Pronunciation of Refusal
/ɹɪfjˈuːsə͡l/, /ɹɪfjˈuːsə‍l/, /ɹ_ɪ_f_j_ˈuː_s_əl/

Antonyms for refusal

brain children, head-rooms, asservations, transmittances, admission, authorization, enfranchisement, re-calling, tameness, adit, making publics, appeal, pat the back, in-coming, dis-coursings, confirmation, defoliated area, in fusion, engagingness, jottings, in-fluxes, dis closings, introgressions, counter-signature, pro mise, concurrence, addition, be-hest, Integrality, safeconducts, channel, Cajoleries, goings-on, fair plays, in-comings, interestingnesses, benisons, self government, pat the head, copouts, adoption, paragraph, pro-positions, liberalnesses, all-owing, pro position, concordats, submitting tos, un-constraint, buyback, snatchings, brain child, protective custody, forward motions, narratings, Traject, be-quest, coercive measure, docility, nonresistance, rapport, sub missions, sanction, co-incidence, passivities, fiftyfifties, passage, unanimity, empty space, complicity, safe-conduct, benedictu, Benedictus, re laxations, out-sets, rollbacks, consent, stamp, re cognition, simultaneousness, ortho doxies, in taking, Importunities, un-restraint, passivity, questions, cullings, head rooms, re-spects, judicatures, de-positions, submissiveness, congruity, dutifulnesses, re spect, comparability, compliance, engagingnesses, ante room, approach, recognizance, hubba hubbas, seductiveness, submission, re-dress, pro-mises, concedings, piece paper, inter connection, de-legations, liabilities, sanctifications, letter credence, owning ups, uni-sons, liberty, commercials, listings, patent, benediction, broadmindedness, other side of coin, de positions, endorsings, documentations, flutings, strokings, winwin situation, needs, dis orders, Duteousness, be-ginning, welcome, authenticatings, fifty fifty, dis coursing, enrollment, be hests, pre-sent, Soliloquizing, inter-connection, ex pose, co-existences, letter introduction, fifty-fifty deals, PRS, re velations, in-divisibility, entitlements, budgetings, preventive custody, entranceways, copout, excerpt, re cognitions, thataway, re solutions, congruousness, guiltinesses, mis fortune, ex-pose, pre-sumptuousnesses, coming ins, re-semblance, raceways, in-goings, official document, confiscatings, solicitation, committals, glamor, re-citations, pro motions, ok, bid, Conation, re velation, ex-planations, Certifications, co-existence, re calling, approbation, appropriation, ratifyings, take or leave it, imprimatur, constitutionalities, bleep, druthers, parkway, un restraints, in divisibility, thumbsups, acquirings, mis appropriation, in-fusion, in-dependences, de-crees, stamp of approval, be-quests, decoction, loosenesses, seal of approval, namings, trans mission, dis-order, growings, divulgence, apprehendings, synchronicity, re gards, be-coming, head-room, re collection, re-cord, transpiration, all owing, condonances, un-dividedness, pre sent, de termination, dis position, pre sumptuousness, letter of introduction, inter-course, de cree, out comes, conventionality, legalizations, cross road, Maydays, re-commendations, mis appropriations, fifty fifty deal, pre-arrangement, permissiveness, ingoing, credentials, raincheck, sanctification, Conventionalities, ex-cesses, gloms, coetaneousnesses, integrals, recognition, glamors, de-claiming, identifyings, broad-mindedness, Accreditations, sub-missions, interestingness, de sire, simultaneousnesses, buybacks, sur renders, due process, win-win situation, committal, green-light, re-calls, ante-room, de-liveries, half measures, re spects, under-standings, intaking, bleeps, student body, clearance, open spaces, in vocations, sub mission, fifty-fifties, drutherses, be-comings, decision, signature, uni-son, re-laxations, agreement, fair play, dis order, re course, conformabilities, canonizations, submissions, pericopes, enlistings, assimilatings, big ideas, free passage, be-hests, square deals, congruousnesses, re-conciliations, flipside, charmingnesses, uni son, giving ins, irresponsibility, re-velation, in-junction, buttering ups, subscription tos, assarts, propoundment, sub-mission, re commendation, giveback, in stances, wildness, tellings, piece of paper, importation, elbowrooms, re-lease, under-standing, stamp approval, high regard, in-divisibilities, inter connections, re-callings, Pericope, mis-takes, re courses, conjunctures, adjurations, ratification, subscription to, concomitances, seductivenesses, superscriptions, de liveries, in comings, pumping ups, co incidence, trans-action, assignings, out set, win-win situations, cajolery, co nations, covenant, comparabilities, conformance, ducats, half and halves, re quests, middle courses, manageabilities, pro-position, bidding, de crees, pro-vocations, warm fuzzy, win win situations, hubbahubbas, prearrangement, Accedence, divulgences, co existence, rainchecks, de signs, shingles, dis coursings, sur-renders, taking ons, out-lines, appointment, ex tract, Adjudicature, catchings, okay, distillates, championings, transference, the nod, goings-ons, by way, selection, re-nown, nonresistances, de livery, preventive custodies, re straining, coincidence, congruence, thumbs-ups, cross roads, decoctions, sayso, good vibe, pre-sents, de sires, non resistance, devoirs, de sign, arrest, dis course, co-operation, registerings, re collections, de claiming, ducat, out-line, winnings, trade off, re cord, pull ins, half halves, synchronisms, offer, fiftyfifty deal, entrance, trade offs, indivisibilities, consensus, Gluttonies, hall, in denture, pat on head, pleasingness, counter signature, relaxednesses, de-position, de-sires, in-dentures, empty spaces, re-straining, succumbings, re-cognitions, resignedness, trans-actions, head way, ex-tent, complots, broadmindednesses, anteroom, two cents' worth, fifty fifty deals, dis-position, justice, solicitations, take it leave it, clutchings, dis courses, perceivings, be quests, cross-roads, importations, concurrings, counter-signatures, sufferance, mis fortunes, letter of support, big idea, unanimousness, earnests, pass, un dividednesses, unbosomings, re-collections, byway, invitation, green light, tractability, be comings, flattery, ex cess, de-fenses, power choice, COMP, conations, pro vocation, re lease, in goings, forbearings, statement, free passages, disclosings, letter of credence, mis-fortunes, hypo-thesis, in dependence, approval, head-way, ex-tract, contemporaneousnesses, ex-cess, accedences, integralities, guiltiness, Congruency, de-termination, graspings, under takings, dis-orders, be coming, pilferings, co nation, validation, in flux, condonance, fifty-fifty, acceptance, homogeneousnesses, re counting, empowerment, re semblance, duteousnesses, dis-coursing, transferences, assentings, dis closures, recognizances, yieldings, safe-conducts, In-going, non-resistances, ex-tents, conjuncture, coexistence, immoderation, signal, contemporaneousness, re-quests, incorporation, hypo thesis, taking ups, authorizings, quotation, rotundas, documentation, re-views, re bates, pro-visions, sponsorings, out-come, co existences, promptings, ante-rooms, win win situation, allowings, out come, pre mises, supportings, alterings, avenue, under standing, fair treatments, pro visions, apology, half measure, countersignature, punitive measures, undividednesses, pre arrangements, go-ahead, endorsement, acquiescence, Elbowroom, traversings, co-nation, re views, volition, under taking, reasonableness, asservation, headroom, unity, concession, protective custodies, end-owing, re-course, in divisibilities, yeses, mis-take, capturings, trans action, undividedness, inter courses, taking overs, in going, prearrangements, re cords, PATHWAYS, re-laxation, re-spect, earmarkings, in-taking, noticings, de legations, sur-render, empowerments, Indivisibility, hubba-hubba, trade-offs, puffing ups, givebacks, coetaneousness, sanctionings, confession, re cognizances, in-takings, re-solutions, unconstraints, positive, co-operations, permission, premise, panegyrics, owning up, Sympathies, good word, co incidences, under-taking, mis take, yes, trans actions, re-cords, validatings, re-velations, in-junctions, subvention, by-way, broad mindedness, re callings, subserviences, approvings, de-sire, admittings, in dependences, pre-sumptuousness, godspeeds, ORCHIDS, judicatories, defoliated areas, re view, dis-closures, pro positions, inter-courses, doorways, affirmings, in-stance, privilege, parkways, extract, in fusions, safeconduct, re citations, dutifulness, de-livery, adjuration, re-cognizance, selfindulgence, gainings, good vibration, surrender, ante rooms, fifty fifties, coevality, initiation, looseness, dis closure, homogeneousness, re-bate, out lines, endowings, mitt, in junctions, pathway, de terminations, co operations, correspondence, goings ons, re cognizance, Coadunation, broad-mindednesses, de legation, compatibles, pre cept, in-flux, seizings, elicitations, re-call, commissionings, congruencies, ex planation, renowns, Permissivenesses, discoursings, under standings, de-sign, de-cree, re dress, pre mise, Assart, appropriatings, takeovers, re laxation, felicitation, matriculation, Unbosoming, request, co-pout, compliment, re citation, setting aparts, declaimings, willingness, rotunda, intakings, de-signs, pick ups, stickers, pat back, way, irresponsibilities, patientness, docilities, trans missions, Soleness, pro vision, dis positions, setting apart, soliloquizings, pre-cept, oughts, fair treatment, ex-tracts, re calls, admittance, safe conducts, thumbsup, recruitment, gaffs, praise, pat on the head, re semblances, re-view, seal approval, accedings, sufferances, in vite, inclusion, leaf, co pout, concomitance, option, KUDO, square deal, dis closing, VISAS, un bosoming, high regards, orchid, compromise, un-dividednesses, pro mises, paragraphs, transmittance, longanimities, de-terminations, Self Determination, dis-positions, complyings, out line, receipt, student bodies, under-takings, pat head, ex planations, dis-closing, submitting to, un constraint, un restraint, inter-connections, lenience, pickings, cuttings, uni sons, longanimity, license, trajects, good words, half half, synchronicities, entranceway, allowance, in-dependence, de-legation, propoundments, co operation, COMPS, thumbs-up, distillate, takings, importunity, corroboratings, taking over, goingson, re-dresses, in-vocations, re-collection, pro vocations, unison, in-denture, re-citation, conformity, re-gard, getting, re dresses, Conformability, favorable mention, re-cognition, co-nations, be ginning, handshake, accreditation, becomings, dis-course, legal processes, embracings, deal, ex tents, trade-off, recruitments, in fluxes, selfgovernment, entry, receivings, the calls, say so, co pouts, blinker, hubba hubba, puffing up, mis-appropriations, pro-mise, blinkers, re conciliation, good vibrations, recitation, un constraints, coevalities, certification, yielding, un dividedness, tenders, re-cognizances, pleasingnesses, adjudicatures, goahead, reasonablenesses, complot, anterooms, pre arrangement, pre-mise, be hest, event, MITTS, fifty-fifty deal, other side coin, safe conduct, canonization, ortho doxy, occurrence, counter signatures, Non-resistance, unanimousnesses, conformings, in-stances, re commendations, re-conciliation, gluttony, concordat, ortho-doxy, re nown, in junction, in takings, tradeoff, non resistances, de position, solenesses, half and half, seal, grant, rollback, judicature, recipiences, tractableness, acceptings, enterings, re-courses, flipsides, coadunations, wildnesses, benison, inter course, out sets, out-comes, coercive measures, due processes, sticker, co-incidences, self indulgence, transmittals, re-commendation, countersignatures, in dentures, holding forths, commitment, pro-motion, dis-closings, judicatory, incomings, holding forth, un-bosoming, proposal, good vibes, goingsons, byways, right ons, harmoniou, recommendation, Constitutionality, de fenses, re-leases, devoir, obtainings, mandate, re-counting, pre-mises, thataways, transmittal, re bate, trans-mission, dis-courses, un-constraints, assent, be quest, askings, the call, resignation, treaty, pro-vision, blessing, liberalness, transaction, re leases, unconstraint, Charmingness, doorway, pre sumptuousnesses, stone throw, mis takes, re-solution, legalization, pursuings, dis-closure, visa, tradeoffs, Introgression, punitive measure, in vocation, co-pouts, broad mindednesses, proposition, ought, resignednesses, fiftyfifty deals, beggings, Cross-road, empowerings, warrant, grantings, making public, imperatives, headrooms, end owing, ex tent.