Pronunciation of Opposition
/ˌɒpəzˈɪʃən/, /ˌɒpəzˈɪʃən/, /ˌɒ_p_ə_z_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for opposition

vanquisher, canonizations, backer, pro positions, blessing, in-formation, Consociation, re-semblances, knock-offs, re commendations, consent, FEDS, ex pounders, de lineation, super-visions, tie in, the greatest, sub-stratums, governance, co operative, inter-relation, two of a kind, pre dominances, pre-texts, thumbsups, testimony, stiffeners, congruousnesses, move up, Indivisibility, titleholders, in formation, self hoods, dependents, conformity, statecrafts, favor, re-commendation, telltales, wherefores, inter-communication, titleholder, Cajoleries, godparents, co-operations, secondment, indifference, hypo-thesis, clientages, sponsor, pro-positions, peace, validatings, satisfaction, cherishings, oneness, co-operative, pro mise, stamp of approval, champion, patronage, co operation, inter-relationship, two of kind, pro mises, co incidence, green-light, supporter, Prelation, sustentation, gainings, deignings, knowhow, empowerment, hubbahubba, encouragers, yes, good vibrations, upholders, say so, congruousness, combo, para-sites, tip off, in-divisibilities, pro-poser, inter-connections, contentment, countersignature, harmony, pre-cept, unity, mixings, re-collections, re-spects, sponsorship, super-vision, fore warnings, move ups, condonances, good vibes, inter-dependence, authenticatings, conformings, acceptings, re presentative, similitude, rapport, sufferances, interdependence, ally, fore-warnings, campaigning for, cronyism, up-grading, pro-vision, proponent, vanquishers, vindicators, jump up, whatfors, input, proposer, ex pertness, Presidencies, two cents' worth, inter-course, under taking, seconders, stakers, pro-motions, top dog, in coherent, friend, un-dividednesses, pre-ferment, inter-dependences, auspice, affirmings, re-productions, high regard, command, whole ideas, insurance, concomitance, ex-pertness, favorable mention, pre-mise, in divisibilities, communings, inter courses, pro position, leg ups, friendship, ex change, documentation, staker, stamp approval, amores, in-junctions, selfdom, why and wherefores, facilitations, acquirings, ex pertnesses, in-variability, predominancs, re cognitions, undividednesses, ex-planations, re lief, fraternizations, in-put, pro motion, song dance, Coadunation, photo-copy, de pendencies, inter communications, re cognition, in-formations, countersignatures, self-samenesses, regard, high regards, teammates, palliative, de position, yielding, identity, jump ups, bootlickers, Encourager, kinspeople, inter connection, right ons, well wishers, pro-mise, preferment, empathy, sub stratum, conformance, canonization, de-positions, numero uno, sanctification, seal approval, seconder, para-site, PRS, word the wise, humility, Accoutrements, re spects, follower, two a kind, in-divisibility, ex-pounders, parallelism, affection, love, close relationships, sub scriber, re-lief, lumping togethers, de-pendent, ex planations, pre dominance, synonymity, moral support, pat on the head, stilts, carryingout, un connected, assistance, yeses, acceptance, attachment, in-puts, inter-diction, undividedness, Conformability, documentations, upgradings, be hests, condonance, photo copy, knockoffs, be-longing, pre-mises, pumping ups, invariabilities, up holder, carrying outs, inter-communications, VISAS, peas a pod, pat on head, okay, up holding, relativities, coadunations, protectorship, inter relations, inter dependences, re collections, godspeeds, championings, pleader, Obligement, whitewashings, out-fit, de-position, Valuing, pre mises, rat packs, good words, moral supports, substructure, combos, homogeneousnesses, comparablenesses, hubba-hubbas, under-standings, sub-stratum, alliance, un dividednesses, clearance, de-cree, de-pendency, sanction, ex-pertnesses, selfdoms, under-takings, counter signature, invariability, good word, sustainers, knock offs, rat pack, integralities, inter communication, sub structures, re-quests, seal of approval, indivisibilities, homogeneousness, promotion, possessiveness, pre mise, congruencies, ex tension, super visions, powers-that-bes, pro-posers, dis-suasion, proposers, ex-actions, shot in the arm, self samenesses, unison, correspondence, buttering ups, sub-strata, hubba hubbas, dis suasions, fairy godparent, prohibitions, counter parts, de-fender, wellwishers, amicabilities, likes ofs, government, inter connections, upholdings, inter course, amicability, pro-position, kinspersons, numero unos, counter signatures, re presentation, de-crees, two kind, evidence, pat the back, comparability, sanctifications, pro-mises, counter-signature, ex-action, campaigner, why wherefores, joinings, Congruency, look alike, validation, pro portions, devoir, grubstaker, pre cept, interrelation, clientage, sanctionings, communion, uni-son, expertisms, Amore, selfnesses, compatibility, top dogs, taking over, panegyrics, auspices, cooperatives, recommendation, mutualities, sustainer, fosterings, co-operation, peas pod, favorings, predominanc, flotations, self hood, medalists, frequentings, sympathy, up-holdings, comity, ex-tensions, up grade, up holders, ex changes, sub-scriber, re-buttal, premise, underwriter, liking, pre ferment, uni son, ipseities, pro portion, pairings, un-dividedness, dissuasions, sameness, inter-connection, endorsement, out fits, concomitances, pro poser, warm fuzzy, de-pendents, re presentations, cajolery, compliance, re-cognition, ex planation, assist, sub-missions, thumbs-ups, under-writers, Fulcra, Re-presentation, team, out-fits, Selfness, self-sameness, re-spect, receivings, in puts, endorser, support, accoutrement, good vibe, embracings, correlation, cronyisms, tiein, linkings, why wherefore, goahead, adoption, tieup, surrender, good vibration, up keeps, re buttal, shot the arm, kinsperson, be-hests, conformabilities, un dividedness, facilitation, fairy godparents, consociations, sufferance, up grades, calm, de-lineations, political practice, re conciliation, helper, de fenses, inter-courses, ex actions, another adherent, in junction, statecraft, subscription tos, partiality, re-commendations, uni-sons, counter part, letter of support, cultivation, similarity, sub scribers, interrelations, concordance, pro-portions, supportings, interconnection, proposition, stoopings, hangersons, retreat, obtainings, endorsers, authorizings, secondments, re semblances, felicitation, financers, pre-sents, pro-portion, COMP, imperatives, peas in pod, hangers-ons, co incidences, de fender, re commendation, campaigners, counter-parts, under pinning, identicalness, under standings, photo-copies, re-semblance, adjuration, inter relationships, lookalike, superscriptions, de pendency, powers that be, re-plica, fore-warning, confirmation, relation, another adherents, alikeness, pre texts, assent, the feds, advocate, inter relationship, boostings, carrying-out, abetment, comparableness, de-fenses, re-presentative, hubbahubbas, sustentations, close relationship, inter diction, pro vision, abiders, synonymities, up-keeps, de fenders, solenesses, pro visions, KUDO, ministration, corroboratings, requirements, comparabilities, the nod, pro-visions, be longings, powers that bes, consensus, furtherance, ORCHIDS, de-pendencies, Wellwisher, pre script, dis-suasions, be hest, carryingouts, co-incidence, ukases, hanger on, prizings, inter-relationships, associate, belonging, appositions, co operations, likes of, under writers, obedience, sub missions, knockoff, pro-motion, up holdings, up-holders, green light, Sympathies, re-collection, de cree, pleading for, re spect, possessivenesses, re plica, taking overs, orchid, para sites, re quests, self-hood, para site, taking ups, de-fenders, apposition, under-writer, greatests, up-keep, superscription, thumbs-up, tipoff, commercials, expertism, permission, ex action, up-grades, accord, flotation, pre scripts, COMPS, political practices, devoirs, under-taking, co operatives, ex-tension, integrals, pre-dominance, fraternization, Expounder, out fit, carrying-outs, sub-mission, approbation, train of thought, de crees, tie-in, hypo thesis, unanimousness, re-conciliations, counter-part, de positions, campaigning fors, be-hest, pat the head, justification, pleaders, well-wishers, ukase, likeness, pre-sent, subscription to, sayso, Soleness, pre-script, shot in arm, inter dependence, consistency, sub-structures, up grading, financer, under-standing, pre-ferments, connector, the greatests, pat back, expounders, authorization, prelations, de-lineation, be longing, ratification, re-production, inter relation, under standing, pre-text, advice, pro motions, sub structure, under writer, whatfor, de pendents, co-operatives, inter-relations, re-gard, leg up, resemblance, congruence, pro posers, de pendent, pre sent, in formations, acquiescence, photo copies, Abider, Comities, dissuasion, de lineations, re gards, hookup, following, hubba hubba, adjurations, co-incidences, kindness, shot arm, backing, powers-that-be, sub mission, strokings, pre ferments, aid, re productions, be-longings, in divisibility, in junctions, pleading fors, hubba-hubba, ex-pounder, ipseity, protectorships, uni sons, under-pinning, up-holding, unanimity, patron, medalist, bootlicker, stiffener, association, agreement, re-presentations, relationship, visa, dis suasion, connectors, advocacy, Integrality, pre text, presidency, well wisher, fiat, re-conciliation, re semblance, pat head, relativity, upholder, compliment, approval, ex pounder, substructures, re collection, sub-structure, counter-signatures, palliatives, in-junction, in-choate, in variabilities, carelessness, grubstakers, up-holder, unanimousnesses, re-buttals, in variability, well-wisher, preferments.