Pronunciation of Linger
/lˈɪŋɡə/, /lˈɪŋɡə/, /l_ˈɪ_ŋ_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for linger

remain, getting cracking, Jed, quicken, move, dis appearing, hustle, dash, absents, Barrelling, make break, dis-agrees, turn aside, hit road, smoking, stepping it, marches out, dis-appearing, Careered, dis-cards, not lose minute, dogs it, making tracks, refuse, de-camping, dog it, outpace, say goodbye, Trooped, whipping around, scramble, dart, Absenting, ex-cursed, dis-sents, dis-patches, reject, ex press, depart, shaking leg, ex pressed, shake a leg, takes wing, goes away, going away, de parted, shaking a leg, made a break, hit bricks, not lose minuted, excursed, Careering, makes a break, dis-appeared, dis sent, dis patches, hightail, shag, turned aside, hit trail, not lose minutes, finish, go like lightning, ex curses, pelt along, de-camp, ex pressing, ex-pressing, made haste, stepped on it, excursing, tiptoe, re tiring, making a break, Barreling, legged it, not lose a minuting, gitted, zip, ex cursing, re tires, go, dis-agreeing, de-parted, taking leave, waste no time, take flight, not lose a minute, hightail it, cuts run, re-tiring, shags, re moved, got away, dis-agreed, ex cursed, march out, gat away, barrelled, dogging it, forward, de-parting, hitting trail, overtake, set forth, hitting the trail, marching out, hit the trail, moved on, breeze, de-camps, Trooping, whiz, go forth, dis-patched, move on, barrel, J, wasting no time, moves out, de camped, hump, wasted no time, de camp, shakes a leg, went like lightning, torn out, legs it, step on it, haste, hitting bricks, tore out, hie, dis-appear, cut and run, make tracks, hitting the bricks, gotten away, getting away, outstrip, forge, de-camped, dis-appears, cuts and run, marched out, advance, ex curse, with-drawing, took wing, with drawing, outrun, gat cracking, stepping on it, slipped away, hightails it, shagging, making haste, cutting and run, move out, shook a leg, re-moves, whips around, tears out, halt, JS, run, bowl, Jing, accelerate, ex-curse, dis appears, gotten cracking, dis agree, goes forth, barreled, slipt away, de camping, dis sents, Hasting, made tracks, dis-carded, makes tracks, re-move, hightailed it, complete, dis-patch, leg it, says goodbye, stepped it, course, re tired, forsake, de-part, shakes leg, re tire, made break, with draws, ex-curses, stampede, dis carding, steps it, tear, with draw, with-draw, cutting run, moved quickly, go ahead, takes leave, moved out, ex-press, get away, hasten, dis appeared, whipped around, makes haste, gets away, make haste, re moving, making break, whirl, ex-cursing, dis-agree, move quickly, dis patch, hits trail, get cracking, re-tire, dis-card, continue, taking wing, gitting, rush, leave, hits the bricks, re move, taking flight, dis-carding, excurses, dis patching, saying goodbye, setting forth, legging it, cease, moving quickly, dis carded, gets cracking, dogged it, carry on, said goodbye, dis card, moving out, dis agrees, Hasted, tare out, dis-patching, de parts, with-drawn, de-sert, hightailing it, turning aside, whipt around, slip away, trot, dis cards, moves on, going like lightning, with drawn, whip around, with drew, de part, cut run, dis-sent, dis appear, scud, not lose a minuted, hotfoot, whisk, takes flight, turns aside, step it, jog, hits the trail, de camps, Excurse, dis agreeing, not lose minuting, shake leg, de-parts, dis patched, take wing, re-moving, not lose a minutes, sets forth, de parting, hurry, took leave, goes like lightning, rip, catch up, steps on it, slips away, de sert, wastes no time, got cracking, stop, with-drew, dis agreed, Git, make a break, going forth.