Slow down

Pronunciation of Slow Down
/slˈə͡ʊ dˈa͡ʊn/, /slˈə‍ʊ dˈa‍ʊn/, /s_l_ˈəʊ d_ˈaʊ_n/

Antonyms for slow down

include, indulge, opened up, hammer on, exonerate, excite, further, put afterburners, praise, build, explain, stepped on gas, miss, tap, aid, enhance, energize, lose, stepped gas, give, putting on afterburners, irritate, purify, Gunning, stepping on gas, upgrade, DO, nailing it, complete, unmask, making tracks, lays a patch, unclog, revving, aggravate, pour, rev up, loose, begin, revs up, lay rubber, puts pedal metal, unfasten, add, peeled rubber, succeed, rise, untwist, hammering on, build up, unburden, animate, go, laid a patch, refresh, meet, railroading, scatter, nails it, assist, nail it, permit, leave, uncover, firing up, forward, welcome, boost, tangle, liberate, allow, stiffen, expand, finish, relieve, compliment, push, benefit, reveal, achieve, not touch, win, untie, opening up, rush, step on gas, grow, upset, REVS, tighten, prepare, open up, steps gas, laying patch, clean, tooling, stretch, laud, release, revved up, labor, fires up, please, gladden, approve, ascend, maintain, exclude, made tracks, rev, putting pedal to metal, hasten, start, work hard, make happy, promote, obey, hammers on, peel rubber, worsen, forwarding, lay bare, improve, tooled, facilitate, offer, loosen, advance, tense, laying rubber, Furthering, comfort, laid patch, agitate, sped up, putting pedal metal, lay patch, amplify, buck, face, strengthen, develop, free, laid rubber, railroaded, help, persevere, impelled, lay a patch, make tracks, expedite, Hurries, revved, lengthen, puts afterburners, let go, step gas, go up, uncomplicate, accelerate, pass up, open, puts on afterburners, speed, remove, incite, fire up, worry, putting afterburners, encourage, speeded up, speeding up, peeling rubber, tense up, comply, hammered on, puts pedal to metal, Unstop, put pedal to metal, activate, laying a patch, gunned, makes tracks, disperse, lays patch, raise, peels rubber, enlarge, prolong, increase, ready, abet, quicken, stepping gas, clear, put on afterburners, twist, opens up, invigorate, soothe, carry out, hurry, steps on gas, wind, extend, support, revving up, speeds up, run, untangle, lays rubber, speed up, unplug, put pedal metal, unblock, continue, intensify, nailed it.