Pronunciation of Worn
/wˈɔːn/, /wˈɔːn/, /w_ˈɔː_n/

Antonyms for worn

new, re furbished, more generative, re-modeled, newest, de vising, de-finite, most conceiving, be-ginning, un used, more righted, most bushytailed, underivative, most bright-eyed, cutting-edge, re-freshed, re designed, at cutting edge, more undimmed, a bit previous, nower, re-stored, most rosy cheeked, in fashion, originative, most new-fashioned, relaxed, more in-thing, more newborn, vigorous, youth, fresh, in-spiring, pre-ceding, whizest, pro found, more beyond, extra, hale, un-wearied, Vitalized, un known, most lagniappe, a gogo, protected, re stored, dis-similar, most in-thing, dressed to kill, cuttingedge, all there, more another, over and above, un-liker, most brighteyed, un trieder, un skilled, more starting, more rehabilitated, more conceiving, in fine fettle, in spiring, activated, flippest, more cutting edge, un practiced, un dimmed, trendsetting, sturdy, more new-fashioned, brandnew, redesigned, re sourceful, more comprehending, all the rage, more longhaired, more untrodden, voguish, most bushy-tailed, re-conditioned, more causative, most regenerated, undimmed, faddier, un processed, most underivative, sur-plusser, un-needed, hot off press, re paired, more reserve, lively, more newfashioned, un-trodden, perker, un-seasoned, in store, in expert, more bushytailed, in essential, hot the press, more inthing, hot press, current, uptown, innovational, perkest, most cutting-edge, re serve, well informed, active, more deviceful, more uncontaminated, Energized, eggheaded, hip, un-commoner, most newfashioned, most well liked, innovative, inthing, more neoteric, flipper, un impaired, ablebodied, most bushy tailed, well-liked, more underived, highclass, un polluted, untrodden, smartalecky, most redesigned, most demiurgic, most deviceful, dis similar, more genius, most cracking, dressed the teeth, un-trieder, new-fashioned, in pink, most unconversant, un trodden, avantgarde, causative, more new fashioned, most first-hand, most unwithered, un-triedest, more in thing, Unconversant, intact, most bright eyed, dewiest, most upscale, dewier, un-accustomed, un trained, dewy, refreshed, re-serve, most trendsetting, most leading-edge, un needed, most causative, skuller, re-paired, most cuttingedge, un-processed, re-furbished, leading-edge, in the mainstream, un skillful, fusser, like new, most newborn, more leadingedge, most rosy-cheeked, causal, wet behind ears, most longhaired, most tenderfoot, most comer, most beginning, be ginning, un-faded, more bright eyed, most commencing, un spoiled, quickwitted, generative, most opening, most refurbished, upscale, more unconversant, unused, most reserve, more cutting-edge, ante diluvian, faddiest, more leading-edge, more well-liked, seedless, more unfaded, most rosycheeked, more first hand, un familiar, more rosy cheeked, most leading edge, strong, in-solent, more rectified, most reconditioned, un-derived, in style, more unwithered, energetic, up-scale, fashionable, more bushy tailed, sur-plussest, first hand, be-yond, dressed to the teeth, bushy tailed, conspicuous, daring, un withered, de finite, sur plussest, earless, most causal, intelligent, Unwithered, peppy, pro-found, more reconditioned, Newfashioned, spick and span, most rectified, Neoteric, long-haired, most undimmed, most new fashioned, rosy-cheeked, stylish, most originative, un-used, untried, un derivative, most bouncing, un-touched, more causal, most wellliked, up-town, un necessary, unpolluted, more innovative, up to date, Deviceful, smart, more rosy-cheeked, prevenient, un faded, safe and sound, un-known, un commoner, un-derivative, un-tried, tireless, saved, healthy, most underived, un-usual, original, most adjusted, re habilitated, more brighteyed, dressed kill, re-habilitated, the latest, more rosycheeked, this seasons, un-cultivated, rosy cheeked, full life, most long haired, smart alecky, most rehabilitated, in nocent, brilliant, more unpolluted, more tenderfoot, wellliked, more devising, whats happening, most remedied, revitalized, most gingerbread, un wearied, more leading edge, most leadingedge, gingerbread, under-standing, uncontaminated, under standing, repaired, long haired, more beginning, more innovational, up to the minute, more opening, more uptown, un polished, more lagniappe, most comprehending, re conditioned, more bouncing, dis-respectful, un conventional, high class, un-skillful, young, de-vising, ante-diluvian, pro-founder, most unfaded, more invigorated, more gingerbread, physically fit, un liker, Proleptical, more remedied, restored, faddy, whizer, most untrodden, most eggheaded, in experienced, this season's, in-expert, tenderfooted, more demiurgic, not stale, breaking new ground, sur plusser, extra-ordinary, quick witted, re generated, re cent, invigorated, well turned-out, un-familiar, just out, rosycheeked, more adjusted, well liked, most devising, most uncontaminated, in thing, most novel, dressed teeth, pro founder, early, un usual, full of life, un touched, more redesigned, bright eyed, un-impaired, more voguish, refurbished, unfamiliar, most cutting edge, un sophisticated, pre vailing, re-sourceful, a go go, un cultivated, brighteyed, all rage, hardy, most generative, more commencing, ultra modern, most beyond, icest, un accustomed, new fashioned, hearty, most tenderfooted, clear, able bodied, un likest, most voguish, well turnedout, most inthing, in fine feather, more prevenient, super numerary, un-conventional, ultra-modern, strengthened, nowest, brand new, what's happening, un derived, more regenerated, un-trained, more eggheaded, well turned out, dappest, un contaminated, far cry, super-numerary, un-skilled, most another, gravier, most proleptical, a go-go, more refurbished, un common, un-common, more bushy-tailed, Remedied, unweathered, more long-haired, most righted, un-dimmed, un-necessary, in solent, up town, in the pink, more trendsetting, over above, in good shape, more tenderfooted, resolute, pre sumptuous, most neoteric, most in thing, most innovational, un conversant, un seasoned, newfangled, leadingedge, dressed to teeth, unwearied, more cuttingedge, more originative, flyest, skullest, un-contaminated, Demiurgic, Unfaded, un-conversant, be yond, un-developed, in-experienced, avant garde, in-nocent, un-likest, First-hand, more refreshed, in-essential, re finished, un tried, un commonest, un triedest, most starting, most invigorated, this season, re-generated, unworn, rested, safe sound, un-withered, re freshed, most first hand, more button, dis respectful, more cracking, extra ordinary, most envisioning, pre ceding, bushytailed, un-polluted, re modeled, bright-eyed, underived, more envisioning, bright, more bright-eyed, un-spoiled, most refreshed, in-creased, Weariless, novel, more well liked, in-thing, one more, bushy-tailed, most uptown, re-designed.