Pronunciation of Done
/d_ˈʌ_n/, /dˈʌn/, /dˈʌn/

Antonyms for done:

most roughhewn, existing, unsorted, un ripe, un accomplished, unglued, Weariless, existent, most unsorted, un-baked, continuing, in elegant, more untreated, more windswept, in-saner, more unbaked, most ungraded, Unconversant, saved, more peeled, un conversant, strong, refreshed, revitalized, un concluded, fresh, in complete, more unconcluded, Vitalized, un sorted, most blistered, un triedest, Unbaked, un trieder, more scraped, thriving, most unperformed, most peeled, un-processed, vibrant, in-experienced, un baked, un disciplined, wind-swept, most wind-swept, most scraped, Denied, indefinite, un performed, dis-tressed, most undercooked, most chafed, most unzipped, undercooked, unperfected, relaxed, un-clad, unwearied, un covered, un-ripest, energetic, most sunk, unfried, un-prepared, most windswept, un-zipped, washedup, in sane, un-scrupulous, un ripest, un-glued, unfinished, most cut, un-clothed, more unconversant, rare, unfulfilled, un fastened, un done, blistered, active, un-buttoned, more wind-swept, more roughhewn, most abraded, strengthened, de-stroyed, un-taught, un-pasteurized, invigorated, un refined, dis tressed, more unpasteurized, un completed, un finished, un-finished, un seasoned, un-cooked, un-fashioned, under-done, most unnerved, un-skilled, unfrieder, un-treated, un-refined, more cut, most skinned, un skilled, un-frieder, more unnerved, Unaccomplished, un formed, alive, un-conversant, un-friedest, un fashioned, un-tried, un-graded, in-complete, more unsorted, un fried, more unfastened, more unglued, in saner, un-ripe, most rough-hewn, more unclothed, un dressed, peppy, up set, un scrupulous, uncompleted, rough-hewn, unperformed, un-couth, in decent, un-tied, un-dressed, more wind swept, Unfashioned, un-accomplished, most unbuttoned, most pared, more galled, up-set, living, in-decent, unused, un friedest, more unaccomplished, most galled, incomplete, more rough-hewn, ungraded, unfriedest, un-done, most unaccomplished, tireless, de stroyed, more skinned, un frieder, most unconversant, more killed, more undercooked, in experienced, un prepared, most untreated, washed up, un buttoned, roughhewn, un-riper, un-sorted, un-concluded, rested, un clad, unpasteurized, un-formed, un-trieder, undone, more uncompleted, more rough hewn, most scratched, unfixed, under done, lively, un tried, un nerved, most unpasteurized, un-completed, un taught, un clothed, more unperformed, un-performed, un-stained, un-balanced, most grazed, most unfashioned, un trained, dynamic, un-fastened, most unconcluded, under-cooked, most bruised, un treated, un-seasoned, most killed, un practiced, in trouble, un-trained, in sanest, un glued, unconcluded, more dressed, un-triedest, most unglued, more bruised, windswept, more pared, un-fried, more unzipped, un pasteurized, un stained, un tied, most rough hewn, raw, untreated, un processed, under cooked, in-elegant, Vetoed, un couth, un cooked, most dressed, most unfastened, un graded, most unbaked, in-sane, rough hewn, most uncompleted, more ungraded, more unfashioned.

Usage examples for done:

  • What more can I do than I have done? - "Swirling Waters", Max Rittenberg.
  • Here be master, and nothing done. - "Furze the Cruel", John Trevena.
  • What, then, was done? - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. XII. (of XII.)", Edmund Burke.

Idioms for done:

Quotes for done:

Rhymes for done:

  • chun, dunn, son, dunne, run, in, spun, won, lunn, hun, jun, shun, gun, brun, mun, sun, hon, nun, one, gunn, fun, runt, grun, kun, bunn, donne, stun, bun, dun, ton, hyun, none, lun, pun, tonne, yun, un, brunn;
  • homerun, rerun, outdone, outrun, c1, undone, m1, redone, begun;
  • overdone;

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