Pronunciation of Impotent
/ˈɪmpətənt/, /ˈɪmpətənt/, /ˈɪ_m_p_ə_t_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for impotent

front-page, super-abundant, effectual, well made, ball of fire, most page one, red-blooded, more twofisted, un-limited, more accomplishing, wieldy, more well expressed, more take-charge, having lead in pencil, most accomplishing, aggressive, more suasive, hard-driving, more well-expressed, all-powerful, convincing, de-voted, rich, most well-paying, up it, most fructiferous, cogent, more breeding, valid, all around, effective, constructive, puissant, bearing, most high-level, in-ordinate, most bullish, most well provided, practical, gone on, most front-page, in tent, like a pistol, more heavy-duty, quick witted, bringing forth, quick the uptake, more smooth spoken, quick on trigger, Over-bearing, most resultant, more fourstar, paid one's dues, more exercised, most esteemed, un bending, firstclass, most go-getter, extra-ordinary, most jockstrap, warhorse, more aroused, creative, most forwardlooking, end-owed, most well paying, able, growing, most inducing, REDHOT, most razorsharp, high-up, more demiurgic, down to brass tacks, most oldtimer, go-getting, major, impregnated, multipotent, more selfsustaining, amorous, self-sustaining, most overruling, most tantalized, re-liabler, more go-getter, most predominate, significant, more crushing, in controvertible, more fulfilling, Worldlywise, more ripped, pregnant, in fine feather, most proliferant, puncher, upperclass, more leading edge, most certified, more bullish, ablebodied, swarming, teeming, warm, pre-dominate, paid one dues, more all powerful, chockfull, well-built, in the saddle, know one's onions, un-tiring, most all powerful, more revealing, prolific, more effecting, more jockstrap, more gogetting, most assertory, more efficient, magisterial, in control, unchaste, leadingedge, eloquent, most wellpaying, de cent, hardy, de terminative, un daunted, know ropes, colter, most bruising, being a pistol, top drawer, gale force, short-and-sweet, un-bending, most highlevel, well-expressed, with child, more constraining, re sounding, more all purpose, more believeable, pre-siding, most fulfilling, more strongflavored, most wheedling, un qualified, violent, in-exorable, most phenom, two fisted, most well established, more wellpaying, originative, tyrannical, enterprising, know stuff, most smoothspoken, most stout-hearted, more resultant, smooth spoken, un-restricted, un-governable, more generating, purposive, all purpose, having the right stuff, hypedup, pre vailing, pubescent, most upper class, more harddriving, overweighing, most crushing, most stout hearted, having lead pencil, de-finite, robustuous, more reproducing, most upper-class, pre dominate, tough, know backwards and forwards, in the pink, productive, co pious, like one man band, re producing, iron willed, more go getting, in-dependent, coming strong, generative, lewd, more sustaining, flipper, more forward-looking, breedy, more front page, de voted, strongflavored, know business, nimble witted, ex press, know ones onions, hunkest, bigtime, over powering, re-liablest, inducing, de-cent, play hard ball, quick on draw, profitable, believeable, most robustious, more razor-sharp, end owed, old timer, emphatic, most allpurpose, get up and go, out weighing, wanton, more two-fisted, more phenom, smooth-spoken, most accented, more stout-hearted, most all-purpose, know one stuff, important, most capable, authoritarian, more forward looking, on the make, flowing with milk and honey, most upperclass, more red blooded, in-tenser, most tiger, most feracious, he man, blooming, fit as fiddle, highranking, more powerhouse, in spiring, most telling, up to speed, for a face, highup, re-doubtable, most twofisted, has what it takes, most generative, most self-sustaining, more catechized, most heavyduty, punchest, zappy, re liablest, more all-purpose, of note, familiar with, most two-fisted, well-organized, high up, quick draw, most gogetting, more upperclass, most crackerjack, in-evitable, sound, know score, out spoken, redblooded, more bouncing, most razor sharp, more bearing, plentiful, in vincible, re warding, know the answers, more wellprovided, more accented, most lion hearted, most wellexpressed, most well built, sufficient, re doubtable, having knowhow, more uberous, trenchant, re-warding, hyped-up, jockest, energetic, more allpowerful, hebetic, persuasive, VETER, more crackerjack, most up, most unmixed, wellknown, more heavyduty, most well-built, clearcut, solid, more spawning, stiff, most red-blooded, breediest, selfassertive, re-solute, know one's stuff, smart as a whip, more telling, know one's business, wieldiest, more robustuous, most red blooded, most high-up, like a one man band, in-tensest, leading-edge, vegetative, most uberous, Strengthy, over flowing, shooting from hip, cost effective, therest, more forwardlooking, most robustuous, well-spent, un avoidable, in tense, upper-class, most fireball, most hard-driving, un-compromising, most ironwilled, un restricted, de finite, majorleague, the point, Stout-hearted, lovable, know backwards forwards, most powerhouse, more smooth-spoken, knowing score, in finite, quick on uptake, most obtaining, fireball, gogetter, most purposive, all-purpose, more predominate, having know-how, more hard-driving, most well organized, no end, more take charge, most suasive, Uberous, most well-organized, Convictive, in pink, mighty, most go getting, most four-star, more nimble-witted, strengthier, hard driving, fourstar, most leadingedge, more razorsharp, chock full, more convictive, forcible, vet, most allpowerful, more activating, more wellestablished, more well-spent, ex-press, most leading edge, in-flamed, in comparable, pageone, most take-charge, good at, more swarming, like a oneman band, more wellexpressed, most take charge, most dynamite, most nimblewitted, having the goods, athletic, most hyped-up, zappier, proficient, dirty, most well spent, over-powering, take over, un compromising, sharp as tack, most front page, more old-timer, most toward, front page, well paying, in exhaustible, more wellspent, rewarding, more impelling, un-controllable, most hyped up, most achieving, para-mount, in execution, in-spiring, in-spired, selfreliant, most propagating, competent, on make, more innovational, most titillated, most self sustaining, to the point, flourishing, able bodied, more oldtimer, licit, more bumper, in fine fettle, most high level, more wellorganized, knowing the score, full bodied, more strong flavored, fertilized, pre siding, more hypedup, out-spoken, most smooth spoken, responsive, more intelligent, strong, re productive, filled, having goods, most breeding, in temperate, breedier, top notch, more two fisted, un-daunted, re-levant, un tiring, most drilled, red blooded, like one-man band, more overruling, full, most high up, razor sharp, most paying, allpowerful, having know how, more page-one, most iron-willed, Assertory, more inducing, most aroused, un-equivocal, efficacious, clear cut, most war horse, like a one-man band, autocratic, more old timer, most pubescent, more gogetter, more wellbuilt, Demiurgic, most takecharge, more titillated, wellestablished, fullbodied, most leading-edge, in-controvertible, more fructiferous, despotic, most strong-flavored, fruitful, more outweighing, more wheedling, studdest, enough, more deviceful, harddriving, play for keeps, coming on strong, strong-flavored, most go getter, hearty, most inebriating, most generating, get up go, most short and sweet, most heavy-duty, more beefcake, take charge, silver tongued, there, more four star, most overbalancing, over-balancing, know the score, adequate, re-liable, most well expressed, phenom, top, strengthiest, out-weighing, de-terminative, most childing, pro-creative, in-vincible, un-restrained, selfsustaining, most swarming, more go getter, over balancing, jockstrap, telling, Deviceful, down brass tacks, disciplined, more hyped-up, worldly wise, high-level, most disciplined, to point, Lion-hearted, oldtimer, more esteemed, most attracted, more high-level, Procreant, most convictive, welldefined, more razor sharp, pumped up, most page-one, highly flavored, extra ordinary, pre-pared, more self-sustaining, resourceful, most take over, sturdy, most utile, most fourstar, of assistance, more take-over, more self sustaining, over weighing, over whelming, more war horse, most believeable, more well provided, razor-sharp, most gogetter, up to it, bullish, over-flowing, most bumper, well grounded, more blossoming, most take-over, independent, more well built, super abundant, more hyper, wieldier, re liabler, in evitable, quickwitted, most harddriving, in-tense, loamier, profuse, more iron willed, flowing with milk honey, two-fisted, overbalancing, loamy, more disciplined, pre-dominant, good for, flippest, most revealing, dying to, more four-star, most steamroller, over-ruling, more red-blooded, most hebetic, beefcake, frontpage, more vegetative, more war-horse, more beckoning, in black, goahead, more robustious, un-mistakable, wellgrounded, pertinent, pro creative, more well-built, more lion hearted, more warhorse, more surpassing, razorsharp, fructiferous, most actuating, four-star, more hard driving, more procreant, equipotent, equal to, unmixed, more up, all there, ropier, well provided, up snuff, having right stuff, paid dues, potent, most go-getting, more justified, in tenser, take-over, more well-organized, more generative, wellspent, in good shape, more upper class, lion hearted, pre pared, ball fire, more well-paying, tumultoustumultuous, most surpassing, forceful, in-comparable, more honed, most wellorganized, more well established, mightiest, self sustaining, like oneman band, powerhouse, more fuming, most bouncing, most bearing, quick on the uptake, most effecting, re sourceful, amicable, strong as an ox, virile, most deviceful, robustious, muscular, pro fuse, in-temperate, like pistol, un equivocal, more childing, most strong flavored, most reproducing, has what takes, no mistake, most innovational, Feracious, hard nosed, of use, qualified, more leading-edge, virtuous, most valuable, Suasive, keyed up, useful, most catechized, vigorous, more propagating, hardnosed, over-weighing, quick the trigger, re levant, more take over, more actuating, pre eminent, loamiest, topdrawer, most old-timer, most serving, most hypedup, un-avoidable, most stressed, more hebetic, pre-eminent, strong flavored, more hyped up, most razor-sharp, quick uptake, quick trigger, take-charge, foolest, pre dominant, omnipotent, paid ones dues, luxuriant, bursting, Childing, hyped up, in good health, most demiurgic, most strongflavored, enthusiastic, most well-spent, whizer, more proliferant, para mount, more well spent, dictatorial, most fuming, most frontpage, shooting from the hip, page-one, more strong-flavored, irresistible, well established, more high up, tumultous-tumultuous, more high-up, pithy, therer, highpowered, hard as nails, head-strong, whizest, more serving, most blossoming, over bearing, most demoniac, more frontpage, forwardlooking, more paying, un-mixed, more achieving, more nimble witted, bumper, more overweighing, war-horse, un mixed, in dependent, most procreant, developing, sharp as a tack, more all-powerful, first class, high level, more bugged, most honed, over ruling, re-sounding, vetest, Heman, war horse, go getting, nimble-witted, wellbuilt, most outweighing, wellmade, tumultous tumultuous, most efficient, most impelling, most wellestablished, most activating, well expressed, more utile, wellorganized, know ins and outs, know one business, costeffective, most swaying, more heavy duty, silvertongued, in flamed, more go-getting, go after, un-qualified, sur-passing, strong as ox, quick, in spired, paid off, un-yielding, un diluted, forward-looking, most lion-hearted, most wellbuilt, un-diluted, un mistakable, most vegetative, powerful, co-pious, un conquerable, more valid, most forward looking, robust, re-producing, over-whelming, studder, twofisted, most nimble witted, defiled, working, senior, well organized, more dynamite, well-provided, in operation, skilled, most beckoning, coltest, un yielding, more takecharge, capable, in force, most well-established, quick on the draw, more nimblewitted, playing hardball, more redblooded, most ripped, most puberal, more obtaining, heavy-duty, dominant, being pistol, proliferant, dynamic, more muscled, takecharge, know onions, more inebriating, more well organized, most originative, most muscled, smoothspoken, up speed, in-finite, veteran, more feracious, fecund, more puberal, most two fisted, most hard driving, allpurpose, un-flagging, self reliant, hopped up, smart as whip, red hot, paying well, fooler, know ins outs, more front-page, fore most, fertile, Muscled, more fireball, most exercised, more well-provided, more short-and-sweet, most well-provided, Puberal, more swaying, most spawning, well-paying, wellpaying, most takeover, more steamroller, most old timer, more unmixed, re-productive, up to snuff, fore-most, pro-fuse, more takeover, more high level, fat, un controllable, more well paying, more stout hearted, ropy, well known, quick the draw, corrupt, responsible, well built, most bugged, high ranking, healthy, get and go, most all-powerful, most wellspent, more leadingedge, loving, efficient, un-conquerable, well spent, more bruising, manly, wellfounded, most quizzed, most justified, lousy with, quick on the trigger, demoniac, smart alecky, more attracted, most four star, most nimble-witted, most constraining, yielding, more highlevel, most redblooded, most war-horse, more pubescent, re solute.