Pronunciation of Undo
/ʌndˈuː/, /ʌndˈuː/, /ʌ_n_d_ˈuː/

Antonyms for undo

dis course, dost thing, create, make ready, does one thing, come like, placate, knot, under-taken, dost one's thing, fasten, is responsible for, tie up, co oked, dis coursing, be enough, doing thing, de-ciphered, wind, didst ones thing, chouse, de-ciphering, is good enough for, co-oking, settle, doeth ones thing, are use, took for a ride, co oking, allay, trans-acted, taking care of business, personates, did thing, interlace, doing one's thing, acquitted oneself, wast use, transliterates, dis-courses, assist, chouses, snarl, repair, dis courses, def., art responsible for, being adequate, de-codes, de fraud, trans acting, being good enough for, surrender, looking after, over-reach, re-solves, doth thing, Personating, was responsible for, were use, rendering role, sees to, pre pares, made ready, trans posed, de ciphering, de coded, came on like, do one's thing, wast useful, soothe, wert of use, came like, trans-literate, pro-duces, Personated, wert responsible for, getting with it, puzzle out, is adequate, de means, de-means, dis-charge, dis charges, tie, dis-course, dis charging, dis-coursing, do one thing, pass through, trans-act, transliterating, de mean, giving satisfaction, compose, was useful, de-cipher, gotten ready, wast responsible for, tranquilize, de-ciphers, quiet, re solves, dost ones thing, button, dis-charges, is of use, wast good enough for, fix, look at, appease, am responsible for, de-coded, de meaning, takes care business, re solve, redo, over reaching, dis-charged, got ready, construct, over reaches, help, took for ride, button up, entangle, establish, doing one thing, acquitting oneself, looks at, staggered along, zip, did one thing, staggering along, doeth thing, took care of business, passed through, de-coding, are adequate, over-reaching, is useful, de-ported, makes ready, nerve, dis coursed, save, validate, de codes, engaging in, took care business, were of use, see to, being use, engaged in, was of use, passes through, trans acted, de coding, dost one thing, didst one's thing, de frauds, de-code, be useful, strengthen, being enough, did ones thing, calm, trans-acting, renders role, stop in, re-solve, under-takes, gat with it, looked at, puzzles out, grow, comes on like, de-fraud, am good enough for, doeth one's thing, embolden, take for a ride, mollify, be adequate, staggers along, assuage, doest one's thing, do up, be of use, doest thing, tangle, engage in, Choused, am of use, didst thing, pre-pared, uphold, rendering the role, trans-acts, gat ready, trans literate, lash, de-meaning, wert useful, pro duces, takes care of business, be responsible for, permit, approve, looking at, does one's thing, taking care business, take care business, were enough, straighten, fail, trans-lated, gets ready, gotten with it, build, over reached, pre-sents, am useful, transliterate, coming like, wast of use, doeth one thing, was enough, doth one thing, over reach, being responsible for, puzzled out, de-frauds, are responsible for, pro duce, under took, lose, acquit oneself, rendered the role, art good enough for, conciliate, takes for ride, got with it, stagger along, re-solving, de ported, am enough, alleviate, under takes, interweave, doest ones thing, under taking, support, DO, dis-coursed, pre paring, do ones thing, trans-pose, is use, co-oked, de porting, order, zip up, comes like, fortify, gets with it, coming on like, revive, transliterated, trans pose, take care of business, pre pared, trans late, rendered role, do thing, braid, be good enough for, hearten, trans act, pre pare, hold, takes for a ride, allow, propitiate, render role, playact, close, saw to, engages in, doest one thing, trans literates, getting ready, art adequate, syn., be use, stopped in, under-taking, were good enough for, pre-pare, encourage, were adequate, pre-sent, trans-posing, aid, stopt in, personate, is enough, acquits oneself, de ciphers, pre-paring, lace, being of use, bind, seeing to, wast adequate, doing ones thing, de-porting, are enough, didst one thing, de ciphered, taking for ride, am use, restore, under take, get ready, de cipher, dis charged, were responsible for, making ready, de code, trans-literates, art useful, looks after, Chousing, mend, pre sent, passing through, was adequate, does thing, look after, re-solved, was good enough for, does ones thing, doth ones thing, trans acts, renders the role, was use, being useful, art use, am adequate, stops in, under taken, get with it, dis-charging, did one's thing, are good enough for, dis charge, are useful, balance, pacify, wert enough, come on like, looked after, stopping in, de-mean, doth one's thing, over-reaches.