Pronunciation of Fair
/f_ˈeə/, /fˈe͡ə/, /fˈe‍ə/

Antonyms for fair:

overkill, noble, in-saner, unmerited, illegal, mis judging, evident, uncommon, most stirred, more duped, decided, more foul mouthed, closedminded, un conscientious, more prominent, gorgonian, most too too, counter factual, tainted, most two-timing, ebony, wrongful, interested, most bluffing, one-sided, Haggish, un-fair, more pigpen, un worthier, most counterproductive, un-deserved, negative, more foul-mouthed, more deceiving, in famous, most short-fuse, stellar, dis-honest, unappetizing, brunette, amoral, undue, de grading, special, yecchy, un-screwed, off the mark, unsterilized, in sincere, more uncandid, grubby, de-grading, all wet, abnormal, shortfuse, un justifiable, nifty, offensive, bigoted, de-voted, more tilted, deformed, most misinformed, mis leading, un steadiest, grimy, un-stablest, distorted, stormy, most communist, more unfitting, un-godlier, dis honorable, distinguished, rainy, unscrewed, colorful, odious, counter-productive, un-glued, more cooked-up, outstanding, de-ranged, more warped, most anti-semitic, blustering, stained, un reasonable, un measurable, anti semitic, most unperformed, un deserved, un truest, unreliable, unequal, narrow, overcast, peerless, dis-proportionate, repulsive, un-completed, more anti semitic, un sympathetic, unsterile, most aweless, out raged, un franker, most misinterpreting, like a snake grass, dark, in delicate, unfair, most dark-hued, antisemitic, un timely, un sporting, in-sane, in-solent, unrightful, blustery, most conspiratorial, nobody home, more aweless, more roused, maximum, chauvinistic, more chauvinistic, inapposite, most unrespectable, more unrighteous, in to, par excellence, unprovoked, un-timelier, most warped, like snake grass, un-reasoning, un-godly, more too-too, uncompleted, unusual, most unfitting, witchy, tip-top, not all there, mis guided, discriminatory, opinionated, un-holiest, swarthy, most concocted, darkish, great, un-righteous, breezy, Absonant, unfairly, Uncandid, more double crossing, un due, swarter, smallminded, eye catching, nonobjective, onesided, mis informed, more xenophobic, un-truthful, un-duest, more communist, Ex parte, in-exorable, partest, un godliest, most polluted, more undeserved, more lured, un apter, most two timing, first-rate, un principled, dreadful, un seemlier, inappropriate, un-cleanest, un frankest, most unrighteous, un timelier, unbalanced, un-hinged, capital, more angled, swart, yecchiest, pre conceived, unperformed, dis-solute, un-godliest, most pigpen, in sanest, most uncompleted, warped, more two-timing, more swindling, most antisemitic, un-cleaner, un-afraid, un-lawful, mis-informed, Parter, most attracted, un-steadier, un performed, unwashed, more polluted, un sound, darkskinned, mis-leading, shocking, favorably inclined, unconscionable, un afraid, Irrelative, un-balanced, horrible, in-decent, in-appropriate, unencouraging, un-apter, ugly, counter-factual, pre-conceived, most dark hued, dark-skinned, in excusable, dis-advantageous, eyecatching, more darkskinned, not there, dis solute, more unscrewed, in-sincere, un daunted, dis criminatory, sophistical, swartest, cliquish, re solute, costing an arm and a leg, more cheating, playing games, unsympathetic, un cleanest, Misrepresentative, extraordinary, most amoral, un screwed, most darkhued, more misinformed, mis construed, in-spired, un warrantable, in-delicate, un-fairest, dis posed, faking one out, eat sleep and breathe, wrong, more darkish, un stable, first class, below the belt, un-candid, ex-cited, unreasonable, mucky, mean, unsurpassed, disagreeable, more denominational, mis represented, self seeking, un sounder, un-founded, un lawful, unreasoning, most inspirited, un godlier, xenophobic, unparalleled, more sophistical, un indulgent, mis-judging, tampered with, most outraged, like snake in the grass, darkhued, in sane, un-frankest, in appropriate, optimum, more enticed, most unsymmetrical, coming strong, more workedup, mis-representative, more unconscientious, un-performed, most angled, sickening, number one, most exploitative, preeminent, unwarrantable, olive, sensational, tricky, most enticed, un-favorable, un provoked, costing arm leg, most misjudging, un finished, most hoodwinking, unsuitable, un-principled, inclement, re prehensible, un-rightful, most cookedup, unfrankest, more unindifferent, more two timing, classic, un glued, more tricked, dis-graceful, most unindifferent, un holiest, more unsymmetrical, unrighteous, unlawful, obliquitous, unbecoming, gray, most leaning, choice, more shortfuse, disproportionate, exceptional, inadequate, terrible, dark skinned, un-stable, in defensible, miserable, most worked up, filthy, more sexist, tilted, dis-ingenuous, mistaken, more amoral, more twotiming, restricted, de testable, in solent, counterproductive, un frank, un rightful, contrary fact, more double-crossing, more misinterpreting, barking up wrong tree, in-defensible, counter productive, differential, loathsome, mis-taken, un seemliest, more unequitable, out lunch, mis-construed, in glorious, pro fane, unprepossessing, concealment, un aptest, un-symmetrical, under hand, un cleaner, in-excusable, dark-hued, most unindulgent, most darkish, incoherent, dishonest, more misunderstanding, cheerless, Unequitable, dark hued, more caitiff, irrelevant, Foundationless, most high-and-mighty, un-worthiest, untrustworthy, unfriendly, most tilted, inequitable, rare, cheating, un-sporting, un symmetrical, racist, selfseeking, un balanced, more unindulgent, eat sleep breathe, more contaminated, more darkhued, dis-creditable, most preconceived, infrequent, A1, dis-criminatory, un fairer, in tent, topheavy, most deceiving, un-provoked, unpromising, in-flexible, most unscrewed, half done, more sullied, most accessory, optimal, unmeasurable, more unsporting, off-balance, more anti-semitic, insidious, small minded, unpropitious, abominable, un godly, most unglued, mendacious, unglued, most doublecrossing, more cookedup, severe, like snake in grass, halfway, deceitful, dismal, more presupposing, raven, in sincerer, costing arm a leg, most differential, more evident, un equal, on the case, disgusting, most double-crossing, most misconstrued, ungainly, discolored, most duped, most beguiling, unclean, more unglued, in-sincerer, nauseating, un-measurable, frightful, in temperate, more hoodwinking, superb, incorrect, in accurate, re-solute, plain, unvirtuous, un-justified, un favorable, not balanced, bold, un becoming, un stabler, unjustified, objectionable, unethical, questionable, pre-judicial, pricey, un conventional, vicious, more pronounced, pre sumptuous, frumpy, sullied, more outraged, most tricked, un-soundest, way off, most unrightful, most racialist, rude, de signing, harsh, unfranker, un fair, lacking, un-fairer, more overkill, un-conscionable, most roused, impolite, dis-reputable, in-sincerest, un-suitable, most foul mouthed, sunless, dubious, unadvised, un-finished, superlative, coming on strong, un-sounder, in spirited, un-truer, marvelous, un-scrupulous, most unsporting, un-steadiest, most awakened, more adhering, most sullied, worked-up, in flexible, darkened, too-too, un-justifiable, most cheating, un respectable, off track, most workedup, more unprovoked, most caitiff, most absonant, un-indulgent, un civilized, un suitable, un worthiest, most dark skinned, more differential, uncertain, top, de ranged, in apter, more dark hued, in equitable, un clean, illadvised, more unreasoning, un-daunted, under-hand, grim, most double crossing, wrongly identified, clumsy, depressing, desperate, most shortfuse, indefensible, most unreasoning, most misrepresentative, in-glorious, deceptive, anti pathetic, un-fitting, fabulous, repugnant, most cooked up, unjustifiable, un-truest, insufficient, intolerant, uncalledfor, most denominational, in-tolerant, partial, sexist, unshapely, inauspicious, un grounded, un-charitable, more uncompleted, in-equitable, de finite, mis representative, most chauvinistic, de-finite, dis graceful, casuistic, more concocted, in decent, narrowminded, grand, un advised, awkward, doubtful, most tootoo, abhorrent, in-spirited, most cooked-up, un-due, fractious, denominational, pre supposing, polluted, most unequitable, re probate, un seemly, pre-disposed, swell, more conspiratorial, spotted, short-fuse, costing an arm leg, misinformed, un truer, unindifferent, up-set, unprincipled, more unrespectable, over-zealous, un scrupulous, funereal, un hinged, excellent, costing an arm a leg, conspiratorial, qualified, smart alecky, lively, contrary to fact, ungrounded, grisly, ex cited, un holy, besmirched, in direct, revolting, un-reasonable, in correct, dis-posed, biased, un-conventional, aweless, costing an arm and leg, more exploitative, improper, tootoo, un-civilized, unfavorable, more dark-skinned, un timeliest, most uncandid, unwarranted, un-becoming, workedup, un-ethical, more racialist, like a snake in grass, disheartening, Prepossessed, Misbehaving, more inspirited, glum, more unwarrantable, more into, mis-understanding, more too too, most short fuse, more awakened, un ethical, horrid, un-holy, most unwarrantable, germy, in spired, wide mark, soiled, two faced, supreme, un willing, too great, most ensnaring, in sincerest, off mark, dis proportionate, un-stabler, most misunderstanding, ghastly, most lured, top-notch, un equitable, fantastic, most xenophobic, in tolerant, jaundiced, de graded, unconscientious, unpleasant, in-valid, barking wrong tree, un-franker, one sided, more doublecrossing, doubledealing, most casuistic, cooked-up, un-duer, un stablest, sterling, un duest, in saner, false, most unprovoked, uncleaned, more exceeding, dreary, un-holier, dis honest, Black-a-vised, defiled, un-conscientious, more obliquitous, in decorous, un indifferent, foul mouthed, closed minded, unfit, farout, more short-fuse, most ungrounded, more worked up, de-graded, inapt, most twotiming, obstinate, despotic, on case, in-decorous, in valid, devious, anti-pathetic, foul-mouthed, unsporting, most unconscientious, up here, more unrightful, Misconstrued, un reasoning, un-warrantable, un-willing, ill timed, illegitimate, un-frank, un worthy, most foul-mouthed, narrow minded, un-timeliest, more stirred, more fanatic, pre-supposing, mis-represented, un even, equivocal, un-trustworthy, splendid, top heavy, intolerable, un-timely, un-seasonable, fine, un-real, more bluffing, half-way, wrong number, un steady, unmatched, un fitting, disingenuous, dingy, pre judicial, colored, underhanded, most into, more tootoo, under wrong impression, exploitative, un-advised, un-grounded, under handed, most undeserved, racialist, costing arm and leg, un-sound, un-equal, most cliquish, in-direct, un-seemliest, unkind, most backbiting, most favorably, over-kill, un candid, most obliquitous, over much, unaesthetic, comfortless, most unmeasurable, partisan, de-signing, dis creditable, unrespectable, shorthanded, unjust, most worked-up, confused with, more in to, not straightforward, more dark skinned, more counterproductive, uncouth, most swindling, terrific, un justified, more misconstrued, un-even, superior, subjective, wide of mark, inapplicable, un founded, pre possessed, un seasonable, gusty, more short fuse, twofaced, un fairest, re-prehensible, most anti semitic, more worked-up, frumpish, un-worthier, immoral, black, more ensnaring, prejudicial, muddy, like snake the grass, un-respectable, blackened, discouraging, in-ordinate, pro-fane, in-apter, more misrepresented, pre-possessed, mis taken, unimposing, prime, up to here, most dark-skinned, unfitting, more misrepresentative, unindulgent, un-equitable, immoderate, up set, un trustworthy, under-handed, more ungrounded, dis-honorable, priciest, over kill, dis advantageous, more leaning, like a snake the grass, gloomy, brown, in-temperate, lying, undeserved, de-testable, un-seemlier, mis-guided, off balance, greasy, out-raged, un holier, more backbiting, re-probate, too too, costing arm and a leg, smirched, unlikely, smartalecky, offbalance, more misjudging, hideous, unscrupulous, cloudy, Double dealing, foul, un-warranted, cookedup, mis interpreting, like a snake in the grass, masculine, mis understanding, preconceived, un conscionable, illegible, dis reputable, more dark-hued, dis ingenuous, hiding, most fanatic, matchless, de voted, repellent, most exceeding, more attracted, un-indifferent, most darkskinned, prejudiced, extreme, un steadier, more cooked up, un charitable.

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