Pronunciation of Slow
/slˈə͡ʊ/, /slˈə‍ʊ/, /s_l_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for slow:

moving, sound, percipient, wild, allegretto, awesome, amazing, electrifying, enlarge, energetic, galvanizing, quickly, touching, rip-roaring, thriving, agile, aid, release, attractive, push, sensational, spectacular, diverting, on time, educated, eye-opening, intricate, alluring, abounding, inclined, encourage, straightaway, nimble, complex, enthusiastic, bright, animating, cognizant, learned, rushing, exciting, knowledgeable, lively, highbrow, complicated, astir, further, invigorating, surprising, fast, arresting, wondrous, resourceful, red hot, sprightly, poignant, stimulating, foxy, spry, overflowing, vibrant, violent, knowing, strengthen, racing, enlivening, develop, scholarly, fabulous, agitate, alive, willing, increase, flourishing, rapid, accelerate, mesmerizing, allow, swarming, perspicacious, judicious, running, schooled, desirous, wily, forward, engaging, ready, entrancing, enchanting, favorable, rousing, disposed, allegro, scooting, gripping, excite, Barreling, Rocketing, on cue, quick, logical, riveting, engrossing, sapient, expedite, astonishing, enthralling, literate, buzzing, Careering, cunning, suspenseful, captivating, eager, speeding, fascinating, grow, charming, interesting, advance, tantalizing, andantino, lengthen, spellbinding, crafty, scudding, sensible, absorbing, extend, hair-raising, acute, busy, trained, zipping, exhilarating, wonderful, active, sane, alert, intriguing, facilitate, waiting, liberate, valid, beguiling, raise, prolong, DO, quickened, erudite, humming, marvelous, skilled, informed, inspiring, well-read, bewitching, sharp, help, teeming, intelligent, stirring, thrilling, assist, smart, hurried, provocative, amusing, astounding, expand, whirling, breathtaking, entertaining, shrewd, energizing.

Usage examples for slow:

Idioms for slow:

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Rhymes for slow:

  • tableaux, so, moe, marceau, know, renaud, tho, margaux, ro, joe, truffaut, jo, dough, rho, goe, tarot, kayo, escrow, turbot, row, though, joh, chateau, goh, nau, boe, fro, so-so, au, hoe, noh, ko, rowe, poe, sew, bro, snow, bestow, defoe, dau, rideau, sgro, tow, gau, devaux, chau, crow, gogh, bo, cabo, cho, outgrow, giraud, koh, escoe, oh, toe, plough, flo, bordeaux, nouveau, flow, co, stowe, mow, bio, papo, foe, yo, ho, strow, uno, doe, whoa, yoe, woe, tallyho, aux, cloe, loewe, monroe, loe, roe, undergo, blow, yau, bowe, bow, chateaux, loew, gloe, coe, loh, eau, tyo, kyo, beau, hello, luo, lo, throw, glow, noe, lowe, mau, forego, wo, peugeot, grow, rouleau, thoreau, forgo, munro, tableau, stow, plateau, ow, beaux, gro, show, hoh, perot, pro, vo, sow, poh, low, kowtow, go, tso, doh, o', below, trow, sloe, rondeau, cousteau, mo, ngo, floe, zoh, owe, quo, thibault, yoh, roh, glo, inco, cro;
  • pernod, arnault, miro, arnaud, renault, although, ago, aglow;
  • ivo, eeo, overflow, taekwondo, apropos, imo;
  • celo;

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