Pronunciation of Dawdle
/dˈɔːdə͡l/, /dˈɔːdə‍l/, /d_ˈɔː_d_əl/

Antonyms for dawdle

stepped it, leaved holding the bag, de camped, Barreling, Gorging, take wing, turned on steam, loses no time, peg, plod, shag, turns on steam, be quick, hie, wast quick, go like lightning, de-parting, fires up, festinate, boogied, hustle, be stirring, runs like wind, de-sert, course, Careered, am quick, not lose minuting, ran like scared rabbit, speeding away, turned steam, hurry, slip away, leaving high dry, flying coop, gulp, leave lurch, Scarfed, going like lightning, made tracks, dog it, de camp, beat a hasty retreat, outpace, cuts run, cuts and run, took wing, in hale, running out on, makes one escape, turns steam, rushes at, makes it snappy, dis patches, getting on it, legged it, makes tracks, plunged ahead, makes haste, torn out, dash, out-strip, steps gas, hurries up, gat away, dogged it, art quick, take hike, whisk, Winging, plow, went like bat out of hell, fly, take flight, getting a move on, de-camping, trot, jog, moves fast, rush, making scarce, deadbolt, leaves flat, swallowed whole, in haled, catch up, hightail, leave holding bag, swallow whole, makes break for it, fly coop, gets a move on, be-stirring, be-stirs, dis patched, get away, slips away, went like a bat out of hell, gets on it, going like a bat out of hell, be stirred, speed away, makes oneself scarce, flying the coop, left high and dry, de-camp, in-hales, plunges ahead, gotten hell out, runs like the wind, gotten cracking, dis-patched, made snappy, leaves holding bag, runs its course, Make short work of, left holding bag, out strip, leg it, hops along, Jing, gets cracking, shook a leg, getting away, scuttering, de parts, make it snappy, legs it, hopped along, deadbolts, make run for it, makes a getaway, move quickly, makes escape, ran like the wind, gat a move on, takes flight, stepping on the gas, put out, dis patch, be-stirred, get a move on, gat move on, kissing goodbye, bulleting, scuttered, get on it, zip, labor, sweat, drudge, flew coop, de sert, runs like scared rabbit, going like the wind, go like a bat out hell, de part, took a hike, running like scared rabbit, stepping the gas, beating a hasty retreat, de camps, makes scarce, made break for it, gat hell out, de parting, dis-patch, out-stripped, making snappy, made escape, gets away, made getaway, de-part, re-aching, toil, stepped on it, ran out on, make a break, shakes leg, goes like bat out of hell, makes a break, speed, get it, Sallying, leave holding the bag, go like bat out hell, deadbolted, not lose a minuted, hotfoot, whishes, rush off, running like the wind, lost no time, making one escape, overtake, leaved flat, making ones escape, taking a hike, made scarce, leaving flat, made quick exit, bowl, made one's escape, gets it, were quick, be stir, ran like wind, leaved high and dry, boogieing, not lose minuted, making escape, run like the wind, gets move on, scud, whished, hightails it, making a break, ex-pressing, stepping along, made a getaway, making tracks, hop along, got move on, being quick, got on it, make time, scutters, work, beats hasty retreat, de-camped, stepped the gas, in hales, ex-press, skirrs, grub, Bestirring, race, go, made short work of, travail, making it snappy, make break, hopping along, getting it, wert quick, step the gas, out strips, outrun, in-hale, made it snappy, goes like lightning, made ones escape, moil, out-stripping, slipped away, quicken, making one's escape, speeds up, Scutter, cut run, beats a hasty retreat, went like lightning, steps on gas, not lose a minuting, smoking, makes a run for it, going like bat out of hell, wastes no time, hightailed it, is quick, beating hasty retreat, re-treating, breeze, goes like bat out hell, stepping on gas, lose no time, make one's escape, plunge ahead, Barrelling, make tracks, step on gas, fire up, accelerate, whish, deadbolting, gat it, rip, make a getaway, Jed, makes quick exit, scurry, speeding up, dogging it, out-strips, scoot, legging it, tare out, step along, hightail it, leave flat, stepping it, boogies, rush at, re ached, got away, go like bat out of hell, J, de-parts, dogs it, hump, make getaway, making short work of, goes like a bat out of hell, skirring, forward, left flat, takes a hike, barreled, stepping gas, running its course, running like wind, made time, run out on, bulleted, got a move on, ex pressing, Careering, made haste, wasted no time, stepped along, makes ones escape, scramble, get hell out, swallows whole, run its course, in-haling, be stirs, shaking a leg, scamper, barrel, tears out, went like a bat out hell, leave high dry, turn on steam, made break, goes like the wind, making haste, dis patching, firing up, ex press, kiss goodbye, getting hell out, moving quickly, be-stir, re treats, leaving holding bag, goes like wind, made oneself scarce, gat the hell out, flighting, whip around, skedaddle, not lose minute, left high dry, made run for it, tore out, makes time, shaking leg, stepped gas, Hasting, de-camps, dis-patching, was quick, step on the gas, tear, beelining, bestir, gat cracking, turning on steam, make a break for it, barrelled, get cracking, makes snappy, slipt away, re-treated, go like a bat out of hell, make quick exit, kisses goodbye, makes short work of, rushes off, stampede, de-parted, went like the wind, stepped on the gas, shake a leg, speed up, shakes a leg, cutting and run, taking flight, making a run for it, swallowing whole, Sallied, whipping around, step it, hurried up, making a break for it, stepped on gas, whirl, make escape, steps on it, making run for it, making a getaway, making break, rushed at, step gas, hightailing it, plug, not lose a minute, gotten away, steps on the gas, hurry up, kissed goodbye, stepping on it, exert, sped away, leaving holding the bag, made a break, speeded up, gotten the hell out, boogie, go like the wind, makes a break for it, gotten a move on, move fast, Hasted, make haste, turn steam, take a hike, cut and run, speeds away, whishing, takes wing, takes hike, outstrip, taking wing, whiz, leaves holding the bag, getting cracking, get move on, fly the coop, re-ached, speeded away, beat hasty retreat, making time, steps it, bestirs, got it, gotten it, gets hell out, Bestirred, dis-patches, moved quickly, skirred, going like a bat out hell, goes like a bat out hell, flies the coop, push, whips around, waste no time, re-treat, make scarce, whipt around, de parted, cutting run, ex pressed, grind, re aching, taking hike, hurrying up, go like wind, flew the coop, moving fast, makes getaway, Scarfing, took hike, going like wind, step on it, Hurries, hasten, flies coop, Fleeted, went like bat out hell, DO, JS, run, de camping, going like bat out hell, shags, losing no time, bolt, went like wind, whipped around, steps along, turning steam, shake leg, make ones escape, sped up, gets the hell out, in haling, run like scared rabbit, flee, beelined, ran its course, make snappy, re-treats, re treating, Skirr, made a break for it, in-haled, got hell out, dart, leaving high and dry, are quick, making quick exit, rushing at, shagging.