Pronunciation of Take
/tˈe͡ɪk/, /tˈe‍ɪk/, /t_ˈeɪ_k/

Antonyms for take

laying up on, calls attention to, becomes poorer, brings up on, Helmed, egress, fingered the pie, dis ported, was worthwhile, escaping one's memory, pack a rod, re-capitulate, pack like sardines, chip in, re lax, line up, made deal, cares for, de-vising, inter-posed, doth bit, dis missing, give forth, be fall, de-cease, referenced, made over, picking up the bill, give out, planked down, re-bate, give tip, stick to, deeded, issue, were of use, giving thought to, inter-faced, becoming valid, rolled back, hang out with, Re sign, caterwaul, puts money, end owing, marks out, laying down, dis missed, gives the heave ho, equip, re-possessing, return the compliment, come with, out-place, picked bill, stock, out-fit, doing in to, flows out, paying ones dues, am liable, pro-claims, fleshes out, in tends, cliques with, took over, re telling, ex change, dis-located, refer to, spurn, dis-charges, dis covering, chums with, invokes happiness, becomes law, in-states, be reduced, grinned bear it, re-visits, art prejudiced, sold up, gotten in one sights, makes available, plows back in to, put in the hands of, Caving, dis-perse, expel, took place, hits the bull-eye, dis remembers, draw blank, pay half, re-tire, dopes out, shorted, ex-plicated, pick the tab, being equivalent, de fends, deliver, putting disposal, in trusted, dis-approving, expiation, gives take, got it up, got into, pay for, metes out, be-stowing, re presents, point the way, counter-signed, re-lapsing, did part, re-possesses, did ones part, un-dresses, makes apparent, ex-cretes, lays at ones feet, digs up, de-ceases, is of use, art the habit of, keep, ex pend, re tires, bearing expense, making reprisal, getting jump on, de-vote, fixing one wagon, make sense of, dis-appear, gave take, bring into the open, hold, re-assured, interfacing, re-consider, ministers to, banish, over compensating, defecates, soup up, took an eye for eye, laid one feet, being sufficient, dis regard, drew forth, go beyond, misunderstand, is touch, pro-tract, in-due, re-joins, prep, monetize, re signs, is useful, buy into, use up, dis-charge, getting in the act, poured forth, giving and take, sighting on, over-passed, granting authority, re-serving, re probate, having portion of, re inserted, all owing, cut pie, are in the habit of, needest, out-does, melting away, re plenishing, pro-vide, pinching hit for, dis tend, payment, show profit, send, dost one's bit, re-probated, outplaces, pro-positions, dis-continuing, forced up on, coughed up, beared expense, keep going, de bates, voted in, de-vise, gave thanks to, are just the ticket, lays foundation, made known, be-spake, didst one bit, Reinsert, sitting in, de parted, wonder about, phrase, de-bating, trans figured, overspread, re instates, pro viding, dishing up, keep busy, even score, going past, talk of, chimes in, pre-pare, lay foundation, am conducive, laying feet, doing ones bit, importing, is at service, priming the pump, de lays, being worthwhile, doest one bit, re tired, be tray, dis-cards, flesh out, turn down, ex-plain, dis robe, re possesses, are biased, doest one's part, consign, re counted, in-stall, didst ones bit, be speak, ex-posed, paid back spades, putting hands of, re located, rushes off, re-coups, shot back, draws bead, being sanctioned, re-hearses, makes responsible for, hung out with, art impoverished, answered back, casts away, provided funds, fronted for, am of assistance, sweetening kitty, stand by, take revenge, am source of, zero in, distribute, were service, putting market, smoothing the way, apportion, re-fused, super-vise, be party to, came to pass, grinning and bear it, getting in one's sights, are acceptable, being careless, did honors, stands in lieu of, sets down, in-dues, doth one bit, saddled, in tending, dis-locate, dis-regard, re-arranged, makes for, goes halves, re-gale, gives do, art sufficient, rang up, dis course, pro longs, getting the jump on, laying at ones feet, ex-pound, de code, gets sights, out-placed, put in, gat in one's sights, chiming in, pro cures, putting circulation, cover cost, dis-approves, rolls back, retrace steps, hark back to, get in the act, making amends, pre paring, stowing away, thinks no more of, iced, dope out, making motion, are in habit of, Passed, dis-burdening, trans-mute, bring in to open, was party to, toeing the mark, give a report, re-commends, action, do ones part, jazzes up, got through, Domiciliated, re-treat, un clothes, answers purpose, privileged from, re pairs, lost sight of, showed profit, wert established, Shying, advance(s), letting fly, sent out, be-longs, are responsible for, re-located, wast careless, traded in, Tendering, reorders, are in touch, re occurs, keeping in touch, bare cost, catering to, gotten jump on, whole, plunking down, retelling, recoupments, dis locates, pro long, provide security, rolling with it, being a party to, establish, bended over backward, laid up on, de-tails, cliqued with, hanging out with, sell for, was established, came pass, gets one's sights, wast predisposed, Outgoes, serve, puts the map, depose, dis-continues, pro-fesses, pals around with, dissuade, lay down, sweetens pot, chum together, allegated, take over, allegate, made well, reinserts, with-drawing, outfit, conferred trust, de ceases, honors claim, hit on, gave thought to, sur mounting, falls short, makes rich, hitting bull's-eye, square accounts, stick, put forward, over-flown, fill, is the habit of, payed back, picks tab, post pones, stocks up, be in the habit of, de-codes, Solatium, de-scribe, place, move in, wrote up, Shoaled, depended upon, take, push for, re visiting, pay out, out fitted, all-owing, de-means, doest in to, de ciphered, vested in, consign oblivion, forks over, retro grades, talked over, pushing for, laying the groundwork, over-compensates, dis-continued, out-placing, ex pire, lays ones feet, make provision, de-tailing, used up, stumbled upon, co operated, make reparation, looked after, paid back, doest ones bit, re-pose, Disembogue, lapse, renders needless, reflect on, dis-patch, giving blow by blow, rolls out, throw over, Gamed, de lineate, ex pound, fed kitty, de rive, cashing out, co operates, over-flows, am useful, wast in the habit of, de-fend, de posited, hit the bulls eye, lotting out, doest part, parented, co aching, re-ported, owning up, paying out, provide, sending out, doest ones part, re-peat, juiced, swears off, hangs out with, doped out, answering purpose, re cedes, provide for, co operate, dis mantles, hit bull's eye, dis-tending, came around, shot ahead of, make well, un dressed, un-loads, Retrograded, in sinuate, bore expense, hitting bullseye, de coding, de-liberated, was at service, making well, do part, ex pounded, clean up, dis continuing, did in to, keeping hand, be-friended, making good, returned compliment, am a source of, laid at one's feet, de cline, go around with, smooth way, promote, re-tort, wast service, de-sign, being established, squares up, puts to something, de-ducted, doeth ones part, complying with, passed the hat, de mise, ignore, re-turning, de-noted, keeps touch, give and take, gives an introduction, out race, was use, sub sided, taking from, co-aching, dis-owned, Trending, settling the score, diffused, don't make waves, re-new, gave introduction, reaffirm, de-sert, escape ones memory, ex-act, works for, is biased, make clear, filled bill, re-pay, trans-figuring, bestow, chummed together, gets it up, go without, re-signs, got in the act, attended to, invoked happiness, give the nod, re probating, re pairing, de canted, putting up dough, buys into, pre-vail, in fusing, re examined, chime in, Trolling, makes redress for, letting slip from memory, out-lining, lackest, laid at one feet, ties with, re-fining, overlook, fore-casts, being in touch, re-arranging, did the honors, geared up, cashes in on, picked the check, was careless, stow away, Planed, gives blow-by-blow, decides upon, fed the kitty, brings in to open, passing up, beared the expense, sells up, gat into, dis appears, putting in, swinging for, fixt up with, letted have, de generated, were in the habit of, dis-solving, de vise, pro-cure, re-eking, overcompensations, put into words, de-notes, in-forms, overcompensation, disallow, showing profit, re-fuse, am disposed, parcels out, prepay, being sold for, re-percuss, picks up check, won back, relinquish, didst the honors, asservate, be-friending, being assistance, flies by, ex-pire, getting ones sights, put, re-told, puts up the money for, giving report, paying for, relied up on, re-presents, abstaining from, parceling, Sharks, un zip, dis-counted, be conducive, gets in ones sights, de-lays, reconstitutes, made the grade, loose, re considered, takes over, over-flowed, paying one dues, Metaphrase, lets have, afford, puts on something, be carried, de-bates, picks up the bill, re established, did one bit, settles on, fixing up with, runs with, let fly, cashing in on, gets act, puts market, mis-places, fix wagon, re gained, fix with, gifting with, bending over backward, be adequate, re versing, hate, drew bead, come across with, being liable, de luged, de picts, running out, doeth ones bit, re assure, out doing, re-affirms, gave thumbs-up, re-commended, taking an eye for an eye, was sold for, trans forming, de-crees, doeth one bit, digging up, force upon, under taking, out-fits, out laying, swimming with the tide, out-done, de-faults, de parts, hast a hand in, discharge, hop up, am reduced, de-scended, borns, pro mises, did one's bit, being employed by, went out in front, serves up, pour forth, answering back, trans pose, putting up money fo, made ready, are assistance, rod up, atones for, be equivalent, ring in, puts forward, un leashes, be source of, giving thumbs-up, pro-viding, wondering about, ex pending, render, wert positive, de-fending, line nest, inversed, lugging iron, tie with, deal out, forked up, hit the bull's eye, de generate, pro-claiming, cough up, re joining, over-flow, gotten act, confer, pro pounds, ran by, covered cost, evened the score, getting well, quit cold turkey, pour it on, inter posing, de-lay, art predisposed, draw bead, lay at one feet, hopping up, are habit of, putting forward, dis card, be spake, intro duces, pays for, meta-phrased, be-friends, trans-figured, retire from, puts up dough, be stowing, re-ceding, Victualing, handed back, art a party to, re-stating, attend to, wert predisposed, kissing good bye, slipped away, over-pass, co-nates, super-vised, gangs up with, re words, pinches hit for, get sights, talked back, re-venging, re-locates, goes on with, dis remember, blew past, de posit, de rived, fund, deselect, sticks to, accouching, fixt one wagon, re places, standing down, re constitutes, bring in to the open, commends to, rebating, doing business, trans figure, make reparations, re-paired, re couping, go in with, sweetener, didst business, COMPS, pouring out, gave verbal account, trot out, produce, bear expense, shies, puts in circulation, lay groundwork, bring up on, inter-acts, pro-rogues, art useful, sticked for, spare, is use, with draw, sate on, Presenting, made rich, sends out, gotten out from under, comply with, re arranged, post-pones, being of use, gave a report, were sold for, doing part, de riving, dismissing from mind, putting up the money for, wert carried, puts order, re funded, un veiling, gave tip, gotten through, Outgone, re-sting, re inserting, de tailing, giving introduction, ex plain, summating, anteed up, be friending, is just the ticket, dis close, de-clares, de luges, de-rive, ganged up with, in-fuse, trans mute, repercusses, take the oath, overspreads, ex acting, in-cline, pitch in, re gale, de-noting, de-spoil, start ball rolling, got in sights, feed the kitty, offers benediction, inter changed, bringing in to the open, pick up check, pre-paying, be-fell, discourage, retiring from, packed rod, re-percussed, dis closing, counter-signing, hadst an inclination, wert sufficient, putting map, casts out, hath a portion of, bulged out, un folded, push on, de livering, out-distances, in sinuating, cliquing with, consenting to, ex-tolling, buying into, re-probate, handed on, under-takes, doest honors, transliterated, owns up, re asserts, re gains, out-distancing, be careless, went past, makes payment, becoming ratified, pre-sents, de-spoiling, be just ticket, re-appear, dis-burses, re-dressing, in-vests, re-arrange, reflects on, dis tending, pre serves, staked down, making a deal, PREPS, re-strict, be reaves, wert habit of, hand-carrying, springing for, paying back spades, de-ducts, point, circling back, inversing, be longed, accouch, dis-close, kissing goodbye, put up the money for, settled score, re locates, put in two cents, dis cuss, trans-posing, de canting, re-moves, subjected to, rebated, go fifty-fifty, stocking up, takes the oath, dost honors, became ratified, junked, dis claimed, re buff, re affirming, having an inclination, had a hand in, mis recollect, be habit of, un-fold, GIMME, re bated, Metaphrased, going fifty-fifty, paid down, step in to shoes of, doth the honors, de-luging, pro claim, in-vesting, re ordering, re stated, re-lated, in state, hand-carried, re-visit, fails remember, be out for blood, made reparations, counter-vail, re percusses, doeth into, be responsible for, wert disposed, re seating, gang up with, dis burden, chumming together, consigns oblivion, out-laying, out distanced, dis appear, dis-placing, are sold for, hitting back, was conducive, release, draw forth, dis-continue, re-words, over-compensate, totality, dis approving, squared accounts, evote, co nates, deal, run things, de-scending, attends to, talks of, spake for, roll out, asservates, didst honors, shoring up, be falls, brimming over, commit, complies with, goes in with, re posed, wast just ticket, dis-courses, giving thumbsup, de rives, give way, dis solves, flow, parcel out, scratching one's back, pro vided, gets down to brass tacks, gave to do, got in act, dis inherited, pool, lend lease, does one part, pre-paring, wonders about, art reduced, re-warded, says no, brings forward, bearing the cost, palling with, rely upon, am prejudiced, mis-spending, moving in, end-owing, brings back, get into, in-sinuates, co-operating, be sanctioned, re-legate, be service, pro longing, pre-sent, turns the tables, turn off, picks the check, overspreading, disburse, co ached, enriches, answer back, misinterpret, lack, be speaking, took pledge, pro positions, make motion, re turning, hast a portion of, out-strip, pass down, meta-phrasing, dis remembering, did bit, be-reaved, gave parts, uses up, sustain, take an eye for an eye, gotten one sights, Parceled, re-examined, makes well, re commending, lend-leased, inverses, Counterpoising, haddest a tendency, re-coil, be disposed, fingers the pie, re buffed, care for, ex-plicate, trans muting, came back at, all-owed, was instrumental, blueprinted, dis-approve, taking over, haddest tendency, made room, hitting the bull eye, feels return, Bankrupting, ex cretes, hand carries, jam pack, un-dressing, de nudes, de-luges, pre-pay, were source of, grin bear it, accouches, de-claims, doth one's bit, de ducting, convenienced, lay forward, de-signed, re capitulates, reentered, give to, putting for sale, depends upon, consigned to oblivion, makes reprisal, ex-acting, bare the expense, letting fall, re fused, snap back, are party to, am careless, lays one, be-reaving, cleaned forget, Re-sound, ex pended, dis robed, dis patched, be reft, de-votes, going dutch, get ink for, puts in, re serve, out fitting, trans mutes, reflected on, doth into, commended to, coughs up, takes from, wert biased, abandon, take the pledge, re-covers, mint, hang around with, gat one's sights, blowing past, verges on, de part, left behind, circles back, glut, re-veal, giving a tip, keep on hand, am sanctioned, make a killing, pay down, throwing back, passed down, gave account, laying down the law, counter vailed, dis approve, mull over, angeling, dis-burse, para-phrasing, be honest, lend leased, gives thumbs up, dost one part, hits bull's eye, were instrumental, pieced up, disapprove, working for, does the honors, counter poised, put circulation, was disposed, metaphrases, be-quest, in versed, retro-spects, out-went, re visits, get the act, saying no, dis-closes, un-zips, re-storing, settled on, under-wrote, gotten in the act, fixt wagon, rolling back, were worthwhile, re percussing, supply, letting out, Sweeteners, de-note, lose sight of, dis charge, re peat, in-forming, serving to, tenders, pro cured, give introduction, acquitting oneself, is conducive, out-lines, answer the purpose, stands by, dis located, parts with, cleans forget, bungs, Prepaying, re bates, pro tract, give a tip, serve up, super vised, sur renders, rendered to, whiles away, express, doeth honors, dis-mantle, deposit with, pro-motes, fixed ones wagon, cared for, out line, in stating, re-places, swore off, settling on, mulls over, re-considers, hopped up, de meaning, dis-place, show fruit, tost back, consigned oblivion, fixing wagon, made fast, ministering to, halt, came on like, re plying, re-butting, counter vails, prepays, re bounds, out shined, re gaining, giving an account, under taken, hurried off, dis owned, giving heave ho, out-racing, re deeming, Ladling, putting in charge of, Provisioned, dis-claimed, talk back, Recoupment, put on the market, de-pict, evoted, lays one's feet, re-deem, de vised, set down, counter-balances, laid bare, antes up, invoking benefits, be falling, gat in the act, making pitch for, laying upon, doing duty as, de spoiled, trans-plant, in-verse, tickled the palm, sends forth, bent over backward, re ported, gives a boost to, dedicate, payed one dues, stumbling upon, reaffirmed, draw a blank, turn tables, pass hat, made clear, ex-pending, made grade, re-pair, giving it to, do one bit, administer, gat through, Disemboguing, sets before, takes up with, re-bound, puts oneself out, de-posed, out fits, harked back to, reflecting on, transfer, be enough, raises dough, bends over backward, pro-longed, hits the bulleye, quitting cold turkey, took with, drawing a blank, driving out, re establishing, makes good, under-taking, takes revenge, be of assistance, mis-spend, gives thumbsup, escape one's memory, took revenge, hast hand in, make a pitch for, eighty six, perform, Trajecting, trans-form, trans-pire, re turned, counter-poised, piloting, gives as example, are at service, deciding upon, passes down, heel up, is liable, being of assistance, counter vailing, deposits with, art worthwhile, is responsible for, re-commending, supplying, meta morphoses, re-quite, re ceding, get jump on, does duty as, jilt, dis inherits, comes like, give parts, evening score, bowed to, lays one feet, chimed in, wert sold for, fails to keep, stand in lieu of, am responsible for, call attention to, hit bull-eye, wert out for blood, put hands of, ex-pounding, art positive, dis burses, give an account, putting on something, sub sides, dis inherit, be inclined, swaps places, doest duty as, Bunging, picked check, put up money fo, depending upon, going again, provides funds, gives rise to, hitting the bull-eye, relies up on, tossed back, come to, be stows, gotten in act, trans posed, souping up, in-vest, got down to brass tacks, trailblaze, get in to, un veil, abstain, lay at one's feet, giving comeuppance, runs around with, laid one's feet, providing security, re-establish, ex hales, bulging out, rid of, treat, laying aside, was in touch, Wedging, starting ball rolling, coming pass, bears the expense, de signing, dis solve, dis cussed, de ducts, getting in act, takes the pledge, settling with, art source of, pours on, makes provision, fitting out, lent a hand, lay aside, giving parts, sits in on, renders role, putting up money, are predisposed, privileges from, out place, is inclined, got down brass tacks, dis courses, take oath, decides up on, neglect, turns tables on, be-trays, deeding, makes pitch for, quarterback, fail, de-fining, goes around with, trans-mutes, guerdoned, egests, depends up on, giving tip, misrecollecting, reels back, re-buffed, puts the money for, dished up, lining nest, de-bate, rivetted, re-aching, being at service, denudating, ex-acted, denudate, inter-pose, out-distance, striking back, debt, divides with, companioning, finger in the pie, scratch ones back, ex pose, re-seating, rolled with it, indue, give verbal account, re acted, consented to, in-tend, ran up, keeps from falling, lavishing up on, depended up on, egressed, de clare, standing in lieu of, ex acts, gat act, pay back spades, give comeuppance, leaving to, forks out, re coups, be-questing, pay dues, parceled out, re lapse, gives introduction, deposited with, para-phrase, Venge, wrought through, re bounded, gets out from under, needer, jacks up, de-scribes, bring light, dis-remembers, lay one feet, reinserting, reenters, in-sert, art sanctioned, were adequate, with-drawn, ex tract, thought over, re signed, dis appearing, strike back, were careless, prorogues, keep alive, throws in, putting money, Concentered, picked up bill, turning upon, run with, takes over from, grant authority, relying up on, ante up, move back, falling short, pro fits, runs by, is positive, laying down law, in-scribes, hits bull eye, dis-places, planked out, feeling return, in tended, smooths the way, feels in return, hits back, re-constituted, disenchant, aggregate, rolling out, re-enter, state, puts charge of, do into, talks over, over-passing, drawing bead, being out for blood, fail to keep, puts circulation, hath inclination, dealing out, puts to use, re venge, fixes wagon, end-owed, de-fined, arrives at, is a party to, tosses back, escaped one memory, was adequate, was equivalent, conates, transliterates, piecing up, pro-cures, gotten in one's sights, provides escape, liberate, make vivid, re-order, describe, in cline, be useful, doest bit, setting forth, cashed on, fleshing out, counter-vailing, threshed out, look after, sit on, keep company, hits bulleye, co-operates, do in to, trans-formed, re moved, legating, keeps on hand, out-shine, hadst hand in, sub serves, gotten in ones sights, laying ones feet, counter-poises, get in one sights, answer, pre-pared, thinks up, gotten the act, tire, un leash, deciding up on, taking an eye for eye, inter-faces, re-insert, repel, mis spending, ex plicate, is equivalent, de fend, runs up, escapes memory, gets ink for, de lineated, piggybacking, forced upon, moves toward, de ported, Forgone, ramming in, feathers nest, toeing mark, de crees, paying back, Ladled, gotten the jump on, putting in the hands of, dis-claims, not heeds, dispel doubt, get the jump on, sets forth, comes again, de votes, de clares, paying half, underwrite, de-luged, bring into open, conferring trust, re payments, reinserted, be-reaves, concenters, fixes up with, gave way, is sanctioned, pinch hit for, taxi, losing sight of, honors with, put order, de-pose, gets in act, dis-porting, was service, doth ones bit, bringing up on, lots out, re venging, doth one part, re-veals, were habit of, were carried, de-liver, looking after, became obsolete, doing one part, subbed, put back, hadst a tendency, Advantaging, ex-torts, had a tendency, bringing to, comes on like, re percussed, are positive, put the money for, gets ones sights, de-posing, goes beyond, Companied, stands lieu of, dis claiming, inter pose, para-phrased, under writes, consents to, lendlease, keeps alive, didst bit, drop like hot potato, hits bull's-eye, mulled over, dost the honors, took an eye for an eye, post pone, multi-plying, pouring it on, lot out, dis closed, de-scribed, is ordained, didst in to, makes sense of, dis continued, gat in one sights, in-ducting, picked the bill, were employed by, dis-course, gotten one's sights, dropped like hot potato, dis-tribute, render needless, cashing on, dish up, bearing cost, kiss good bye, sits in, repay, hand over, in stalled, depend up on, scratched one back, paid out, inter changing, were enough, hitting the bull'seye, draws a blank, wert ordained, art out for blood, Bunged, gets behind, be fell, de ciphering, in form, moves in, dis-claim, gat in sights, pronounce holy, re-appeared, re coiling, doest the honors, re-cedes, turns over to, let fall, pouring forth, cast away, re-payment, honoring claim, lining up, out-fitted, extend, re veals, shed, re-constituting, meta phrase, dost bit, ex plicates, give thumbsup, pro-mise, un veils, ex pounds, are just ticket, para phrasing, dis-inherits, parceling out, keeps busy, ballyhooed, paid back in spades, thinking up, gat the jump on, heaped up on, failed keep, re capitulated, bring bear, re sting, re-treats, passed hat, failing keep, zero on, re eked, was of use, wert in the habit of, laying at one feet, pro vides, personates, whiled away, handing on, placed disposal, chum with, become obsolete, Intrusted, are sanctioned, re-lax, makes over, fix up with, vest, be-falls, lavished up on, gave thumbsup, referencing, was ordained, get well, fills bill, gave vent to, honor claim, unfasten, domiciliate, made a pitch for, pre served, made provision, pre serve, were sufficient, lose, fixed up with, re-occurred, de fine, dis place, re-turned, folding up, give blow by blow, harks back to, Shepherding, re-plenishes, hits bullseye, make fast, togged, hadst a hand in, dis claim, buying in to, gifted with, cashed out, make over, forces up on, pro vision, retro-grading, counterpoised, dis burse, re bound, de coded, Intrusting, wells forth, being use, trail-blazed, mis-spent, lavish up on, make a deal, re-enters, re buffing, over-flowing, re-telling, returns compliment, de-parted, exudating, out-did, re-plying, fixes with, smoothing way, filling bill, puts across, dis possesses, de-picts, lay at ones feet, pyramidded, doeth duty as, putting charge of, hike up, plundered, doth part, re-instates, do honors, Indued, being instrumental, got revenge, re-curring, de bating, over spreads, out-fitting, opening doors, re locate, are adequate, do duty as, get down brass tacks, sit in on, fronting for, dost in to, does honors, shakes on, un-leashed, accouched, didst into, doeth business, re coil, conform to, pays back in spades, de-frayed, showing fruit, filled the bill, being disposed, get revenge, dis tributes, were in touch, re butted, mis recollecting, re-buffs, lend leasing, meta phrases, haddest a portion of, be friended, flying by, over pass, re appeared, pro-rate, give thumbs up, lets pass, forgotten, getting one's sights, beat drum for, in-tends, un-dress, reels off, be-speaks, over looks, pick up the bill, re-gales, re-bated, picking the tab, fixed wagon, ex-pended, conveniencing, super vising, makes clear, quarterbacking, re-affirmed, thresh out, put disposal, trans-planting, pro fesses, picked the tab, need, de claims, fell out, kept on hand, became valid, hast an inclination, pro vide, reorder, is of assistance, glided by, pro pone, re-asserting, warms up, gets in the act, haddest hand in, plunk down, puts in the hands of, melted away, put something, gave a tip, laid ones feet, Sluiced, putting dough, have a tendency, laid forward, put in charge of, covers cost, gliding by, moving back, pro-moting, hitting bull eye, shake off, be-longed, dis-coursed, re tiring, drew blank, de-cipher, re-pairs, passed on, co-oked, filling the bill, laid upon, in-fusing, are source of, diffuses, lower, re treating, zeroed in, un-covers, de-signs, packing like sardines, pose, pre-paid, counter signs, laid down the law, pro-mote, un dresses, in forms, up grade, dis-mantling, re-affirm, taking up with, mis-placing, sub-bed, divided with, took eye for eye, be-stowed, misconceive, fingered pie, hit the bull'seye, mis-recollect, privilege from, re fund, forked over, being adequate, lays groundwork, de noted, ex changes, anteing up, trans-muting, ex haling, suffers loss, re-peats, de cease, re paying, complain, un loading, illustrates with, work through, lays at feet, art use, packing rod, un folding, in vested, put oneself out, ex-celling, rigs up, loss, be of use, inter face, stay, re entered, shot out, outplacing, let slip from memory, deal with, settle up, de liberated, quotaed, forcing upon, am carried, re-locating, let pass, proponed, re-quires, fixing one's wagon, de-ciphers, be reave, puts up for sale, is just ticket, am ordained, take place, talking over, doeth one's bit, make amends, giving with, convey image, reconstituted, re-fine, guerdoning, pre pare, dis solved, gave as example, laying bare, signing on, in trust, giving to, pro-pounds, passes up, spieled, contribute, sur-render, takes eye for eye, was impoverished, hit bulls-eye, are good enough, answers the purpose, de-livered, drew a bead, atone for, sweetens the pot, illustrate with, para-phrases, got ink for, bulge out, does ones bit, are equivalent, made it, re arranging, yawp, laying on one, art at service, act with, hit the bull eye, inter-changing, total, misrecollected, preside over, puts money for, communicate, rendering to, gave thumbs up, Lacker, referring to, co-ached, counter vail, sub-sides, am habit of, flip flopping, sliced up, Helming, gat under way, bringing forward, didst part, re-coils, out distancing, fixt one's wagon, art in habit of, hits on, keep touch, moots, sweetening pot, in-tended, hitting on, re-gain, be the habit of, in duct, re-cede, de-legates, lets fly, ex-changing, under-writes, Domiciliating, disagree, lined nest, dealt in, laid at feet, puts up money fo, got in to, got jump on, disregard, had a portion of, scratches one's back, be established, drive out, ex plicated, de-liberate, failed remember, make apparent, Re-entering, make grade, bringing into the open, pays back spades, re inserts, re served, thrust back, palled with, were of assistance, making a pitch, squares accounts, under-write, ex haled, say no, be instrumental, paid one dues, doth ones part, metaphrasing, honors a claim, open view, slough, cause, sweeten pot, dislike, lay one, in-stated, dost duty as, art party to, payed off, lavishes upon, out going, cleaning forget, haddest inclination, quits cold turkey, dis coursed, de-ceasing, re-versed, laying on, re-assure, gets the act, coming through with, project, dis-tend, verge on, ex-changed, brimmed over, taking with, decked out, lotted out, wast established, put across, lend-leases, reseats, gotten under way, were the habit of, re-joined, dis-mantles, packs a rod, present, re deemed, re legates, pays off, trajects, egressing, atoning for, re turns, ringed up, dis perse, consigning oblivion, went in with, re placing, sold off, set apart, hang with, escape one memory, idle, forking over, payed dividend, trans literates, measures up, dis-solved, reaches out, fitting in, de sign, Re-present, picking the check, goes fifty fifty, stumbles up on, gives with, Mooting, hits bulls-eye, ex-haled, wast of use, inter changes, loaned shark, providing for, lose consciousness of, in-stalling, de luge, dost ones part, lays aside, in-stalled, maunder, coming back at, gave blow by blow, re-assures, in trusting, being useful, pro positioned, making for, out-race, ex-plained, bless, de-generate, voting in, being carried, being service, buys in to, trans-muted, un clothed, handcarries, re-quiring, lit up, fix ones wagon, turns the tables on, dis-missed, looks after, declare, re-locate, giving nod, goes dutch, fingering in the pie, poured it on, digged up, made reparation, making public, went in for, are liable, sit in, pro moting, Personating, playact, repudiate, swam with tide, COMP, shell out, propitiations, re lapsing, re members, interface, making available, render role, picked up the check, conating, hath hand in, hath a tendency, re pose, re tains, de ciphers, re-treating, having tendency, being conducive, re-seats, hiking up, am employed by, hits bull'seye, throw spotlight on, be-speak, dis-possessing, de-fault, becoming obsolete, bequesting, gives over, gotten ink for, took from, pro created, be a party to, giving rise to, are use, have an inclination, came like, puts the hands of, pro-pounded, de duct, counter-vailed, hit the bulls-eye, un-furling, in-undated, slips away, brought forward, dis charged, are instrumental, heaps upon, re warding, dis-remember, wert in habit of, dis mantled, does one's bit, appeals to, counter-sign, pro-tracts, return compliment, mark out, Planing, out-strips, puts disposal, ex-tort, were sanctioned, abstained from, fork out, took up with, bowing to, handed, fixed one wagon, rodded up, dis-closing, make deal, dis-appeared, wast useful, do one's bit, heap up on, hits bulls eye, take eye for eye, were equivalent, re affirm, flowed out, hit bull's-eye, re quires, Overpassing, set, cuts pie, dis mantling, picked up tab, making reparation, heeled up, am impoverished, lay upon, outlaid, refund, pro-visions, direct, laid in, un zips, re-placed, companioned, standing in, pass up, took care of, is sold for, inter act, re locating, puts money fo, plunked down, be employed by, keeping going, lines nest, worked for, out-raced, allow, Prorogued, turn the tables on, planking down, coughing up, prime pump, mis spent, re consider, re-adies, swimming with tide, trans muted, was source of, re cites, hadst portion of, take over from, art adequate, retro grading, turned tables on, was prejudiced, turned up on, is a source of, re entering, sets apart, presided over, pro-pones, re-funded, rolled out, were impoverished, de-fines, pro positioning, be at service, de-cline, took a part of, de-mise, were acceptable, trans pire, being good enough, wert a source of, sub served, tend, re possess, enthrone, wert at service, talking about, un-loaded, gives back, tele-vised, inter faced, drew a blank, un-clad, prime the pump, re-asserted, losing consciousness of, de-bated, extrude, gat one sights, juicing, getting in one sights, pre-serves, re bounding, ironing, de scend, ex celling, hitting the bullseye, mis-recollected, picking bill, Defecating, had portion of, transliterate, keep in touch, acquits oneself, make it, appeal to, are enough, over compensation, scratch one back, re move, hangs with, re tire, make pitch, wert careless, swapped places, dis-appearing, came through with, settle the score, re venges, gave with, re-payments, taking revenge, giving over to, further, re storing, puts in order, give the heave ho, Freighted, grinning bear it, dis-covers, retrogrades, rush off, privileging from, recommend, come through with, gotten in sights, counter poise, refraining from, dost ones bit, dis regarding, fits out, Repercussed, give over, growl, opened doors, puts use, laid one, putting back, lays in, are disposed, parcelling, ran things, Deputed, brought into open, lend hand, being in habit of, gat sights, reckon, gives account, out-laid, sets out, sat in on, hold forth, be fallen, Demising, re-affirming, staggered along, gives a tip, dispense with, wert instrumental, taxiing, be predisposed, am touch, making apparent, go in for, end owed, allegating, stock up, pro-vision, do bit, de-spoiled, putting use, gets in one's sights, re instating, making grade, carries back, passing on, did one's part, mis-spends, kisses goodbye, sur mount, selling off, fixing ones wagon, fold up, sub-serves, Embedding, strikes back, makes reparations, un-veil, gives to do, mis-using, toes mark, reached out, re eking, anted up, made public, pro tracts, honored claim, re instated, para phrases, pro visioning, mis place, work for, out strips, out did, am a party to, siphoned, inveigh, make redress for, provide financing, pays out, de generating, made up for, is in the habit of, showcased, wins back, holds forth, making rich, out-gone, requite, lend leases, dis robes, hath portion of, lugged iron, gangs with, Mooted, hand on, pro claims, sweetens the kitty, has a hand in, carry, pronounced holy, over-spreads, making redress for, de creed, write up, sprang for, re adies, wert useful, sights on, letted slip from memory, recite, putting in hands of, swear off, de voting, cashes on, dis covered, hast tendency, dis-robed, over flow, re-moving, spend, packs like sardines, dis-approved, put map, sum, prorogue, plank down, give over to, pro visions, re-turns, forking out, put the map, payed down, de-fine, allegates, pro visioned, outlaying, dis-placed, hadst a portion of, puts for sale, coming to pass, re-warding, put in circulation, de-lineated, am just the ticket, be-speaking, picking up tab, payed back spades, dis-tended, square up, cashing in, provided security, prayed for, jampack, ex cept, ex celled, flipflopped, paid one's dues, be-spoken, retro-spect, chuck, be quested, taking the oath, Piloted, spring for, Sharking, de luging, is enough, making payment, personate, winning back, kisses good bye, over flows, planks out, gotten well, shun, served to, being party to, pro-pound, pays back, finance, taking eye for eye, toe mark, provided financing, dis-cuss, re-tains, settle on, train, depute, pick bill, finger pie, beared the cost, pay one dues, ex-haling, make up for, over-compensation, pro-created, pre sent, wast employed by, gotten behind, wert reduced, makes vivid, ponying up, in ducted, pay back in spades, going in with, un-furled, got in one sights, Reentering, kiss goodbye, inter posed, out went, Gifting, give it to, collateraled, wanter, de-meaning, plowed back in to, bows to, serves purpose, ex-posing, puts dough, getting down brass tacks, serving up, Misrecollect, snapped back, de-ciphering, keep hand, enrich, un folds, dis-remembered, packed a rod, re visit, sur rendered, sur mounts, de-tailed, confide, is good enough, comes around, decided upon, ex-tract, payed back in spades, hitting the bulls-eye, re-establishes, referred to, lay up on, heaps up on, is acceptable, take with, forked out, subjects to, be-longing, minister to, marking out, makes ready, de-claiming, is carried, making the grade, doing one's part, depositing with, shored up, re-percussing, takes an eye for eye, de ducted, lays forward, was enough, bringing upon, making room, titting for tat, opens doors, depend upon, putting money for, give with, turning tables, ringing in, was responsible for, de faulted, made apparent, disclaim, pay ones dues, giving vent to, stagger along, be spoken, transliterating, de fined, part with, re curred, counter-balanced, picking up the tab, failed to keep, turn upon, pro-creates, keeping promise, am equivalent, tips off, reordering, tipped off, be speaks, inter change, in-ducted, shooting ahead of, sweetens kitty, in stances, in sinuated, re verse, threshes out, obviate, pro-rated, packs rod, un leashed, go short, brings into the open, dis inheriting, putting to something, points the way, pays dividend, get act, outracing, parted with, de-parting, art in the habit of, arrived at, re cover, un-clothed, running by, banqueting, put use, re-porting, was useful, compensate, be impoverished, de posits, re-capitulates, dis appeared, out races, feathering nest, Subserving, Personated, being ordained, re commended, reasserted, compound, art of assistance, stepping in to shoes of, hand-carries, proffer, makes room, failing remember, up grading, keep promise, making killing, gets in one sights, letted fly, went around with, counter-poising, sweeten kitty, evened score, putting on map, tickle palm, in scribe, grizzle, in-stance, pro rogues, laid on one, kissed good bye, re-dress, being inclined, in tend, leaved to, invoked benefits, lays feet, makes deal, Stoppering, steps in to shoes of, de scribing, serve the purpose, owned up, art ordained, raising dough, re-stated, brought into the open, pay back, de-ported, become poorer, re-occurs, gave to, re presenting, getting out from under, re plenish, became law, took part of, put on something, was liable, fix one's wagon, trans formed, paid up, heeling up, under-writing, dis-carded, re constitute, puts at disposal, refrained from, de-generated, hast inclination, makes grade, art a source of, gear up, surrender, puts on to something, put up for sale, wast conducive, under writing, made reprisal, popped off, laying one's feet, re hearses, take pledge, brings upon, honored with, dis-cover, pay one's dues, retort, leave, all owed, dis-regarded, dis-mantled, gets into, pro-creating, giving boost to, re-inserted, gave do, Lotted, took the pledge, deputes, re occurred, thrusting back, stood by, pro fit, out lined, turn the tables, de-duct, interfaces, left to, is established, gat well, am enough, de signed, over-compensating, staggering along, getting act, re-joining, dis cards, re-treated, pro-cured, giving take, loading up, wast liable, loses consciousness of, sighted on, pass, fingering the pie, gearing up, out-shined, goes out front, angeled, flip-flopping, am use, paid ones dues, excrete, retro grade, de-laying, de lay, jacking up, disembogues, trail blazed, counter-balance, inter-acted, inter-changes, dis-ported, gave heave ho, reflect, in trusts, lighting up, feathering, wert worthwhile, fork up, fails keep, gets in sights, in-scribing, give up, under took, ganging up with, re-deeming, pro-vides, occupy oneself, squaring up, dis patching, giving account, counter poises, propitiation, retro-graded, un-drest, ex-plicating, making it, pays one dues, re seat, re-gaining, picking tab, re-eked, re commends, marked out, putting in two cents, throw in, putting up money for, arrive at, were prejudiced, re possessing, be-friend, dis-cussing, planking, smoothed the way, is sufficient, laying in, de fines, Overpassed, gave just desserts, de mises, putting on the map, mis placing, in-trusts, legated, threshing out, make holy, have portion of, dis-covered, buying stock, re examines, were biased, re pay, Disported, dis-patches, increase, de fray, doping out, sending forth, made payment, speaking for, re-covered, trail-blaze, de-faulting, raise dough, fit in, bears expense, hurries off, answer purpose, gave it to, over flowing, refers to, spreads out, payed out, sits on, is instrumental, hits the bullseye, shores up, be acceptable, Victualled, make reprisal, becoming law, ministered to, packing a rod, putting across, trans-forming, re-appearing, hitting bull-eye, enthroning, went on with, art sold for, in-versing, de ceased, offer benediction, keeping from falling, puts hands of, lets out, puts in charge of, deals in, intrust, un-covering, fail to remember, support, dis-charging, re store, re arranges, over-look, concern oneself, de legate, offering benediction, pours it on, behavior, offered benediction, over-passes, gave an account, talks about, eject, fits in, dis possessed, got out from under, re payment, putting money fo, passing away, make killing, called attention to, gets under way, pushing on, opens view, un zipping, re-ceded, be-fall, tip off, borned, conveying image, go halves, front for, suffered loss, de-mean, laid on, makes killing, remunerate, picks up tab, de legates, re bating, dost part, bring, conformed to, puts on the market, sticks for, were established, are established, re sound, makes pitch, put on market, giving way, giving the nod, re-ached, pro-rating, gives tip, ex press, trans-literates, go on with, solatia, plows back into, counter balanced, de-generating, re-cited, re-state, un-leashing, re-lapsed, wert of use, want, not heeding, fixes one wagon, be-quested, go fiftyfifty, felt in return, doing ones part, ex-pounds, vouchsafe, be spoke, coming around, have hand in, re seated, rams in, blueprinting, re-tells, brings in to the open, welled forth, letting have, opening to view, de mean, blow off, dealt out, be-falling, dis carded, un veiled, does bit, consigning to oblivion, are out for blood, fore-cast, Succoring, de cipher, pays up, snaps back, un loads, fixes one's wagon, are ordained, puff up, re-signed, in-trust, make repayment, stand lieu of, re funds, put on the map, un covers, emanate, be-reave, de porting, sur-mounting, taking over from, in-scribe, get out from under, pro-mises, up-grading, dis placed, hit the bull's-eye, make payment, level, re news, de-scend, re-presenting, pro rating, pro pones, piggybacked, vent, provides for, heaping upon, measuring out, laid foundation, measures out, takes pledge, mis-recollecting, puts map, Banqueted, set out, in sert, made a motion, emit, jack up, give, throw back, pony up, making responsible for, Gunning, re joined, re-established, dis-solve, venging, de laying, wert acceptable, in-vested, Worded, re-hearse, blow past, bring upon, dis places, tits for tat, pick up the check, getting in ones sights, dis solving, was positive, kept hand, overcompensates, did one part, un fold, dig up, para phrase, wast good enough, indemnify, hand out, de scended, trans planted, has a tendency, un covering, discard, makes up for, putting in order, paid dividend, make responsible for, am assistance, pro position, were inclined, de pose, pieces up, gifts with, de-voted, provide funds, kiss good-bye, bring forward, Shepherded, dis-counting, am the habit of, break, insert, de-riving, yield, trail blaze, wast in touch, trans-literate, gang with, counter-vails, asservating, running things, keeping touch, comes through with, sell, be friends, fulfill, be-fallen, am service, tie up with, appealed to, were disposed, dis-robes, got in ones sights, deal in, payed one's dues, puts in to words, be positive, putting the market, signs over, in verse, consign to oblivion, re-move, asservated, summates, illustrating with, go with, stepped into shoes of, become valid, ex-plicates, wert inclined, sticked to, meta-phrase, art touch, moving toward, be sold for, quarterbacks, over-spread, bus fare, being in the habit of, retell, feathered nest, be longing, hitting bulls-eye, re-fund, ran with, dost business, let go, de fault, shorts, grin and bear it, out-shines, are employed by, over look, wast use, cuts the pie, allege, out-stripped, counter-signs, give thumbs-up, taxis, un-zipped, be liable, come like, bore cost, dis-burdened, give report, swang for, dis-solves, did business, decks out, gives just desserts, plow back in to, dis regards, dis porting, re asserted, be trays, de sert, wert enough, strook back, lay down the law, are sufficient, cash out, prepped, Demised, de-luge, escapes one memory, be in touch, dis-inherit, be longs, ex-pend, piece up, dis-possessed, getting in sights, picks up the check, lending hand, made available, tele-vise, concerning oneself, give rundown, invoke happiness, re-capitulated, re-bounds, un-clothes, moved toward, giving forth, dost one bit, being prejudiced, am sufficient, wast sufficient, ex pressing, out lay, pro create, dis mantle, showcasing, outrace, bankrupts, doeth one's part, repulse, putting into words, re-sounds, pro posed, un-clothing, am party to, measuring up, re-stored, was habit of, venges, pro duces, de fending, be stow, re-paying, re quite, cashes in, divest, re stating, re-coiled, lay at feet, cast out, making a killing, pass on, relied upon, lendleased, comped, de bate, putting on the market, trans forms, lays at one feet, de ceasing, finger the pie, de fraying, out laid, providing funds, mulling over, enthrones, didst one's bit, inter-face, fixing with, getting through, pal with, dis approves, be a source of, invest, got sights, hits the bull'seye, swim with tide, comes to pass, fixed with, mis using, being positive, re capitulate, am biased, ex hale, pointing way, evotes, heaping up on, took out on, doth in to, picks the bill, kissed good-bye, stuck it to, de-ducting, fit out, bring to, shoots back, re late, fixt with, fingers in pie, bringing into open, pinched hit for, lend, in fuses, wast in habit of, dis-cusses, tops off, gives blow by blow, re fines, trans-pose, un loaded, inter acted, tele vise, dis remembered, hanging with, squeal, stand down, gives over to, return, de-posit, be immune, moves back, hands back, giving blow-by-blow, took the oath, re porting, lays up on, draw a bead, laying one, hand back, re pair, shark, pro pose, re-cites, co operating, fore casts, are inclined, taking care of, re cited, pour on, de-lineate, taking place, trans-figures, makes the grade, laying forward, re-venged, bequested, reasserting, lease, dis placing, fills the bill, make known, brings to, exacting retribution, primes pump, sweeten the pot, pumped up, turns up on, are the habit of, sur rendering, folded up, pay, Idled, dis covers, bear the cost, throwing in, giving verbal account, de-liberating, get in sights, laid down law, letting pass, laying at one's feet, sticks it to, topped off, pushed for, foot bill, ex-cept, cash in on, takes an eye for an eye, opening view, put money for, put up dough, share, drawing forth, gave comeuppance, re-gains, out places, draws forth, re stored, re-considering, makes repayment, up graded, puts up money for, goes again, be-reft, over spread, reimburse, take a part of, miss, inter facing, Exudates, plow back into, pre paid, titted for tat, re-word, returning the compliment, sluicing, flowing out, re visited, wert party to, sate in, thought no more of, souped up, disbelieve, bequeath, kept touch, talked of, sweetening the kitty, sub-serving, egested, writing up, did ones bit, sur-rendering, re-tiring, dis-possess, give heave ho, wert a party to, didst one's part, un dress, planking out, flow out, being responsible for, take up with, give just desserts, re-plied, scratching back, de-posited, fire, pre vails, re establish, dismiss from mind, pro claimed, re-constitutes, deduction, served the purpose, be deprived of, de positing, Imaged, haddest a hand in, giving odds, de-claimed, being the habit of, de frayed, loses sight of, retro graded, gotten sights, deck out, de-positing, gives a report, bearing the expense, settles up, zeroed on, out-line, dismisses from mind, re-seat, complied with, reject, meta-morphoses, gat ink for, dis patches, occupied oneself, de-livering, dis tended, does one's part, jazz up, de-fray, settled the score, situate, casting away, wast at service, parcelling out, re-paid, dodge, feed, re-inserts, de-posits, re fuses, dis approved, dis-regards, scratching one back, was employed by, gat the act, puts in hands of, passes on, sent forth, ganging with, be reaved, pumps up, tickle the palm, endow, conated, brought in to the open, de-coding, cash on, putting the hands of, answering the purpose, toss back, translate, gat jump on, dis-regarding, relying upon, took oath, re-venge, servicing, tied with, makes a deal, were touch, retrievements, go out front, parting with, giving as example, pays down, mis-used, giving satisfaction, putting up for sale, advance, am out for blood, showcases, de-scends, denudates, pushes for, put the market, serves out, commend to, signing off on, re gain, gave forth, re tain, do one's part, waive, payed for, give birth, dis-coursing, de-canted, make for, re stores, trailblazes, bid, shoot back, Repercussing, re-possess, put to use, acted with, hit back, Bankrupted, got the jump on, laid down, drops like hot potato, show, bought stock, be worthwhile, mete out, escaped ones memory, retro-grades, kissed goodbye, loaning shark, hand-carry, de codes, does ones part, un-veils, keeps company, handed out, become law, granted authority, is prejudiced, come on like, pronounces holy, be-quests, Emplace, toes the mark, measure up, measured out, brings into open, sub-serve, over flown, turning tables on, discontinue, drave out, takes out on, collateraling, scratches one back, cashes out, sur-renders, acts with, de-fended, held forth, give do, exudated, sweetened kitty, egesting, popping off, denudated, made pitch, bears cost, wast the habit of, winned back, in stalling, in clines, puts in two cents, shows profit, retraces steps, gives forth, un-veiling, re-ordering, ex tolled, make available, be friend, re counts, doing the honors, defray, dis charging, reeled back, laying at feet, is source of, went out front, ex crete, re-couping, cleans up, sub serve, Trolled, add, de liberate, ex pressed, do business, lay the groundwork, dispels doubt, pro claiming, rendering needless, turned over to, kept promise, de nude, up grades, pours out, monetizes, making reparations, be quests, ex tort, dis patch, un-cover, went beyond, DO, re torts, re-dresses, was out for blood, Saddling, replace, re examining, was assistance, de cree, re-bating, feather nest, settling up, Riveted, de-creed, Outwent, de-ceased, Retrievement, un dressing, turn up on, re dressing, decide upon, sub bed, ex pends, chums together, in scribes, vesting in, prepping, swung for, springs for, de-fraying, folds up, got the act, feel in return, hit the bull-eye, sweetened the pot, lavishing upon, decide up on, out-going, dis coursing, not heed, un-leashes, out-shining, re counting, coming on like, re-plenish, re acting, having a tendency, pro curing, gave back, turn tables on, with drawing, tickles the palm, run up, heaped upon, re dresses, re-considered, signs on, gets down brass tacks, does business, un-dressed, subjecting to, under-taken, art carried, bus fares, nourish, get through, ex tolling, be-long, threw in, fork over, staggers along, de-clines, re member, heap upon, hit bullseye, Tendered, vote in, putting two cents, re appearing, un cover, sur-rendered, slip away, come up with, drawing blank, re covered, be stowed, Summing, trans-forms, displease, fill the bill, brought back, render to, put by, sight on, providing financing, did into, has hand in, in fused, snapping back, dis counting, being habit of, inter faces, scatters, lay ones feet, rendering the role, reaffirming, give rise to, am at service, revenge, picks bill, dis-appears, co-oking, serving purpose, hurrying off, bringing in to open, be questing, talking of, smoothed way, dis robing, de scribed, provided for, de-fends, run around with, hitting the bull's-eye, pre pared, de means, in-trusting, kept busy, gears up, pro-pounding, propones, leaf, vest in, re-tain, doeth part, speaks for, avail, lending a hand, wert source of, branch out, over-compensations, wast sanctioned, re-plenishing, re occurring, lays the groundwork, take care of, re coils, sware off, giving to do, re dress, satisfy, taking the pledge, lets slip from memory, re-constitute, re assured, de liver, be touch, is adequate, paid half, puffs up, re-instate, pass the hat, de claiming, being touch, bear, points way, pick tab, gives report, took over from, pro pounding, step into shoes of, spieling, pro-rogued, picked up the bill, re asserting, pre serving, do the honors, turning over to, get one's sights, Disembogued, un clothing, de-legate, re-coiling, in-tending, dis-remembering, having inclination, acting with, makes holy, re paired, meta-phrases, avoid, picking check, going out in front, sweetened the kitty, zeroing on, re-member, un-load, Dooming, opened to view, under wrote, counter signed, in-ducts, out-lay, talked about, bore the expense, re fine, fore-casting, provides security, stocked up, brim over, feed kitty, decided up on, poured out, Disporting, settles with, under-written, fleshed out, gat out from under, pay up, wert the habit of, prevent, hits the bulls-eye, move toward, pro-curing, pro-visioned, cashed in on, priming pump, chumming with, maintain, bought in to, un-folding, re place, trans figuring, hath an inclination, cut the pie, counter balancing, turn over, giving rundown, dis burdening, does into, puts on the map, rammed in, dispelling doubt, ex-tolled, mis-recollects, de scribes, out-doing, re-acted, art just ticket, packed like sardines, parenting, art responsible for, smooths along, destroy, turned the tables on, under take, fingered in pie, putting mind ease, quitted cold turkey, go along with, de-parts, dower, scratches back, am established, inter-acting, overcompensating, caters to, reseating, suffering loss, am predisposed, de claim, gimmed, renders the role, with-draw, were reduced, do one part, being source of, with draws, dis continue, put the hands of, domiciliates, becomes valid, goes in for, get it up, re-worded, drove out, forget, re constituting, dis cover, sur-mount, retaliate, arm, hit bull'seye, Initialing, gave a boost to, de-canting, dis-possesses, co-operate, pro roguing, ex-plaining, sub side, dis owning, paid for, carried back, re-tell, wert sanctioned, art inclined, bore, exact retribution, shorting, go fifty fifty, devote, am just ticket, talk about, get under way, being impoverished, passing the hat, out lines, re serving, dis claims, laid groundwork, inter-posing, donate, hast a tendency, sticking up for, run by, recompense, dis tribute, dis-counts, de spoil, caring for, am positive, de-rived, kisses good-bye, turned tables, subserve, serves to, targeting, out-places, becomes ratified, struck back, wreaks vengeance, are impoverished, re aching, pre-vailed, put in to words, humped, wert service, dishes up, goes past, concerns oneself, works through, re-curred, pouring on, re-occurring, de livered, pray for, re states, bore the cost, traded, over compensate, shooting back, am good enough, re couped, going fifty fifty, is in habit of, re ached, flipflopping, lay down law, re pays, pre paying, warm up, smooth along, come around, trans-planted, re quiring, de-signing, keeps going, hit bull eye, gotten revenge, picked up the tab, shakes off, prepaid, re-covering, doest into, wreaking vengeance, getting it up, reel off, handcarry, de scending, slices up, subserves, inflict, conveyed image, out placing, smoothing along, re possessed, wrought vengeance, puts on market, de faults, wert liable, fingering in pie, Subjecting, setting before, were ordained, hops up, made amends, gat in ones sights, stumbles upon, retrospecting, Transgressed, come pass, abstain from, hyping, ex plicating, are useful, stick for, picks the tab, consort, re-gained, wert just the ticket, spread out, tying up with, Targeted, turns tables, pro-longing, re-sounded, raised dough, sets aside, made killing, un clothe, got one's sights, re quired, un-zipping, trans-plants, give nod, re new, taking out, was inclined, re-serves, gave blow-by-blow, rendering role, tying with, returning compliment, stick it to, zeroing in, finger in pie, make a motion, in due, giving thanks to, re fined, over looked, re-bounding, cite, depress, gift with, re fuse, am adequate, puts into words, in-fused, go past, ex-pose, ballyhooing, make a pitch, leaves to, consent to, retells, sticks up for, un-loading, sitting on, take an eye for eye, pro-pose, Exchanging, pro-fits, bend over backward, pops off, re-quire, served out, lends hand, re instate, make good, passed up, indues, leaving behind, reach out, settled with, de-nudes, retraced steps, in-duct, outgo, meta phrasing, art instrumental, be long, un clad, plank out, hung with, being acceptable, went again, wrought for, reseat, sweeten the kitty, become ratified, fetch, smoothed along, with drew, takes oath, transpose, re buffs, bear the expense, endue, gave an introduction, appoint, take eye for an eye, had an inclination, art biased, putting order, pro-long, poured on, pick up tab, cash in, feeling in return, super vise, gets revenge, stood in, out-lined, made vivid, re-posed, put mind ease, de vising, fore casting, rationed, re plenishes, Reprobated, re-seated, outplace, gives verbal account, set forth, de liberating, zeroed in on, give blow-by-blow, trans plants, cast, doeth the honors, forcing up on, feathered, re-orders, stood lieu of, payed up, come back at, re-verse, dismiss, over passed, holding forth, oblige, dont make waves, pro-longs, pre vailed, lay on one, de-ciphered, scratched back, gave nod, mis used, have tendency, dis locating, dis charges, wreaked vengeance, rivetting, art conducive, talks back, brims over, palled around with, wast disposed, in ducts, jazzing up, let have, worked through, re lapses, doing one's bit, wert in touch, de scribe, dis-inherited, primed the pump, lays upon, un-veiled, send forth, give vent to, verged on, re-posing, threw back, initialling, sur-mounts, re considering, restitutioned, leave to, passes hat, victual, de fining, intro duce, running with, votes in, art assistance, wert good enough, settles the score, trans form, sprung for, lay bare, put at disposal, bears the cost, shoot out, lights up, re butting, bulges out, pay dividend, Caved, lugs iron, bought into, re membered, de voted, lead, lent hand, togging, dis-burdens, gets the jump on, re enters, gat behind, counter poising, dispose, re presented, re-members, keeps in touch, is impoverished, de-cree, forfeit, doing into, re covering, authored, re venged, re-quired, dis regarded, de pict, re gales, bringing back, lug iron, sponsor, inter acting, de-frays, pro cure, out-stripping, re-coup, trades in, lay on, re-bounded, keeps hand, throws spotlight on, Shoaling, are careless, put to something, sur-mounted, Re-turn, furnish, beared cost, re-butted, turned the tables, buys stock, pointing the way, dish out, stood in lieu of, stood down, get behind, served up, re quire, made a pitch, effect, pyramidding, chummed with, art in touch, kiss off, made a killing, de liberates, riposted, fly by, expiations, de-part, composite, Propone, with-drew, re seats, serves the purpose, made motion, gat down brass tacks, going out front, be-spoke, overcompensate, being a source of, de-rives, slice up, in vest, re paid, got ones sights, tossing back, give account, re-assuring, over flowed, Accounted, giving just desserts, pop off, stop, ex-pends, Retold, was a source of, has a portion of, shook on, fingering pie, came again, swing for, paying dues, puts mind at ease, buy in to, re-pairing, gives an account, croak, doth business, re-arranges, turning the tables on, re treats, made holy, signs off on, served purpose, wert touch, re-instating, wast worthwhile, casting out, paid dues, tipping off, measure out, doing honors, decking out, sweetening the pot, stepping into shoes of, in-versed, hitting bulleye, counter balances, gave boost to, pro pounded, got in one's sights, putting something, pro fess, taking pledge, put up money, conate, pro-vided, funded, were use, gave the heave ho, giving a report, re affirmed, re-torts, Proroguing, pre vail, be prejudiced, dis locate, dis cusses, MANS, win back, getting into, picks up the tab, was in habit of, soups up, dis-tends, having hand in, going halves, gives thought to, hit the bullseye, de-tail, ex plains, re-plenished, fall short, being just the ticket, renders to, most abstain, Traject, hits the bull eye, turning up on, un-folded, in-sinuate, scratched ones back, stows away, dispelled doubt, putting on market, has portion of, let out, re moving, in-trusted, is party to, gets through, making holy, art careless, hits bull-eye, more abstain, un drest, de-mises, were just the ticket, serve out, takes place, coming again, venged, co-operated, arriving at, re commend, cleaned up, in vests, re sounds, employ, exudate, hitting bull'seye, trail-blazes, went fiftyfifty, sell up, de-clare, re-states, re worded, be biased, un furled, pro-fess, doth duty as, was reduced, re lapsed, making over, meting out, re coup, take out on, thinks over, escapes ones memory, be just the ticket, dis-robe, does in to, de posed, interfaced, makes known, Summed, lay feet, rely up on, were responsible for, dis-missing, dis possess, slicing up, re-commend, letted out, turn over to, sate in on, go out in front, scratch one's back, commend, carrying back, squared up, failing to remember, dis-charged, stumbled up on, Concentering, under write, becomes obsolete, jacked up, ex-tracts, rendered needless, fingers pie, clique with, over compensations, putting in circulation, talk over, dost one's part, art good enough, de-nude, makes it, melt away, rendered the role, un-folds, over-spreading, reciprocate, providing escape, co oked, grinned and bear it, ex changing, wantest, be sufficient, tele vising, making ready, went fifty-fifty, abstains from, dis closes, re appears, draws blank, dis-patching, re-sounding, de-generates, dis burdens, re-legates, re fusing, gunned, gotten into, Leasing, over passing, getting down to brass tacks, Provisioning, re-deems, paying one's dues, re-probates, outraced, depending up on, subtraction, laid aside, be use, draws a bead, exclude, became poorer, out distance, escape memory, Companying, laying one feet, giving an introduction, thrusts back, over-looking, taking part of, wast of assistance, re-inserting, Victualed, slipt away, de clines, rolls with it, put money, lays at one's feet, sticked it to, de spoils, Volunteering, didst duty as, putting the money for, got one sights, conveys image, re insert, Lotting, receive, leaves behind, up-graded, counter-poise, footed, de livers, puts back, dispense, verging on, dismissed from mind, planks down, re told, de-livers, re wording, doth one's part, de-vised, intrusts, were in habit of, are carried, pays dues, trans-figure, ex plained, suffer loss, re-news, making known, are prejudiced, ringed in, de-coded, de signs, roll back, loaded up, authoring, feeds the kitty, in stated, gives and take, sticking to, circled back, stick up for, answered purpose, reel back, doeth in to, re considers, re citing, shoots ahead of, re constituted, re warded, up-grades, pro-positioning, harking back to, gives heave ho, radiate, wast instrumental, have inclination, scratching ones back, give boost to, makes a pitch, re posing, comping, win over, in-clines, wert assistance, re establishes, keeping busy, picking the bill, summate, grant, mis recollects, giving the heave ho, trailblazed, in-stating, gets in to, pro duce, proponing, gives the nod, reconstituting, re joins, inter-change, under takes, art service, bear cost, scratched one's back, mis spend, recidivating, soliloquize, counter signing, reseated, pump up, had hand in, running up, recidivate, does part, took out, out shone, out raced, re-dressed, paying up, measured up, commending to, are conducive, doest one part, lays on one, re state, lend-leasing, fail remember, dealing in, am worthwhile, de tails, lines up, serve to, subsidize, wast out for blood, light up, being enough, doing one bit, retrospected, loans shark, de scends, come to pass, was predisposed, setting aside, out lining, swam with the tide, Subjected, went halves, concenter, art just the ticket, honoring a claim, overpast, retracing steps, retro spects, was touch, ex-hale, trans late, un furling, serving the purpose, summated, re-appears, gives comeuppance, am of use, trans literate, fail keep, makes a killing, hand carrying, cater to, sells for, made a deal, wert prejudiced, acquitted oneself, settle with, pre pares, trade in, bare the cost, pre pays, re join, gotten down brass tacks, taking out on, sur mounted, take from, handing back, was of assistance, re signing, gave birth, de-spoils, re coiled, wast ordained, standing by, allude to, invoking happiness, Planked, gave odds, multi-plied, re-counted, pre-serving, trading in, keeps promise, cutting the pie, going in for, picking up the check, lays down, de parting, laid feet, pro-create, was sufficient, re-stores, ex posed, ex-pounded, defecate, is assistance, counter sign, carry back, conforming to, exited, hikes up, re-lapse, are reduced, make public, lavished upon, intro-duce, hitting the bulleye, giving do, impart, re placed, re bate, didst ones part, pro mise, comes across with, laid at ones feet, pal around with, re-fines, monetizing, Handing, attending to, monetized, dis possessing, ex act, drives out, fill bill, re percuss, pre sents, taking eye for an eye, re funding, re-occur, turns upon, para phrased, stands down, reeling back, de-voting, gives birth, turn away, payed dues, sub serving, escapes one's memory, wast a party to, pointed way, get down to brass tacks, own up, is worthwhile, evens the score, force up on, de fended, were positive, stumble upon, de tailed, art liable, letted fall, be reaving, de bated, appealing to, vests in, wast carried, un covered, were at service, gat ones sights, well forth, flew by, fore cast, mis spends, over-looks, doing bit, re-buffing, ex-plains, de spoiling, dis-owning, dropt like hot potato, whiling away, overcompensated, re sounding, give as example, de faulting, counter balance, got behind, humoring, pro-positioned, de noting, re-visiting, glides by, dis-cussed, weaken, wast a source of, being biased, de-claim, signed off on, make pitch for, fails to remember, with drawn, come again, wert impoverished, primes the pump, re-asserts, ex plaining, dis-claiming, honor with, atoned for, dis cussing, ex-crete, serving out, dis-tributes, picked up check, mis-place, re-ordered, Trajected, out fit, re-pays, call shots, spoke for, art habit of, setting out, gaming, restore, re capitulating, in undated, sticked up for, de vote, give to do, stuck up for, zeroing in on, hit bulls eye, gat in to, was biased, rig up, suggest, turned upon, being predisposed, were assistance, becoming poorer, re affirms, pours forth, pumping up, was in the habit of, doth honors, refrain from, stuck to, pro rogue, settling score, de posing, puts up money, making provision, de tail, pays one's dues, grins bear it, ex pounding, be-tray, got under way, de generates, being just ticket, honored a claim, recidivates, wast biased, dis counted, concerned oneself, convoy, lay one's feet, out racing, brought in to open, effuse, initialled, prepare, putting to use, came across with, conforms to, passing down, be ordained, lay, putting at disposal, dis-inheriting, do ones bit, siphoning, fix one wagon, re-examines, Freighting, de-porting, re-lapses, re legate, going beyond, meta phrased, lendleases, makes amends, failed to remember, makes motion, be good enough, drop, re deem, de-liberates, comes pass, makes public, alludes to, puffing up, re strict, wert responsible for, invokes benefits, ringing up, dis carding, wert of assistance, were conducive, in forming, melts away, are worthwhile, was a party to, circle back, were predisposed, dis-burden, occupies oneself, dis-locating, picks up bill, re-serve, shoot ahead of, pro-roguing, pays ones dues, egest, lavishes up on, brought upon, put charge of, pro-posing, hiked up, takes eye for an eye, dis-card, wast touch, dis-closed, calling attention to, be in habit of, point way, swearing off, evoting, de frays, confer trust, swims with tide, reassert, lays down law, lavish upon, Retrograding, re curring, dost into, send out, dis-robing, Parcelled, swims with the tide, put money fo, trail blazing, Soliloquizing, fronts for, are a source of, top off, over passes, acquit oneself, Defecated, re plenished, out does, wast assistance, covering cost, warmed up, un load, toed mark, turning the tables, ex-press, stepped in to shoes of, am acceptable, answers back, leave behind, pre vailing, mis placed, bare expense, gave rundown, paid off, birthed, dis-carding, dis-covering, re orders, de notes, dropping like hot potato, re-assert, passes the hat, went dutch, pro-duces, starts ball rolling, making pitch, de-scribing, wert employed by, co oking, pro creates, pointed the way, consigns to oblivion, is service, cleaning up, pre-served, intro-duces, talking back, de-code, is predisposed, in-sinuating, paying back in spades, be quest, paying off, cashed in, keeping alive, are touch, retires from, put for sale, dis-locates, shore up, raise, wast reduced, re peats, stumbling up on, taking oath, lends a hand, free, diffusing, wast adequate, brought up on, dis burdened, re present, oust, go again, multi plying, refuse, haddest an inclination, think up, plunks down, are service, making a motion, reaffirms, makes a motion, ex torts, picking up bill, wast prejudiced, paying dividend, ponies up, re-funds, wert just ticket, Deputing, in-state, didst one part, re-cover, soliloquizes, reeling off, art acceptable, give back, under written, toe the mark, brought to, re-presented, get in ones sights, bow to, alluded to, undresses, re appear, ex-hales, keeping on hand, rang in, ring up, shoots out, gave over, dividing with, Borning, makes a pitch for, throw away, dis continues, gives parts, trans-lated, topping off, gave over to, cancel, de-faulted, grubstake, re turn, bring back, advantaged, re examine, gets jump on, dis-patched, de claimed, forks up, go in to, counter-balancing, be-stow, cutting pie, dis tends, giving back, using up, ran around with, ex-pressing, gives vent to, reaching out, did duty as, be-stows, be assistance, pro creating, loan, confers trust, retired from, settled up, give an introduction, catered to, serviced, drawing a bead, wine dine, put in hands of, kissing good-bye, put market, puts the market, out shine, are a party to, palling around with, answered the purpose, primed pump, out done, does one bit, Reenter, re-couped, stoppered, blows past, setting down, coming across with, in sinuates, re-served, feeding kitty, sweetened pot, de note, out strip, wast inclined, out gone, presides over, re-counts, make room, making repayment, nix, dis counts, pick the check, pick the bill, steps into shoes of, setting apart, deals out, re order, being reduced, coming like, alluding to, wast party to, buy stock, offer, have a portion of, honoring with, said no, pre-vails, rendered role, pay off, plowing back in to, bung, relies upon, am sold for, meted out, Reprobating, make rich, clean forget, in-stances, lay in, comes back at, re tort, tickling palm, pro posing, taking a part of, takes care of, make ready, re tells, parcelled out, re-counting.