Pronunciation of Fee
/fˈiː/, /fˈiː/, /f_ˈiː/

Synonyms for fee

charge for service or privilege (noun)

account, ante, bill, bite, chunk, commission, compensation, consideration, cost, cut, emolument, end, expense, gravy, handle, hire, honorarium, house, juice, pay, payment, percentage, piece, price, recompense, remuneration, reward, salary, share, slice, stipend, take, toll, wage, piece of the action, rake-off, take-in.

payment (noun)

bankroll, compensation, consideration, disbursement, discharge, expenditure, incentive, installment, payment, payroll, reckoning, refund, reimbursement, remuneration, repayment, retribution, reward, salary, settlement, wage, wages.

Sense 1

asking price, burden, carrying charge, cost cutting, cost-plus, cpi, expense, list price, market price, market value, opportunity cost, outlay, poundage, price index, purchase price, ransom, rate, reserve, selling price, storage, surcharge, toll, tuition, unit cost, upkeep, wholesale price index, spot price, fixed cost, Cost Benefit Analysis, WPI, cost of entry, cost price, flat rate, indirect cost, operating costs, outgoings, price point, prime cost, standing charge, sticker price, the consumer price index, the cost of living, the cost-of-living index, the retail price index, top dollar, variable cost.

Sense 2

acquisition, bargain, emolument, exaction, keep, offer, quotation, quote, service charge, tribute, worth.

Sense 3

admission, bill, overhead, subscription, value.

Sense 5






Usage examples for fee

  1. He is not a doctor to whom you have only to offer a fee to command his services. – A Second Coming by Richard Marsh
  2. Only my money was returned, half of which the lawyer kept for himself as a fee for his services. – A Stake in the Land by Peter Alexander Speek
  3. The same state of facts formerly existed in regard to the Tonawanda reserve; but the Indians who occupy it have purchased the ultimate fee of a portion of the reserve, which is now held in trust for them by the Secretary of the Interior. – The Indian Question (1874) by Francis A. Walker
  4. Would you mind telling me what terms they gave you- about fee and expenses?" – The Second Generation by David Graham Phillips

Rhymes for fee

  • ree, c3, cod, sie, cyb, indri, ki, ti, sheree, xi, chee, sci, guaranty, marquis, qi, v, brea, apc, andree, mcghee, cree, mcgee, jie, goatee, cxc, bourgeoisie, dundee, bibi, trainee, kee, dsv, klee, p, ye, devotee, retiree, parolee, dupree, crea, zee, gyi, he, key, markee, the, qui, curie, ee, magee, henri, conferee, tyree, ofc, tse, pattee, id, brie, wee, free, blea, dee, si, bt, b, referee, honoree, shi, kyi, ranee, hee, mt, vee, slee, ib, emcee, flea, snee, tea, sep, cie, lavie, chablis, nominee, fsi, vi, mea, ip, we, disagree, repartee, odp, smee, te, banshee, licensee, lee, marquee, rosemarie, prix, draftee, cc, enlistee, resignee, dea, rosalee, valoree, loree, quay, ski, mee, inductee, degree, njt, lp, g, mi, marie, m3, ji, jubilee, pea, lsd, ghee, je, nie, rupee, yangtze, plea, mme, oversea, musee, quai, guarantee, jaycee, ot, be, t, designee, decree, ze, cd, atp, xie, guarani, potpourri, see, escapee, three, appointee, rb, detainee, lxi, capri, esprit, yippee, spie, gee, lea, fop, eap, syp, nic, khe, foresee, deportee, lessee, enrollee, flee, debris, tennessee, knee, ravi, pawnee, ve, bui, shri, c, pree, internee, whoopee, trustee, ddt, chea, tv, ab, undersea, bee, bree, ged, re, gutsy, jee, sightsee, yie, thi, cac, ne, z, yi, fi, sea, vendee, sze, louie, d, tree, nee, de, kea, mpg, tee, franchisee, oad, waikiki, thierry, rea, glee, me, nghi, mit, jessee, se, zea, li, yee, cat-3, thee, nabil, tenn, mc, pri, bea, sri, spree, bbc, nestle, leigh, she;
  • ac, adee, abee, albee, alee, achee, agree;
  • abt, adoptee, absentee, amc, amputee, addressee, adoree;
  • hnat, irit, geac, knbc, lapd, interviewee;
  • awb;