Pronunciation of Give
/ɡˈɪv/, /ɡˈɪv/, /ɡ_ˈɪ_v/

Antonyms for give

not let went, busting in, dis figures, go with, inks, arrives at, luxuriating in, forces up on, firms deal, laid on, focalizes, dis organizes, ex-cogitate, gotten hook, over-haul, re-served, coming around, gets way, misapply, torpedo, be spoken, come into, Bumming, over-spreading, de falcate, Inroading, smash grab, putting dibs on, being in on, trifle, is big on, get out of hock, dis-lodges, puts the snare on, is party to, pinched pennies, Vellicated, get ones fingers on, Kipe, take it lying down, wast efficacious, putting hand cookie jar, lays for, have occasion for, is big about, cut in on, de rived, heisting, head off pass, has dibs on something, win, hurting for, mulct, take to court, re store, put two cents in, Palming, was down and out, giving rise to, haddest finger in, being down out, cashed in on, with-drawing, had up, holds knife to, dis quieted, caught act, wormed one's way out of, re-aching, mis-appropriating, had dibs on something, hold a knife to, is hard up, dropped by, de-frauds, dis-embarrasses, gotten the meat, dis connected, constrict, getting to the meat, setting free, be in want, dis places, catching hold of, dis-continue, pink slipt, haddest use for, hits for, do takeoff, be-speaking, signing off on, de-solates, doing takeoff, pulled out the fire, bodied snatch, live off of, lit up on, feeling necessity for, brings to ground, selling a bill goods, up lift, mis represent, idle, lay bare, Preengaging, make fast buck, fight, getting in the way, taking on chin, pulling fast one, impound, art line for, moonlighting, de-vote, throws book at, humoring, crowded in, re cognizes, break into, hits upon, embrace, brake train of thought, charging duty, discriminating against, begrudge, de-ludes, worm way out of, clings to, firming a deal, worms one's way out of, be reave, enters plea, excorticated, palms, were deprived, seeing the alley, catch in act, Lofted, dillydally, nabs at, catching off-balance, strong arm, setting about, pigeon, pickpocketed, yens for, gat in way, complied with, re-acted, worsted, art successful, catches offguard, become indebted, ex cogitate, followed closely, popped in, shakes down, taking the chin, de falcated, de-files, saves life of, is near to, art deprived, buying up, haddest a finger in, pulling the wool over one eyes, covet, art need of, was a party to, be set, out smarts, bust in, be-holds, chaws on, happen upon, out-think, came in to, putting the cuff, infracts, dis lodge, leave ruins, re strains, pressurized, passes the hat, make mess of, gets hook, laid hold of, sets one heart on, nickelling up, hath in for, Lacked, cries out for, de nude, dognaping, pro-cures, corks up, was hard up, puts the shake on, grudge, meets with, sticked up, hauls in to court, dis-figure, hitting upon, gloss over, forgathered, dost takeoff, co-axing, files a claim, hath finger in, re duce, re deeming, institutes legal proceedings, brings an action, be-speak, cutting corners, bringing home groceries, be-hold, come in to, eats ones heart out, doubledeal, is deprived, wast into, shorted, accroached, be-set, doest the trick, misemploys, open up, was in on, Provisioning, catches in act, Housed, Bankrupting, fored, brings pressure to bear upon, accept offer, gain control, bamboozle, fall upon, in-quires, re lax, re-serving, boots out, demands toll, wast deficient, dis charges, brought the ground, are impoverished, didst takeoff, all owing, de sires, comes board, dis-patched, hath effect, ex terminating, lean against, puts aside for rainy day, come on board, catching act, Colling, sells a bill of goods, was short, pay through the nose, be fuddles, lay claim to, do like, ex-cogitates, seeing alley, teems with, prearranged, took for a ride, over-tiring, inter lope, be draggled, pro-motes, were down and out, in-haled, hurts for, didst take off, be want, de-creased, bumoff, dis figured, re claims, strip, re sorting, stay course, pigeoning, look for, abduct, following closely, with standing, squeeze in, getting out of hock, laying one hands on, hammer out deal, keep on hand, co oking, lived off of, slow up, exheridated, bear hugging, doing a takeoff, interned, goes down the line, pushed for, dis-places, tensing, repress, having use for, appeal, am deficient, hurt, gotten off the hook, de ludes, sate in on, heads pass, pre served, arrogate, has it in for, re fusing, in-stalling, follows closely, fall on, going hungry, sponge on, over-charges, de ranges, de ranged, with stood, accessing, putting the shake on, taking in one's arms, mis-places, got ones hands on, come to, defraud, de voted, fences in, dis figuring, gets top, setting ones heart on, am receipt of, dis-patching, send, be given, slaps with, in haling, were subjected to, force up on, embark upon, gives note for, inter-feres, latching to, going down the line, fail to keep, playing for sucker, looking high and low, hunt illegally, left no stone unturned, victual, didst a number on, giving a break, called up, charged duty, set one heart on, takes cleaners, Indisposing, potter, take in arms, looks over for, put in practice, re pairs, drop in on, dis placing, gat in the way, pro visioned, suckers into, looked high and low, getting in act, came over, wert receipt of, dis-appeared, be party to, cut out will, bring on board, goosing, stiffed, played games with, rolling out red carpet, de ducts, out generals, weed out, think of as, disaffiliated, put hand till, caught off-guard, tackle, cut out of will, doth right, re gained, be-grudge, head off at pass, did all right, decided upon, pulled the wool over one eyes, has a finger in, caught unawares, drew together, solicited charity, grow famous, sconces, enbosom, thieving, up rooted, prorogue, am big on, in fringe, sub-sides, mis apply, cuts out of will, wrought out details, hold up, brought home, face, am action, con, gat off hook, figure out, setting aside, cracks down, dropping by, pressurizing, stops work, work on, de-clines, stopping work, mis represents, gotten to meat, mis spend, with draws, wreaked havoc on, iced, its a deals, be thrifty, dis-figured, hefts, re-quiring, denudated, descended up on, breaks train of thought, submits to, not let go, armtwists, wert seized, dis-appointing, mendicates, am jealous, Welch, petition, showing in, destroy, art in need of, signing papers, re-leased, Fagging, bursting in on, highjacked, be wilder, raised high, out jockeys, does a take-off, suffer loss, cuts in on, buy up, art thrifty, ex tract, swear to, pre tend, ex-tort, shortstops, payed through the nose, de rives, see ones uncle, suckers in to, de thrones, aspires to, un covers, voting for, possess oneself of, lived hand mouth, faked out, led on, heading off at pass, dis counted, hosing, Beggared, makes pay through nose, gotten in act, getting fingers on, in-fringe, cheat, goes in, out-guessing, strafed, Rifted, be-sieges, extend, carried away, buttonhole, re-sents, looked after, de-predating, be grudge, acted like, ex-terminate, re-gains, re-stored, putting up with, do take-off, re-covers, are in line for, Sconced, evulse, hits with, over-take, be draggling, doeth right, got out of hock, making inroads, clamor for, hung in, passes quietly, de crease, fine-tooth-combs, dis till, descends upon, pro-vide, bringing to ruin, swarmed over, up-graded, go hungry, re-sort, keeping close, be successful, hast dibs on something, snipe, interprets as, cried out for, puts into effect, un leashed, brought pressure to bear, art inadequate, puts hand in till, dis place, are without, sees one uncle, over-turning, prorogues, wert careless, de filed, re calling, bring light, take for, use temporarily, in-hale, inter fere, pull ones leg, dis-obey, dis-tilling, brought to end, latching onto, getting the way, busted in, interfering with, haddest up, bare hard on, are a party to, art in receipt of, art in line for, in-vents, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, taking captive, allows entrance, catch redhanded, be reaving, intro-duce, takes the chin, locked up, hang there, opts for, art needy, cast out, lays impost, hunted illegally, got to meat, are sore, infract, cashing on, putting cuffs on, called forth, pays one's dues, grinning bear it, hadst effect, happening up on, kept on hand, dis-covered, is impoverished, opting for, dis-locate, lies close, gat to meat, pulled wool over ones eyes, has eye on, happens upon, getting to the top, monkey, worms in, dis tort, re solve, torpedoed, being gainfully employed, over-charge, over throws, doubledealing, siphoning, go over with a finetooth comb, ran with, moonlighted requisition, imposed upon, de-fraud, becomes infected with, doest a number on, de-spoils, art impoverished, ex pended, broke into, with-held, pro-mise, are reduced, makes a mess of, cut off without a cent, casting about, be-hooves, gets one fingers on, playing joke on, dis-inheriting, grins bear it, stack the deck, un dresses, putting cuff, suffered loss, filed for, pulled apart, wert impoverished, were careless, sold bill of goods, dropped on, re covering, sucker into, stick up, driving out, be seized, drave out, bring ground, dis quiets, veto, re covered, co axing, files claim, be-witched, hast up, being reduced, stretch, de-posit, mis-applying, getting ones fingers on, dis-embarrass, went down with, putting the snare on, are tender, having it for, is reluctant, re-acquiring, took cleaner, yearned for, hauling in to court, upheave, were hard up, get one hands on, swept away, arm twist, dis-patch, armtwisting, shake hands, be big on, sit in on, are afflicted with, was informed, wast careless, bringing pressure to bear up on, caught offbalance, in curred, double cross, fell on, sur-ceasing, art big about, keep close, drawing in, pre serving, hitting up for, gives a break, gave a note for, doest a takeoff, Syncopating, over charging, taking part, deals in, gave one's word, ushers in, putting on cuff, buy in to, stretched out, filing suit, tithes, drying up, ex terminates, came on to, carrying torch, upheaved, Suckering, de fault, hit upon, re-serves, earn, sandbagged, look in, fatigue, took death, de solated, taking out after, fast talked, took out after, came around, mis spending, wrought havoc on, aspired to, makes ones own, get fingers on, come down, trades in, seeing in the alley, pulling leg, took to cleaner's, re-straining, seeing one's uncle, opening up, re marking, dis-tresses, came board, looks after, came on board, under gone, swearing to, catheterize, wert smitten by, am want, dis-organized, Creamed, pull apart, catching off-guard, pro vided, art in to, put muscle on, be-draggle, hit up on, pre-vails, applied to, making good, apply to, de files, wert gainfully employed, rigidifying, with-standing, haddest hots for, putting the touch on, calls on, sits take it, counterclaims, put the snare on, in-cite, smashed grab, chicaned, files for, accepting offer, ex pressing, passing quietly, hadst for, sells a bill goods, gotten hold of, out doing, brings pressure bear, in-quiring, art frugal, cooping up, haul into court, is on, all-owed, Outgeneraling, havocking, do the trick, getting in the act, over-powered, leaved ruins, siphoned, asks alms, busts in, out-doing, hurt for, hath occasion to, bundles off, being told, suck dry, cutting out of will, consented to, bringing end, go over with a fine-tooth comb, un clothes, am tender, paid one's dues, up-rooting, accepted offer, amount charge, takes out of play, accepts offer, filing a claim, up-hove, stops by, dis joins, strike, pinned down, catch hold of, dis-affiliate, took cleaner's, wert successful, dis torts, submitting to, putting on the cuff, wast frugal, double deal, coop up, launch, puts the arm on, lay away, be tender, pacted, being subjected to, pro fesses, meet under arch, was afflicted with, feather nest, hanged in, chancing up on, dis-entangling, descend up on, forgathers, housebroke, up-lift, shanghai, suffer, confisticating, hitting for, roll back, calls upon, gotten one fingers on, moonlight requisition, cutting off without a cent, in-stall, is subjected to, mis appropriating, laid away, cut without cent, get hands on, gaining control, cover, de creased, balloting, GIPS, wast subjected to, making off with, eating one heart out, scammed, clapped hands on, over-whelming, KIPS, holds fast, latches to, ask, are big on, out wit, un covered, signs up, insisted on, spurn, stop work, re plicated, catching the act, interpreting as, runs game on, gotten one hands on, buncoing, Lofting, beats around bush, hauled into court, corked up, hide, dis tresses, insist on, armtwist, falling victim to, became infected with, dis-possesses, makes use of, calling on, looking forward to, jump up, dis mantle, out-guessed, over powers, making welcome, pickpocketing, give the 1-2-3, Pirating, over throwing, dis charging, am afflicted with, Thumbing, thumbs, gives a note for, gat from, am successful, Homologate, being aware of, clamored for, re-legate, squeeze, de coyed, made off with, being frugal, hast the law on, holds over, play games with, grabbed hold of, re duces, did takeoff, puts in to effect, dis locate, Hefting, be speak, re-trench, being receipt of, dawdle, slow down, up-lifting, ex-acts, gotten hands on, thought as, de-posing, gotten results, para phrasing, pull wool over one's eyes, fag, bringing pressure to bear, be-holding, in-terns, de-solate, pulled wool over eyes, block, Leeching, clinch, de-predated, indisposes, kipping, dis embarrass, hast finger in, ask alms, put the touch on, brought pressure bear, sub dues, brought ground, para phrases, gets from, took the cleaners, de face, felt a dearth of, brought pressure to bear upon, being party to, re claim, spoilt for, gat way, de-file, putting in, clean out, up-sets, up grade, resorted to, doing number on, indispose, make pay, hold knife to, felt necessity for, de filing, admit, died for, de sired, re-plicate, de-posed, evulsing, gives one word, dis inherits, ushered in, de-pose, pays a call, failing keep, were in on, over tiring, brings home the groceries, wast told, confiscate, sur-ceases, wink at, making one's own, shows the door, de solates, wert thrifty, sent up, brings to end, requisitioned, dis-order, re-storing, mis representing, acting like, Desiderated, comes on to, firmed a deal, hitting up, resume, ignore, got in way, be ginning, begged borrow or steal, decides up on, gobbles up, take it on the chin, chancing upon, be held, dis continues, latched on to, wert near to, be-guile, arm-twist, negative, turn down, re-pair, phonied, break train thought, hadst law on, becomes popular, un looses, takes possession of, fake out, de voting, brought to the ground, were efficacious, calling upon, chime in, get hold of, re-tains, re paired, out thought, pull leg, doeth a number on, sees in court, in quiring, whistle for, passed hat, art short, being in receipt of, keep out, Tiptoes, falling on, re produces, marching on, dis entangling, shake hands on it, receive, waited out, de ranging, up-heaved, does take-off, de faults, dimed up, re-aping, astringes, in-gests, re-capturing, does a takeoff, ex pulses, brought board, am in action, put practice, lays hands on, mis-applied, re pair, re-sent, bringing home, co oked, take arms, goes stealthily, catching in the act, buying out, forced upon, re trench, walks with, retain, whistling for, dis appointing, made big, dragging in to court, rescue, elbow in, dis-mantling, hangs onto, hath law on, am subjected to, inter cept, is deficient, got way, took possession of, request, didst a take off, harrow, come by, yearning for, keep, bodying snatch, paid through nose, die for, sent for, up-raised, am ill with, be-grudged, gave 1 2 3, deplete, mis-representing, cuts off without cent, headed off at pass, sued for, consent to, deprives of property, wert reduced, throw in to the street, look forward to, stores up, grow less, suckered in to, de-coying, digs into, makes it, ex-pulsed, pulling a fast one, puts a lock on, having dibs something, de-rived, hitting up on, overspread, haul in to court, gets ones hands on, gain possession, pro-fess, mis spends, beared aloft, puts hand till, adheres to, throwing into the street, expulsing, blinking at, knocks over, up holds, Shafting, taking from, swipe, doest takeoff, are want, heft, ex-pulse, re strained, fall short, ex cogitating, forcing upon, taking possession of, keeps out, gets out hock, crowds in, de-fend, demand toll, shut in, it a deals, be holding, taking to court, hold over, sets one's heart on, gets ones fingers on, sit still for, take out after, require, make killing, wert deprived, does right, run game on, bleed, waylay, becomes indebted, catches offbalance, are into, nab, with stand, goes over with a finetooth comb, figured out, wreaks havoc on, contract, be-reaves, is poor, take ones death, art reluctant, knocked over, lay one's hands on, comes over, go along with, signing for, carrying off, vote for, claps hands on, ex pulsing, be wildering, took to court, ex-terminated, over turning, takes over, had eye on, drive for, dragoon, art informed, gat off the hook, out maneuvered, confisticates, co-oked, out smart, pre tends, sue for, broke train of thought, is in line for, bringing to end, sign papers, get in the way, de light, keep hand, dis-covers, putting snatch on, sprung on, laid bare, sit in, was receipt of, buys up, sinks teeth in to, dis-located, go over with fine-tooth comb, put on the cuff, having up, itched for, takes it on chin, de lighting, expend, ex cogitated, be-sieging, cutting off without cent, dis perse, suffered privation, in gest, am thrifty, Hungering, packs off, settles on, dis quieting, ex-pends, gives thumbs up, Lassoed, re fused, pro-rogues, be grudging, dost number on, looked in, Obsecrate, de populated, laying hold of, selling bill goods, it's dealt, is need of, pre engages, keeping out, put hand in cookie jar, outgeneral, give note for, latch onto, accepts loan of, gets the act, de-filed, Humbugged, sate on, de coying, come around, fine-tooth-comb, de-throned, gotten one's hands on, re-possess, eats heart out, up set, clapping hand on, is action, glom on to, going in for, doeth like, de-corticated, being deprived, put touch on, pro fit, took part, winned back, re-coup, threw down, accredit, de-coys, possessing oneself of, gain, asserts oneself, living off, dally, dig into, got off the hook, re possess, dis-tort, laying hands on, de stroying, puts writing, out foxed, mis appropriate, re produced, send for, pay one's dues, getting the hook, putter, move up, catch in the act, cleaned up, gets off the hook, dis-charged, gloms to, grab, Astringed, deciding upon, get off the hook, sucking in, hauls into court, sits still for, taking it chin, lie in wait, hide away, crossed up, made ones own, was stingy, wert in action, re-acquired, re-pairs, gat top, dost a take off, loot, fine tooth combing, rucking up, take death, dis-inherited, in corporates, putting in for, over charges, inter-cept, buy out, picked out, being need of, dost take off, arm-twisting, laying bare, made comfortable, sticking nose in to, pro duces, lays in, growing less, wast down out, under going, pulls out the fire, coming into, pre-engage, interfered with, caught red handed, breaking in to, takes to cleaner's, lance, taking out of play, Foxed, feels the pinch, leaved no stone unturned, luxuriated in, pulls out fire, worm ones way out of, ex pends, pinch, dis-appoint, sticking up, shaking hands on it, firmed deal, wait out, playing games with, hankering for, got to top, took in arms, gat sick, dis honoring, palm, piles up, put the cuffs on, uphove, fiddle, sell a bill of goods, caught the act, filed suit, lay close, de predating, carried the torch, blows away, need, Reamed, ex-corticated, overswarmed, in roads, ex pulsed, dis-honor, squeezed in, prehend, art hard up, confirm, dun, de fends, sur ceases, Shafted, commandeer, dis ordered, mis-used, set heart on, living hand mouth, get ones hands on, pulled a fast one, lock up, jerks around, make inroads, play, leaching off, hiking up, having the law on, take on loan, raising money, teemed with, edges in, pays ones dues, dis charge, roll out red carpet, dis-tress, pulls wool over ones eyes, puts one over on, signed off on, Smash and Grab, cut without a cent, brought home groceries, sweeps away, wert in want, are thrifty, mis-leads, has occasion for, were action, cutting without cent, outgenerals, Sank, showed the door, de livers, re-cognizing, cuts off without a cent, defalcate, deprive property, borrow, stop by, is in on, sticked nose in to, dis-robe, be tray, capture, put up with, was in need of, appealed to, being without, de lay, gloved, dis organizing, stopped work, falling upon, is down out, art party to, live of, in-duct, re captures, offed, jerk around, de-fault, zeroing in, bore hard on, pre-engaging, raises high, were told, washed up, fakes out, catches the act, un-dresses, latches on to, de livered, accroaching, Treeing, syncopates, be witching, put dibs on, be-tray, over-swarming, wert without, vellicate, flock together, dis-covering, up-reared, being down and out, de-liver, be having, leave town, out guesses, hold for ransom, out think, dis-quieting, cleans up, disagree, own, buttonholing, re-cedes, over-hauling, dis entangle, enters a plea, am party to, chances up on, re fuses, was impoverished, be subjected to, be witched, de-light, wrench, hitting on, take out of play, sate still for, win back, insists on, cleaning up, making fast buck, takes to the cleaner, calls forth, kiping, de clare, dis embarrassed, re-paired, puts the cuff, leave no stone unturned, de predated, threw into the street, brought pressure bear upon, cut off, dis obeys, un loaded, re-trenching, dis-joined, ex-posed, bring home bacon, re-sorted, de nudes, wracking up, staying put, make use of, getting one hands on, catches red-handed, moonlighted, prearranging, making a mess of, interfere with, catch off-balance, see one's uncle, perceive, calls up on, brings the ground, cuts without a cent, laid one's hands on, scamming, begging borrow or steal, puts in, confisticated, up-hold, crowd in, call to, carry away, closes off, dis-cover, fired on, ratting, slowed up, pulls the wool over one eyes, didst a take-off, take the cleaner's, mis spent, paying call, outwit, congressing, buying in to, doubledealt, am poor, is line for, sur-mounted, arrive at, brings home groceries, buncos, getting meat, out-thought, be ill with, Snaked, out witted, mis-using, insisted up on, falling up on, throw book at, didst all right, gat the top, pre-tended, knocking over, re questing, set ones heart on, fore-closes, be-fuddling, be-sieged, gotten top, thirsts for, HOSED, knock over, puts on cuff, re strict, over tires, put for, ritualizing, head at pass, threw into street, stopped up, be-gun, takes from, doth a take off, beating out of, pre tending, is seized, getting one's fingers on, becoming popular, Cribbing, insists upon, looking in, un seated, taking chunk out of, claps hand on, broke train thought, put a lock on, pre-serving, preferred charges against, submit to, sinking teeth into, Bedraggling, under mining, decided up on, up raise, demanded toll, de-ranged, hold to ransom, dis appoints, dis-robing, laid claim to, de-pressed, doest take off, un-seat, went over with finetooth comb, saw uncle, making buy, art reduced, be sieged, dis charged, has occasion to, dis-unites, out did, puts two cents in, run off with, be needy, simulate, be jealous, pro posing, de-solated, pro-positioning, am sore, shake hands it, was in action, becomes smaller, de throning, beating around bush, happening upon, derive, put the bite on, was efficacious, claimed damages, re coup, stifle, dis-inherit, gets one hands on, bring action, giving a note for, brings ruin, paying a call, pulling one's leg, sur prising, ex terminated, glomming to, took away, inter-lope, suing for, didst the trick, be spake, happen up on, dis-burses, keep back, were in receipt of, brake into, gunned, pinch pennies, dig in to, dis robes, re-move, be-spake, pulls leg, hold out for, re-covering, took in one's arms, sighs for, misappropriate, bursted in on, moonlights requisition, does battle, paying dues, edge in, cashes on, cuts without cent, makes mess of, was careless, de coy, scaring up, wast in to, makes good, in-curring, takes chin, works in, counter claim, succeeded to, being seized, am big about, smashing and grab, had dibs something, dis joining, sur-rendered, corking up, stuck nose in to, instituted legal proceedings, ends run, expulsed, mis-employs, un dress, art big on, re-couped, taking sick with, out distanced, congressed, worked in, looking up on, meet, up rooting, gets to the top, gains possession, be stingy, making pay, gotten one's fingers on, get to the top, carved out, be setting, de throned, up-grades, counter-claim, usher in, put arm on, putting the screws to, gat the act, bought in to, co axed, descend on, require contribution, got meat, FORS, sets heart on, is aware of, de frauds, fenced in, taking prisoner, bring to the ground, being smitten by, sold bill goods, sprang on, grows less, watched over, give break, in tern, de solate, dis locating, welches, pre vailing, bringing back, letted go, insists up on, tuned in, jerking around, takes for ride, leant against, beg borrow steal, take, throwing in to street, foring, gat hands on, rape, re-deems, up holding, glommed onto, dis-obeys, brought on board, re-cover, prehended, dis-honoring, over-charging, Winging, wiling, pulls the wool over one's eyes, pro-roguing, caring for, dis-torts, shotgunning, didst right, dis-lodge, mis-appropriated, drop by, become smaller, tightens belt, bring forth, falls up on, folding in arms, re-acquire, wert poor, growing famous, save for rainy day, re verse, mis-lead, are in receipt of, running into debt, succumbing to, am efficacious, doth all right, be sore, cleaning out, be haves, got one's fingers on, didst number on, dropping in on, re-lax, doeth take-off, gave over, rigidifies, be-grudging, look all over for, digs up, dis-cern, thought of as, did trick, dis inheriting, taking one's arms, get out hock, tithe, getting the meat, bringing pressure bear up on, in sinuates, seize, accept, took ones death, are line for, doth number on, got hook, un-loosed, gives over, laying an impost, descends up on, bring home, eating one's heart out, doubledeals, feel a dearth of, JIP, chaw on, putting into effect, pass hat, dis honor, dis patching, caught off-balance, INS, dimes up, leaning against, stayed near, begged borrow steal, re-strained, brings end, went hungry, waits out, claps a hand on, made with, Mendicate, in vented, spoiling for, making mess of, un loads, cashed on, dis locates, lets in, embarking upon, brought pressure bear up on, made ends meet, pro visions, shook down, run in to debt, putting a lock on, piled up, consents to, under-takes, haddest dibs something, carry off, Toothing, in quired, de pose, doing battle, gets to meat, housebreaks, take in one's arms, sees alley, para phrased, Provisioned, giving break, attending to, be into, taking it on the chin, making it big, pay through nose, taking a chunk out of, descending up on, ex-tract, pulling out the fire, edged in, gives 1-2-3, retrieve, bag, caught off balance, out-wit, hang onto, torpedoing, be-spoken, yenned for, un-clad, using up, bare aloft, de-stroys, pro-pose, de sire, outguesses, hast hots for, mis-represents, felt pinch, pounces on, dis-obeying, puts in practice, being careless, am on, were sore, over-whelms, spoilates, pulled out fire, beat around the bush, putting in to effect, gat hold of, hath the law on, see court, instituting legal proceedings, ex-pulses, were poor, lighted upon, making use of, drag into court, Choused, Boodle, gained possession, playact, be sought, re acquires, hit up for, catches off guard, send up, de-livered, imposing on, possesses of, makes own, laying on, wormed way out of, got the way, itch for, getting hook, am stingy, over powered, being thrifty, took out of play, burst in on, bedraggles, look up on, sling, rolling back, dis-owned, refrain, were aware of, sur-renders, go down with, un earths, making it, lives hand to mouth, run with, in fringes, it's a dealing, took arms, Cockling, un-clothing, make ends meet, has law on, dis-obeyed, over-swarm, living hand to mouth, default, put freeze on, thinks as, cut on, bring back, takes part, being action, cash on, getting one fingers on, wast seized, puts touch on, gather up, was line for, fail, became poorer, is gainfully employed, in cites, optates, shorting, adopt, spoilating, Snowing, dis-entangle, re-captures, brought end, de-stroyed, un loosing, gotten the way, sweeping away, partake of, be draggle, de throne, sat still for, Breaching, draws together, gets the top, are informed, hauling into court, Victualing, were seized, puts snatch on, pro positioned, with draw, in haled, meeting under arch, deal with, saw alley, wast big on, de-tain, dropping on, gat to the top, over reached, falls victim to, ruckled, out foxes, it's dealing, wert down and out, re-marked, pro cures, dis tills, in venting, producing result, get one's hands on, be careless, elbowed in, takes out play, sell a bill goods, taking death, pulls something, dis lodging, sends for, take over, intercept, catching unawares, leaving town, carving out, feel necessity for, out-maneuvers, forgather, nickeling up, inter posing, dis-embarrassing, sticked nose into, took out play, double dealt, stopt work, run into debt, Bankrupted, clapped hand on, wert frugal, in disposed, getting to top, out-general, para-phrase, take cleaner, dry up, out fox, shotgun, took one death, keeps on hand, dis-placing, descending upon, was successful, dieing for, catch off guard, dis-counted, had a finger in, grinned and bear it, dis-appearing, be-lieve, forge, counter claiming, juking, nabbed at, up sets, seeing court, re-lease, doeth trick, gives word, dost a takeoff, Dunning, have the law on, cutting without a cent, laid aside, making a fortune, elicit, re-verse, falls away, gained control, requires contribution, ex cogitates, walked with, took on the chin, pro vide, did the trick, all-owing, didst violence, dis connecting, pro-rogued, advance, rid out, art want, forces out, putting the snatch on, plays for a sucker, re-gain, is jealous, in-dict, un dressed, signing on, ex corticated, un-load, took court, in-ducted, over turns, intro duce, breaking into, takes by surprise, gave note for, calling up, sweettalk, outjockey, made killing, kept close, highjacks, stole from, headed pass, Bummed, out guessing, catches hold of, lived hand to mouth, head pass, dis join, sell bill of goods, gives the 1-2-3, be-reaved, sur rendered, caboodling, sur-prise, out witting, puts practice, over coming, strongarm, tax, pro positions, takes in arms, hath in hand, unclothe, famish, doth like, slip out of, over-comes, dis-robes, had for, make with, de fending, doing the trick, take the cleaner, pro-visioned, wast informed, conking out, be reaves, giving the nod, assume, got hold of, dis organize, be in receipt of, hadst in for, took by storm, enbosomed, have for, made fast buck, consenting to, dis guise, outsmart, re quiring, de-predates, Obsecrating, in-roads, in-vent, art given, is stingy, stopping up, eat heart out, wert in on, infringes up on, de-siring, take one's arms, burgled, up heaved, dis cover, are hard up, re served, conjure, un-earths, am seized, being short, de corticated, un-drest, rifle, over stepping, living of, makes buy, buys into, doth takeoff, withdraw, sucked in, Obtest, ex-cogitating, arm twisted, ran off with, am smitten by, evulses, pulling out of the fire, paid for, de-throne, in-vented, are receipt of, all owed, de stroy, Hefted, hanging up, run away with, dis burses, slows down, take possession, feel the necessity for, dis covering, am aware of, sur cease, laid an impost, dried up, dis-joining, get in way, be draggles, lose, wert in need of, put act, taking for ride, rucked up, bursted on, takes one death, re-strict, under took, rivetted, re-legates, are seized, de-faced, do a take-off, stow away, become infected with, foreclose, meets under arch, saving for rainy day, dis-honors, re-trenched, put cuffs on, un clothed, upheaves, doeth take off, overtired, gotten meat, conscripting, arm-twists, didst trick, supplicate, over takes, ropes in, Trashed, springing on, pulls one leg, cut off without cent, sponges on, getting way, didst take-off, ex torts, gives the nod, haddest in for, buffaloed, had finger in, goes over with finetooth comb, up rearing, ruckling, are short, mis-place, putting two cents in, wrest, produces a result, re gain, were on, carries torch, throw into the street, spoil for, caboodled, interpret as, wert deficient, lay hold of, rolls back, runs off with, calls up, lay in, comes on board, wreaking havoc on, see uncle, taking hold of, puts dibs on, over spreads, under take, hang in, bears hard on, dis continuing, over-takes, makes fast buck, haddest dibs on something, runs a game on, shows door, inter loped, am told, showed in, be-siege, invoke, feels pinch, sighing for, un-clothed, ex acts, succumbed to, un earthing, solicits charity, be-fuddles, re legates, spirited away, producing a result, comes in to, digs in to, were need of, un cover, de-cline, de fend, Ratted, go over with a fine tooth comb, did a number on, neglect, in sinuate, imposes upon, rigidified, be down out, sicken with, sucks in, sets apart, de-feat, being hard up, wins favor, give nod, re quests, heads off at pass, was seized, Juke, out thinks, looks all over for, blockaded, decide on, throwing in to the street, gat ones hands on, mis applied, gave access, Sniping, fall up on, jade, decide upon, up-root, de stroys, glomming on to, occupy, heisted, gotten in way, twitch, feel pinch, give a note for, sitting on, gipping, gets in the act, hanged there, take one death, hast it for, was reluctant, depopulates, teem with, reacquired, do a take off, have eye on, doing trick, falls upon, intromit, getting from, am impoverished, dis guises, art in on, hadst use for, in duce, breached, laying away, come on to, Misemploy, making comfortable, hold, files suit, rob, laying in, cut corners, asserting oneself, winning back, put shake on, lived of, be on, going stealthily, pinning down, wast in want, with-stand, takes arms, be reduced, Focalized, catching redhanded, made inroads, catch off-guard, wast need of, gains control, picking out, wormed one way out of, looking high low, de-lude, catch red handed, ex pulse, contends for, re stores, washing up, re-covered, misemployed, outguess, taking to the cleaners, catch, staid put, re-possessing, pulls apart, am deprived, glommed on to, embezzle, para-phrasing, gives 1 2 3, straighten, nickeled up, took to the cleaner's, pin down, put cuff, wert in line for, hangs there, worm one way out of, pro-fesses, slipping out of, take cleaner's, opened up, doth trick, took to the cleaner, doeth all right, Spraining, pressurize, flimflam, has up, worming ones way out of, carries the torch, throw, gotten in the way, sees in alley, hanging onto, come up on, pro-cured, asked alms, sees court, grew famous, firming deal, happened upon, strafe, throws into the street, put snare on, follow closely, casting out, wast afflicted with, pre vails, raising high, thirst for, cracked down, poach, embarking up on, pinches pennies, give 1 2 3, worming way out of, dis-burse, re-fused, are down and out, disallow, held knife to, dropt in on, blink at, am down and out, taking out play, sighed for, re cover, looked forward to, put hand cookie jar, lied wait, infringed up on, got out hock, does all right, ex-pended, snapped up, taking on the chin, cozen, twotime, had hots for, dis tilled, clapped a hand on, ruck up, fagged, act like, bearing aloft, Obtesting, fence in, Outgeneralled, in corporate, Viseed, raise high, care for, ride out, gat the way, be informed, obsecrates, stacked the deck, payed for, out-smarts, dis possesses, clapping a hand on, Preengaged, start, fell away, fished illegally, be lieve, had in hand, hath it for, de-sire, out-guess, is in receipt of, refuse, go over with fine tooth comb, infests, it a deal, setting heart on, in-sinuates, left town, gotten from, charge duty, de siring, forcing out, see one uncle, gets to top, screw, gotten to the top, pressing out, lusted after, de-lighted, implores, clinging to, re possesses, being ill with, firm deal, hauled in to court, pro posed, grasp, fold arms, up-heaving, withhold, taking one arms, am short, insisted upon, shelled, enter a plea, catching red-handed, felt the necessity for, bushing, its a dealing, Victualed, made buy, running game on, be poor, grip, foraying, gets in the way, having law on, up hove, call up on, keeps close, being into, were big on, giving nod, dis-locating, bails one out, mis-appropriates, pays through the nose, held tight, pre engage, drops on, mis-spending, de rive, put lock on, bringing pressure bear, wert in to, pre-vented, break train of thought, lay waste, colls, housebroken, dis-connected, taking it on chin, ex tort, taking ones arms, re-moves, mis-appropriate, sur-render, hanker for, have hand, takes away, ex act, de pressing, hung onto, Snaking, breaks into, lying close, got the act, are aware of, drave for, takes chunk out of, sells bill of goods, got one's hands on, makes a killing, brings on board, lay aside, falling short, be grudges, dug in to, is want, cross up, were want, wert told, re-quire, worming one's way out of, mis appropriates, be-draggles, possesses oneself of, put with, armtwisted, pops in, over take, take part, discriminates against, took one's arms, mis using, acts like, dis figure, re quires, re couping, set apart, wast ill with, oust, doth take off, Copped, take chunk out of, eating heart out, Inroaded, go over with finetooth comb, dug up, puts snare on, puts hand in cookie jar, mis applies, counter claims, infringing upon, rolled out red carpet, put over on, slapping with, diddle, Double dealing, sickens with, in-tern, lusts after, tips over, swears to, flocks together, be-fuddle, leaved in ruins, tighten belt, ex corticate, impetrates, over reach, pulling out of fire, wert hard up, stacking the deck, it deals, trade in, booted out, grabbing hold of, its dealing, dis-honored, pro viding, passed up, re-spects, made mess of, watching over, infringing up on, stopt by, had it in for, gathered up, signs on, apperceive, dilapidates, fencing in, taking court, ex press, had occasion to, figures out, gets out of hock, housebreak, art without, froze to, signing up, insisting up on, art near to, hold fast, Trenched, didst battle, do trick, takes in one's arms, ex-act, Desiderate, mis leading, post pones, goes down with, drive out, inter lopes, put one over on, its a dealt, latched to, dis-affiliates, saved for rainy day, being a party to, haddest the law on, getting to meat, holds ransom, fine tooth comb, catches off-balance, pulled one's leg, Gammoning, make it, takes for, be near to, laying ones hands on, be-ginning, put screws to, muscles in, shaking hands, wast hard up, Hungered, in-duce, held to ransom, jiving, Swagged, did battle, take in one arms, payed dues, havocked, made it, in road, murphying, bailing one out, ran a game on, makes one's own, denudating, grinning and bear it, surprise, opted for, partaking of, sees in the alley, played for sucker, caught off guard, are action, being sore, throwing down, in-dispose, art receipt of, un clothe, be guile, takes to the cleaners, cashes in on, closing off, top pled, Jagging, ruin, drops by, up-holding, put the screws to, bursts in on, get the top, kiped, over-whelmed, pull out the fire, Victualled, laying impost, reserve, lives hand mouth, runs in to debt, dis order, mis-leading, pro-mote, in duces, over charge, brings back, in sinuated, giving the 1-2-3, pack off, holding fast, became popular, hath for, begs borrow steal, stiffing, is thrifty, syncopate, gathers up, dis counting, pro visioning, catches act, toughed out, bring pressure bear, re deem, be told, wast want, take to cleaner's, lay one hands on, buffalo, impose up on, were successful, dis-entangles, peculate, gyp, holding out for, embarked upon, be-draggled, prearrange, making ones own, leads on, lay an impost, raise money, complying with, was party to, got from, put on act, is inadequate, tipping over, dropped in on, wast on, re-solved, getting out hock, outjockeying, hold out, took one's death, made a mess of, coming in to, be-having, lays waste, look high and low, sets ones heart on, giving note for, carrying away, plundered, in quires, ex-torts, re mark, hanged up, over-coming, lust after, ritualize, dis-continuing, catching red handed, freezing to, gat to the meat, is in to, gave bum steer, digging up, be need of, ended run, fail keep, skyjack, lays hold of, rope in, with-drew, Catheterizing, are given, over hauling, catching off guard, over throw, mooch, fold in arms, hast eye on, Hacked, gloms onto, fell victim to, inter-fere, jive, coming over, are stingy, out-maneuver, being afflicted with, gammons, de-thrones, up-rearing, impose upon, ex-terminating, being stingy, puts screws to, dis-mantle, over-throwing, payed call, pro-bed, Dunned, appeal to, gat in the act, bringing an action, pro-vision, am without, thinking as, wast in on, feathering nest, pre-arranges, be receipt of, raised money, held over, gotten off hook, in ducted, art jealous, deciding up on, keeping back, desiderates, scrapes up, doest a take off, buffaloing, chawing on, hits up, gave word, de facing, sell, looked up on, pulling wool over eyes, sickening with, break in to, saw as, being given, was told, wast gainfully employed, running away with, are in on, put in, pile up, bring pressure to bear up on, paid ones dues, sware to, prehending, have up, Catheterized, sur mounting, de liver, dis-quieted, wast tender, pro-visions, rebut, taking possession, washes up, over whelm, exacting tribute, laid for, Leeched, worming in, de-populates, sucker in to, be line for, in-hales, push for, catch offbalance, pull the wool over one eyes, doublecross, buttonholes, re versing, see alley, de predate, dis owning, de faced, feathers nest, out guessed, drawing together, brought action, singled out, pounce on, smashed and grab, am into, sur mounted, are down out, doest a take-off, call up, takes one's arms, dis owned, clear, were in action, gets sick, dis cern, wert want, re-sorts, infringes upon, wert need of, re pairing, wreak havoc on, taking out, stuck up, going over with a fine-tooth comb, Importune, re-cognized, re calls, makes pay, pulling the wool over one's eyes, wish, takes it the chin, appealing to, partake, moving up, pull the wool over ones eyes, ransack, sur renders, hammers out deal, heading off pass, dis-joins, get act, de fraud, put squeeze on, sues for, be sets, making a buy, running out on, boot out, re serve, sweep away, cleans out, out guess, in gests, bursting in, hadst up, wast thrifty, pulling wool over ones eyes, raises money, over runs, imposing upon, lay ones hands on, got to the meat, live hand to mouth, purloin, hast hand, take loan, pre vail, in disposes, concentrate, sending for, in quire, sub sides, made terms, bringing board, ex pend, look high low, aspiring to, deceive, doing a number on, Buffaloes, over thrown, seeing one uncle, pre-serves, excorticates, dis tress, accepting loan of, skipping out on, be-sets, Pirated, de-coyed, is in need of, keep up, catching offguard, stumbles across, with holding, taking cleaners, being big on, art seized, out-witting, be smitten by, pulls the wool over ones eyes, paying through the nose, Gloving, hath hand, dis-united, sink teeth in to, put together, overspreading, ate one heart out, over-steps, adhere to, saw ones uncle, pull wool over one eyes, stuck it out, defalcates, take for ride, took hold of, de-creases, dis-possessed, re-serve, stowed away, re quire, pro bed, paid dues, Proroguing, throwing book at, dart, sign for, it dealing, Excorticate, in vents, succumbs to, sur-prises, take prisoner, re solves, chicaning, descending on, dis appearing, pay ones dues, double-deals, kept hand, see the alley, look over for, shuts in, takes sick with, coming board, put hand in till, sur-ceased, art gainfully employed, plays joke on, hast in for, wast reduced, pro-vides, under-going, staking out, pro cured, is in want, out-generals, ex terminate, make a mess of, dis placed, dis-counts, out-foxing, heaped up, calls to, disaffiliates, dis-affiliated, was on, has for, stayed the course, pro-positioned, drops in on, sponged on, Dragooned, tiptoed, re-duce, be in action, counterclaiming, put aside for rainy day, takes in one arms, hunts illegally, sur-rendering, un loading, de-presses, giving one's word, dost trick, suckering into, rivetting, knock off, be a party to, holding for ransom, looking all over for, hadst dibs on something, gat results, make fast, lives of, bursting on, have occasion to, sur-mounting, dis appoint, kept out, over-reaches, make pay through nose, be-reaving, Downs, got one fingers on, did a takeoff, brings pressure to bear, Furrowing, goosed, dis patched, putting with, gobbling up, kidnap, ran game on, stowing away, keeps hand, burgling, re spect, colled, lead on, retract, ex-tracts, stayed put, in-quired, jumps up, de-voted, see in the alley, re-claimed, bring pressure bear upon, made one own, pro fess, live hand mouth, de-stroying, pro-fits, being inadequate, showed door, infringed upon, succeeds to, drop on, be in line for, puts on the cuff, grows famous, burn, spring on, re deemed, wast action, gat act, takes the cleaner, leaves no stone unturned, holding a knife to, gat one fingers on, over swarming, re-aped, de-fended, putting the bite on, ratify, getting hold of, slowing down, yearn for, dealing in, works on, re possessing, re-sorting, nickels up, wast party to, de-posited, fore-close, was down out, agglomerated, sate in, becomes poorer, frauded, fishing illegally, un-earthed, ministered to, under taken, bring an action, dis-join, ministering to, mis-represented, skyjacking, shook hands on it, over-took, cared for, having for, is down and out, dis patch, concusses, were gainfully employed, de-ducted, shook hands it, brings forth, bail one out, entreat, de-coy, is without, pre-serve, teeming with, paid a call, sell bill goods, smashing grab, be-grudges, re aching, de-pressing, sign up, wert ill with, riding out, get the hook, in fringed, un-seating, do a takeoff, un dressing, dis mantles, are successful, is receipt of, becoming smaller, plead for, crying out for, conceal, de stroyed, ex-posing, intro-duces, Viseing, pulls the wool over eyes, de populate, chouse, works out details, hold back, clap hands on, running in to debt, hanging in there, para-phrases, went over with a fine tooth comb, is ill with, de-lighting, double-dealt, de posited, puts in for, sickened with, brought home the groceries, de ducting, take on chin, out-distancing, lays an impost, Infracting, lift, playing for a sucker, eats one's heart out, stiffs, hadst hots for, laying claim to, fine tooth combed, accept loan of, out-thinking, whistled for, haddest occasion to, dis unites, snatch, de tains, art into, mis employing, mendicated, sinking teeth in to, tolerate, re-quired, flocked together, sat take it, makes one own, had in for, brings board, counter-claims, failed keep, putting hand in till, dis-charge, pre-arrange, make own, bring board, over come, stretching out, falls on, latch to, authorize, finish, am reduced, gotten fingers on, filing claim, get one's fingers on, re-solves, latches onto, gotten the top, clap hand on, tightened belt, dis-guises, re-ached, have it in for, dis possessing, cooped up, gat the hook, looks upon, in-disposing, concussing, take the chin, housebreaking, out-guesses, doeth a takeoff, infringe upon, lays claim to, up rear, pulls ones leg, hold tight, pick out, are reluctant, take the cleaners, under-went, marched on, reacquires, selling a bill of goods, cutting out will, tighten, re serves, take it on chin, re tains, putting one over on, pro-mises, glosses over, over hauls, over hauled, Preyed, sit on, reacquire, hits up for, ex posed, de-tains, spoilated, in stalled, stick nose into, re-capture, Initialing, paying one dues, outjockeyed, depopulated, depriving of property, loan, take sick with, happened up on, does like, ex-terminates, lies in wait, in-ducting, puts freeze on, being in to, pays one dues, gloms on to, run out on, pull fast one, dragged into court, interferes with, catch red-handed, pro position, enforce, became indebted, stops up, take possession of, Dragooning, puts bite on, take a chunk out of, over-taken, Creaming, inter pose, dis-appears, eating ones heart out, art stingy, hung there, puts lock on, take one's death, pulls fast one, breaks in to, took for, be speaks, wast given, pulls out of the fire, make fortune, de-livering, un-loosing, make a fortune, out thinking, conscripted, bunco, ate one's heart out, made fortune, sandbagging, in-duces, holds tight, gotten act, dis-quiet, take to cleaners, re fuse, out-jockeying, lay impost, making with, preengages, lived with, gat one's fingers on, having occasion for, bringing action, dis organized, be gainfully employed, whistles for, sees one's uncle, sur-prising, kipped, did take-off, with drawn, re-solve, de-duct, out-done, de cline, de-clare, under mined, hit with, makes with, dis-entangled, dis continue, up-raise, dis guised, de lude, buttonholed, dis-possessing, steal from, Shotguns, art subjected to, putting the cuffs on, Hawked, de spoils, buy into, roping in, press, de spoiled, de-clares, pro mise, called upon, in-haling, called on, setting one's heart on, dis appeared, swore to, leans against, saved life of, sucked dry, art in action, un seating, re-marking, out-distance, took the cleaner, made a buy, de lights, throws into street, prearranges, slipt out of, nab at, stock, pre-vail, mis placing, initialled, decide up on, overswarming, dis-organizes, seeing ones uncle, shotgunned, smashes and grab, packed off, hath a finger in, held a knife to, Trenching, dost battle, allowing entrance, saves for rainy day, brought back, pocket, goes over with a fine tooth comb, votes for, get the act, pre engaging, possessing of, in-corporate, luxuriate in, dis entangles, be-trays, draws in, dost the trick, caught redhanded, interpreted as, de clares, vellicates, gat one hands on, dis-tilled, hits on, takes one's death, swarms over, throws down, get sick, were in need of, body snatch, do number on, are smitten by, leaves ruins, pushes for, looks high and low, mis-represent, bringing the ground, re cognized, be spoke, dis robing, fall victim to, drag in to court, catheterizes, catches off-guard, dis connect, was given, shortstopped, pro-moting, crosses up, watch over, filed claim, looks up on, has hots for, soliciting charity, longs for, charges duty, ministers to, mis represented, give a break, mis-placing, sunk teeth into, seeing uncle, over turn, un-looses, glossed over, sate and take it, re-ceding, putting in writing, took one arms, up-grading, chouses, grow, over-charged, lay on, interrupt, takes to cleaners, cry out for, was smitten by, claim damages, make ones own, art tender, pull a fast one, victimize, feeling the pinch, takes possession, out-jockey, de-faulting, makes big, out-does, stopt up, leading astray, wert efficacious, letting go, be impoverished, overtake, un loose, disregard, being successful, pigeons, re claiming, being near to, tensed, hunting illegally, draw, put in for, in-fringes, pre-vent, raid, begs borrow or steal, be-reave, feels dearth of, sub sided, fore closing, saw one's uncle, demand, sanction, have hots for, drives out, arm twists, discriminate against, wert action, doeth battle, de-falcated, re storing, made one's own, pillage, re cedes, signs for, got one hands on, descended upon, hast occasion for, in hale, operate, lights upon, drags in to court, over-power, makes it big, give rise to, pulls out of fire, have, put by, sur ceased, overtires, am needy, takes on loan, did like, marches on, truck with, conserve, encroach, work in, doing all right, begging borrow steal, are in want, doest number on, staying the course, went in, tough out, slapped with, ex-acting, dis obey, cork up, wert sore, over whelming, ex pending, up raised, put writing, looked for, re plicating, plunder, deprived of property, de-sired, up-lifted, deciding on, pro curing, optating, gets off hook, ex-cogitated, re marked, ink, blow away, pulled ones leg, putting lock on, winning favor, gets one's fingers on, sub due, art ill with, out distancing, de positing, grew less, over running, out does, ex pressed, para-phrased, digging into, filing for, steal, bring end, buys out, claiming damages, sur prise, cling to, grin bear it, went down the line, in-sinuating, got off hook, took cleaners, chanced upon, economize, holding knife to, skyjacks, dis-till, wrought in, astringe, railroaded, thumbed, was inadequate, taking it lying down, taking the cleaner, un-covers, ex-pending, glom onto, syncopated, was needy, re stored, giving ones word, vised, solicit, dis guising, got in act, pro-cure, leant on, over taken, throw in to street, were down out, running hands over, dis-perse, lend, does the trick, having in for, resorting to, deal in, going down line, paying one's dues, out-fox, evulsed, pulled something, brings pressure bear upon, pro-duces, takes it chin, lead astray, selling bill of goods, was without, threw book at, Ferreting, bear hugged, murphy, played for a sucker, grabs hold of, met with, putting shake on, shutting in, doing violence, Hulling, JIPS, applies to, sandbag, comes around, put bite on, pass quietly, hadst a finger in, formalize, Astringing, Inking, re sent, holds a knife to, be-witching, re-trenches, downing, Infesting, dis-appointed, take court, sticks up, de predates, demanding toll, fires on, dognapping, ate heart out, headed off pass, takes one arms, be gun, thirsting for, called to, out jockeyed, doeth the trick, abide, DUNS, be siege, stuck nose into, carried off, contend for, over tire, paid through the nose, suffer privation, threw in to street, whacked, ran hands over, take it chin, puts the touch on, sponging on, folding arms, de-ducting, jerked around, dis-organize, taking on loan, wast receipt of, taking for, fine-tooth-combing, hides away, pulling the wool over eyes, doest take-off, dis embarrasses, running off with, making big, re couped, draw together, catches red handed, puts squeeze on, set free, up-lifts, caboodles, re trenches, leaves in ruins, re possessed, hath eye on, jack up, counter claimed, take by storm, carve out, be-setting, bringing forth, lights up on, wert stingy, be reluctant, mis appropriated, taking cleaner, mis-spend, taking one's death, decline, pre-venting, held onto, be witch, Conglomerated, light upon, dis-charges, make one own, over-stepping, looked all over for, pro rogue, Cribbed, gets in act, locking up, enter in to, looking upon, lighting up on, re claimed, sinks teeth into, co-oking, sandbags, amounted charge, took the cleaner's, putting hand till, call upon, finalize, tiptoeing, despoil, de spoil, discriminated against, pull one's leg, was action, hiked up, were in line for, over reaches, took by surprise, dis joined, bore aloft, slowed down, sitting in, stretch out, single out, imposing up on, be deprived, under went, bringing ruin, under takes, am careless, breaking train of thought, de populates, hadst eye on, spoiled for, shelling, pulled the wool over eyes, take away, dis-ordering, over powering, phonies, dis-connect, has finger in, de tain, re-deem, dragoons, comes into, art action, hauls in, rolled back, vising, de-sires, fleece, de-fending, bodies snatch, re marks, eats one heart out, gotten the hook, are party to, pulling out fire, dis robed, wast near to, de-filing, use up, cuts on, took out, post-pones, dis-organizing, doing a take off, kipes, feels a dearth of, dime up, bringing pressure to bear upon, collar, being efficacious, catch offguard, preserve, had it for, throws in to the street, stays course, de-ranging, dis-quiets, hauled in, tuckering, thinks of as, de creases, puts the freeze on, inter-pose, cutting on, gave a break, pre serves, in-quire, under-taken, DO, Tithed, voted for, were tender, de solating, got results, dis-guised, did a take off, being deficient, Postulating, pay a call, acquire, roped in, strangulates, hauling in, calling up on, gets the meat, have it for, asking alms, appeals to, sticks it out, be fuddle, bring to ground, being needy, looked upon, give thumbs up, was in receipt of, re-captured, buys in to, not let goes, re-call, over-reach, doeth a take-off, re coups, be reft, de riving, de file, out distance, takes ones arms, pre-vailed, up lifts, up-setting, un-clothes, took on loan, puts the cuffs on, being jealous, haddest eye on, walking off with, outguessing, take to the cleaner's, putting freeze on, ran in to debt, make a buy, pro-positions, being in action, payed through nose, were given, be witches, de-spoiling, dies for, feathered nest, re-gained, holds for ransom, walk with, takes a chunk out of, re acted, haddest for, its deal, railroading, re straining, catch act, brake train thought, nip, stays put, pro-viding, sit take it, up-raising, digged up, buncoed, up hold, ran out on, going down with, be hooves, bumoffing, strafing, wring, out foxing, in-gest, expropriate, de posits, received, doing right, pre arranges, weeding out, put the freeze on, dis continued, am a party to, having effect, claims damages, close off, sigh for, carries away, attend to, approbate, re legate, re trenched, over whelmed, dis-placed, fore close, saw in court, re-strains, fails to keep, does number on, re-spect, cares for, were without, rive, buying into, prey on, pass, hung in there, taking lying down, is into, putting the arm on, pays for, being informed, be-draggling, applying to, make one's own, sees uncle, clutch, be have, be-held, deprive of property, de fended, over-hauls, gat one's hands on, singling out, dispossess, necessitate, took in ones arms, were line for, are in action, making terms, deprives property, zeroed in, dis appointed, over-whelm, Balloted, walks off with, piggybacking, wast without, re-leases, latched onto, dis inherited, conked out, used temporarily, be quiet, gives rise to, bringing pressure bear upon, Outgeneralling, saw one uncle, pro positioning, hoodwink, doth the trick, coops up, reject, sur rendering, increase, hit up, does a number on, sits on, haddest hand, out-did, go in for, dis inherit, made it big, am reluctant, conk out, pre-arranging, be big about, hadst in hand, giving 1-2-3, de-voting, pro rogues, being reluctant, shakes hands, insisting upon, forgathering, is given, exheridating, Cockled, hang in there, collect, runs into debt, out-foxes, takes to court, Dilapidating, was ill with, re-produced, resorts to, getting off hook, sits and take it, dis covered, take cleaners, settled on, complies with, taking away, Prorogued, gloms, pro vision, Preengage, look upon, Vellicating, in-disposes, bring the ground, dis obeyed, getting act, call on, mis-applies, wert jealous, get, un-derwent, dis united, has hand, re quested, pulled the wool over one's eyes, decided on, saw in the alley, cashing in on, firing on, slips out, de-nude, ferret, being big about, overtire, pleaded for, take to the cleaner, take one arms, pulling something, having eye on, are poor, re aped, got sick, did take off, taking one death, Stoppering, de-solating, got fingers on, re-acquires, folded in arms, sur mounts, un-leashed, in-cited, ex-pressing, Beggaring, focalize, infringe, sold a bill of goods, caught in act, pre engaged, de vote, passes up, re-questing, out maneuver, insist up on, hath dibs on something, looking for, are ill with, Sallied, went over with fine-tooth comb, de posing, takes it lying down, arm-twisted, co-axed, de-faults, allow entrance, imposed on, doest right, doeth a take off, are gainfully employed, wracks up, up-set, being want, running a game on, overswarm, was need of, trucked with, make welcome, run a game on, was want, gripe, re acting, murphies, de-ranges, dis-connects, Foxes, digged into, rip off, out smarted, lay wait, leach off, be reaved, it dealt, become popular, haddest it in for, over tired, un-earthing, asserted oneself, felt dearth of, with drew, doest violence, un-seated, seeing in court, art told, de-crease, Massing, warrant, stows away, de faulted, Gammoned, depopulate, de faces, catch unawares, snitch, re-gaining, bursts on, wert informed, tooths, pull wool over eyes, takes the cleaners, took a chunk out of, divest, wracked up, brought forth, look after, scraped up, beating around the bush, eat one heart out, passed quietly, is smitten by, Sconcing, force, laying waste, mis-spends, obtests, becoming poorer, Optate, over-stepped, clap a hand on, with stands, staid the course, puts for, inter-loping, descended on, doth a number on, are deficient, de lighted, is informed, re ceding, with holds, over-run, doeth takeoff, freezes to, dis-tressed, closed off, catches off balance, produce a result, had use for, de coys, engage, get from, bearing hard on, cleaned out, throwing into street, re-calls, passed the hat, Impetrate, censor, held out for, re ached, double deals, working in, took ones arms, de duct, over whelms, win favor, re-duces, initialling, wast reluctant, out-smart, up graded, made pay, blockading, wast line for, show in, doing take off, Humbugging, outjockeys, ritualized, pre vent, approve, crave, bought out, re-solving, catching off balance, exheridate, went over with a fine-tooth comb, be-haves, got hands on, Valuing, stumbled across, over took, being on, up-heaves, pre-vents, clamoring for, drags into court, up-raises, copping, puts hand cookie jar, disaffiliate, amounts charge, lie close, does violence, got in the way, brings action, hast dibs something, drove for, bundling off, dis-appoints, dis-patches, sucking dry, didst like, took loan, de posit, ex-pose, make it big, embark up on, weeds out, hast law on, Re-mark, hanged in there, putting practice, have effect, up raising, wert afflicted with, out-wits, de-facing, take captive, picks out, chances upon, un earthed, eat ones heart out, de-positing, digging in to, running with, burst on, dis counts, has in hand, up heave, gotten out of hock, going over with fine-tooth comb, up heaves, dis robe, suckering in to, gets meat, furrowed, fish illegally, bring home groceries, accroaches, pop in, hiding away, was in to, takes loan, de-creasing, fling, hath hots for, work out details, snipes, art a party to, post pone, re acquiring, coming on board, Jukes, dognaped, un-cover, were short, runs with, gets in way, dost violence, sending up, dis mantling, attends to, drew in, give access, welched, winking at, lighted up on, dis-owning, have a finger in, give 1-2-3, Rifting, de-lay, catch off balance, wrack up, sur mount, sconce, takes death, having hots for, squirrel, folds arms, made pay through nose, won favor, dis embarrassing, dis honored, be holds, art in want, gives ones word, Sneezed, made own, carrying the torch, take for a ride, confisticate, pressurizes, be-wilder, draw in, putting touch on, art smitten by, take chin, invade, has dibs something, re move, pro vides, tunes in, eighty six, pinching pennies, took possession, trading in, slipped out of, re tain, crowding in, succumb to, hadst dibs something, pilfer, mis applying, dis-connecting, were frugal, disapprove, yen for, did violence, under-taking, blinked at, Ferrets, had hand, over-turn, takes on the chin, rides out, over-reaching, caught in the act, giving bum steer, over-swarms, contended for, go stealthily, skip out on, took to cleaners, partook of, was subjected to, out-jockeyed, be efficacious, inter feres, wert inadequate, does a take off, made fast, gathering up, stopping by, it a dealt, Experiencing, it deal, forced out, haddest it for, sitting still for, leads astray, give over, highjacking, feeling the necessity for, snapping up, tucker, haddest occasion for, dognap, over swarm, over-tire, was big about, pray for, dis-charging, over-taking, chance up on, possess, cuts corners, re-plicating, be without, latch on to, strangulate, un covering, spirits away, stick nose in to, doth violence, give one word, Hacking, beared hard on, re capturing, traded in, sets about, was deprived, arrived at, were deficient, in-fringed, adhering to, dis-robed, accessed, preempt, makes welcome, zero in, mis-employ, de lays, with-draw, pulled wool over one's eyes, let through, trucking with, de-faces, sucks dry, over-tires, shook hands, suppress, dis affiliates, levy, springs on, hid away, expulses, dis-appear, bought up, breaking train thought, de-spoiled, smashes grab, makes inroads, fore closed, took prisoner, nickelled up, usurped, sate take it, out-distances, re-strain, called up on, doing like, firms a deal, is needy, doth a takeoff, dis-guise, lays one hands on, with-hold, uses temporarily, be sieges, passing the hat, pre-tending, laying aside, goes down line, dis obeying, pay for, was tender, headed at pass, be hold, un derwent, fool around, dis quiet, dis-uniting, mis lead, are efficacious, holding onto, caught red-handed, Defalcating, chanced up on, ex acted, makes killing, dost a number on, dis-figuring, lives off of, FAGS, Palmed, have dibs something, misemploying, give one's word, took chin, has the law on, sells bill goods, hadst hand, laid in, shaking hands it, spirit away, carries off, re-calling, preferring charges against, gobble up, be grudged, dis uniting, got the hook, jipped, de votes, ripping off, detain, is told, were jealous, dropt by, out wits, rucks up, dis-possess, shaking down, de ducted, re captured, re strain, counterclaimed, appropriate, make good, made a killing, solicit charity, chimes in, snaps up, bailed one out, heading at pass, dost right, got in the act, spoilate, imposes on, bursted in, un loosed, over-spreads, re-deeming, re-stores, wert party to, assert oneself, were into, expand, produced result, dig up, sur-prised, makes a buy, re capture, stays the course, shoplift, dis possessed, take to cleaner, sur-mount, grinned bear it, dis unite, un seat, grab hold of, over-runs, lets through, payed one's dues, were afflicted with, art afflicted with, bumoffs, makes off with, wast in receipt of, in stalling, swell, walked off with, Worsting, wert aware of, making own, hanged onto, squeezes in, cast about, burglarize, pauperize, nail, required contribution, have in for, catches redhanded, Levied, de corticate, beseech, descend upon, are told, up root, re-pairing, mis-employed, being in need of, dost take-off, enbosoms, in-corporates, catch the act, grapple, usurp, in-venting, used up, Chousing, re gards, come over, ravage, dis-continues, wormed ones way out of, exacted tribute, glom to, Impetrating, bankrupts, up-holds, pre-arranged, in hales, insist upon, sets free, chimed in, driving for, was jealous, de-populate, treed, Sniped, went in for, sunk teeth in to, paid one dues, going over with a finetooth comb, payed one dues, over comes, scraping together, were needy, casts out, ate ones heart out, hided away, Obtested, Riveted, lean on, sur prises, be-reft, signed for, set one's heart on, over reaching, be fuddled, comply with, Ribboning, dis affiliated, leaved town, sub side, wast down and out, gave the 1-2-3, went over with fine tooth comb, sur-mounts, lives off, chicane, strafes, with-stands, taking in ones arms, was near to, de populating, up setting, having occasion to, bringing to ground, be-wilders, pro pose, give up, re-moving, trucks with, puts the bite on, concussed, strangulating, making killing, dis-lodged, be afflicted with, does takeoff, fast talking, up rears, pop question, scraping up, jacked up, un-covering, dis-locates, dis tressed, brings home, dis entangled, coming on to, over-tired, had effect, whacking, inter-posed, de-faulted, long for, putting for, scrape together, meet with, calling forth, leaned against, under-gone, takes for a ride, brought to ground, getting in way, under-mining, pull the wool over one's eyes, paying ones dues, dropt on, re moving, brings ground, clapping hands on, pulled one leg, bursts in, it's deals, taking in one arms, caboodle, gave ones word, hammering out deal, sets aside, makes ends meet, exact, dis-mantled, sits in, Focalizing, hawking, muscled in, shorts, sees ones uncle, wert on, pass the hat, rise, de-feats, hadst it in for, go down line, un load, worms ones way out of, re-couping, pulled fast one, gat ones fingers on, file claim, making one own, bring ruin, bring to end, clung to, brought ruin, takes ones death, be speaking, trans ported, accepted loan of, de-ducts, over charged, amounting charge, Torpedoes, is afflicted with, contending for, it's deal, de-populated, take to the cleaners, lets go, made a fortune, living with, beat around bush, up-held, in ducts, with-drawn, be frugal, ex-pend, give the nod, beg borrow or steal, stakes out, re-cede, hangs in, filch, sur-cease, being tender, up grades, pays through nose, lying in wait, overswarms, pins down, brings to ruin, un-leashing, dis-embarrassed, inter-posing, takes cleaner, moonlighting requisition, imposed up on, put the cuff, blew away, bring pressure bear up on, assess, wert a party to, stored up, dis orders, crack down, be inadequate, feeling dearth of, scare up, wast poor, re leases, thirsted for, Gunning, puts shake on, stay put, pull wool over ones eyes, in disposing, be aware of, being impoverished, signs off on, ex-acted, hug, yenning for, hoard, pre-engaged, pre-engages, gave break, decides upon, in cite, itches for, un-loose, mis placed, slipping out, re spects, sub-dues, slips out of, taking over, worked on, throws in to street, be-speaks, am need of, resort to, Conglomerating, gives the 1 2 3, in-ducts, paying for, dost like, did number on, up held, give ones word, secret, winks at, prefers charges against, obtain, moved up, calling to, went stealthily, force upon, falls short, hit on, taking in arms, stacks deck, re-plicates, re-marks, dragged in to court, haul in, put on cuff, gooses, looks for, being in want, filed a claim, having it in for, puts arm on, taking ones death, get to the meat, shakes hands on it, bumoffed, attended to, un clad, re-plicated, gat to top, re-called, pulls wool over eyes, dis possess, bringing to the ground, holding over, goes hungry, gat fingers on, carves out, dis connects, booting out, over spread, over-throws, clean up, dis lodged, catching in act, re gaining, setting one heart on, takes in ones arms, are in to, Inked, took it on chin, de-corticate, de-falcate, am hard up, hath up, take in ones arms, cracking down, arriving at, re-produces, ran into debt, tuckers, does trick, was in line for, flocking together, lusting after, Piloted, doest battle, sitting and take it, feels the necessity for, wast inadequate, thinking of as, in dispose, dragging into court, live off, art poor, taking by storm, heaping up, got the meat, leaving in ruins, got the top, re gains, holds out for, strengthen, de-stroy, became smaller, dries up, getting results, dis affiliating, wins back, am down out, being line for, suffers loss, have dibs on something, de-rives, un clothing, brought to ruin, in-road, Husked, muscling in, call forth, de faulting, beguile, sub-due, hast it in for, fast talks, setting apart, having dibs on something, exheridates, de range, in vite, come board, enter up on, taking to the cleaner, un-loads, rook, over-swarmed, fell up on, pull something, store up, putting arm on, in-curred, brings pressure bear up on, catching offbalance, intro duces, double-deal, become poorer, de laying, pulled leg, carried torch, decides on, prehends, wast in action, overlook, wert reluctant, piloting, de creasing, gotten in the act, bilk, pro-posing, be hard up, spoils for, out-smarted, forayed, took the chin, in-disposed, lighting upon, has effect, gets hold of, be-have, wast smitten by, pull one leg, pay call, sold a bill goods, heap up, stop up, Lassoing, possess of, hadst occasion for, hang up, chicanes, de livering, diming up, get the meat, aspire to, yenned, jives, putting hand in cookie jar, pleads for, juked, see in alley, ex acting, gammon, deprived property, pro fits, fails keep, up grading, Desiderating, file suit, de-populating, was deficient, looked over for, swindle, over-throw, were receipt of, bringing on board, hast in hand, latching on to, took over, fine, makes fortune, were impoverished, fine-tooth-combed, drives for, deprive, hadst finger in, has use for, singles out, sneezing, were inadequate, embarked up on, steals from, blowing away, was poor, entered plea, requiring contribution, dis honors, sack, wert line for, file for, mis-spent, keeps back, worm one's way out of, descends on, drove out, see as, beg, am line for, dis-guising, slipped out, bring pressure to bear, be-wildering, de-laying, burst in, clasp, signed up, take back, be-wildered, did right, feel the pinch, de-posits, using temporarily, over-hauled, lies wait, chawed on, pulls wool over one eyes, worms one way out of, wast in line for, be-witches, succeeding to, eat one's heart out, stacks the deck, bite, dealt in, dis-ordered, looking over for, was aware of, brings pressure to bear up on, are in need of, pacting, excorticating, denudates, took it on the chin, happens up on, de posed, spiriting away, have use for, didst a takeoff, embarks upon, are frugal, pro moting, take lying down, outguessed, re quired, out general, husking, mess around, dis mantled, pre venting, becoming indebted, took for ride, dis tilling, up-rears, caught hold of, getting top, de-throning, conks out, fell upon, tipped over, save life of, Wedging, build, walking with, re moved, gets act, pigeoned, re-produce, Accroach, up heaving, dis-mantles, puts cuffs on, depriving property, dis-affiliating, worming one way out of, restrain, hold onto, dis-tills, wast big about, taking the cleaners, rebuff, dis-unite, be-spoke, claim, pay one dues, Coll, snap up, doth take-off, cutting in on, went down line, letting in, were reluctant, suckered into, passes hat, in-stalled, be fuddling, brought pressure to bear up on, putting bite on, bring home the groceries, held for ransom, de-riving, pre arrange, scared up, go down the line, Inned, won back, put an act, working on, get top, pre serve, dis burse, adhered to, dug into, storing up, beat out of, puts the snatch on, dis located, takes captive, taking it the chin, yens, minister to, has it for, sponge, doth battle, de-predate, bringing ground, dis-place, bear hard on, grin and bear it, save, hast use for, de-livers, be-sought, wast aware of, prayed for, holding to ransom, bring to ruin, under taking, gave 1-2-3, with drawing, forced up on, are on, being in line for, re cognizing, glommed to, de-rive, dis covers, enter plea, un leash, take hold of, Strangulated, putting in practice, un earth, under-mined, in sinuating, is efficacious, lying wait, did a take-off, digged in to, dognaps, Expulse, longed for, hast for, wast a party to, march on, signs papers, scrapes together, over-thrown, un-dressed, stays near, re-fuse, de-press, wrought on, beats around the bush, gotten out hock, haddest law on, putting screws to, obscure, with-holds, catches in the act, hangs in there, dis appear, clamors for, wash up, para phrase, putting writing, secure, squeezing in, over taking, bundled off, shortstop, hoax, burgles, doeth number on, dis-lodging, re plicates, were thrifty, bedraggle, putting muscle on, cash in on, re producing, failed to keep, passing hat, were in to, get hook, set about, had occasion for, feel, re-coups, casts about, have law on, pulling one leg, piggybacked, art deficient, hold ransom, broke in to, took to the cleaners, have in hand, becoming infected with, un-earth, out smarting, packing off, bringing home the groceries, be sieging, takes the cleaner's, threw in to the street, bundle off, be down and out, bears aloft, leaving no stone unturned, is sore, out done, gave nod, forage, blackmail, had the law on, interning, sank teeth in to, leaned on, counter-claiming, hit for, fishes illegally, opens up, gets to the meat, feeling a dearth of, staying near, de-spoil, get in the act, carry torch, be trays, dis patches, stopped by, took from, toughs out, re lease, mis place, took to cleaner, goes in for, dis-continued, hadst occasion to, are jealous, wast successful, worm in, out maneuvering, with held, holds onto, impose on, pulling apart, bought into, de spoiling, itching for, stealing from, it a dealing, gets fingers on, de-fends, fast talk, disinherit, laid waste, make terms, came into, dis-inherits, crossing up, cache, be-fuddled, de-lights, are careless, are inadequate, pucker, letting through, un leashes, Snowed, be short, up lifting, be in need of, wert needy, re-quires, over steps, de feat, lied close, counter-claimed, heads at pass, deny, de press, be guiles, sends up, sit and take it, was gainfully employed, denudate, dost all right, stay near, see in court, pro roguing, sits in on, re-gard, pushing for, insisting on, rode out, ruckle, join, were reduced, gives bum steer, inflate, laid hands on, Sallying, making ends meet, over haul, keeping hand, makes a fortune, pro duce, caught offguard, it's a deals, takes to the cleaner's, re-possesses, dis appears, passing up, toothed, pro cure, takes hold of, wast short, doing take-off, brings to the ground, over-powering, fore-closed, make off with, doth a take-off, re-producing, re serving, be wildered, took it lying down, nickel up, dying for, scrounge, pulled wool over one eyes, maintain, offing, breaks train thought, withstand, lays ones hands on, is a party to, lays away, looking after, suffering loss, chiming in, settling on, sue, re-versed, enlarge, rolls out red carpet, pounced on, ex-press, allowed entrance, pulled out of the fire, pro-vided, sat in on, scraped together, bring pressure to bear upon, de-lays, in duct, possessed of, stoppered, pulling ones leg, runs hands over, reacquiring, walk off with, in vent, pulls a fast one, pay dues, left ruins, press out, brought an action, keeping on hand, be wilders, kept back, takes it on the chin, beats out of, hitting with, staid near, up lifted, shake down, getting hands on, arm twisting, extract, taking loan, are subjected to, out-jockeys, inter posed, in-sinuate, taking to cleaners, has in for, hadst it for, art sore, leaning on, get results, catches unawares, de presses, counterclaim, de-face, taking by surprise, Depopulating, be in to, exact tribute, gat out hock, mealing, be deficient, be action, Defalcated, were informed, show door, held fast, leans on, art careless, re-quests, disaffiliating, settle on, laying for, restrict, requisition, gotten sick, re cognize, art aware of, gaining possession, concuss, dis-figures, un-leashes, chance upon, frauding, be-guiles, downed, dis ordering, pre-served, yearns for, puts the screws to, mendicating, get the way, took it chin, were stingy, re-ceded, re-tain, gets hands on, brake in to, glommed, wiled, were ill with, pre vailed, gotten the act, gave thumbs up, haddest effect, with hold, getting off the hook, pulled out of fire, pre arranging, dis lodges, gets one's hands on, get meat, possessed oneself of, de feats, blinks at, hath dibs something, live with, upheaving, leaving ruins, Obsecrated, was big on, de pressed, seeing in alley, are deprived, pre-tends, succeed, give word, be-witch, de clines, stayed course, living off of, ex-pulsing, giving word, taking chin, goes over with fine tooth comb, is successful, make a killing, cuts out will, re acquire, dis affiliate, dilapidate, Agglomerating, held ransom, carry the torch, be in on, winned favor, are big about, doest all right, putting aside for rainy day, thieve, slows up, leaves town, play for a sucker, pre vents, ex pose, longing for, dis-orders, submitted to, imposes up on, was reduced, pass up, over stepped, dis-counting, in terns, up-rear, dognapped, uses up, de-nudes, being poor, Outgeneraled, mis-apply, forcing up on, suck in, making a killing, pro-curing, pro mises, tightening belt, wert in receipt of, lay hands on, throw into street, skipped out on, de-range, mis used, Impetrated, making fortune, burgle, de-votes, wast in need of, re trenching.