Pronunciation of Informed
/ɪnfˈɔːmd/, /ɪnfˈɔːmd/, /ɪ_n_f_ˈɔː_m_d/

Antonyms for informed:

more daydreaming, blind, insensible, implausible, un-enlightened, not there, nonrational, un acquainted, out of it, more hoodwinked, most duped, imposed up on, un-mindful, not cognizant, in daze, un-aware, un-suspecting, not all there, more hoaxed, imposed upon, illogical, most daydreaming, unsound, unknowledgeable, more snared, most misapprehending, unknowing, inattentive, uninstructed, in-conversant, deaf, unread, un knowing, ignorant, more bamboozled, more betrayed, flimsy, in-cognizant, unmindful, un informed, more had, foolish, unreasonable, more gulled, most had, most snared, most lured, in-sensible, strange, un suspecting, unjustified, most bamboozled, clueless, unusual, groundless, more swindled, un-witting, unsubstantiated, deaf to, in conversant, unenlightened, un conscious, invalid, most hoaxed, unconvincing, un-instructed, more baited, fallacious, unfounded, most defrauded, more played, Deceived, false, oblivious, in a daze, more conned, nonsensical, mis apprehending, out lunch, uninformed, caught napping, most swindled, more lured, out cold, un-conscious, un enlightened, innocent, most conned, mis taken, dead, un-knowing, unaware, un concerned, unheeding, un-familiar, irrational, uneducated, out it, un-concerned, mis-apprehending, most mooning, un aware, un witting, more culled, more defrauded, in sensible, unconscious, in cognizant, unadvised, most gulled, unwarranted, more misapprehending, naive, more duped, un familiar, more mooning, unwitting, un-acquainted, misguided, most baited, cold, most inconversant, most victimized, unfamiliar, more victimized, weak, most betrayed, in-attentive, most played, unacquainted, Unreasoned, most culled, un-informed, nonvalid, Inconversant, unsupported, more inconversant, newsless, un instructed.

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