Pronunciation of Figure
/fˈɪɡə/, /fˈɪɡə/, /f_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for figure

gives account of, dropt the ball, dis-covers, wast overcritical, put foot in, is unfair, misjudge, under-rated, ex-press, am overcritical, mis-apprehend, mis-thinks, mis-judging, take effect, is overcritical, re quiring, overestimates, making known, makes presence known, bark wrong tree, mis conjectures, mis-understand, dis-covering, re-quire, re quires, over-rating, giving an account of, call upon, being sure, under-rates, Miscomprehend, crossed out, dis closed, dogmatize, taling, under-valued, wonder, de cried, laid open, hath force, art wrong, unsettle, lay open, mis-took, art sure, spitted out, barks wrong tree, mis reckoning, art partial, counting by one, crossing out, re-cognizing, de-duces, Dogmatized, being partial, dis closes, knows for certain, over-rated, dropping ball, mis deem, making presence known, re-hearses, write off, pro claiming, coming to hasty conclusion, calls upon, mis-construe, mis deemed, Taled, missed by mile, break the news, ex-plain, be misled, misses by a mile, missing by a mile, be amazed, overestimating, dis covering, dis-closes, mis conceiving, calling up on, Misconjecture, mis-comprehending, called up on, ex press, taking a loss on, misthinking, giving facts, opens up, miss by a mile, brake news, pre-suppose, misunderstand, mind, be sure, re-porting, be wrong, ex-plaining, hadst force, de-cry, pre-supposed, mis-taking, mis understanding, under-rating, mis thought, breaking the news, lets know, were unfair, re-veals, mis judging, comes to hasty conclusion, mis judges, art overcritical, mis calculating, over-rate, part, mis-reckons, de clare, make presence known, dis-closed, ignore, in forming, let in on, under-estimates, re quire, overlook, mis thinks, de crying, re counting, twist, broke news, dis close, pre supposing, re-counting, pre judging, question, mis construe, putting foot in, counted by one, mis-reckon, mis-takes, re-cites, under value, lays open, dis regard, dis criminating, being misled, spit out, ex-pressing, makes known, spits out, is wrong, hast force, composition, having force, made known, over estimate, over rated, dis criminates, dis regarded, miscomprehends, in-forming, make known, was sure, ex plaining, pre-supposing, overestimated, mis-calculates, dis-regard, guess, mis conceives, are overcritical, de-pict, know for certain, were sure, ground, breaking news, de duce, reeling off, pro claim, pre suppose, had force, mis-comprehend, mis-conjectures, mis calculate, matter, re ported, art unfair, wast unfair, under-rate, re-counted, was misled, clue in, missed by a mile, opened up, having effect, mis take, reel off, mis comprehended, estimate, give out, counted one by one, mis-conceiving, under-values, under valued, puts foot in, pre-judges, am unfair, wast misled, misconjecturing, barked up wrong tree, under estimate, letting know, count by one, are partial, making presence felt, mis reckon, misthinks, mis understands, leave word, over estimating, ex plains, mis-understanding, tangle, dis-close, mis calculates, commoner, have effect, hath effect, over estimates, was wrong, am partial, lets slip, Misconstrued, letter, opening up, letting slip, pre-judging, under rate, mis thinking, call up on, letted slip, mis-thought, mis-comprehends, leaving word, pre-judged, re cited, spitting it out, mis-judges, mis apprehends, re veals, Told, setting forth, dis-criminated, over rate, ex pressed, de cry, dogmatizes, mis-conceived, be overcritical, mis-reckoned, substance, pro claims, Misdeem, let slip, mis taken, took loss on, misconjectures, under rates, neglect, pro-claims, de-cries, over-estimate, disbelieve, under estimates, takes effect, mis-calculate, dis covers, crosses out, mis apprehending, Dogmatizing, militates, mis-reckoning, has-been, open up, raw material, pre judged, sets forth, re cites, ex pressing, in-forms, mis apprehended, under rating, barking wrong tree, Misthought, over rates, mis comprehending, mis comprehend, is sure, de-duce, gave account of, take a loss on, am wrong, mis-apprehending, over-estimating, re counts, calls up on, re-presented, dropt ball, clues in, re cognizing, tell, re-veal, left word, have force, mis took, misses by mile, knew for certain, reels off, mis deeming, spitting out, begin, subtract, mis understood, mis conjecturing, re presented, dis covered, mis-conjecturing, pre supposes, come to hasty conclusion, mis judged, spit it out, lightweight, re cognizes, re-quired, re quired, dis cover, count one by one, under-estimate, dis-criminate, dis-regarded, give an account of, dis-criminates, re-cited, coming hasty conclusion, miscomprehended, misdeemed, was partial, give up, barks up wrong tree, cluing in, mis apprehend, re-lated, took a loss on, came to hasty conclusion, mis-construed, mis-take, clued in, mis-construing, mis construing, de clares, pre-supposes, ex plained, Militating, pro claimed, ex-plained, mis-calculated, mis reckoned, counting one by one, letted in on, spits it out, broke the news, re-presents, drops the ball, mis-comprehended, misdeeming, hadst effect, mis-deem, drop the ball, re cognize, set forth, breaks the news, dis regarding, gave an account of, re presents, dis regards, spat it out, under rated, come hasty conclusion, re-quiring, pre judges, breaks news, put before, came hasty conclusion, dropped the ball, de picts, gives an account of, bark up wrong tree, haddest effect, brake the news, missing by mile, pre supposed, puts before, keep posted, dis-cover, cross out, be unfair, Re-present, in forms, colossus, stuff, are wrong, over estimated, were overcritical, mediocrity, wert misled, marked down, keeps posted, under-valuing, am sure, mis-deeming, doubt, re-hearse, miscomprehending, wast partial, re hearses, take loss on, wast sure, art misled, gives facts, re cognized, re citing, mark down, gave facts, knowing for certain, under estimating, mis understand, dropping the ball, overestimate, re-presenting, over-estimates, ex-plains, over-rates, counts one by one, mis-understands, dis criminate, mis comprehends, material, mis-conceive, de-cried, de-clare, were wrong, re-cognized, letted know, mis calculated, was unfair, called upon, drops ball, taking loss on, re-counts, dis closing, de-crying, re counted, re presenting, mis-thinking, are unfair, wast wrong, miss by mile, under values, wert overcritical, under-estimating, dis-regarding, lets in on, took its toll, dis-criminating, over rating, had effect, barked wrong tree, pro-claiming, misdeems, mis takes, dis-covered, calling upon, spat out, mis-deemed, takes loss on, kept posted, under-value, mis-conceives, mis-deems, Misthink, over-estimated, code, leaves word, letting in on, mis construed, mis-apprehended, mis-conjecture, re late, take its toll, dis-closing, under-estimated, mis-think, being unfair, mis-judged, in form, ex plain, mis deems, de pict, mis construes, were partial, dropped ball, wert sure, wert wrong, misconjectured, mis conjectured, be partial, taking its toll, de cries, made presence felt, break news, be surprised, waver, mis taking, de-picts, drop ball, are sure, counts by one, took effect, mis-conjectured, mis conjecture, re present, miss, re porting, takes its toll, has effect, barking up wrong tree, being overcritical, was overcritical, mis-construes, keeping posted, mis-apprehends, mis-calculating, taking effect, is partial, dis criminated, wert unfair, mis conceive, let know, being wrong, mis think, re-ported, were misled, de-clares, re-quires, laying open, takes a loss on, start, under estimated, is misled, nobody, de duces, comes hasty conclusion, dis-regards.