Pronunciation of Rugged
/ɹˈʌɡɪd/, /ɹˈʌɡɪd/, /ɹ_ˈʌ_ɡ_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for rugged

faint, well bred, soothing, balmy, unwell, exquisite, glazier, languid, cottony, wellbred, wobbly, splayer, light, easy, un mistakable, even, bad, more oblate, sophisticated, draggier, glassy, weakened, slight, pro-nest, hyaloid, punk, indisposed, prudish, most collapsed, wimpish, ex tended, most punctured, plane, sapless, glaziest, courteous, soft, more unbroken, most tabular, planate, level, la di da, poorly, punctured, in-tolerant, un-savorier, silky, smooth, un-conditional, infirm, unsubstantial, ill, satin, more tabular, in-nocuous, gossamer, wimpy, bland, most vitric, most outstretched, more whitebread, debilitated, ailing, pastel, softened, most muted, flat, more distingue, unstable, prostrate, velvety, wellbehaved, gentle, enervated, tasteful, asthenic, more hyaloid, most complanate, de-pressed, ex-tended, mattest, out-stretched, small, more pancake, un-equivocal, benign, well behaved, unsound, feeble, un savory, more collapsed, mild, delicate, more vitric, draggiest, nonabrasive, wellmannered, unfurrowed, spread out, un-seasoned, in sipid, more outstretched, prosiest, matte, more planate, most burnished, un-questionable, un interesting, tabular, more muted, re fined, un-qualified, mellow, frail, tiny, most hyaloid, Glazy, most unbroken, un-savoriest, in-dubitable, un broken, well mannered, sick, down, in nocuous, most sapless, more complanate, un-mistakable, ethereal, Vitric, nice, trans parent, most distingue, un conditional, most hyaline, ho hum, facile, un qualified, low, lustrous, in-sipid, horizontal, artistic, un savorier, un-broken, moderate, most oblate, hyaline, satiny, in tolerant, wasted, silken, un-savory, splayest, unhealthy, most planate, light-handed, most pancake, un seasoned, weak, overdelicate, splay, dainty, out and out, tasty, genteel, more punctured, more hyaline, peaky, downy, pro nest, draggy, distingue, lead balloon, trans-parent, Complanate, well-bred, fastidious, refined, whitebread, enfeebled, velvetlike, referring to eyes blank, effete, in dubitable, un equivocal, glossy, laid low, more burnished, calm, un-palatable, de pressed, oblate, down-and-out, silklike.