Pronunciation of Decided
/dɪsˈa͡ɪdɪd/, /dɪsˈa‍ɪdɪd/, /d_ɪ_s_ˈaɪ_d_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for decided

un easiest, more unproven, lay it on line, nonparticipating, un-conscious, in the middle, re moved, on up-and-up, hesitant, more ringent, most rent, more up-front, un furled, running hot and cold, most unrefuted, un profitable, Postponing, un-dissembled, iffy, hot and cold, most unproven, nebulous, more floundering, un nerved, un affiliated, unstopped, un-reciprocated, more lacerated, more free-wheeling, most on the fence, in decisive, undetermined, unapparent, ex tended, between rock and hard place, in-advertent, re pressed, in-conclusive, most unpurposed, un sure, on one's own, more severed, unconfirmed, unsolved, un obstructed, more tranced, out like a light, without belief, murky, in-dependent, playing cool, most mangled, most patulous, dis closed, un-deliberate, out like light, more up front, lay on line, more freewheeling, more undisguised, tractable, up for grabs, un-quietest, ambivalent, unbigoted, un-committed, in-nocent, jurys out, in trance, most contestable, torn, un-balanced, unrealized, more upfront, non-partisan, between sixes and sevens, more slit, spread out, un-furled, un-stabler, more uncalculated, most doubtable, un biased, most getable, un determined, sub ordinate, more getable, most unhelpful, gentle, un-answered, more good for nothing, re-pressed, most undeliberate, co incidental, in-securest, more drifting, dutiful, more uninfluenced, running hot cold, lay line, more ruptured, up in air, fair minded, obscure, in securest, dubious, most on-the-fence, more agnostic, un restricted, Purportless, unconcluded, more fluctuating, un noticed, un solved, submissive, unsure, most unbigoted, unquestioned, co-incidental, dis-orderly, un finished, un-planned, un cluttered, most yawning, un-sure, more designless, dis engaged, un-involved, un-stablest, out standing, most by-the-way, pendent, un burdened, independent, lay it on the line, most lacerated, most sliced, un disguised, un heeding, noncommital, un known, un steadiest, dis-engaged, Undeliberate, more snapped, Doubtable, un-occupied, most gashed, most unfolded, indecipherable, out-standing, getable, indefinite, open to question, un-calculated, far fetched, undisguised, unheeding, noncombatant, un-foreseeable, sub-liminal, un steady, Procrastinating, ex-plosive, unchallenged, most pussyfooting, un-implicated, more undeliberate, unbolted, trans-parent, un-impeded, nondiscriminatory, in dependent, goalless, most motiveless, more unbarred, most unrestful, hemming and hawing, un expected, more slashed, more nondiscriminatory, gauzy, debatable, uncluttered, un-aligned, un-concealed, un prejudiced, most dehiscent, more faltering, dis passionate, more agape, more expanded, more disclosed, in clouds, unburdened, unknowable, more baffled, in sensate, un intended, in a quandary, most cleaved, more suppressed, un impeded, most unsolved, ex-tended, more on-the-fence, re-flexest, in-complete, un restful, Delaying, most drifting, more unfolded, imprecise, up-front, un planned, Designless, non-participating, open debate, most expanded, more unpeaceful, most slit, more uncolored, most good-for-nothing, yet to be decided, un-shut, good for nothing, in securer, problematic, in-constant, un-refuted, uncolored, not posted, unsettled, un qualified, dis-reputable, Patulous, changeful, over-due, more nonparticipating, cloudy, in-animate, wishywashy, un decided, unpaid, moot, dis trustful, more on the fence, more unchallenged, sub-ordinate, non belligerent, undecided, un-bigoted, un requited, most split, unreadable, indistinct, un confirmed, on the canvas, dis concerted, the jury's out, un influenced, most uncalculated, most agape, in middle, un foreseen, more unrefuted, un folded, lay it the line, not responded to, open, most disputed, more poker faced, teachable, most impugnable, most good for nothing, more middle of road, un-fixed, more cleaved, poker faced, un proven, un-clearest, in different, most unrealized, most unconcluded, nonpartisan, in-sensate, most unsealed, more rent, un-known, open to debate, un-restful, lay on the line, dis-composed, un-concerned, un-finished, neutral, un stopped, in conclusive, on thin ice, Securable, most unaligned, pre carious, most burst, un-settled, sub conscious, be had, most middle of road, un-mindful, most unfurled, most clashing, non participating, dis-interested, most severed, free-wheeling, more unrealized, un settled, amenable, more nonbelligerent, most unfixed, most fractured, by standing, more emptied, most unstopped, most unbolted, un committed, un conditional, uneasy, pliant, more unconvinced, most unquestioned, most unnerved, most questioning, un aligned, most free wheeling, un reciprocated, most unplugged, most entranced, in-determinate, in-attentive, un-decided, in nocent, irresolute, most poker-faced, dead world, dark, most up front, most disclosed, non discriminatory, soft, un-witting, be-numbed, de cent, most noncombatant, un calculated, un-challenged, more ripped, dis reputable, clouded, Unshut, most freewheeling, un witting, un bolted, nonobvious, most nonbelligerent, in definite, more unnerved, most ringent, over due, most free-wheeling, Non-essential, slippery, un-intended, un necessary, ex-posed, un-predictable, most contributing, unrestful, re-flexer, between sixes sevens, un-noticed, more good-for-nothing, un refuted, un involved, un fixed, most poker faced, most uninfluenced, more unbigoted, more clashing, in complete, un concealed, Unrefuted, most undissembled, un deliberate, cryptic, most knocked, ex tensive, in sensible, indiscernible, more unaffiliated, un-colored, unproven, non essential, most undisguised, poker-faced, in question, in doubt, unaffiliated, hot cold, un-conditional, most unaffiliated, playing it cool, most ruptured, complaisant, de-cent, on sidelines, more unplugged, uncertain, more securable, fractured, more unreciprocated, un shut, dis-closed, on deck, doubtful, in-sensible, un-paid, even handed, more rattled, un-easy, un-aware, most purportless, un implicated, most unconfirmed, in dilemma, unconfident, in discriminate, un aware, un-locked, non-discriminatory, un sealed, un-intentional, by-the-way, inappreciable, most unconvinced, more knocked, dis-trustful, more subliminal, un-confirmed, ambiguous, between rock hard place, un-questioned, most subliminal, most suppressed, most unimplicated, more split, fuzzy, un helpful, indeterminate, bystanding, dead the world, un-necessary, more questioning, non-belligerent, sketchy, changeable, dis-concerted, more contributing, most unpeaceful, more unquestioned, more entranced, un clear, un convinced, sub-conscious, in advertent, re-flex, bone contention, in-securer, un-restricted, un directed, more unimplicated, un covered, more undirected, gray, un easy, Undissembled, un peaceful, un questioned, re flexest, not explained, Unpurposed, un-prejudiced, un resolved, the jurys out, uncalculated, most baffled, ex posed, more swooning, un answered, un intentional, fluker, fairminded, most repressed, uninfluenced, more waffling, freewheeling, wishy washy, un-steadier, more disputed, on one own, flukest, un concerned, ex plosive, insensible, un returned, un realized, in voluntary, un-determined, more patulous, incomprehensible, unintelligible, more changeful, unclear, deferential, unpeaceful, pre-carious, un stabler, more unburdened, un-directed, upfront, flexible, trans parent, un-reserved, most middle-of-road, more unconfirmed, unconscious, most floundering, un-returned, most uncluttered, un-obstructed, enigmatic, de signless, un-foreseen, more unfurled, most up-front, on level, un-clear, un affected, un-heeding, most dithering, purposeless, subtle, most waffling, of two minds, undirected, un-cluttered, touch and go, more impugnable, dehiscent, more unshut, un easier, more purportless, more unhelpful, more doubtable, feeling no pain, most rattled, on fence, un predictable, hanging by thread, be numbed, in-secure, opendoor, most wrenched, most upfront, un-concluded, un occupied, more goalless, un-stable, yielding, in secure, undecipherable, un stablest, more free wheeling, motiveless, non combatant, unfathomable, un foreseeable, more peeled, most faltering, un steadier, un-influenced, un-blocked, more dithering, vague, most revealed, in arrears, un-solved, up the air, obedient, pliable, up for discussion, compliant, well known, most emptied, non partisan, illegible, un-barred, more contestable, un-proven, contestable, middle-of-road, re flexer, most nondiscriminatory, most changeful, more pussyfooting, more discomposed, un-profitable, without reply, dis orderly, un-helpful, un conscious, dithering, mysterious, un stable, more noncombatant, betwixt and between, un-disguised, unclouded, unanswered, in quandary, yet be decided, in-voluntary, fair, un-expected, un-premeditated, non aligned, most undirected, most shifting, on canvas, re flex, sub liminal, un reliable, un-corrupted, dead to world, more middle-of-road, in-definite, un clearest, incidental, subliminal, touch go, on-the-fence, unfixed, dis composed, unconvinced, misty, un-easier, impalpable, un-plugged, hazy, more tabled, most slashed, impugnable, more gashed, at issue, not following, un-purposed, most unburdened, in dispute, hemming hawing, un-qualified, more uncluttered, on own, more motiveless, in-discriminate, un-reliable, in distinct, the jury out, dead to the world, by-standing, on up and up, in-different, nonbelligerent, middle of road, most ignored, un barred, betwixt between, most designless, more unbolted, un-affiliated, de-signless, un-realized, un-folded, most goalless, in-distinct, wellknown, most unchallenged, un-burdened, most uncolored, wavering, more bystanding, in animate, more unfixed, un-quiet, Ringent, un-peaceful, un-steadiest, most tranced, most tabled, most bystanding, most unreciprocated, most unshut, dis-passionate, unhelpful, un colored, non-combatant, made passable, un paid, imperceptible, un quiet, most peeled, un locked, docile, most swooning, in determinate, more unconcluded, un-easiest, un challenged, un-stopped, in-active, on ones own, in-decisive, more dehiscent, un bigoted, un dissembled, coincidental, Unimplicated, up air, more unsolved, in a trance, un-resolved, more ignored, more unpurposed, dis interested, free wheeling, open and shut, most ripped, most unreturned, un purposed, unresolved, more repressed.