Pronunciation of Charge
/t͡ʃˈɑːd͡ʒ/, /t‍ʃˈɑːd‍ʒ/, /tʃ_ˈɑː_dʒ/

Antonyms for charge

making allowances for, re-deems, un shackles, re-leases, re venge, re-fines, guerdoning, let upon, dis infect, speaking in favor, choice, un shackled, relief, antes up, pro-scribed, sent river, de creases, exculpation, cast loose, didst penance, kisses make up, meting out, expiate, apologeticses, making good, dis infecting, let this time, de contaminates, paying one's dues, allows for, taking out, Depurated, entreaty, give out, sends up the river, letting this time, ignorance, set loose, paying dues, re mission, Deterging, letted pass, apologizings, re-peals, turn other cheek, over-looking, letted steam, sentences, dis abused, lets it go, up holds, letted up on, dehydrate, passed judgment, blinks at, cop plea, de-termination, Intermitted, Deterged, dis abuse, re deem, Amnestied, paid dues, squaring things, payed one dues, extenuation, earnings, co-pout, sanctification, lifeboats, dis-abuses, re fines, didst business, de-creased, ex plain, de-fog, de-contaminates, lets steam, palliative, dispensing from, blinking at, apologize for, ex planation, security, metes out, de creased, song dance, praise, set at large, paying off, dis engaged, taking fall, shield, re-lieve, un fasten, shows cause, rarified, bury hatchet, do penance, Compurgation, prorogue, petition, Disculpate, letting pass, dis-proving, letted off the hook, discharge, de-lays, dis-charges, letted bygones be bygones, un-chains, pleads for, de fends, alibied, doing penance, un-looses, re deemed, send to prison, apology, doing business, pro scribe, exoneration, sent up river, letting go, Elutriating, sent the river, answer, bore no malice, lets off time, re-habilitating, forgiveness, de-voted, doeth justice to, does business, laugh off, let bygones be bygones, letted off steam, un-chain, letted off this time, de-creasing, paid one's dues, re peal, un-fettering, Unshackle, de-fend, re-fining, pays one dues, considered opinion, doth justice to, is answerable for, wipe off map, exempted from, unblock, puts ice, condone, co-pouts, re turns, excusings, pay by check, payed off, laughed off, re-dresses, dis-burdened, granting amnesty, compliment, pleads ignorance, remittals, squares things, de-fogs, doest penance, de creasing, re-missions, am answerable for, un done, waiver, dis-missed, opposition, pre-vent, ex-terminates, dismissed from mind, de contaminate, de-fended, calm down, sending prison, speak favor, re-move, dispenses from, geld, disencumber, letting off the hook, sets large, re tort, sets loose, privileged from, kissing and make up, neglect, re joinder, fell away, tranquilize, speak in favor, routs out, de odorize, shelter, threw the book at, re-buttal, re habilitate, kisses and make up, ex-plaining, Respited, freeing from blame, un-binds, dis infected, makes good, re fined, open, unshackled, stay, pro-scribe, letted off hook, re deeming, clear, pre vents, de odorizes, apologized for, re habilitates, dost business, letting up on, ex-terminate, palliatives, speaks favor, re-paid, disculpates, pleaded ignorance, atones for, over look, re-lease, de crease, aerify, sprang for, re pealed, allow for, why wherefore, letting it go, un-leashing, send prison, wink at, dis charging, railroading, de-odorizing, grant amnesty, throws book at, pleading ignorance, grace, make allowances, making allowances, letted off time, selection, re dress, setting loose, laughs off, throws the book at, un looses, petrify, dispense, de odorizing, pay dues, unburden, letting upon, re-butting, re spites, dis-charged, kissing make up, doth business, kiss and make up, up-holds, copout, turn off, sending the river, let off easy, easing up, letting off easy, de terminations, un bind, sur renders, ex plained, lets this time, dis-infect, de-livering, dis-burdening, threw book at, took rap for, re-spited, sending river, eases up, un did, paid ones dues, de fenses, de liver, winked at, rarifies, Pardoned, opens up, dis proving, de livers, dis-burden, sent prison, re-spites, un leashed, re move, re-habilitate, sur-rendered, dis burdens, ex-crete, dis-charging, set free, was answerable for, puts on ice, un chained, pay one's dues, lifeboated, up holding, reason, passes judgment, de-fogging, ease up, took the fall, unchain, up-holding, jive, alibiing, shrive, up-held, dis-proved, re dresses, letted it go, de termination, paying up, allowing for, ex plains, re-pay, re joinders, ex planations, dis-abused, pro-rogues, un-loose, de voting, gave absolution, let easy, wiped off, re-fine, guerdoned, wipes map, wherefores, dis-charge, re missions, bear no malice, kissed make up, pre text, making allowance, pre-texts, dis engaging, deplete, let off the hook, buries hatchet, payed one's dues, dis-missing, postponement, deterge, dis prove, dis missing, depurates, plead for, letting hook, ex-plain, co pout, pays off, pleaded for, dis engages, lobotomize, free from blame, ante up, over-looks, casts loose, turns loose, swept out, de fog, Disculpated, ex crete, atone for, un tying, exculpate, finds innocent, de-vote, re duce, made allowances for, de livering, paid off, re butting, standing up for, wiping it off, paid up, paying ones dues, dis charges, ease, absolve, goes easy on, purify, un fetter, Respiting, acquit, shake out, pay one dues, exempt, lifeboating, re lax, considered opinions, re-dressing, reply, up-hold, whitewashed, re-buttals, un-loosing, protection, de-contaminated, ex-planations, appeal, un leashes, pro roguing, go easy on, pre texts, eased up, argue for, going easy on, turn loose, letted upon, takes fall, falls away, sur-render, bare no malice, sur-renders, sends to prison, de fogs, aerified, re-pays, unchained, un-chaining, sur rendered, spake in favor, over looks, thinking no more of, dis-proves, wiping map, sends river, ex terminating, un binds, un loose, pre vent, re duces, de votes, off-times, overlookings, intermits, plead ignorance, re spite, conclusion, lets off hook, found innocent, send river, suspend charges, un chaining, dismissing from mind, un shackle, pretexting, be answerable for, sentence, un chain, de-livered, re pealing, defense, un leash, thinks no more of, let pass, makes allowances for, stand up for, do business, option, re spited, letted go, grants a stay, re-butted, de-odorizes, wipes off, re spiting, exempts from, whatfor, de fend, de-crease, let hook, re quite, re-joinder, took fall, mismanagement, freed from blame, throw the book at, atoning for, why and wherefores, letted hook, apologizes for, burying the hatchet, pro rogue, deaden, un bound, release, letting the hook, edulcorates, rout out, suspends charges, setting at large, re-deem, freedom, un loading, dis burdened, dis engage, spoke in favor, ex cept, lets up on, re moving, let the hook, sends the river, vindication, rarifying, anted up, mete out, thought no more of, un shackling, privilege from, re dressing, pick, re-leased, beared no malice, de-contaminating, re-duces, de vote, un-doing, Elutriated, re leasing, allowed for, un loads, letting easy, spake favor, let up on, whyfor, wert answerable for, Prorogued, sweeps out, winks at, guard, dis charge, laughing off, de odorized, showing cause, re-dress, pre venting, lets the hook, deactivate, over looking, distrust, granted stay, un-does, un-bound, de-liver, dis infects, remit, de-voting, take fall, de-fenses, de fending, dis-infects, throw book at, wipe slate clean, doth penance, dis burdening, excuse, de fogged, dis-engaged, question, Disculpating, re paying, pro-roguing, made allowances, putting on ice, co pouts, cleanup, re peals, dis charged, pre-vents, throwing the book at, were answerable for, unfettering, un-did, de-odorize, forgive, open up, lifeboat, wiped off map, doing justice to, vindicate, lets go, pro rogues, let off time, re-tort, send up the river, re-dressed, sent up the river, dis-prove, ex terminates, re-deeming, payed up, approve, passing judgment, Amnestying, un loaded, privileging from, wipes it off, retreat, giving absolution, pays one's dues, put ice, wiping off, sending to prison, overlook, re-pealed, Dooming, pro-rogued, penalty, de contaminated, why wherefores, turning other cheek, dismiss from mind, did justice to, spoke favor, un does, re-torts, de livered, un doing, takes the fall, jives, end, urging, pro scribing, pre-vented, re-moving, extenuating circumstances, exemption, wipe the slate clean, mend, anteing up, enervate, wiped the slate clean, wast answerable for, devitalize, re-leasing, wipe off, suspended charges, setting free, lets off the hook, turned other cheek, sprung for, rarify, pardon, offtimes, throwing book at, ex terminated, letted off easy, shut off, pay up, wait, fix, re-paying, re-spiting, lets pass, re-quite, re pays, dost penance, opened up, castrate, over looked, dispense from, sends up river, shakes out, are answerable for, makes allowances, up hold, de voted, does justice to, un fastens, re-moves, un fastening, justify, re torts, defogged, elutriates, re lease, the whole idea, post-pones, re-spite, opening up, de-livers, un load, dis-infecting, wiped map, unload, ex-cept, went easy on, whole ideas, sends prison, dis-abusing, payed dues, setting large, help, accepts apology, purge, de-contaminate, taking rap for, letting off steam, kiss make up, lets bygones be bygones, liberate, grants stay, dispensed from, dis-abuse, un loosing, pass judgment, anteed up, shook out, extenuating circumstanceses, sanctifications, defogging, buries the hatchet, cleanups, does penance, dis-engaging, re-turns, springs for, un-fetter, pre-venting, dis abuses, ex-plained, aerifying, bearing no malice, proceeds, pay cash, do justice to, sent to prison, copouts, letting bygones be bygones, releasing, de laying, Unfetter, dismisses from mind, re lieve, pay ones dues, blinked at, wiping the slate clean, pay off, over-look, de-creases, re-habilitated, show cause, buried the hatchet, compurgations, privileges from, edulcorate, free, disburden, take out, re moved, letting off this time, de lays, de contaminating, un fettered, de-fending, letted this time, dis burden, un-tying, wipes off map, sweeping out, defensive, let off this time, stood up for, let time, off-time, turns other cheek, dampen, de-votes, ex-cretes, de-odorized, letting off time, de-lay, re butted, de fended, take the fall, re-venge, didst justice to, de fogging, made allowance, ex cretes, shaking out, re-mission, re leases, let off hook, dis-infected, square things, un-fetters, pro scribed, un tied, wipes the slate clean, deterges, dis missed, Proroguing, benefit, paying one dues, dis proves, disregard, make allowance, granted a stay, irresponsibility, make allowances for, spring for, dis abusing, meted out, un fastened, pre-text, turned loose, un-tied, post pone, un-loads, argues for, wiped slate clean, grant a stay, springing for, ex terminate, ex-position, lets off easy, ex-planation, ex-terminating, un-fasten, up held, aerifies, kissed and make up, re-duce, took out, wipes slate clean, un-bind, routed out, lets off steam, putting ice, wiping off map, un-loosed, letting steam, desiccate, de-fends, did business, think no more of, ex-terminated, justification, casting loose, ex-plains, apologetics, sur rendering, un-fastened, preference, alternative, re fine, letting time, railroaded, resistance, did penance, let steam, remunerate, takes rap for, ex-positions, give absolution, dis proved, un-leashed, unchains, suggestion, Intermitting, bears no malice, intermit, freeing, re turn, pro scribes, apologizing for, defogs, let it go, speaking favor, paid one dues, being answerable for, doest justice to, buried hatchet, send the river, atoned for, sets free, unshackles, sur-rendering, lustrate, letted the hook, offtime, granting a stay, accept apology, art answerable for, accepting apology, whitewashings, reprieve, make good, letted easy, de-fogged, defog, de-laying, re paid, unpack, ex plaining, un-leashes, un-shackling, re-lax, un-fettered, lets easy, sending up the river, wipe it off, put on ice, re habilitated, re pay, Depurating, loophole, sets at large, winking at, de lay, post pones, Re-turn, quieten, dis-engage, wiped it off, whatfors, unfetters, wiping slate clean, prorogues, taking the fall, Unlade, pays ones dues, dis-engages, re venges, lets upon, exonerate, argued for, un fetters, remittal, makes allowance, re buttal, dis-burdens, pay, Depurate, blink at, un fettering, un loosed, un-load, accepted apology, send up river, speaks in favor, aid, letted time, burying hatchet, sending up river, recommendation, doeth business, letting off hook, proposal, off-load, pays up, lets hook, de-terminations.