Pronunciation of Hogtie
/hˈɒɡta͡ɪ/, /hˈɒɡta‍ɪ/, /h_ˈɒ_ɡ_t_aɪ/

Synonyms for hogtie:

bind (verb)

compel, confine, constrain, detain, engage, enslave, force, hamper, indenture, lock up, necessitate, oblige, prescribe, require, restrain, restrict, yoke, put half nelson on, put lock on.

confine (verb)

bound, cage, cool down, hog-tie, hold back, ice, immure, incarcerate, intern, put away, shorten, shut up, send up, put on ice, put a lid on.

constrain (verb)

ban, coerce, concuss, constrict, cool off, deny, deprive, disallow, drive, hold in, impel, make, pressure, pressurize, shotgun, stifle, urge, withhold, hold down, keep lid on.

contain (verb)

collect, compose, keep back, rein, simmer down, smother.

curb (verb)

abstain, bit, box in, cook, impede, leash, moderate, refrain, rein in, scrub, shackle, tame, tie, Entrammel, retard, bring to screeching halt, keep tight rein on.

disable (verb)

attenuate, batter, blunt, damage, debilitate, disarm, disenable, disqualify, enervate, enfeeble, exhaust, harm, hock, hurt, immobilize, impair, incapacitate, invalidate, kibosh, maim, mangle, mar, mutilate, muzzle, paralyze, pinion, prostrate, ruin, sabotage, sap, shatter, spoil, take out, total, unbrace, undermine, unfit, weaken, wreck, knock out, shoot down, put out of action, render incapable, throw monkey wrench in, unstrengthen.

encumber (verb)

charge, discommode, incommode, inconvenience, lade, load, obstruct, oppress, overburden, overload, saddle, slow down, tax, trammel, weigh down, weight, saddle with, make difficult.

fetter (verb)

cuff, hold captive, drag feet, put straitjacket on.

hamper (verb)

stymie, thwart, interfere with, tie one's hands.

handicap (verb)

burden, sideline, put out of commission.

hinder (verb)

bottleneck, choke, contravene, counteract, crab, crimp, interfere, interrupt, louse up, neutralize, offset, oppose, preclude, prohibit, resist, shut out, snafu, terminate.

hobble (verb)

fasten, gimp, put a crimp in.

hog-tie (verb)

baffle, balk, bar, bind, block, chain, check, clog, cramp, cumber, curb, drag one's feet, embarrass, encumber, entangle, fetter, foil, frustrate, hamstring, handcuff, handicap, hinder, hobble, hold up, Inc, hang up, cramp one's style, get in the way.

immobilize (verb)

action, cripple, idle, bring to a screeching halt.

incapacitate (verb)

disable, lame, lay up, clip wings.

inhibit (verb)

avert, enjoin, faze, forbid, interdict, keep in, outlaw, sandbag, taboo, ward, put on brakes.

leash (verb)

secure, tether.

maim (verb)

blemish, break, castrate, crush, deface, disfigure, dismember, hack, injure, massacre, maul, mayhem, truncate, warp, wound.

restrain (verb)

arrest, bottle up, box up, bridle, choke back, circumscribe, contain, control, cool, cork, crack down, curtail, debar, delimit, deter, direct, gag, govern, guide, harness, hem in, hold, impound, imprison, inhibit, jail, keep, keep down, keep in line, limit, manacle, prevent, proscribe, pull back, stay, subdue, suppress, tie down, tie up, sit on, kill.

shackle (verb)

put a straitjacket on.

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