Pronunciation of Request
/ɹɪkwˈɛst/, /ɹɪkwˈɛst/, /ɹ_ɪ_k_w_ˈɛ_s_t/

Antonyms for request

apologeticses, re pay, re-dress, presentments, took an eye for an eye, jives, off-times, scratches back, re occurring, giving snappy comeback, re appears, venging, snap back, lipped, re warded, restorings, inter view, gives snappy comeback, re percussed, re-venues, handed back, de-creed, taking the reins, exact, be equivalent, re-veals, broke silence, re visitation, fixes one wagon, re-treated, re-flex, getting touch, re-turns, reinstatement, gotten in touch, breaks silence, re placed, spieling, re-fund, re-bating, peroration, wast out for blood, is touch with, threw back, utterance, feeling return, re-coiled, calling tune, counter charges, scratching one's back, counter-charge, back talked, Repercussing, arriving at, pre text, prepares draft, makes known, call play, serving out, re-establishes, serves out, putting into words, presentment, re venges, counter-claiming, respond, inter changed, backing you, paid one's dues, gotten back to, ex-press, re pairing, Responding, stick it to, feel in return, fixt wagon, took the reins, back talking, re-occurrences, re sounds, de-fending, giving just desserts, lays down law, reinserted, re turns, fix one's wagon, re-joins, re-stores, re-bound, re-instatement, re verse, retracing steps, counter-action, confutations, re-venge, Regimenting, re tired, re occurred, re-solutions, re unite, Recrudescences, re-establishment, taking eye for eye, backcap, harked back to, wert touch, re-placement, be-having, re petition, in-come, showing profit, dis courses, being equivalent, went again, re joining, pay one's dues, re-flections, re percussing, re joinders, rejoin, re-agency, re sound, re-deeming, re-butted, dis-closure, be-stow, evened score, inter viewing, kneejerk, am out for blood, co-pout, laid down law, spieled, re-hearses, tits for tat, re citations, hitting back, making a killing, fixt one wagon, cashing in on, riposting, prepare draft, pre-texts, re visiting, pay one dues, inter-views, Reentering, pays one's dues, calls the tune, arrived at, gives comeuppance, ex planations, counter charge, answers back, be stow, takes eye for an eye, pays dividend, accruements, re-paying, reply, fixes one's wagon, wert in touch, be-haves, dis proved, paying one dues, dis prove, ex-plained, were in touch with, acts response, fix ones wagon, field question, ex plained, cashing on, prerequisites, counter-argument, re-considering, dis-proves, turning the tables on, re-appeared, Repercussed, counter-claims, dis closing, re-version, took eye for eye, rebated, re-verse, got back to, re flex, re quite, reinserting, re flections, paying one's dues, art touch, wordplay, take an eye for an eye, stuck it to, making known, answer backs, circle back, re-strictions, making reprisal, wast touch, de-liver, re visit, re seated, enforce, re producing, back you, give voice, pay back, calls play, copout, counter balance, scratches one back, re bates, pay back spades, de livery, read the riot act, sanctifications, fixing one wagon, re-bate, pay ones dues, cleanups, de-fend, made reprisal, ex-plaining, reenters, field the question, called the tune, re occurrence, counterclaimed, pre-scribe, re funds, walk heavy, am touch, fiat, re veals, pro vision, re establishment, governs, pre-scribed, re-bounds, evens the score, re deeming, pro fits, re agencies, re-dressed, dis-closures, makes up for, in voices, fielding the question, puts into words, reels back, pre-scribing, counterstatements, re-solve, pro-fits, Reinsert, Reenter, reject, recrudescence, backed you, snaps back, re-established, counterclaiming, were in touch, fixing wagon, apologizings, re joins, pre-text, ex plaining, give forth, re bate, re-treats, counter argument, felt in return, pre requisites, backs at you, return, calls the play, copouts, re cords, traded, re examined, re-pay, retort, rhetorical question, re-tort, re entered, payed off, takings, titted for tat, being in touch, even score, re-inserting, re acting, were touch, laid down the law, rolled back, re-solving, re-considered, were equivalent, de liver, decretum, shows profit, re-petitions, re store, wast touch with, re butting, wast in touch with, re-joining, command, re-deems, re pairs, in-voices, re tires, re paid, counteraccusations, requite, sticks it to, paying back, re-percussed, walked heavy, band aid, re appearing, put into words, makes for, turned the tables on, were touch with, re funding, re-enters, re-produces, re bating, whatfor, paid dividend, counter-statement, re-percussion, de-clares, re funded, re turn, re citing, re-possession, give, re-visits, puts foot down, bons mots, re-treating, counterclaim, addressings, re butted, re-appearances, reading riot act, pre-conditions, fielded the question, re-marked, re-visit, counter balances, re sounding, re considered, dis-proving, got in touch, re-unite, re-instating, re-petition, made killing, counterstatement, counter statements, ex-planations, read riot act, are in touch, give just desserts, reflect, re considering, calling the tune, pays back spades, re establish, handing back, make a killing, re bound, dis-course, re pays, re coiled, re-solution, extort, lays down, comebacking, re-instates, de clare, is in touch, re-buttals, why wherefore, re payments, be-stows, palliatives, insist, snapping back, blow-by-blows, thrusts back, arrives at, re-occurs, countercharges, venged, re occurrences, off-time, re-plying, reseats, thrusting back, re-venged, reads riot act, re inserted, made up for, pays off, re-establishments, Revisitation, re percuss, is equivalent, re produced, re-occur, put forth, harks back to, re inserts, re-marking, whole ideas, ukases, turn the tables on, pre scribing, re marks, in voice, settles up, re dress, re-sounded, fielding question, make killing, fielded question, laying down law, re flection, song dance, paid back spades, give comeuppance, scratch one back, de livered, re-appearing, comebacked, re-appears, give account, payed back, scratching ones back, jive, talk back, feel for, counterarguments, re-visiting, ex-pressing, art out for blood, be out for blood, act response, giving comeuppance, re tort, giving forth, feedbacked, re join, re entering, re-places, ukase, pre texts, re-pairs, re flexes, Lipping, get back to, throw back, reentered, circled back, shoot back, riposted, rolling back, re-curred, re-tire, carrying back, re-veal, re place, re-versions, be touch, parting shots, revenge, pronunciamentos, reciprocate, re payment, reagencies, gave forth, answered back, wast in touch, acted response, re examines, fix one wagon, making good, in comes, walks heavy, be stowing, come back at, re-instate, get touch, moves back, scratched back, talks back, reseated, walking heavy, Re-turn, inter-viewing, inter-changes, fixed ones wagon, be haves, re-pairing, snapped back, cleaning up, re plied, re cites, writ back, hailings, gave comeuppance, re-citation, am touch with, venges, re considers, fixed wagon, gat in touch, re percussion, de clares, re united, dis-prove, make known, paid one dues, are touch with, re-produced, is touch, counter claiming, cash on, re solve, feeling for, took reins, lay down law, was touch with, re produces, ex-plain, re petitions, call the tune, drafted correspondence, doubletake, payed one's dues, re-peats, making for, lays down the law, are out for blood, scratched one back, whitewashings, fix wagon, moving back, dis-close, sticked it to, wittinesses, re version, breaking silence, toss back, the tickets, re visits, fixt one's wagon, be-have, communiques, re-considers, makes killing, titting for tat, scratched ones back, settled with, re curred, re instate, lay down the law, give a snappy comeback, settle with, backs you, settling with, scratching back, retraced steps, payed dividend, re bounding, showed profit, alibi, called tune, dis closes, re-treat, called the play, was touch, hands back, re-examined, pro-viso, re bounds, re-quite, Reestablishment, re cited, re-peat, sanctification, re percussions, call shots, re turning, cop outs, take eye for eye, re hearses, cashed on, re-torts, comes back at, counter-balance, repercusses, re-sounding, tossed back, gave account, fixing one's wagon, re-versed, cop-outs, counter-statements, re-coiling, dis-closed, pre-scribes, perorations, counterclaims, pays ones dues, writing back, are in touch with, re unites, making killing, re mark, de livering, re appearances, turns tables on, re-appear, ex plain, re-cord, band aids, re-instatements, double-takes, goes again, re-visitation, recompensings, re ported, re-placements, made known, re torts, re-cites, counter poise, re-payment, co pout, settles with, re-buttal, re-insert, re seats, go again, paid back, re venue, feels for, dis-closes, re establishes, paid back in spades, de-liveries, re turned, re actions, sticks to, re stored, re-dresses, re-occurred, turns the tables on, giving account, Re-mark, back answer, de-livers, decretums, re-warded, re-united, rebating, re-solved, paid dues, re solves, calling the play, takes reins, scratched one's back, de liveries, feedbacking, give snappy comeback, gat touch, re examining, re-curring, draft correspondence, Re-sound, turn tables on, homecoming, retrace steps, feels in return, de livers, re-lated, re-hearse, take eye for an eye, de-fends, fields question, re-coil, re establishing, re storing, gets touch, scratches one's back, wittiness, band-aids, re-cited, reeling back, be stows, calling play, puts in to words, re buttal, re-flexes, re-deem, returning the compliment, knee-jerks, re bated, tost back, repudiate, offtime, apologetics, inter viewed, re treating, edict, laid down, excusings, say, Re-entering, re instatement, put back, make for, claim, re-dressing, pre condition, re coiling, gat back to, communique, de fenses, de-fended, inter-change, acts in response, re visited, re-citations, restitutioned, drafting correspondence, re-agencies, defense, re places, returned compliment, prepared draft, re-storing, blow by blows, am equivalent, re seat, putting foot down, dis proves, de fended, arrive at, kneejerk reaction, wherefores, whatfors, re-paid, re-flection, art in touch with, re solutions, ex plains, hand back, dis-proved, re-seated, was in touch, counter claimed, putting forth, re seating, cashes in on, re-produce, re-percuss, re-venging, re tiring, counter claim, deny, makes reprisal, paying off, re-consider, re appearance, made amends, ex press, tosses back, tell, move back, re-stored, re joinder, roll back, get in touch, are equivalent, counter-accusations, acting response, blow by blow, write back, art in touch, feels return, puts forth, sticking to, acting in response, make up for, pro-visos, de fend, wert in touch with, rolls back, call the play, backed at you, pre-requisite, gives voice, re-paired, shoots back, ex pressed, stipulation, re-occurring, served out, carried back, stick to, returns compliment, taking an eye for an eye, de-livery, re joined, act in response, thank you note, settled up, bandaid, cleaned up, string attached, re tire, re-pays, toppers, counteraccusation, going again, counter-accusation, re coil, cashed in on, be in touch with, repeat performances, re-payments, re marking, antiphons, circles back, re examine, dis closed, re-plied, wrote back, inter changing, hits back, being in touch with, hark back to, antiphon, be touch with, counter-claim, re paired, re fund, sayso, counter statement, takes the reins, airtight cases, getting back to, countercharge, re uniting, pay dues, show profit, thankyou note, counter-poise, de creed, comeback, re dressing, counter-charges, stuck to, drafts correspondence, talked back, dis proving, hit back, re inserting, co pouts, inter changes, cleanup, pro fit, reseat, art touch with, reading the riot act, reagency, refuse, re-percussing, dis-closing, payed back in spades, giving voice, back at you, circling back, be in touch, re percusses, sticked to, reaction, Venge, take an eye for eye, gets in touch, taking reins, re enters, pre conditions, call tune, pro viso, say so, reads the riot act, requirements, doubletakes, offtimes, re-funds, turning tables on, takes eye for eye, pays one dues, put foot down, retraces steps, re strictions, pro-visions, de-clare, put in to words, be stowed, inter views, laying down, coming again, bon mot, scratch one's back, re peat, re-producing, was out for blood, re treats, gave voice, re pair, acted in response, why and wherefores, re-uniting, re placements, de fending, re appear, make good, re marked, gives account, re versions, makes amends, re-possessions, riposte, dis close, counter-claimed, be-stowed, airtight case, giving a snappy comeback, taking an eye for eye, comes again, refusal, make amends, re-bounding, re-seat, return the compliment, writes back, gets back to, pay dividend, re-venue, turned tables on, vibes, carry back, palliative, taking eye for an eye, counterargument, re citation, clean up, being out for blood, re possession, re-acted, re-solves, reeled back, re-funded, re venged, take the reins, payed one dues, re-establish, thank you notes, returning compliment, backing at you, counter-poises, de fends, fixes wagon, evening score, re appeared, reflexes, paying back spades, payed dues, ex-plains, re deemed, wert out for blood, talking back, re-seats, re-pair, cash in on, harking back to, come again, shot back, re-inserts, fields the question, counter actions, carries back, re-turning, dis course, re-cords, re-unites, re-placed, dictum, counter accusations, reel back, answer, rhetorical questions, reseating, inter change, paid off, evened the score, scratching one back, counter-balances, in-voice, pro visions, confutation, ex planation, being touch with, re-marks, takes an eye for an eye, thankyou notes, settling up, re-seating, re-coils, re consider, re-joinder, dis closure, being touch, takes an eye for eye, coming back at, paying ones dues, re porting, re bounded, came again, laying down the law, pre-condition, inter-changing, pre-requisites, re-bated, re venues, re-examines, bandaids, come to, re-enter, gives just desserts, pre scribe, called play, de-livering, re coils, counter accusation, de-livered, back answers, response, re late, co-pouts, settle up, gave just desserts, feeling in return, wordplays, re-visitations, paid ones dues, re-inserted, re versing, gotten touch, re-tiring, double-take, re agency, serve out, de-fenses, vibe, re-ported, is in touch with, dis-courses, counter arguments, re deem, be-stowing, justification, re venging, got touch, backcaps, paying dividend, counter-arguments, in come, lay down, re peats, re-porting, re instated, re established, break silence, kneejerks, counter claims, re-butting, re venge, thank-you notes, re acted, shooting back, mandate, counter poises, goahead, inter-view, make reprisal, re-sounds, be having, re dresses, wert touch with, fixed one wagon, re stores, payed back spades, recoilings, pays back in spades, re-joined, re occurs, homecomings, making amends, paying back in spades, re-occurrence, why wherefores, ex pressing, brake silence, re paying, counter action, re plying, re-warding, was equivalent, reinstatements, take reins, return compliment, fixing ones wagon, answer back, dictate, re cord, re curring, string attacheds, throwing back, pay back in spades, re-percussions, was in touch with, cop-out, re-turned, counter-actions, are touch, be have, paying dues, made a killing, took an eye for eye, re-striction, pro-vision, cleans up, re warding, scratch ones back, makes a killing, answering back, cashes on, re striction, calls tune, accruement, re placing, re-bounded, parting shot, rejoinder, makes good, re instating, gives forth, statement, dis closures, came back at.