Pronunciation of Working
/wˈɜːkɪŋ/, /wˈɜːkɪŋ/, /w_ˈɜː_k_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for working

more disregarded, asleep, unlucrative, more flawed, most numbed, unoccupied, theoretical, un feeling, re-solute, in effectual, more sunk, more good-for-nothing, more decamped, in valid, most poker faced, most far gone, more vitiated, more do-nothing, non belligerent, selfcentered, more unlucrative, more selfsustained, most good for nothing, more laid off, selfsufficient, in the shop, exanimate, self sustaining, out-righter, most self supported, draggier, most retreated, in-sufficient, more quit, useless, un-sounder, bystanding, damaged, faulty, more disobeyed, gone to pot, more padlocked, out order, out rightest, un-profitable, goodnatured, out, most passed, totaled, more overrefined, more beat up, un sound, more selfsufficing, more gashed, haltest, most transgressed, un flinching, more collapsed, most offed, permanent, malfunction, frustaneous, de-camped, more far gone, dis membered, more dinged, most glitched, more nonparticipating, most decamped, most flawed, out of a job, self-sufficing, un-healthy, most fargone, dis-solved, in-sipid, most mangled, on layoff, imprecise, Infecund, in active, closed down, most emerita, scrapper, dried up, draggiest, dis-appeared, dis solute, more unusuable, on fence, un availing, unreachable, taken powder, more infecund, on fritz, unproductive, more liquidated, unworking, un prejudiced, dead, nonoperational, more expired, not a sign of, more traduced, inert, more selfsustaining, dis-engaged, most folded, most declining, not serious, over powered, most gashed, lasting, non-participating, most nonbelligerent, impotent, more numbed, effete, on bum, more slivered, most mortified, housebound, most shredded, unremunerative, incomplete, more cidevant, in smithereens, most self sufficing, more self-sustained, un-productive, more unreactive, in need repair, un involved, un-occupied, out work, more impracticable, more immured, gone meet maker, un reactive, gone reward, most blemished, in fertile, de-generate, dis-jointed, coltish, most resolved, most shivered, most profitless, un-rewarding, de parted, over-ripe, more self sufficing, un-qualified, in shop, most muttered, in-utile, ex-animate, un healthier, on bench, most far-gone, most beat up, emeritus, inoperative, gimpest, anesthetized, out of one misery, in-complete, more unapplied, most self-sustaining, most fragmented, poker-faced, more hog-tied, de-ceased, most sunk, in animate, between jobs, broken, most unengaged, counter productive, up for, most sluggard, in-fertile, most underemployed, torn, non aligned, un occupied, mucked up, dis honored, in fringed, more transgressed, non-extant, unrewarding, do nothing, more ruptured, more sidelined, in competent, most crumbled, flubbed, un-satisfactory, bereft life, most overpowered, by-gone, re sting, in-accurate, most disregarded, re solute, in sensitive, most ignored, beatup, good for nothing, most unexercised, more unremunerative, most rent, no go, dis jointed, dis-interested, more elvish, nonparticipating, most dissolved, most leisured, un-used, un afraid, most unretentive, Slivered, more neuter, most away, most concluded, un purposed, dis-charged, indolent, de cadent, more ignored, more severed, most sidelined, in operative, more do nothing, self-sustained, most riven, more seconds, in adequate, most expired, non functional, most unreactive, de formed, more hog tied, dis-membered, washedout, un-involved, in operable, more folded, non-functional, most frustaneous, de-formed, defunct, unhelpful, dis posed, dis integrated, most imprecise, more workless, un interesting, unusuable, more middle-of-road, more housebound, out kilter, stagnant, most hog-tied, re-sting, resting in peace, more demolished, more unanimated, in sufficient, most hogtied, more warped, de-parted, un workable, sub normal, in sipid, dis passionate, re-tiring, pre-pared, more browbeaten, over ripe, in-operable, un responsive, unfunctional, un animated, without gainful employment, more jesting, un successful, de-moralized, de pressed, turned dust, out the window, in-different, elvish, un-availing, idle, non existent, donothing, more wracked, full pep, more self-sustaining, over-refined, selfcontained, un-purposed, more disappeared, selfsustaining, most self-supported, gone fishing, more concluded, more runoff, resting peace, lame, more shattered, more rent, unprolific, more fargone, un-finished, unsuitable, more flubbed, most warped, more hamstrung, most beat-up, most botched, Gamesome, more tamed, dis-heartened, dis-obeyed, in pieces, cracked, fractured, offed, un-applied, insufficient, dis-placed, out business, more declining, inactive, abstract, in-fecund, by standing, in different, self sufficing, most jesting, out action, most vitiated, deactivated, on hold, more shivered, nonoperative, more self supported, most donothing, most unprolific, most beatup, more dissolved, more overripe, most unlucrative, re tired, most marred, dis-regarded, Unexercised, most infringed, most self sustaining, more unhelpful, underemployed, most hog tied, not sign of, gone pieces, dis-passionate, more totaled, dis-solute, most elapsed, out whack, inapplicable, crippled, fallen apart, most disintegrated, under employed, most exanimate, most split, feeling oats, dis solved, most unanimated, most shifted, re signed, un fit, more unprolific, self supporting, most coltish, most totaled, dis appeared, un-responsive, most unusuable, un used, glitched, more unretentive, most cleaved, more counterproductive, more nonfunctional, most liquidated, more coltish, nonfunctional, most prankish, not open, un productive, dis-integrated, dis interested, most deadened, more self-sufficing, un-exercised, most quit, de generate, most pulverized, non combatant, of no avail, in holding pattern, out of ones misery, most self-sustained, feeling one oats, most run off, most emeritus, in significant, more beatup, in-adequate, by gone, with-drawn, more inoperable, feeling one's oats, most middle-of-road, most burst, de-pressed, un mitigated, un available, dis regarded, out right, un-aligned, out service, more run-off, more shot, re tiring, most crushed, more shredded, bereft of life, out righter, Gainless, most counterproductive, most busted, unreactive, in-animate, nonextant, in-fringed, de-cadent, more emerita, selfsufficing, in-operative, un moving, good natured, out of one's misery, un biased, warped, un-committed, more self sustained, prankish, in-effective, more apart, taken a powder, out one misery, slow, most unaligned, un-moving, most mumbled, un applied, more glitched, nonproductive, profitless, more unexercised, most snafued, halter, most lemon, spastic, un employed, more hogtied, fargone, noncombatant, more gamesome, scrappest, un-afraid, fair minded, un-reliable, in accurate, in fecund, more leisured, most antic, out commission, most consumed, most do nothing, more offed, no good, most infecund, full of pep, poker faced, most tamed, gone to pieces, most anesthetized, most erased, dis connected, more mothballed, most middle of road, nonbelligerent, more perished, most demolished, more middle of road, un frequented, most ripped, more slit, un qualified, taken leave, more enfeebled, fairminded, more resolved, un healthiest, in-active, out and out, more donothing, coming unstuck, more fragmented, un retentive, dis advantageous, in-sensitive, un-lucrative, re-signed, not functioning, most neuter, un-concerned, most collapsed, decommissioned, un lucrative, playful, un-fit, unprofitable, not here, most unpurposed, academic, more nonbelligerent, most mothballed, armchair, most wrenched, self sufficient, beat-up, more humbled, more run off, with drawn, more malfunctioning, most unrewarding, more good for nothing, more flown, self-sustaining, un-prejudiced, dis-connected, dis engaged, more sequestered, on the dole, most elvish, more exanimate, in-coherent, more elapsed, unexciting, most sliced, quiescent, far-gone, un reliable, un-necessary, leisured, un-remunerative, more disintegrated, most hamstrung, in need of repair, re-treated, most browbeaten, overripe, in-effectual, more mortified, un-flinching, had it, dis-posed, more spastic, re-tired, more unpurposed, most enfeebled, most dinged, snafued, middle-of-road, flirtatious, not existing, played out, most severed, more lacerated, most slashed, gone, more disheartened, more ripped, unapplied, unavailable, sub-normal, run off, out-right, most malfunctioning, pushing daisies, un-retentive, un exercised, mothballed, un-prolific, malformed, un helpful, more retracted, most disappeared, out of kilter, over-powered, most unhelpful, un conditional, in retirement, non-partisan, un-soundest, apathetic, more prankish, most selfsupported, kaput, un-employed, more deadened, more self-supported, most wracked, un-decided, self centered, out window, most workless, on sidelines, most humbled, turned to dust, most fractured, un soundest, most noncombatant, leaky, feeling ones oats, un healthy, un-animated, gone to reward, out job, most unfunctional, non-belligerent, more dismembered, most nonextant, sterile, un-functional, un finished, out misery, over refined, of no use, un profitable, more infringed, selfsupporting, burned up, closed, un-conditional, un-sound, unretentive, more passed, most sequestered, more anesthetized, inoperable, most spastic, more vanquished, most seconds, more snafued, most lacerated, most reposing, run-off, self supported, more mumbled, un-intelligible, pre pared, in-competent, in-capacitated, most poker-faced, under-employed, most bystanding, more emeritus, non partisan, de based, most self-sufficing, more slashed, most overripe, more nonextant, more beat-up, un-frequented, at liberty, no more, most good-for-nothing, more antic, more erased, in disrepair, un fruitful, in complete, lamest, un necessary, most slit, more consumed, cidevant, un engaged, un-mitigated, most flown, un-workable, down drain, most unapplied, most inoperable, more muttered, selfsupported, Non-existent, gone to meet maker, more marred, more gainless, most retracted, out of misery, most slivered, unobtainable, more split, most stammering, un prolific, more botched, dis-advantageous, un aligned, game, by-standing, more crumbled, un remunerative, more self sustaining, in effective, more cleaved, more away, dis heartened, most do-nothing, non participating, malfunctioning, most shot, more frustaneous, out of whack, un concerned, dis placed, wastest, most runoff, un sounder, more profitless, most cidevant, overrefined, dis charged, inaccessible, in poor condition, Padlocked, more subnormal, on the bench, tongue in cheek, un committed, un-reactive, lifeless, most vanquished, ineffectual, most run-off, unemployed, lowkey, most gamesome, out of service, un-healthiest, de ceased, ex animate, more poker faced, un rewarding, more retreated, unengaged, retired, in capacitated, impish, non-combatant, more unfunctional, de camped, more busted, Unpurposed, un decided, flawed, counterproductive, in-valid, most immured, more shifted, gimper, more unrewarding, most laid off, arrested, in utile, more blemished, most flubbed, de-based, dis-honored, more overpowered, most disheartened, dis obeyed, un satisfactory, un-successful, un functional, unanimated, more stammering, most dismembered, out of action, non extant, sidelined, un-fruitful, more noncombatant, un-available, Workless, most padlocked, de moralized, counter-productive, more sluggard, gone pot, more bystanding, more unengaged, defective, middle of road, most unremunerative, on the shelf, ineffective, more underemployed, low key, most perished, Emerita, re moved, most nonfunctional, self contained, most ruptured, pushing up daisies, uninvolved, washed out, re-solved, more snapped, draggy, more selfsupported, most apart, on shelf, more crushed, more reposing, out of job, passive.