Pronunciation of Handle
/hˈandə͡l/, /hˈandə‍l/, /h_ˈa_n_d_əl/

Antonyms for handle:

refuse, over looks, made hash of, misgovern, over-look, make hash of, mis manage, mis-handling, over look, goof up, mis conduct, mis conducts, shooting oneself foot, mis used, receive, makes a mess of, act out, mis-directing, flubbing, being inefficient, shoots in foot, put foot in, make mess of, release, mis-managed, misdirecting, manhandle, not carry, makes hash of, wert incompetent, over looked, mis-employs, misconducting, wast incompetent, mis-governing, make a hash of, was inefficient, mis conducted, mis treat, shot in foot, shooting oneself in foot, being incompetent, is inefficient, flubbed, shoots oneself in foot, misbehave, mis-treated, mis-apply, mis directs, are incompetent, mis employ, misdirected, mis-managing, making a hash of, misgoverning, misemploying, let go, ignore, mis-employing, mis applies, mis-handled, mis-conducting, shooting foot, mis-using, shoots foot, neglect, mis conducting, mis-applying, mis governs, mis employs, misdirects, misguide, misgoverns, mis-manages, mis-conduct, mis-handle, mis directing, mis-treating, mis using, maladminister, were incompetent, made a mess of, wert inefficient, vent, shoot oneself foot, goofs up, shooting in foot, shot oneself in foot, shoot oneself in foot, misemploys, mis manages, maladministering, art incompetent, mis-governed, wast inefficient, follow, shoot foot, mis-governs, goofing up, shot foot, making mess of, unleash, were inefficient, mis handled, mis-conducts, mis employing, mis-used, mis applied, putting foot in, are inefficient, making hash of, mis treated, shoot in foot, mis-treat, goofed up, making a mess of, mis govern, makes mess of, Misemploy, mislead, disregard, mis-applied, mismanage, mis-treats, over-looks, mis direct, Misgoverned, make a mess of, mis-direct, mis-conducted, mis-applies, was incompetent, art inefficient, shot oneself foot, is incompetent, mis directed, mis-directs, leave alone, maladministered, mis-employed, made mess of, mis handle, shoots oneself foot, over-looking, be incompetent, mis treating, maladministers, made a hash of, misdirect, mis-employ, mis handling, act up, mis managing, misconducted, makes a hash of, take out, mis handles, mis managed, mis governing, abstain, mis applying, mishandle, be inefficient, misemployed, mis employed, mis-govern, mis apply, mis governed, mis-directed, mis treats, misuse, puts foot in, mis-handles.

Synonyms for handle:

handle (noun)

brace, brake, crank, doorknob, knob, knocker, lug, pull, shank, spindle, stock, trigger.

Sense 1 (noun)

arm, bail, ear, get through, hilt, holder, overcome, shrug off, stem, surmount, tiller, work out.

Sense 2 (noun)

combat, designation, face, moniker, name, nickname, tackle, title, see about, do something, make the best of something, take something on board.

Sense 3 (noun)

assumed name, Christian Name, family name, first name, rage, a.k.a., blow off steam.

Sense 4 (noun)

apex, back, base, bevel, bottom, brim, bump, confines, corner, edge, palpate.

Sense 5 (noun)

arch, control, door, doorbell, doorjamb, doorknocker, doorplate, doorpost, doorstep, doorstop, manipulate, ply, used.

Sense 6 (noun)

arrogate, assume, hijack, move in on, take over, deal with, see to, take charge (of), take the lead, run with it.

Sense 7 (noun)

back up, box in, bus, bypass, car pool, carve up, market, merchandise, merchant, peddle, retail, vend, block in, buckle up, change down.

Sense 8 (noun)

appellation, appellative, barter, cognomen, denomination, epithet, fence, specific, style, tag, traffic, words, deal in.

Sense 9 (noun)

bill of lading, cargo, carriage, carrier, consignment, delivery, dock, freight, bill of entry.

Sense 10 (noun)

confine, contain, curb, cure, determine, keep down, limit, regulate, restrict.

Sense 11 (noun)

carry, cradle, grab, hang on, hold on, hold tight, keep hold of something.

handle (noun)

address, brace, brake, care, cover, crank, deal, doorknob, grip, handgrip, hold, knob, knocker, lug, manage, palm, plow, pull, shank, spindle, stock, treat, trigger, wield, do by.

nickname (noun)

appellation, byword, cognomen, denomination, designation, moniker, name, sobriquet, style, title, Byname, Nomen.

something to grip (noun)

arm, bail, crank, ear, grasp, haft, handgrip, helve, hilt, hold, holder, knob, shaft, stem, stock, tiller.

carry as merchandise (verb)

market, offer, retail, sell, trade, deal in, traffic in.

feel (verb)

experience, feel, finger, fumble, grope, probe, respond, sense, touch, undergo.

manage, take care of (verb)

administer, advise, apply, bestow, command, conduct, control, cope with, direct, discuss, dispense, dominate, employ, exercise, exploit, govern, guide, make out, maneuver, operate, play, ply, serve, steer, supervise, swing, take, treat, use, utilize, wield, work, deal with, run things, behave toward, call the signals, cut the mustard, get a handle on, make the grade, hack it.

touch (verb)

check, examine, feel, finger, manipulate, maul, paw, poke, test, thumb, try, pick up, palpate, fondle.

Sense 1

appellation, appellative, approach, arrogate, attend to, blitz, brave, brave out, break down, bridge, catch, clear up, compromise, confront, correct, counter, counteract, crack down, cure, face, fix, gather up, get around, gird, holder, iron out, mediate, moniker, name, navigate, negotiate, nickname, overcome, puzzle out, reason out, reconcile, rectify, relieve, resolve, restrain, salvage, shoulder, shrug off, smooth over, solve, sort out, surmount, survive, take over, untangle, withstand, work out, work through, Readdress, palpate, come at, see about, see to, contend with, live through, reckon with, rise above, rise to, square up to, work around, wrestle with.

Sense 2

arm, barter, battle, caress, cognomen, control, dig in, ear, endure, epithet, fidget, field, go about, hijack, manipulate, move in on, overtake, peddle, retail, sort, straighten out, tackle, vend, weather, deal in, engage with, relieve of.

Sense 3

combat, designation, file, fuss, get through, hack, meet, remainder, make of, play with.

Sense 4

assume, collect, fence, fiddle, get at, kiss, market, rake, take on, tickle, traffic, interfere with.

Sense 5

clear, denomination, pat, pick, tag, deal with.

Sense 6

graze, pluck, reach, trace.

Sense 7


Sense 8

lick, support.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 12


Sense 17

pick up.




hilt, hold.





saddle horn


Usage examples for handle:

  • I tell you, colonel, I can't handle that woman. - "Jack O' Judgment", Edgar Wallace.
  • The handle of the door turned slowly. - "Northern Lights", Gilbert Parker.
  • Well, but where's the handle, then? - "Rachel Gray", Julia Kavanagh.
  • He turned the handle and there was an instant movement. - "A Singer from the Sea", Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr.
  • They can pull the handle off, for all I care. - "Puss Junior and Robinson Crusoe", David Cory.

Idioms for handle:

Quotes for handle:

Rhymes for handle:

  • crandall, mandell, randel, andal, randall, sandal, randall, crandell, vandal, candle, scandal, andal, mandel, crandell, brandle, randle, handel, mandell, handel, candle, brandle, randal, mandel, randel, vandal, crandall, randal, scandal, randle, sandal;
  • mishandle, mishandle;

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