Pronunciation of Bright
/bɹˈa͡ɪt/, /bɹˈa‍ɪt/, /b_ɹ_ˈaɪ_t/

Antonyms for bright

breezy, more bystanding, dis-trustful, kooky, un known, more hurting, more disheartening, scuzzy, mopier, underachieving, most housebroken, un balanced, most no win, in pits, most dejecting, more white-bread, non participating, be-draggled, milk-and-water, clear as mud, acherontic, hangdog, more smirched, most nontranslucent, sing-song, rayless, most lusterless, un juster, scowling, uncertain, dummiest, Doomful, most uninflected, illogical, more uninspiring, sing song, in-sensible, unnoted, dis agreeable, toneddown, most smudged, dewiest, curmudgeonly, more edentate, out sun, most muddied, boskier, most edgeless, dire, bungling, un pointed, doughy, de-ranged, most oft repeated, most ho hum, cruddier, gaunt, hidden, dull as dishwater, thickskinned, not bright, more characterless, bystanding, stupid, gusty, most splenetic, un-pointed, un-lettered, un changing, tuneless, un-cannier, dippy, non combatant, in the pits, unhappy, typical, direful, bad, un-happy, un clearest, uni-form, more well worn, dis-heartening, in-discreet, be-grimed, most toothless, obtuse, more subfusc, in distinct, un colored, fairhaired, most enveloped, blustering, more busted, un sightlier, senseless, greenish yellow, non-combatant, most drudging, depressing, in-considerable, pinheaded, sourpussed, ill defined, joyless, re-eking, more crepuscular, squalid, having the blahs, most umbrous, irredeemable, on fence, un kinder, dis agreeing, Bummed, ill lighted, dirty, de liberate, most attenuated, in-compatible, un-canniest, more bridled, unlighted, unrespectable, un-inflected, most sing song, monotonous, most malificent, most oftrepeated, more poker faced, un-mitigable, most muttering, tow-haired, illadvised, scraggier, un inspiring, mid way, dis appointing, inane, Fuliginous, not smooth, dummier, despondent, more bleared, more moping, unhonored, low-down, dewier, horrible, characterless, tearjerking, forceless, toneless, nebulous, non translucent, more unilluminated, more numskulled, most caked, nonintellectual, imbecile, mindless, nerdiest, more imperceivable, nowhere, more longdelayed, more faltering, dis guised, un just, lightproof, muddied, singing the blues, dreggier, most piano, well worn, un-flinching, orphic, more caterwauling, dis sonant, dime dozen, more bespattered, scurvy, un civil, dis-maying, more heart-rending, greenishyellow, dis-graceful, most white-bread, more unsharpened, more unread, in-sipid, down and out, more deadend, gardenvariety, most thick headed, most fuliginous, halfbaked, un-committed, average, noncombatant, premonitory, cimmerian, more glowering, un hinged, munger, more dark-skinned, draggiest, more undusted, awkward, in scrutable, down, clouded over, threatening, palish, lusterless, in-adequate, un troubled, in accessible, not excessive, most pale faced, prosiest, un comfortable, ominous, un-noted, un-marked, un-afraid, most pigpen, sluggish, dis honest, most fatalistic, drab, more low-down, glaring, mid-way, out-of-key, unlevel, meaningless, oft-repeated, housebroken, unpointed, most heart rending, un happiest, more edgeless, most pabulum, most softhued, desperate, in low spirits, more heart rending, un-concerned, most dampening, lifeless, un-varied, dowdy, most unstylish, in-sensate, alchemistic, more dragged, faded, longwinded, broken down, in-hospitable, more acherontic, in definite, dis interested, dreggiest, sombrest, wishywashy, more unstimulating, more scorched, mis tier, non partisan, more obfuscous, more whitish, poker faced, untaught, more well-worn, in credible, un-troubled, up-setting, down dumps, depressive, un-appeasable, in the ozone, de stroyed, more blighted, blowsiest, mediocre, most drearisome, more middle of road, un varying, Atramentous, un-intellectual, Thick-headed, more unlit, in adequate, most disarrayed, most imperceivable, zany, by standing, more hohum, matest, in-audible, dusk, most thick-headed, most pale-faced, non-participating, unknowable, un concerned, samely, in-tolerable, down in dumps, ignorant, un inhabited, most iron fisted, most sequestered, dis heartening, in-coherent, dis-arrayed, more fatalistic, in effective, un cultivated, unpunctual, droopy, simple minded, un-frequented, most nubilous, illlighted, mono-tone, more uncolored, un covered, dis-sonant, toothless, gunkier, under ground, dis honorable, non aligned, de sert, most ill-lighted, more acclimatized, most unread, un-involved, un eventful, out ones gourd, more nubilous, more unpopulated, un pleasant, more pitch-dark, enigmatical, edgeless, un achievable, chapfallen, more tuneless, un-honored, closed at one end, dis approving, most middle-of-road, be-mired, most foreboding, de-stroyed, most pouting, most out of tune, dis engaged, un productive, ho-hum, more subnormal, most toned-down, most unpunctual, dour, scraggiest, tow headed, more stridulous, gunkiest, most noncombatant, in-nocuous, most flaxen haired, be draggled, un-inspiring, most hohum, more worsening, most monotone, illmannered, more pinched, lamebrained, more dampening, most uninspiring, un enlightened, by-gone, out of earshot, most nothing, un clean, most worsening, un committed, somber, more doomful, under-achieving, un-interesting, more unhonored, in comprehensible, tongue tied, more muttering, banausic, dotty, dis arrayed, low-beam, most slatternly, wimpiest, un-luckier, illfated, un changed, most daunting, laid back, more time-consuming, more soft hued, without egress, more dark-complexioned, Feeble-minded, heavyhearted, slow witted, cold blooded, goner, singing blues, more ironfisted, white bread, most discolored, most unpopulated, lightless, un-changing, un-sightly, drearest, most waxlike, un-aligned, matt, subfuse, having killer instinct, more long delayed, more sing-song, clumsy, most unstimulating, most achromic, dingy, more ill lighted, un clearer, soft, duncer, coldblooded, more splenetic, un thinking, fore-boding, un-knowable, in determinate, un canniest, flaxen haired, un-distinguished, un sound, ironfisted, most oft-repeated, more aphotic, over-due, thick headed, more unintellectual, most blunted, boggier, re moved, most hermetical, out one's gourd, weatherbeaten, most adumbral, calm, dis passionate, poker-faced, more murmured, more hindering, more suppressed, ill-lighted, un occupied, more reeking, more impeded, in-soluble, twilit, toned, most dissuading, dishabille, deadend, adumbral, sullen, mungest, more malefic, dreary, in hospitable, over due, gloomy, dumb, more aside, more retardo, blustery, in-different, more sourpuss, un appeasable, slow uptake, most whitebread, most darkened, fainter, under stated, Dreggy, mater, most greenish-yellow, fair minded, dis courteous, in sensible, ivory, most clashing, in-conceivable, inauspicious, low spirited, in-sane, wastest, more nowin, un varied, un sharpened, helpless, wellworn, most long-delayed, sub fuse, Dungy, re current, more nothing, un-gracious, blind, fair skinned, begrimed, most plodding, un level, more contaminated, half hearted, peakier, more pale-faced, in-effectual, un kindest, weak minded, de-pressing, most poker-faced, under-stated, in sensitive, more bulldozed, light, illhumored, unintelligent, dis-honorable, white-bread, fumier, more ridiculous, un detected, out of ones gourd, silvery, no-win, more flaxen-haired, re-current, more tarnished, be-dimmed, most pitch-dark, dismal, most dead end, unilluminated, un sounder, oft repeated, most treadmill, draggier, unachievable, most diluted, more mopish, flaxenhaired, nononsense, ho hum, most disheartening, closed in, most samely, most undusted, most abstinent, more dead end, more adumbral, socked in, more chapfallen, unmitigable, more singsong, un inspired, more sphinxlike, necromantic, in sensate, de pressing, faltering, un luckiest, more loser, lowspirited, un decided, in auspicious, more saddened, more harnessed, more softened, more unmitigable, most strangled, no nonsense, in compatible, humdrum, most obfuscated, in-explicable, most aphotic, duner, thick, in substantial, more abused, more malificent, more cimmerian, un-clearer, un-favorable, brokenhearted, most bespattered, more stifled, most well worn, roiled, most bilious, most yo yo, under handed, more sulking, wornout, most bleared, un-lighted, more dimmed, out gourd, more daunting, most reeking, un-enlightened, more windswept, un-achievable, funereal, more blunted, un-charitable, most softened, most stridulous, most oppressing, low-spirited, in the dumps, most scowling, un prejudiced, birdbrained, draggest, most deadend, un afraid, most stygian, more tow-headed, most iron-fisted, over-cast, broodiest, most blighted, bilious, un-resisting, unresisting, re tired, in expensive, poorly lit, hazy, un promising, un-illuminated, yo yo, unswept, most sulking, un lettered, more sourpussed, nonparticipating, whacko, discouraging, un-washed, swarter, un intellectual, acheronian, Hermetical, un mitigable, more ill-humored, most overclouded, by gone, most hindered, like bag of bones, most screeching, duncest, unlikely, waxlike, nonbelligerent, in despair, more fairskinned, having a killer instinct, slow the uptake, un sightliest, more caressing, wishy-washy, shadowed, more yoyo, more dumbbell, merciless, be spattered, skin and bones, in-humane, un ethical, well-worn, Half-hearted, most singsong, more deforested, unsatisfied, un-imaginative, un gracious, un-known, in ozone, more drearisome, most darkskinned, un-revealed, un-thinking, un-disclosed, un-swept, non belligerent, dumdum, broodier, colorless, most asperous, past hope, more unmemorable, most irredeemable, dusky, desolate, hard, boring, YOYO, un-trustworthy, more bleached, like bag bones, un happy, most blurred, most orphic, most lightless, un-friendliest, un-lucky, stern, sub normal, more bated, un-yielding, lowkey, un tidier, harsh, more bummed, more sequestered, dis-guised, fuzzy, more perversive, be-lated, moronic, unencouraging, more darkcomplexioned, uninspiring, more ebon, un clothed, ebon, scurvier, un-clear, non-belligerent, disheartened, un-communicative, uninformed, mis-anthropic, most sullied, more toned-down, dusker, sad, more numbskull, most greenish yellow, most dark-complexioned, more delphian, dis-colored, lackluster, more nowhere, undraped, more asperous, un-draped, in discernible, indistinct, most cimmerian, Numskulled, most edentate, ex posed, most tow headed, blue, duskest, in-distinct, more flaxen haired, most stained, more pabulum, more toned, more bedlamite, more caked, motheaten, more off putting, Imperceptive, inter mediate, most unvaried, most chiaroscuro, fatuous, having blue devils, grim, more necromantic, most zero, more wellworn, bummed out, un honored, more forceless, un frequented, in terminable, more middle-of-road, nerdy, black, most acheronian, more banausic, empty-headed, glum, mentally defective, tame, pitchdark, unreverberant, ruinous, most hindering, more deadened, more milk and water, unforgiving, hopeless, Stridulous, un scrupulous, non-transparent, doleful, most ho-hum, inferior, re-gular, most scorched, in exorable, most ebon, more ho hum, inglorious, most yoked, out of gourd, re-mote, un-sung, most toned, most adusk, feeble minded, in curable, most perversive, most astrological, offputting, more sunk, straggly, unpromising, in-articulate, Drearisome, un sung, un-sightliest, more understated, mat, most underachieving, ill boding, most pitchdark, more muted, more detained, more illlighted, lacklustre, most deforested, under achieving, most nonbelligerent, like a bag of bones, broody, most bedimmed, most long delayed, sapless, un seemlier, ugly, retardo, most aside, murky, in-scrutable, most unlaundered, un-relieved, more samely, more gorked, more scowling, behindhand, blowsier, more disciplined, most toneless, most unaligned, most numskulled, un charitable, more tow haired, lowbrow, more ho-hum, hard boiled, most dumbo, most imperceptive, more depressive, darkening, most unhygienic, in-curable, most malefic, more polluted, un-respectable, more strangled, most unlighted, un-important, nontranslucent, un-friendlier, un-ethical, most dismaying, out of tune, most tow-haired, grisly, overclouded, un pitying, most born-again, most eclipsed, dark complexioned, in decisive, not keen, ill humored, most bedlamite, in-distinguishable, more out of tune, un-sanitary, mis-tier, un-responsive, without punch, puts one to sleep, sombrer, windswept, unheardof, un cleanest, more unknowable, de forested, most tow haired, disheartening, more abstinent, un exposed, re served, ex-posed, most middle of road, in-accessible, more dumdum, nowin, in-terminable, more atramentous, most white bread, in-glorious, un kempter, most ill humored, un relenting, most crepuscular, dispiriting, un-pitying, ill natured, more silvery, dull, more nontranslucent, most alchemistic, most sunk, un clad, most dragged, more pale faced, illtempered, poutier, depressed, more subfuse, un yielding, unlettered, un fashionable, re pressing, un-clothed, tow-headed, Precursive, most obstructed, low pitched, monochromatic, more pigpen, dubious, most polluted, surly, more discomposing, in soluble, un-scrupulous, ex-acting, drear, wordless, un favorable, sub-fuse, out dated, drearer, most precursive, most wellworn, more edentulate, leading nowhere, non transparent, dragger, weather beaten, un read, unlucky, most blocked, more lamebrained, more unpromising, more smudged, un-forgiving, more spattered, uni form, beyond recall, un progressive, soft-hued, de solate, nonresonant, boggiest, umbral, most unrevealed, brain dead, more illhumored, in-sanest, cruddy, un imaginative, un-decided, vacuous, de-moralized, out lunch, dis graceful, tow haired, most sourpussed, have the blahs, most milk and water, more off-putting, in temperate, more bemired, most bemired, most off-putting, more yoked, more flaxenhaired, pre monitory, un-fashionable, over cast, more nonbelligerent, draggy, un revealed, slow on uptake, sub missive, un stimulating, dark-complexioned, lethargic, obfuscous, fore boding, un-even, pouty, most turned, minor, un even, bad tempered, more stained, tasteless, out-of-tune, in articulate, more unfocused, most heart-rending, Iron-fisted, inter-minable, dun, most smirched, in-clement, garden variety, re vengeful, most out-of-tune, most unlevel, slowest, mopiest, obscure, more softhued, overcast, re-vengeful, out of the sun, pitch black, un-availing, more turned, most unknowable, more whitebread, rimier, un respectable, stragglier, un knowable, deforested, most towhaired, most sphinxlike, un-exciting, GUNKY, darkskinned, more unpassioned, chiaroscuro, dunest, un-cleanest, in dark, most stifled, illdefined, most acherontic, more chiaroscuro, most time consuming, dungiest, scraggy, swartest, most disapproving, most silvery, re-pressing, more boneheaded, insignificant, edentulate, at a loss for words, dis colored, in-visible, dis composing, most droning, numbskull, most whacko, more whacko, un friendlier, more fuliginous, more twilit, dis-composing, most poker faced, most jangling, badtempered, in sane, bombest, un soundest, sphinxlike, unrevealed, dis-tressed, straggliest, un sympathetic, down the dumps, more unswept, more clashing, slow, more nontransparent, frowning, re doubtable, un hygienic, softhued, more dumbo, re-solute, more umbral, rimiest, hard as nails, most unlit, un kemptest, stereo typed, most disciplined, most crabbed, in sanest, un-occupied, bespattered, most mirthless, un-kempter, un happier, out of one gourd, doomy, most soft hued, most unsharpened, most palefaced, un-prejudiced, in sipid, in dumps, un propitious, most twilight, with held, un-sound, more goner, more imperceptive, most skeleton, un cannier, un-substantial, low key, un-level, most fair skinned, futureless, un seemliest, dis-agreeable, most dimmed, Unpassioned, in tolerable, in-definite, in famous, un luckier, most unmemorable, most out of key, most umbral, most obfuscous, dis gusting, be grimed, un-inhabited, uneducated, uncolored, re-served, poutiest, un tidiest, no win, most subfuse, un-exposed, peaches and cream, more discolored, muddy, half baked, wan, most driveling, un satisfactory, most toneddown, more dismaying, scummier, out sorts, re-strained, un relieved, closed one end, unsharpened, more unlighted, in-active, more toneddown, most muted, re tardo, re solute, unstylish, most fairskinned, un intelligent, slatternly, in-credible, over clouded, unlit, malefic, ill fated, most subfusc, un clear, more piano, hardboiled, most wordless, povertystricken, un-justest, de-forested, most murmuring, by-standing, most harnessed, most darkcomplexioned, most ill lighted, feebleminded, de moralized, de-relict, time-consuming, down in mouth, more pinhead, kind, most characterless, down in the dumps, more obfuscated, dis-agreeing, more darkened, splenetic, un interesting, more dejecting, out of date, sombre, dewy, more saddening, de pressed, more pitch dark, fumiest, weakminded, un kind, unaware, sulky, un aligned, whitebread, un-changed, un substantial, un populated, dark, re gular, most tarnished, un-balanced, more white bread, most unmelodious, most unilluminated, most nontransparent, un exciting, in-tractable, singsong, out one gourd, un-seemlier, time consuming, fair-skinned, inconsolable, illnatured, most rayless, mattest, dejected, de-filed, un-compassionate, unemotional, most flaxen-haired, pro-longed, perversive, cruddiest, faint, in considerable, in saner, shadowy, in conceivable, un-relenting, in conspicuous, un availing, most doomful, out of view, illboding, boiled down, glowering, most forceless, more mirthless, un-soundest, puts sleep, longdelayed, matted, most brunette, un-comprehending, most boneheaded, unimportant, umbrous, heart-rending, down the mouth, darkish, pitchblack, un-believable, Fumy, bedlamite, un lucky, un-melodious, timeconsuming, in-conspicuous, more towhaired, in a bad mood, un-laundered, middle-of-road, most dead-end, whitish, more astrological, off wall, un fathomable, neutral, flat as pancake, un canny, more thick headed, malificent, un-focused, most lowdown, pitch-dark, most unintellectual, subfusc, dim, laidback, low down, un-varying, unsung, pastel, uncelebrated, un-kind, doughier, shady, most illhumored, most premonitory, most loser, re-doubtable, peaky, more darkish, most flaxenhaired, most illlighted, more bedimmed, more irredeemable, more ill humored, un-kinder, brokendown, un-sheltered, more noncombatant, more dark complexioned, washedout, in-temperate, un resisting, un friendliest, in-expensive, ill mannered, re strained, un-friendly, un dusted, most unpromising, in bad mood, in-opportune, most nowhere, over-clouded, more undraped, stoic, most dark-skinned, wishy washy, bland, un-clearest, un responsive, de-liberate, Daffy, having blahs, poverty stricken, unstimulating, un-natural, more out-of-tune, more greenishyellow, pre-cursive, be arable, more zero, in glorious, most begrimed, un-stylish, greenish-yellow, un-memorable, un draped, gentle as lamb, swart, in-saner, dark-skinned, un-clad, more premonitory, un-comfortable, yo-yo, sub-normal, un biased, more attenuated, dis-advantageous, un-satisfactory, inhumane, pessimistic, more long-delayed, out of sun, un-inspired, more unrespectable, most tow-headed, imprecise, puts to sleep, half witted, shot down, re signed, more unachievable, un-tidiest, more rayless, more skeleton, pitch dark, in tractable, more unstylish, most offputting, not clear, most unlettered, un washed, un defined, cloudy, dead tired, more fouled, more unresisting, un-intelligent, more plodding, long delayed, un comprehending, un-civil, idiotic, toned-down, most creaking, fellest, in-substantial, most unrespectable, bleak, lowpitched, more adusk, un laundered, more yo-yo, more lusterless, more presaging, thick skinned, mysterious, most bummed, nerdier, morose, heart rending, more iron-fisted, Shrouded, uncalledfor, off-putting, re-signed, most dark skinned, most faltering, un melodious, aboveboard, plain, de-pressed, doubtful, de relict, more low down, unvaried, be dimmed, un-kempt, astrological, re iterated, re-iterated, cheerless, un involved, normal, out the sun, un swept, more unnoted, dis-appointing, downhearted, more bilious, forbidding, most undraped, darkcomplexioned, more offputting, dis tressed, most retardo, un stylish, dis-gusting, more oftrepeated, un illuminated, up creek, un-cleaner, palefaced, more greenish yellow, most busted, stygian, washed out, un-kindest, most longdelayed, more blocked, un-hygienic, gorked, under a cloud, un-populated, most delphian, doughiest, un fortunate, sallow, un-read, retarded, muffled, un-promising, un-juster, fatalistic, more lightless, run of the mill, halfwitted, ex acting, de ranged, be-sotted, un feeling, most bulldozed, up-tight, be mired, un-sounder, mild, unthinking, un compassionate, be-arable, more housebroken, mirthless, off putting, out of key, down out, more hermetical, Caked, dead-end, more no win, most unpassioned, in explicable, under-handed, un seen, de-solate, up setting, most impeded, in-effective, down mouth, long-delayed, most dumbbell, more monotone, more tow headed, in effectual, un accountable, opaque, more reiterated, most repressing, most detained, be sotted, more wordless, un-pleasant, un-detected, unheard of, most whitish, most suppressed, dis-engaged, un-sharpened, un-cultivated, un-eventful, illiterate, most pitch dark, more tow-haired, unlaundered, abstinent, more no-win, most toned down, aphotic, more blurred, most atramentous, unmemorable, in-auspicious, un-productive, up tight, un cleaner, not fair, unpropitious, at loss for words, most unfocused, mean machine, un-intelligible, boneheaded, blowsy, negative, closed end, more shadowed, most pinched, in visible, most soft-hued, more oppressing, woebegone, un-just, more toneless, torn up, dark skinned, pale, colourless, most ironfisted, wimpy, under cloud, most goner, most no-win, un justest, closed at end, non-partisan, most sapless, more foreboding, up the creek, downcast, in opportune, mis anthropic, more achromic, more waxlike, more soft-hued, mopey, dis-courteous, un memorable, unpopulated, un sheltered, dis-interested, unfavorable, in discreet, more ill-lighted, undusted, out of one's gourd, un-progressive, more curmudgeonly, in-sensitive, rainy, matte, most twilit, most unachievable, more emulsified, stark, low, be lated, most uncolored, most bated, with-held, more jangling, listless, most depressive, bosky, unmelodious, more hindered, most unswept, more impracticable, un-dusted, in different, most lamebrained, slowwitted, un believable, boggy, un-tidier, dim witted, most unhonored, more lowdown, dis-honest, more dark skinned, disciplined, more toned down, most yo-yo, most discomposing, un-sociable, un distinguished, bleary, torpid, most caressing, most unresisting, most dishabille, more precursive, more twilight, un lighted, crepuscular, most imprecise, fairminded, un-tidy, more greenish-yellow, disarrayed, more drudging, un seemly, more unclothed, dis trustful, in-exorable, most windswept, not known, dis advantageous, most ill-humored, unhygienic, Nubilous, dis maying, in audible, more uninflected, most darkish, be-spattered, most bridled, disastrous, more sullied, most bystanding, most nowin, re eking, most dark complexioned, un-seemliest, slow on the uptake, un flinching, hohum, moderate, most well-worn, most shadowed, most unmitigable, un tidy, more unpointed, lowdown, out earshot, towhaired, crestfallen, most necromantic, un noted, fair haired, farout, offkey, have blahs, middle of road, de-sert, dungier, out-dated, in blue funk, most deadened, on sidelines, most saddening, de filed, melancholy, more creaking, more nonparticipating, dis-approving, un disclosed, most spattered, over come, most unpointed, Asperous, more umbrous, more depressant, in nocuous, earthbound, pre cursive, more begrimed, more stygian, under-cover, adusk, yawnest, boskiest, more yo yo, pasty, more dead-end, most bleached, un focused, in distinguishable, more acheronian, most glowering, more pitchdark, dis-passionate, most etiolated, big yawn, more pouting, un-defined, more overclouded, un kempt, most numbskull, more oft-repeated, in-decisive, more muddied, un-musical, scurviest, Mopish, far off, unintellectual, most murmured, soft hued, un-hinged, un inflected, un-fortunate, long drawn out, daft, more unrevealed, un forgiving, un-kemptest, most tuneless.