Pronunciation of Command
/kəmˈand/, /kəmˈand/, /k_ə_m_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for command

leave alone, freedom, submission, impotency, disorganization, follow, impotence, ignorance, contradict, goosed, neglect, urging, conjure, request, submit, leave, contradiction, countermand, appeal to, forbid, plead for, negate, surrender, helplessness, lawlessness, conceal, co axed, let go, encourage, works on, be sieged, entreaty, entreat, consent, invalidate, be sets, stop, reverse, be sieging, advance, abrogate, help, pray, irresponsibility, Dunned, unfamiliarity, prevent, re quire, permit, obey, prohibit, pleads for, require, DUNS, appealing to, ask, co axing, appeals to, plea, revoke, permission, pleaded for, assist, release, recall, approve, inhibit, answer, recommendation, avoid, vacate, appealed to, dissolve, allow, re quiring, subordination, liberate, wrought on, re-quired, be-sieging, be sieges, powerlessness, be-setting, pray for, prayed for, weakness, co-axed, co-axing, implore, reversal, illiteracy, lose, Disannul, be-sets, abolish, allowance, work on, gooses, nullify, goosing, incompetency, abandon, strike down, beseech, working on, beg, revocation, veto, inability, oppose, mismanage, annul, dun, yield, crave, debar, enjoin, start, supplicate, re-quiring, Dunning, proscribe, be setting, suggestion, re-quire, free, disallow, aid, be-set, worked on, re quires, be-sieges, outlaw, proposal, appeal, serve, retreat, be-sieged, be sought, incompetence, comply, re-quires, cancel, hinder, give up, be siege, be-sought, rescind, Importune, be set, refuse, reject, be-siege, solicit, abate, re quired, roll back, opposition.