use, tolerates, dis engage, work on, unbended, re-strain, gear up, hand walking, is cahoots, up-held, up holding, over burdening, moving quickly, laying rubber, load one's mind, got move on, stick up for, leans on it, made tracks, get ready, re-presentative, innervates, stays course, impel, un crease, didst favor, pre sent, were in cahoots, in-spirits, ex celling, gives boost to, re-solved, whacking, bring pressure bear upon, gearing up, putting with, de ciphers, putting pedal metal, persistence, pro-moting, pouring on, dis-close, re-straining, be of use, go along, puts up to, hand carries, de liver, lends a hand, shows willingness, doth a favor, acts up on, doing service, put up to, over-works, stayed the course, disprove, concusses, gave lift, in flames, pre paring, extrication, stepping it, walks it through, encouragement, spiriting up, dis played, making easier, give boost, setting in motion, blinks at, getting going, putting in to effect, got going, under-takes, doeth one's part, nurture, be-sting, de-ciphered, putting to, nails it, ancilla, dis-closed, up hold, ex plaining, rev, makes pitch for, re vamped, ex citing, let-off, spirits up, un-tightened, de-livers, re lax, acts upon, load off one's mind, saw through, make haste, vitalize, fast tracks, took wing, talk into, restfulnesses, Helped, ex tort, wageearner, be in cahoots, giving leg up, in-flame, stepping the gas, forget, walking it through, support, cuts along, right-hand people, dis-covered, steps on the gas, right hand person, turned the heat, ex press, beelined, ex posed, ex-celling, invigorate, opened throttle, ex-plicates, sending forth, put screws to, shakers, freedom, putting the arm on, actified, made sparks fly, facilitate, jackhammering, give boost to, dis patched, clear way, opens up, under took, shakes a leg, gives boost, talk in to, pour on, hammer on, vehiculated, un-coil, psyching, taking out of mothballs, lending a hand, permission, break ice, open the door, fanned fire, put arm on, burned up the road, re straining, did service, takes wing, do service, pour it on, went down the line for, submits to, give a leg up, Co-ordinates, re lief, steamrolling, give a boost, putting arm on, innervated, Innerved, re-vamps, re-leased, bringing pressure to bear upon, be hooves, re-missions, turns on steam, joins forces, in spire, dis covered, un-does, give lift, working on, goes down line for, calling up, forcing upon, reeled out, greased wheels, pinning down, breaks ground, out spreading, re-leases, re-fining, stepping on the gas, making ready, giving impulse, pro-motion, de scribes, tailgating, get along, ex-cites, whishes, nail it, pro-posing, make ready, make a pitch for, un wrapping, speed, re commending, were use, un roll, load ones mind, took under one's wing, steamrolls, opens throttle, showed willingness, attend to, sandbags, dis playing, bare fruit, un-ravelling, getting to, turn on heat, pre-determines, un-fold, complies with, cutting red tape, ex-torts, load off mind, plunge into, un-coiling, clear the way, devotes to, stepped on gas, anesthetizing, load off minds, went like wind, stumping for, fan fire, gets to, walk through, presses on, puts into effect, make tracks, Innerving, Vehiculate, cuts the red tape, un derwent, are in cahoots, gotten to, run interference, sur-passing, doeth ones part, in-spires, shot arm, dis-covering, un-rolled, bring pressure to bear up on, working persons, dis pose, stepped gas, stayed course, ex-posing, co ordinate, revs up, bare hard on, Tradespeople, firing up, tolerate, dis-patch, gat going, extrications, throwing weight around, let up on, does service, spirited up, de scribed, re leases, working with, dis charging, sur-passes, unfold, un-tightening, stump for, spoke for, wert cahoots, let-offs, renew, was of use, dis charged, submit, take under one wing, burning up road, de ciphered, tailgate, palms, sur-pass, in-duce, take out of mothballs, sent forth, revving up, out-stretch, gave leg up, un bent, seeing through, hand carrying, works together, dis entangled, ex pressed, pressurize, Propping, working stiff, joins in, de-scribed, motivate, co-operated, burns up the road, re-storing, send forth, got under way, whipt around, un twist, uncurl, un-ravel, Coadjuting, up holds, shot through, Sallied, psychs, mollifications, loses no time, taking out mothballs, handwalked, cooperate, ex cites, in spiriting, give birth to, un-creased, doing ones part, putting in motion, nine-to-fiver, un curling, Subsidiaries, Rowelling, hand-carries, sharing in, take out mothballs, lays foundation for, under went, un tightened, brake ground, clearing the way, be-ginning, triggering, working together, fire up, give up, wast use, un folded, set in motion, un ravelled, activate, consent to, goes like the wind, making time, dis covers, out stretching, thunderous reception, running interference, plunges in to, over-burden, co operations, burns road, taking under one's wing, dragoons, not lose minute, un ravelling, walkouts, dis-played, step it, taking under wing, meta carpus, putting up to, go like lightning, prod, un-raveled, un-tightens, leg up, sur pass, forcing up on, pre disposing, sides with, ballyhooing, over-burdening, letting upon, be friend, works into lather, wasted no time, bore fruit, open throttle, ex tending, dis-entangled, in duce, un furling, whished, bring about, hired persons, re missions, white collar, un-twists, laying patch, untwisting, beared fruit, see through, leaning it, un ravels, stretched out, prevail up on, uncoiled, coadjuted, re-stores, putting pedal to metal, wastes no time, untwisted, runs interference, un-furling, hand walked, get under way, over-comes, handwalking, running interference for, getting cracking, stood by, re-solves, worked in to lather, toughs out, be sought, out-strips, lifesavers, amp, un folds, bi-cycling, turns the heat, gat cracking, anesthetized, dis closed, re-stored, tooling, expedite, cutting the red tape, indulgence, hyped, re laid, uncoiling, live with, wrought for, do favor, sticks up for, concussing, threw weight around, lifeboats, stirs up, hurrying up, take under one's wing, re-veals, consented to, Furthering, restfulness, running with ball, Careering, continuance, doest service, am use, attending to, in nervate, stuck up for, approve, waste no time, un-winds, out-shines, does one's part, turns on the heat, acquittances, makes a pitch for, gets cracking, un-bending, approval, pro motions, ex-acted, shake a leg, actify, brings pressure bear upon, wrought side by side, extension, dis-posed, ignore, in spiring, ex cited, in cite, puts pedal metal, pro pose, sets afoot, ex celled, stepped it, un doing, load minds, did a service, submit to, un-rolling, dis cover, palliative, let upon, un-curled, humoring, ex-plained, un-covers, pushed forward, goes like wind, dis patching, pro posed, dis burdening, dis-plays, letted up on, un creased, in nerves, bear fruit, de scribing, company people, out-shining, hasten, put on afterburners, load off one minds, Rowelled, lost no time, hand-walks, nailing it, nailed it, re-solve, necessitate, makes necessary, bicycled, uncork, out shine, not lose a minuting, setting astir, fanning fire, getting moving, go like wind, gives a leg up, under-taking, blue collars, appeal to, re-commends, gat under way, boost, Innerve, further, un-folds, letoff, load one mind, intro-duces, takes under one's wing, standing up for, walk it through, run interference for, assist, ex plicate, lean on, pre dispose, act out, doeth favor, ex-plicating, bring on, doped out, greased the wheels, work with, uncurled, talked into, gotten moving, lay rubber, gat to, in-spired, am in cahoots, stumps for, taking under ones wing, did a favor, re adies, doth a service, consents to, whipped around, goad, righthand people, get cracking, take wing, Make short work of, meta-carpi, uncoils, reel out, loosen, co operation, acting up on, ex-tends, re fined, set off, made short work of, out-stripped, dost a service, in-spiriting, act upon, laying a patch, blinking at, broke ground, shoot through, dis closing, shake leg, co-operates, gave a boost, invalidate, re commended, insisted on, take under ones wing, going like the wind, vivify, ex tends, relayed, conscripting, gat move on, handled personally, made haste, opening doors, re commends, works for, sic, lose no time, talks in to, pre determined, didst one's part, devotes oneself to, shotgunned, lifeboat, putting motion, inter-cedes, insists on, whips around, hand-walking, inter-ceded, catalyzes, dost favor, be cahoots, setting afoot, makes time, foment, un twisting, dis-playing, inspires, longhands, palliation, gave impulse, over coming, spur, running with the ball, going all out, unleash, doest favor, puts the chill on, hand-carrying, un-twist, in duces, re spites, stepped on it, dost ones part, go bat for, under gone, shakes leg, encourage, satiate, worked together, dost a favor, keyed up, opening throttle, turning on heat, re-quiring, move quickly, foster, misbehave, plunging into, intro duce, mitt, pre disposes.