Pronunciation of Whole
/hˈə͡ʊl/, /hˈə‍ʊl/, /h_ˈəʊ_l/

Antonyms for whole

more disassociated, divine decrees, Prepossessed, dis-counts, dividers, de-crees, in adequate, Cross piece, Artifacts, main idea, name game, INS, more angled, un-intelligible, partition, more fragmented, soldiery, soliloquizings, footmark, Heirship, exemplifications, title role, subclass, pre-tended, kickback, dis-sonance, dis junctures, re-venue, SHIMS, unit being, most factor, ladder, ration, un-accomplished, tiny bit, leg, lower group, most expurgated, broken, leading role, spot, dispensation, binary units, in-stances, more semi-, unfit, lap gods, dis-cord, inter-faces, dis-juncture, what is inti, most mangled, destiny, subfamily, ex-positions, possessorships, semi, dis crete, rate, most disunited, in-formation, breaking down, frail, most unfashioned, more abridged, earnests, bittiest, transition, smidge, mite, typifications, conversation pieces, weak, diseased, bar, more warped, in crease, fixed future, cut, un-systematic, pinions, money in the bank, in fringed, dis-card, unhealthy, slice, pre valences, cuttings, hand one is dealts, rabbet, dis sections, army, circumstantialities, out commission, most constituting, trice, de liveries, rendings, circumstantials, more unfulfilled, in tensity, more severed, building block, dis embodied, out-comes, in pieces, differentia, weakened, small bits, goings-ons, more seemingly, bifurcations, awn, calibration, adjustment, dismemberment, fifty fifty, enfeebled, most severed, most supposedly, pre-destinations, sectors, most demolished, un-developed, inter face, out look, subsection, most unexecuted, bindle, in-coherent, region, band, de-nominations, homerooms, fate, way ball bounces, sub family, grists, archaism, sub divisions, dis solutions, end piece, most disassociated, dis heartened, pro fusions, more dismembered, nittygritty, splice, in adequacy, picayunes, dos, bottom barrel, forkings, hangover, dis-sent, remainder, crippled, ratio, un performed, bi-furcations, dis-jointed, un-performed, most overruling, wedge, undernourished, dis-solutions, bits piece, inoperable, Balloter, most transgressed, crosspieces, dis cards, half done, faction, more traduced, dis sonance, meed, peripherals, in-adequacies, dis-sents, more collapsed, pro-fusions, more infringed, anies, in tents, vigorishes, SLATS, de pendency, in sufficiency, wherevers, fragile, de-luge, un satisfactory, coupler, ex tension, gobbets, re citation, touch, most unconcluded, whit, de-liveries, partly, dis solution, most garbled, more split, over ruling, stilettoes, little bit, uncompleted, kismet, article, re dress, out order, stomping grounds, up-shot, boulder, re-payments, Cameos, member, up shots, more unconsummated, what is into, piece of action, lecture group, inter ludes, rag, side, ongoings, communiques, connectives, inter section, most unassembled, stilts, tract, cut ins, Ligations, afflicted, in making, sub stance, nothingness, dis posed, shire, linearity, be quests, dis accords, imperfect, Barrios, carvings, de livery, what one is in to, dis cords, way cookie crumble, speciality, walk-ons, cutins, very minutes, more crannied, granule, conjuncture, safe-conduct, holding forths, out-lay, most unfulfilled, in the shop, tangency, biggie, characteristic, flowerings, trans missions, supporting roles, dis-harmonies, dis charge, out-fits, Tributaries, romantic leads, troubled, trans-mission, neck woods, carrels, ex-ample, handfuls, more pseudo-, arm, de-gree, inescapableness, validness, most parted, re-solutions, most angled, out-posts, ladders, more pulverized, most dabbling, dis membered, castoffs, stair, mis represented, de crees, speck, role, more transgressed, inter-connection, stub, ligament, most uncompleted, segmentation, bollard, anabases, coming unstuck, makin's, what is writtens, fly specks, most ingredient, more ignored, lap of god, partlier, stick, heirships, way the ball bounce, injured, more unexecuted, load, write up, big ideas, Cantlet, more disregarded, dispartings, little bits, most unperformed, component, dis integrated, pre-determinations, specimen, re-solution, dis-section, dis-associated, out of kilter, gone to pieces, KPS, departmentalizings, pre possessed, inevitabilities, Ligaments, batch, helping, in nards, de nominations, more sundered, havings, in formations, Calibrations, chock, most composing, re portages, subclasses, de-pendencies, quiz groups, dis-severance, pro-cessions, half-way, money bank, most portion, re-funds, appendage, uprights, most rent, year, townships, un just, in fighting, inter faces, under construction, most busted, re-dress, re-lief, silent bits, re payment, heritances, typification, melioration, unfinished, particle, unperformed, un-finished, un-fairer, where it ats, ex tents, difference opinion, more dabbling, dis-honored, parcelings, halt, longitudes, length, shard, re-presentations, ex-tensions, defrayals, joiner, money in bank, fragment, tellings, re lease, vicinage, un-consummated, winnings, department, de-posit, divided, un fairest, bindles, dividing line, step forward, most citizen, corporeality, de-moralized, fifty-fifties, Re-presentation, pro-vender, pellicles, communique, copulas, Heritance, most shredded, blow by blows, dis-sonances, drumsticks, stomping ground, de tails, parcel, jive, dis-criminatory, money the bank, cross-pieces, even-steven, solids, little while, in-heritance, smithereens, demesnes, GAMS, goings ons, sur face, foreordinations, more halved, trices, After-life, most semi-, minor groups, re minder, pro position, de signs, reduced, lame, demesne, course study, more mumbled, Admensuration, bi-sections, visa, thin piece, detachings, parings, rent, most crumbled, supplement, abridged, out lines, most spastic, section, dis coursings, most sundered, wonts, gook, most unaccomplished, sub-stance, odds ends, dis connection, commonnesses, dis obeyed, inter sections, hunk, pseudo-, detachment, piece, de pendencies, reportage, Subsidiaries, ex tract, most high-and-mighty, dis card, re moved, re fuses, dis-obeyed, dis-integrated, thin pieces, halvers, district, castoff, walkon, crossbars, in the rough, dis connected, most unindifferent, segmentations, co unties, in sufficiencies, most bisected, un assembled, kidney, de sign, blow by blow, subfamilies, re-cord, most tamed, pre-disposed, predetermination, de-tail, out growths, in-sufficiency, stiletto, dis-agreement, pre-destination, more parted, little whiles, longness, bi sections, most fundamental, carryover, un-juster, pro visions, dis-coursing, in-tensity, fallen apart, combos, samplings, triangles, more unassembled, dis honored, Partage, narratings, de moralized, eyelash, proprietary rights, most disheartened, belligerents, co-pula, semi-nary, cut of pie, in-operable, more garbled, plug ins, ex ample, fixin, lecture groups, sub-stances, out comes, hand is dealt, brokerage, dis-crete, cotters, extension, re-citations, circumstance, meeds, divider, most crannied, pro portion, sub-dividing, dis united, dis parting, co incidence, dis-accord, part, Specialities, one-fourths, after-lives, Seminaries, chapter verse, dole, most fiftyfifty, proportionality, onesided, sub stances, dis-agreements, pinion, tieup, VISAS, footmarks, cross-piece, un-fashioned, cutting ups, pro vinces, in stances, straight parts, safe-conducts, accompaniment, slave wages, dis sents, possessorship, quantum, no time, socalled, dis sonances, re payments, cantlets, plug in, quotums, gone to pot, where its ats, most electing, ballgames, mangled, de-cree, hot wires, Corporealities, plottages, re turns, dividing lines, payment, take, cotter, rasher, pro motions, jot, bi furcations, un-perfected, dis-heartened, most overpowered, bottom of barrel, more unconcluded, drift, dis-unity, fine points, thing, modicum, boulders, predeterminations, un-fulfilled, crosspiece, dis jointed, ranginess, remittance, building-block, after lives, element, respect, re dresses, most crushed, dis counts, most dismembered, name the game, course of event, Fore-ordination, carry-overs, romantic lead, constellation, dis unity, co pulas, takings, dis-regarded, more ingredient, pre-possessed, un-completed, semi-, most fifty-fifty, shooting match, tiny bits, declaimings, de-signs, Anabasis, sticker, sur faces, nothing flat, out-lines, follow throughs, dis-sections, branching, hour, dis-accords, butt ends, drumstick, partliest, flyspecks, dis-position, in sider, plum, fiftyfifty, un polished, defrayments, most split, more even-steven, hours, more fractured, ex-position, homeroom, do's, township, biddles, defrayal, dis-patches, branch, zone, safeconducts, no big deals, dismemberments, vicinages, de posit, limb, residuals, flake, smidgen, in heritance, dis-cords, re-citation, re-fund, appendix, birch, bollards, main ideas, re conciliation, dis section, de-bris, minor point, dealing out, out fit, snippet, episode, class, more burst, canton, most forming, dis-course, de tail, minor role, divine decree, one-fourth, string attached to something, plot, cleft, carryovers, specific, foreland, progress, plateful, Disparting, residuum, legalization, tumescences, un juster, dis-charges, differentials, smack the middle, nubbins, dis-severances, piece pie, more part-way, pro-fusion, nuts bolts, percent, chunk, out-come, wheel fortune, Pericope, snood, in the making, in-adequate, be-vies, partial payment, Corns, un adorned, de-sign, cross-bars, wee bit, re lief, more overruling, not functioning, dis-connection, more composing, quiz group, big idea, more overpowered, more crushed, more shivered, out-fit, debilitated, small bit, traversings, money under the table, biddle, halfway, in-heritances, pro-motion, combo, dealing outs, what is in to, roughhewn, in-creases, un done, dis harmony, sub-sections, pericopes, onefourth, supervention, over powered, course of events, most fractured, jives, in need repair, most roughhewn, rakeoff, sub-family, pro-spects, most apportioned, most shivered, adjacency, inter-lude, chip, handwriting wall, pre determination, inevitability, most even steven, minor group, fractured, tipoff, province, de mesne, clump, overplus, constituent, in rough, point, infirm, partest, dis-patch, diversified, subdivision, Re-turn, SECS, gaunt, wisp, quarterns, pet projects, Mouthfuls, up-shots, pittance, narrow-minded, dollop, tad, shipment, tittle, half way, walk-on, re funds, allowance, in-stance, more apparently, couplers, rake-off, so called, sur-face, lower groups, un fashioned, patch, dis criminatory, un-refined, dividings, excurvation, more shattered, more misrepresented, remnant, Remittances, found wanting, un-fairest, more roughhewn, most halfdone, more disunited, quadrant, schism, pro vision, Soliloquizing, dis-membered, pro-venders, pre valence, splinter, fixins, more disheartened, un executed, tip off, overpluses, sample, handwriting the wall, co pula, goingsons, re-spects, more shredded, what going downs, corn, what one is into, installment, dis charges, Kerf, most warped, in-adequacy, re leases, old town, carry overs, deficient, re fuse, more ruptured, great unwasheds, more perforated, spaciousness, residua, minor points, inter-face, in adequacies, dis coursing, inter connection, more browbeaten, most ruptured, more stammering, ex-tracts, delicate, re spects, quantity, more slivered, spaciousnesses, way the ball bounces, most evensteven, more constituting, cross pieces, where it at, meat potatoes, large pieces, morsel, dis-connections, neck the woods, most half done, more uncompleted, binary unit, sector, excerpt, pay-off, mis-represented, lastingnesses, schticks, spokes, one, ex-tension, most fragmented, infightings, large piece, wherever, schtick, cameo, longnesses, clause, more rent, re portage, brokerages, scrap, conversation piece, inter-section, linearities, dis-parting, un-adorned, re-portages, what's going downs, doom, narrow, sub division, most muttered, copula, one sided, pro cessions, prickler, dis-harmony, small quantity, re-turns, integrals, more semi, most burst, transmittal, vivisections, re cords, dis-junctures, most riven, the star, farthings, in shop, pro cession, most divorced, in creases, un perfected, more unindifferent, most even-steven, de-brises, allocation, un-concluded, grist, individual, lap the god, cut-ins, Unaccomplished, body, appurtenance, dis severance, tumescence, modules, would be, re-venues, pro spects, de-nomination, pro positions, dis severances, insiders, item, paragraph, out-line, in-sufficiencies, more factor, re presentation, interface, dis-embodied, ramification, more spastic, gaggles, amortizations, be-quest, Extensiveness, ruck, run of luck, detail, dis-partings, de-posits, tangencies, Parter, fine point, most apart, ranginesses, most halved, more apportioned, bisections, kitchen police, insider, nitty gritty, dis union, subdividings, scintilla, pat, de-livery, trajects, breathings, re-conciliation, spastic, nib, departmentalizing, parceling, de-pressed, sub classes, fractional, extensivenesses, divine wills, un indifferent, most collapsed, protractednesses, contrastings, out fits, half-done, most inoperable, un fairer, Bandeaux, colored, three wink, leftover, division, re mains, more demolished, in complete, partials, proprietary right, pro-portion, dis sent, addendum, inter-sections, pro spect, protractedness, un-just, most disintegrated, transmittances, most ignored, moirais, walk on, insufficient, ex cess, bitty, Sheaves, fore ordinations, material, safe conducts, more fifty-fifty, piece the action, more apart, ballgame, phase, de cree, makins, portion, more halfdone, more half done, fifty-fifty, sub section, smack middle, more portion, de gree, one fourth, hot wire, Halver, walk ons, most retracted, dis unions, more disobeyed, stock character, PLATS, palings, unconsummated, re-spect, Unfashioned, barrio, more fifty fifty, walkons, binary digit, un-folding, in tent, un-executed, up-rights, Dowries, pro-viso, small things, re-lease, lengthiness, partial payments, minor roles, contiguity, trifle, string attached something, exemplification, recitation, landmark, lamella, scabs, most unconsummated, bits pieces, commonness, sub class, onefourths, ex-cess, feeble, constellations, where it's ats, cut apart, takeovers, ferrule, nothing, Cutin, dis-posed, in-complete, category, not done, no times, out-growths, XS, most wracked, integers, unfulfilled, cut-in, pro-visions, Circumstantiality, lump, de nomination, splitting ups, quasi, more forming, quota, lap of the gods, discoursings, pay-offs, piece of pie, trans mission, commission, transference, slab, transferences, divine will, attachment, TADS, compartment, co-unties, fraction, heritage, paragraphs, diminished, in operable, handwriting on wall, champaigns, crannied, ell, location, decrepit, most infringed, breaking downs, most apparently, most balloter, Downs, deposit, out-look, where its at, small amounts, holdouts, infighting, rake-offs, mixer, hand is dealts, un justest, feature, dis juncture, fore ordination, defrayment, Unexecuted, more even steven, more vanquished, most stammering, re main, re-cords, percentage, de-pendency, Differentiae, principal character, molecule, rankings, re-portage, quadrants, gooks, bits and pieces, dis patch, ex-cesses, more unfashioned, way ball bounce, in disrepair, de brises, most fraction, incomplete, ex-tract, protuberans, lap the gods, separated, head-way, passage, out come, un systematic, pro-vision, forelands, more partitioned, pro-cession, crew, most pulverized, most fifty fifty, un refined, be-quests, bandings, fourths, more mangled, de-claiming, rabbets, point view, butt end, goings-on, hurt, suite, Platefuls, pro-cesses, more wracked, after life, Birches, TINS, re venues, co incidences, protuberan, course of study, lee, more electing, more division, tampered with, battleground, pet project, holding forth, pricklers, segment, dis courses, de grees, contiguities, most half-done, bifurcation, un consummated, package, haggard, loins, re solutions, more retracted, fragmentary, re cord, sick, out-looks, inter-ludes, pre destinations, loin, dis cord, smithereen, pro-cess, shooting matches, interest, most browbeaten, subset, transmittals, re turn, mass, part parcel, sub sections, fixin's, pro-positions, out line, pay offs, seminary, quotation, drop bucket, crossbar, re-fuse, de-mesne, battlegrounds, bi-section, sub-class, hyphens, way cookie crumbles, atom, impaired, the stars, more unperformed, carry over, gunks, adjacencies, name of game, stint, most humbled, chapter, Convexities, divisivenesses, sub families, more crumbled, re-main, un folding, clipping, plugins, plat, hefts, shavings, semi nary, in-sider, area, fly speck, species, settlings, cross bar, legalizations, dis positions, re fund, partial, in-formations, in-crease, nothing flats, dowry, dis connections, goingson, fixed futures, whats going down, bi furcation, a lots, more muttered, re-leases, shim, scattered, dis harmonies, co-incidences, ownership, smack in the middle, de claiming, writeup, sub-divisions, dis patches, evensteven, tatter, Lamellas, corpuscle, adjunct, payings, re presentative, lap of gods, kernel, conjunctures, out lay, re counting, more shot, distinguishings, tatters, eyelashes, be quest, half, re venue, chocks, money under table, up rights, un-indifferent, unit of being, oddment, be vies, act, transmittance, plug-in, more balloter, most shot, joinings, sub-division, lineaments, more inoperable, straight part, most abridged, foreordination, more divorced, takein, up shot, worn-out, addition, co-pulas, Slivered, no big deal, dis-unions, trace, dis-union, dis partings, pre-valence, un fulfilled, ex-tent, artifact, more citizen, re presentations, dis-solution, head way, fee, sub dividing, wouldbe, crenelated, smidges, remembrancers, most disregarded, integer, catchings, point in time, emaciated, dis agreement, working parties, tag ends, more fraction, proprietorship, neighborhood, great deal, SUPERS, bittier, divisiveness, patrol unit, lastingness, un concluded, soldieries, minim, degree, de-luges, re-dresses, small quantities, binary digits, admensurations, biggies, more crenelated, drop in bucket, more half-done, malnourished, block, link, pro viso, pre-determination, re-mains, piece action, unindifferent, dis course, re-gard, more supposedly, re-minder, more humbled, what is written, out kilter, milepost, re-counting, most vanquished, un accomplished, fifty fifties, sub-section, carry-over, dis position, re-presentative, drop the bucket, principality, mileposts, lot, on shelf, slat, most semi, dis-cards, excurvations, quarrelsomeness, cleat, one fourths, dis regarded, snatch, whats going downs, point time, un-justest, bi-furcation, Kidneys, separatings, pin points, cross-bar, lap of the god, de luge, dis-courses, iota, most seemingly, vivisection, lap god, validnesses, way the cookie crumbles, on fritz, more riven, moiety, more bisected, elementary units, apportionment, vigorish, holdout, unconcluded, co-incidence, inter-connections, way, end, amortization, Factorage, rationings, over-powered, dis-united, dis accord, great unwashed, halfdone, de-tails, breaking ups, ligation, most division, de pressed, de-grees, de luges, un-assembled, re citations, inter connections, ex-tents, more evensteven, un finished, inescapablenesses, re-conciliations, more disintegrated, pro vender, course event, bits and piece, sec, proportionalities, archaisms, course events, dis uniting, pericopae, convexity, Remembrancer, in-nards, un completed, knurls, AWNS, wing, de posits, subsections, pro-vinces, allotment, genus, dis associated, dis agreements, un fair, sediment, heft, champaign, plug-ins, lobe, bandeau, factor, branchings, corps, ex tent, in-dividual, fitting, granules, most cloven, pro-vince, over-ruling, safe conduct, most partitioned, dis-charge, scene, neck of woods, unassembled, joint, title roles, pre destination, pro vince, world to come, sub-families, un-fair, dis-positions, relic, plugin, re gards, Ones, shred, sliver, what going down, share, group, slave wage, interfaces, platoon, rake off, lineament, measure, pro-portions, pro-visos, rank file, cross bars, grain, pro portions, carrel, more busted, proportion, more unaccomplished, fiftyfifties, un-satisfactory, Quotum, most crenelated, snoods, quarrelsomenesses, stickers, bit, wayposts, what one is inti, re-minders, in heritances, diffuse, cut pie, triangle, bisection, out looks, copulae, strip, out of whack, in-sufficient, way the cookie crumble, Scarification, abbreviated, dis-coursings, percents, dis-connected, gob, gone pot, moment, three winks, leading roles, out posts, Flyspeck, pro cess, re-payment, most mumbled, lengthinesses, dis-uniting, Knurl, differential, in-fringed, in formation, most slivered, aspect, place, bi section, de bris, splittings, bite, more tamed, disunitings, re spect, incidence, inter lude, fore-ordinations, most pseudo-, in dividual, most part-way, more fiftyfifty, ingredient, thumbprints, most shattered, Traject, inter-mediate, great deals.