Take up

Pronunciation of Take Up
/tˈe͡ɪk ˈʌp/, /tˈe‍ɪk ˈʌp/, /t_ˈeɪ_k ˈʌ_p/

Antonyms for take up

dropped like hot potato, pitch, Gaffing, un loading, toss jail, Fussed, ex-postulates, glommed, re-lease, leave alone, misunderstand, unlearn, slight, exclude, dropkick, relinquish, tossing in jail, dis-continue, de-press, kissing good-bye, swear off, caving in, be lazy, retired from, parted with, standing down, pro-tested, wastes one, pass, dropt like hot potato, de scended, nose dived, expire, re-signed, dis-continues, dis tills, calcitrating, moisten, take pledge, had done with, ex-postulate, press, kiss goodbye, going cold turkey, disgorge, vent, eighty six, gave foot, abort, junk, depress, tabbing, put forth, be alienated from, de-scends, lower, reject, putting arm on, re-pining, pro-testing, went cold turkey, de-sert, adiosing, adios, dis-till, idle, quits cold turkey, sur-render, exhale, dis-owning, de pressed, kisses goodbye, am alienated from, avoid, gloms, Plumped, neglect, give out, dis missing, puts the arm on, caved in, with-drawing, Fussing, re pine, putting the cuffs on, send out, dis-continued, plunge, washed out, de-cline, de-pressing, tabbed, taking the oath, drops like hot potato, dis-tills, swearing off, wert alienated from, with-standing, throw away, abandon, nose dove, leave, throw out, ex postulates, go cold turkey, quit cold turkey, nose-diving, soak, top pled, nose-dive, de-presses, washing out, conclude, have done with, laid aside, abjure, finish, nose-dived, dis-tilled, tosses jail, submerge, hadst done with, takes pledge, Snowing, quitted cold turkey, calcitrates, taking prisoner, disregard, stood down, expel, slough off, take prisoner, ignore, de scend, dis-missed, de-scending, with-drew, rescind, de-pressed, arrest, cancel, nose diving, tosses in jail, shun, dissipate, de scending, nose dive, dropkicking, swore off, puts cuffs on, retiring from, with draws, dis-card, dis card, slip, repulse, took oath, de-tains, nose-dove, release, wasted one, sware off, tossed in jail, emanate, de tain, sur-rendered, surrender, parting with, throw off, give up, radiate, art alienated from, forgot about, dusts off, de-clines, calcitrated, de tains, dis-cards, plummet, was alienated from, dis missed, fall, hast done with, dis continue, bear, complete, dusted off, dropkicks, are alienated from, sur-rendering, punted, with-drawn, ex-cept, call off, top-pled, re-leased, being alienated from, dust off, de pressing, jettison, irradiate, plumping, sink, stands down, washes out, taking pledge, put arm on, stop, abstain, halt, with-draw, ex cept, took pledge, nosedived, retires from, cry off, re-pined, adioses, de-tain, parts from, forget about, is alienated from, dis-missing, dis-carding, giving foot, retire from, evolve, re pined, parts with, has done with, with-stand, stand down, with standing, kissed goodbye, waste one, part from, ex postulating, with stands, push, puts the cuffs on, forsake, kick, re signs, quitting cold turkey, ex-postulated, re lease, drop like hot potato, eject, give foot, haddest done with, gave the foot, goes cold turkey, with drawing, punting, ex-postulating, de clines, beaded, taking the pledge, un load, with-stands, re signed, dis till, dis continued, puts arm on, Snowed, spurn, sur-renders, wasting one, tost jail, de-scended, un-load, end, takes the pledge, dis owned, re signing, gaffs, vomit, tost in jail, dropping like hot potato, close, nosedove, ex postulated, re-pine, take oath, dis owning, with draw, hath done with, hesitate, refrain, sur rendered, beading, kissed good-bye, ex postulate, kisses good-bye, re-pines, wast alienated from, discard, de scends, put the cuffs on, re-leases, adiosed, drop, tossed jail, take the pledge, cease, distract, un loads, put cuffs on, were alienated from, caves in, un-loads, revoke, dip, with stand, kissed good bye, dis tilling, gives foot, dis tilled, dis continuing, overlook, taking oath, Calcitrate, dis-carded, dis-tilling, abnegate, part with, de cline, gives the foot, with drawn, dis continues, cut, cast out, pro tested, took prisoner, dis carded, descend, putting the arm on, wet, disown, nose dives, discontinue, putting cuffs on, parting from, dropkicked, disperse, dampen, de presses, take the oath, with stood, re leases, plumps, forgets about, having done with, took the pledge, dis carding, kissing good bye, forget, un loaded, pro testing, cave in, give the foot, Re sign, took the oath, parted from, with drew, de-scend, un-loading, dis cards, dusting off, dis-owned, de press, kissing goodbye, nosediving, not do, nose-dives, swears off, forgetting about, forgat about, lay aside, renounce, laying aside, Gaffed, dis-continuing, sur rendering, re-signs, emit, exude, de sert, wash out, kisses good bye, sur renders, giving the foot, repudiate, tossing jail.