Pronunciation of Overlook
/ˌə͡ʊvəlˈʊk/, /ˌə‍ʊvəlˈʊk/, /ˌəʊ_v_ə_l_ˈʊ_k/

Antonyms for overlook

dis criminate, sets to, do justice to, kicks up heels, un-bury, pre-vise, clocking, de-scribed, re-posed, be-smirching, am cognizant of, ran with the ball, sewed up, commit memory, look out, had good authority, was sure, bespatter, checking upon, see light, carried through, capiching, going that route, rates highly, checked over, gave key city, unearth, does as told, effect, de bunked, are just ticket, fixt up on, hadst on good authority, keep, go with, decide on, doth one's bidding, doest what one is told, re freshes, catching a glimpse of, dis-entangling, am on lookout, Lauding, art watchful, takes shot, gives eye, ignore, took look, re-marked, are advised, gets vibrations, mulls over, are trained, spy, seeing in cards, devote to, drink in, super-intended, inned cards, dis-cussing, de ciphers, got face, investigate, moves in, puts to test, staid in the clouds, under took, is conversant in, has a looksee, got line, gets fix on, under-stands, hits bulls-eye, feasts ones eyes, having information, wert the lookout, blunders up on, paid attention to, am taught, fore-cast, stared at, call turn, looked high and low, drop, be read, lent ear, bag it, paints the town red, hath look-see, paying homage, boil down to, de fended, got vibrations, going quest of, poking in to, go over with a fine-tooth comb, un ravels, being the scene, commentating, gazed open-mouthed, were the lookout, are on track of, in-fringed, diagnosticated, gat through, live up, dis-play, pin down, chanced upon, reads riot act, gets down cold, convict, re searched, followed orders, de-ducts, pre visioned, respect, checked upon, resigned to, looking forward to, takes the floor, hung it up, prevision, are told of, de-notes, hadst a shot at, watches one's step, super intending, did to a turn, painting the town red, Dragooned, get the idea, un-cover, run into, mulled over, feast ones eyes, does the job, having vibes, de duct, hadst at, ons top of, are scene, penetrate, dost one bidding, raises the value of, doth as told, de creed, devoted to, scratch surface, shows consideration, fore knows, be trail of, does turn, hits bull eye, conceive, was vigilant, keeping eye on, produce a result, giving hearing, become able, arrives at, make heads tails of, de scribe, examine, make distinction, is learned, being aware, rubbers, are wary, de signing, are guided by, gets touch, de-signing, did one's duty, stay in line, pops in, got the hang of, ex-plain, were turned on to, got through, points way, did to t, cleft to, look and down, gave the eye, soak up, haddest at, hang up, look to, happening upon, under stands, didst thing, pre determine, having a look, took a shot, wast action, pre determines, behold, puts over, gave way, indulge, were apprised of, gotten results, feel in gut, bumps heads, under stood, keep one's eye on, thumbed, dost trick, lived by, Re-mark, be master of, went on one, be action, do thing, read, de ciphered, re-gard, stumbles up on, un-riddling, gotten in ones face, hoping for, hast at each other, getting load of, indict, pro cured, sur-prise, be lieve, under-taken, getting vibes, get the drift, preoccupy, all-owed, muckraking, dragoons, lay down the law, put with, snoop, kicks heels, hits the bulls-eye, bear mind, occupied oneself with, tabbed, consorts with, pre-visions, buttoning down, pour it on, poke into, being trail of, delved into, sublimed, gave heed to, be smirched, get, crop up, mind the store, getting fix on, fore-saw, were true, kept eye on, giving rise to, vetting, looksaw, brought to close, refuse, had each other, takes a decision, be spatters, gotten load of, sees in the cards, marks with red letter, brought close, falls up on, wert familiar, took advantage, were engaged in, zero on, beats about, be-spoken, sticking it to, think highly of, un masked, being convinced, eyeballing, baby sit, puts up struggle, wert loyal, dost what one is told, keeping up on, dost to a turn, is devoted, rifled through, be appreciative, bargains on, determinates, wast on trail of, in corporates, took a decision, strong arm, wert track of, re serving, de-creed, route, went one on one, crack the books, brush upon, de-terminated, co ached, hadst a feeling, dost a turn, feasted one's eyes, didst to a turn, passes sentence, turns to, dis-criminates, pegged away, flipping through, payed homage, got wise to, Umpired, has vibes, double check, consorted with, hadst a swing at, were sensible of, gets impression, re hash, ritualizes, dis cussed, fore-known, pre supposes, see cards, get ones face, in-stalling, am on track of, gazed openmouthed, gives the onceover, is attached, hash over, look for, be all ears, felt in gut, wiretaps, get into one's head, mark, bargained on, un-scrambled, gets an eyeful, jumping on, be with it, doth thing, pro-cured, hath crack, gat point, polishes up, kicked ones heels, pre-destining, chased after, be kind to, delve into, kick up heels, gotten message, laid down the law, latching on, was acquainted, un raveling, cares for, tumbled in to, was guided by, keep eye on, is true, stubs toe on, interprets as, be-having, cracks the books, in-cited, made whoopee, take a decision, smell out, lays down law, are watchful, vet, ex cogitating, touch up on, flash on, make sure, look up on, sing praises, have crack, buries oneself in, picking up on, get the point, pitches in to, over saw, putting up with, act upon, were trained, being on the scene, running in to, came to pass, get in to one head, turning inside out, am just the ticket, look upon, takes pains, riveted eyes on, re-commend, was on trail of, stopped in, wert watchful, looking upon, art learned, try flavor of, am sensible of, pitches into, had shot at, doing as told, were on track of, goes out on a limb, doing a t, committing memory, did what one is told, be the scene, Forefeel, feasting one's eyes, pre knew, gets vibes, re-commends, dis interred, coming to pass, delivering goods, comes over, are on hand, art a witness, gat an eyeful of, was obliged, be-spattered, scoped, trained in, was found, payed tribute, has a shot at, becoming able, latching onto, stop in, lets in, dis playing, inquisite, commemorate, de-terminating, got in to ones head, didst to a t, gotten the drift, fore ordaining, get in one face, goes one, got in ones face, do the trick, pre supposing, doing one thing, hadst at it, keeps abreast of, art turned to, were appreciative, gat in to head, gets in one face, chew over, making distinction, go for broke, didst one's bidding, sock to, passed on, haddest go at, up root, are familiar, de ciphering, un masking, flashes on, wert indebted, hit bull-eye, tabbing, attend, looking up on, talks in to, re-cording, spieled, pro claiming, sorts out, art turned on to, wert metaphysical, Individuating, were trail of, celebrate, de bated, art cognizant of, post-marks, put up a fight, sort out, satisfy, kicking one heels, sentence, Ultimating, ex-press, come with, does one's best, insisting on, ring a bell, being attached, defer to, leans on, doeth one bidding, checked up, getting bottom, dis-cuss, hitting bull eye, veto, is conscious of, dis cover, made merry, doest ones duty, gives glad hand, being led believe, acted up on, pro cures, re cognizes, are action, gotten in one's face, blundered up on, making the grade, ex-plicating, gotten a load of, moving in, have swing at, glancing over, devotes to, knuckled down to, am lookout, putting test, re-member, look over, did trick, gat the picture, being indebted, bags it, under taking, give eye, cleaving to, foresee, hang it up, arriving at, does what is expected, searches for, take as example, pay attention, pro claim, re-sounds, dragoon, haddest good authority, gotten in face, preforming, going over with a fine-tooth comb, touched upon, being kind to, gotten to the bottom, be having, hit the bull's-eye, de posit, had go at, zero in, was in action, throws into, de-ducting, dis pose, were told of, ritualized, hit books, condemn, ex hume, doest one's bidding, ultimates, gets through, altercate, take in to account, soaking in, are read, did one's bidding, pre-form, hast a look see, de-ducted, took care of business, burn midnight oil, gets the picture, sur-rendered, be in action, hadst a crack, were ruled by, hitting bull's-eye, took meaning, fills the bill, doest one best, fore seen, Peppering, got into, obtrude, were on the trail of, being afraid, assert, doeth one thing, got drift, bow down, dis-cusses, dis-charging, happen up on, get point, haddest on good authority, pre-suppose, hast it, zeroed in, re mark, sees coming, follow orders, be cognizant of, perpended, doth one thing, get in to, button down, comes pass, hadst it, approves accept, being conscious of, super intends, bowed down, de-terminate, art told of, am sensitive, gat into, de-bating, scratch the surface, in-quiring, being all ears, be smirching, payed heed, searching out, gets the knack of, doeth t, fore seeing, falls in with, was scene, is sensible of, searching in to, am just ticket, training in, having high opinion, gotten wise to, be led to believe, associate with, are on the scene, had swing at, single out, dis-charge, gat into one head, stumbled up on, are the trail of, Specking, dost turn, gets into one's head, put one's finger on, falls with, bury oneself in, avow, bagged it, reproduce, stayed in clouds, un scrambling, re-quests, comes up against, pre scribing, gives talk, pronounced sentence, Parsed, explore, un-mask, with stood, inning cards, doeth one's bidding, have funny feeling, force upon, hadst down pat, hit bullseye, gat high on, studded, raved over, picks out, gat down cold, un-tangle, turn inside out, majoring in, give key to city, beat the drum, drank to, re-turns, under standing, gets a load of, go one on one, de-rive, did turn, be holds, doeth ones duty, am in action, was cognizant of, re-plying, doest one thing, de vising, decided on, get drift, get a soapbox, double-checking, haddest a looksee, dives into, doest best, hast high opinion, hast crack, showing courtesy, making much of, in-stall, ex-torts, associates with, is with it, be convinced, homing in on, being lookout, preknew, get vibrations, hit the bull'seye, hadst at each other, becomes versed, gives the eye, being on the track of, haddest knowledge of, am the scene, dost as says, didst trick, stay in clouds, watch out, look daggers, inquisiting, comes light, art affected, did one duty, didst duty, concentrates on, getting to, am on the track of, art found, look see, is on scene, attends to, kicks the tires, rings bell, postmark, were impressed, gave allegiance to, didst job, having feeling, re commending, happens upon, be-spatters, talk about, cleaved to, polish up, run reconnaissance, wast the trail of, chances upon, be conscious of, being obliged, take care of business, complying with, dis-criminated, in vented, up-reared, de-bunks, touching up on, hit bulls-eye, am awed by, rolled out red carpet, puts a struggle, does bidding, bowed to, stand by, flip over, staying the course, art loyal, approved accept, pre disposing, stands by, knew again, dis patches, having at it, catching on, devote oneself, lights up on, having at, were wary, glances over, majors in, getting wise to, coddle, doeth job, getting out of way, becoming versed, doest job, didst what is expected, are in keeping, art sure, complies with, re-veal, apperceive, have high opinion, art just the ticket, pulled it off, got the point, art hand, look fixedly, gotten hang of, faced off, rooting for, are kind to, wast aware, are convinced, gets in to head, blew steam, engaged in, go on one, delivers talk, is led to believe, in-venting, move in on, be awed by, gets the hang of, blows steam, hath a looksee, take floor, being hand, being excited, feeling gut, fore known, being on lookout, holds fast, rolling out red carpet, chewed over, condole, look-sees, payed attention, does the trick, onned top of, runs in to, inning the cards, taking out, eagleeye, being attentive, wast in keeping, makes short work of, re-conning, pattern up on, doest ones bidding, eagleeying, cracking the books, de bate, smoking out, making grade, is guided by, are ears, be-spake, putting one's finger on, give the once-over, doing what one is told, planning for, sees to, keeping eyes open, looks and down, inscribe, feasted ones eyes, Make short work of, watching over, doest a number, nosed out, be gun, wert sensible of, Re-sound, gat a fix on, kept upon, blunder upon, getting an eyeful of, delves in to, carry to completion, art attentive, sees light, paying attention, ex-pounding, wert all ears, hitting the bulls-eye, Gloomed, forced upon, cognize, fore-seen, happen upon, dis cusses, double checking, was aware of, eagle eying, being aware of, get message, co-ached, doth what is expected, do ones thing, am on hand, sees through, impose, is on the trail of, be consistent with, putting foot down, having look-see, being true, taking to heart, be smirch, has it, ran with ball, doest a t, are a witness, didst one thing, do trick, being conversant in, in quires, re searches, seeing cards, previse, resigns to, stayed line, wert the trail of, took to heart, lives it up, trans-acts, wert versed, observed, smells around, doublechecked, dis-played, ex pounds, be on trail of, are apprised of, freaked out on, wert vigilant, bringing to a close, post-marking, wert taught, de-ciphers, in-vented, vaporing, hadst charge of, de-clares, pulls it off, gets knack of, be have, pre visioning, jumps on, wert present, being in action, referred to, interlope, doest trick, pointed the way, has feeling, hadst shot at, being ears, took as an example, preformed, be sensible of, filled the bill, are on the lookout, Targeted, were all ears, over sees, didst number, had down pat, hit bull'seye, dis-coursed, getting out the way, marking off, dug in to, perceive, super-vised, rivet eyes on, become known, fore tells, is afraid, makes up mind, does one's bidding, doing one duty, doing one's bidding, piloting, un-raveling, Thumbing, poured on, dost to a t, dis-plays, occupies oneself with, revolve, re search, is schooled, de limiting, coming over, getting point, wert with it, bowing to, gazes openmouthed, getting out way, are taught, hast down pat, deciding on, casting about, am constant, gat an eyeful, was indebted, doth one duty, feel in bones, de-legate, peek, going out on limb, perked, is taught, plays second fiddle, put a struggle, be-ginning, catches glimpse of, look up down, cry up, points the way, made up mind, hadst look see, pay homage, minded the store, were devoted, kick one heels, looks on, marked with red letter, pre form, un-masks, kicked the tires, blew off steam, laid down law, monumentalized, am on the scene, gave the once over, wert guided by, am cognizant, are vigilant, was track of, did bidding, reconnoiter, co oking, gave onceover, fore-ordains, laying down, gat the impression, gets face, pattern oneself upon, hadst hunch, polishing up, didst one's thing, getting results, pitched into, tell, shook down, resign to, re-conned, take account of, getting message, doing what is told, was convinced, rivetted the eyes on, de-bates, didst a t, wast schooled, mull over, dost as told, raised value of, doing to turn, pre sage, vetted, art trail of, am turned on to, having a go at, run in to, concentrate on, carried to completion, digs into, doest number, getting eyeful, is on the track of, go route, approve, hath a look, were cognizant of, wert action, dis agree, hast swing at, fished out, gat fix on, putting finishing touches on, threw oneself in to, am loyal to, do one bidding, doest thing, dis-patched, keeping ones eye on, does best, did one's best, gat soapbox, carries through, spot, set store by, ex-plicated, feasts eyes on, came light, be informed, re-solve, wast all ears, give the onceover, gat into one's head, putting up a struggle, getting soapbox, do as told, hast a look-see, fore-feels, fore feeling, haddest down pat, doth the trick, was ears, did to a t, eagleeyeing, sleuthing, de positing, accuse, in scribes, un mask, pre-forming, hast feeling, wast excited, gat in ones face, was appreciative, in-quired, pre-scribing, keep under surveillance, take shot, dis-cern, getting to bottom, was witness, watching ones step, gotten in to one's head, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, dis tributes, hadst a hunch, hitting bulls-eye, lays ones hands on, fishes out, being in keeping, doest ones thing, be speaks, do ones duty, gat idea, being guided by, fulfill, Bandying, feast eyes, writ down, wast in action, had a look, in-quires, re-calls, in cline, got it down, pre-dict, turned to, topping off, wast acquainted, pre-sage, sees in cards, de-scribing, was ruled by, de rived, hit bull's-eye, re turns, have a look see, wert devoted, topped off, dis criminating, getting hold of, be the trail of, de posits, ex-plains, got in to head, zeroing in, keeps tabs, being metaphysical, haddest vibes, ex-postulating, fixes up on, hast a hunch, dives in to, call shots, gives the once over, are indebted, under going, re turning, wert in action, go one, doing ones duty, am guided by, stays the clouds, savvying, ex-tolling, getting on a soapbox, had knowledge of, trying flavor of, kicked heels, put the test, am schooled, figured out, over seeing, are engaged in, marks with a red letter, formalize, Diagnosticate, looked up down, taking heed, notice, fore-ordaining, am aware of, re-cover, pre-pared, de cipher, go in quest of, giving once over, throw oneself into, did best, having it, dis covering, gets into ones head, be on the track of, filling the bill, deferred to, did ones best, in quiring, does one's duty, re cognized, intro-duces, watches step, feel certain, being ruled by, mark off, brooding over, gazing openmouthed, carry completion, de-bunk, doest bidding, keeping an eye on, be devoted, fix upon, bring a close, am action, am ears, hadst information, re conned, smiles on, caught on, art track of, be-holding, going on one, catching the drift, knowing again, mark with a red letter, being found, didst as told, does ones bidding, un earths, dis-agreeing, re sting, didst turn, got in line, are on the track of, reading riot act, nosing out, kept abreast of, be-spoke, hath swing at, saw in cards, scare up, is appreciative, ex plained, generalize, wast keeping, stagged, pre ordain, lighting up on, giving talk, looked daggers, Gunning, buttoned down, clove to, wast metaphysical, are track of, scour, kept tabs on, capiche, dredge up, hadst knowledge of, being witness, declare, smoke out, re member, pro-bed, running across, previsioning, fore-telling, setting apart, payed tribute to, cries up, pop in, staked out, pre-sents, look-saw, were awed by, pick up on, de posited, reminisce, called the turn, come against, carry through, art informed, dis agreed, told from, burying in, re hashes, un earthed, minds store, preknowing, listens in, doest one's thing, taking as example, stumbles on, are informed, wert ruled by, observe, doing t, watched over, does one's thing, deliver speech, preknow, rides shotgun for, putting across, up rear, re turn, go out on a limb, de-fends, is consistent with, re quired, un-riddled, gets into, Extolled, doing turn, made waves, deliver the goods, luxuriating in, gets soapbox, patterned oneself upon, regard, art scene, runs with the ball, dis agrees, re members, Intermeddle, threw into, haddest shot at, dost a number, diving in to, were a witness, are on the trail of, had looksee, stays in clouds, brood over, doth best, coming against, got to, mopping up, cared for, painted the town red, are just the ticket, had on good authority, Differenced, sets in context, Peppered, psych out, under-went, stop by, wert conversant in, inter-pose, got in to one head, plans for, pre-vision, got wind of, secerns, wast devoted to, rings a bell, gets out of way, doest the job, tell apart, thought out, cocker, raised hell, becomes able, putting into effect, Ultimated, kicking ones heels, do ones best, doublecheck, hanged it up, wast trail of, falling with, pointed way, are consistent with, make grade, re-fresh, doest ones best, puts test, are the scene, intuit, runs hands over, caught sight of, art true, getting into head, doeth duty, keeps up on, de-vise, re-cognized, kick tires, sleuthed, enjoy, make eyes at, got soapbox, specify, is just ticket, takes heed, catches on, painting town red, de terminates, lay one's hands on, cast about, be wary, pitching in to, doth one best, did ones bidding, showing consideration, de-duce, de bunk, art trained, patterning up on, cropped up, up holding, de notes, solemnize, serve, obeys, thinks as, drinks to, keeping eye peeled, puts the test, figure, puts ones finger on, comply with, fill bill, be spatter, wast indebted, having shot at, dis-patch, being wary, takes floor, be hand, saw daylight, adhering to, gat vibrations, chancing up on, ex act, drinks in, got in to, hast each other, Altercated, picks argument, made effort, in-fringe, gets wind of, search in to, eagled eye, dis closing, makes run at, talking back, puzzle out, sets off, put fight, stubbing toe on, fish out, de-posits, browse, checked on, got load of, look after, keep tabs, rivetting, soaks up, de-bunking, un-raveled, passing sentence, lighted up on, foreknow, sur mises, pinpoint, socked it to, cracks books, repay, is loyal, get an eyeful of, am the track of, bow to, hath a swing at, apply oneself to, did one bidding, be scene, getting touch, were the scene, sees the light, Sanded, un zips, discover, wades through, make much of, seeing it coming, doeth one best, laid fingers on, de bunks, beats the drum, fall upon, ex claimed, does to t, dost one thing, delivered speech, dropped by, looking daggers, hath at each other, looking at, gotten point, making run at, hast information, insists on, throws oneself into, has a look-see, becoming clear, de limits, having a shot at, wert attached, delivers goods, doest duty, be metaphysical, dive into, be haves, give heed to, descry, all-owing, paying tribute to, doing ones thing, caught to, watched one step, gets the message, is ears, dost number, de-duces, sets down, putting fight, were devoted to, ex acts, didst to t, putting one finger on, pop up, prosecute, forcing up on, doest to turn, re-solved, pre vise, devotes oneself to, catch, was on the scene, do the job, brings close, feast one eyes, hast a crack, re-sting, bespattered, go in to, gotchaed, tells apart, singing the praises, seeing the light, keeping under surveillance, pamper, re-members, fore feel, be true, resigning to, pro-cures, ex pound, goes route, didst one best, dandle, feud, approving accept, super scribe, getting idea, pre-paring, dis criminated, did as told, giving ear, in tending, doing ones best, grooved on, staying in line, brush on, being present, looks for, dis patch, doth what one is told, has swing at, are present, know, is excited, determinated, fore saw, praise, models on, did justice to, focussing on, ex postulated, gotten drift, does ones thing, un riddling, does one thing, doest one's duty, running with ball, keeps eye peeled, pre-supposed, being sensible of, being master of, dropping by, bargain on, cleave to, fore-knows, search out, accredit, gat wind of, get in to head, hast look, flips over, have look-see, un-earthing, ex-act, see the light, ex plicates, dost one's best, dost what is expected, fill the bill, art action, lighted upon, applying oneself, being constant, wast just ticket, trans acts, in spect, took the floor, ex-posed, hitting the bull'seye, mollycoddle, kicks one's heels, Re-search, moved in on, castigate, be sensitive, dis-tributes, espy, meditate, gotten a fix on, doeth a t, ritualize, tripping over, gotten the point, fore sees, art lookout, got impression, gets one's face, picked up on, meddle, checks on, turns trick, up rooting, knows for certain, super scribed, look, gets out way, had done with, ascertain, gets line, stopt by, interpose, doth ones bidding, dis-closes, sunk in, inspire, had look see, re sounds, were attached, brought a close, latches onto, does ones best, fore-sees, staid in clouds, in-cline, gave thanks, dost as one says, do to a turn, do one's bidding, riveting the eyes on, be lookout, marked with a red letter, looks up and down, rifling through, doeth bidding, were advised, freaking out on, see the cards, touches upon, art led believe, view, sympathize, kicking the tires, kicking up ones heels, co-aching, got a soapbox, got picture, put over, pre-sent, Postmarking, look on, put up fight, fore casts, making certain, re spects, wert the track of, being sure, stuck to, catching sight of, calls the turn, set to, un-folds, super vise, dost one best, hadst looksee, dis-close, being informed, sympathize with, pronounces sentence, stays the course, am affected, hadst funny feeling, Post-mark, puts in practice, pre-occupying, in scribe, sets apart, makes merry, gotten in line, take the floor, is all ears, gives thanks, throw into, gat out the way, gets one face, have a looksee, pore, are cognizant, made heads tails of, re solves, being vigilant, got into one head, looked see, sense, put ones finger on, feasts one's eyes, didst one's duty, getting in one's face, sur rendering, keeping abreast of, faces down, does number, is track of, going out on a limb, keeps eagle eye on, wast convinced, dis-interring, hit the bull eye, were consistent with, intro-duce, scratches surface, broods over, have shot at, gat the drift, wast learned, did one's thing, ex-plaining, bid for, hadst feeling, pre-disposed, laying hands on, gazing open-mouthed, leafs through, is watchful, setting down, taking advantage, plugged away at, comply, going out with, are turned to, contemplate, am aware, under-going, occupy oneself with, drops by, trans acted, drink to, put in practice, ex acting, am conversant in, kept watch over, meet with, be sure, seeing to, played second fiddle, re collect, re-sounded, dost to t, am impressed, doing as one says, are led to believe, be-smirch, dis-criminate, Secerned, gets wise to, cognizing, discrepates, are aware, see it coming, animadvert, parse, re-quires, didst a number, waded through, does t, super-scribe, goes out limb, commit to memory, gunning for, root for, diagnose, is impressed, thought of, dis-covered, modelled on, taking course, didst t, re-marking, keeping one's eye on, am present, be just ticket, keeps eye on, eyeball, tries the flavor of, goes out a limb, know again, tripped over, crystalled ball it, was constant, doing one's thing, doth as one says, sinks in, gets in ones face, has a crack, be a witness, un-scrambling, re-acted, hath each other, is witness, did the job, be taught, stand for, stayed course, doth to a turn, sight, watches one step, bade for, keep an eye on, watching the store, pre-pare, stopt in, didst what is told, dost a t, hit the bulls-eye, checking up, hitting the bull-eye, looked up to, pro curing, un-derwent, get in one's face, hast on good authority, focused on, are versed, Secerning, takes stab, wast on the lookout, were present, flipped through, stood by, hadst look-see, singled out, be-gun, dis-charged, become versed, art versed, wert faithful, got results, de-fended, rated highly, checks up, super-intending, Unbury, staring at, getting the picture, homed in on, getting line, goes in quest of, look-see, associating with, dis-tribute, gat the knack of, does justice to, catches the drift, has a look, homed on, get a load of, re cords, hast hunch, are on alert, give talk, doublechecks, double-check, catalogging, partying, partied, strive, beating the drum, previsioned, pre-vising, haddest charge of, flips through, was action, gat a load of, look high and low, make it, fore-ordain, art conscious of, re-covering, put in to effect, were affected, does trick, didst as one says, up rearing, hath a crack, Sanding, saw cards, woo, looks up down, diagnosticating, gets a fix on, in duce, de-vising, clocked, unburies, taking shot, wast watchful, staid clouds, gave the onceover, doeth one's thing, doeth the trick, takes decision, laying down law, are constant, dost ones thing, re marks, ex pressed, post marks, wast consistent with, wast sensible of, severalizes, scout, putting to test, bringing close, making whoopee, doth like, hear, up-holding, figure out, got out way, un earthing, art keeping, latched onto, lend ear, unburied, feast eyes on, kick up one heels, re-viewed, pro-claiming, got message, sizes up, hath high opinion, under-take, waiting for, inquisites, re viewing, pays attention, bore company, inquires into, over-sees, pro duces, giving eye, doing what is expected, have knowledge of, scent, get wise to, does thing, goes over with a fine tooth comb, lays one hands on, get wind of, am attentive, gets to, looked after, sur prises, hast good opinion of, zeroing in on, fore-feeling, are awed by, doest to t, wert trail of, were turned to, raises value of, put through, shaking down, wast a witness, gat in line, patterns oneself up on, wert just ticket, art led to believe, feasted one eyes, moves on, up hold, cleaves to, hitting bull-eye, have done with, bringing to close, go that route, live up to, be advised, giving way, roll out red carpet, engaging in, rifle through, un masks, un-folding, watching out, turn to, un cover, glanced at, getting hang of, have at each other, quested, eagle-eyeing, chases after, doth duty, do a t, wert wary, living up to, in cites, fore-tells, reject, ex cogitates, in-scribe, hashing over, goes on one, digs in to, inter posing, turning the trick, being schooled, refers to, took note, gives ear, de clares, has at each other, hashed over, chews over, gaped at, applies oneself to, had vibes, Differencing, doeth turn, was in keeping, lent an ear, going over with fine-tooth comb, gat out of way, be-spattering, move on, going out a limb, has a look see, turning to, psychs out, sub lime, kept eye peeled, pored over, fore bode, insisted on, pre know, goes that route, hitting the bullseye, un-earthed, pronounce sentence, get it down, under-stood, de coding, re-hashing, de cree, haddest a feeling, told apart, wert impressed, takes stock of, doth trick, sung praises, being led to believe, be led believe, coming up against, art advised, forced up on, has shot at, putting up a fight, go over with a fine tooth comb, improves mind, make sense of, stagging, take heed, doing thing, passed comment, enjoys, ex torts, extend, has at it, staid in line, peppers, putting with, trans pire, dis-cover, had high opinion, has good opinion of, hunts for, cracking books, hits bull's-eye, re-corded, pre suppose, super scribes, under stand, delves into, dig up, ex cogitate, forcing upon, bumping heads, de-vised, be afraid, taking a shot, act up on, pays homage, speak to, cracking down, gotten into ones head, lost balance, hast at, am vigilant, doeth one duty, got one's face, go over with fine-tooth comb, comes against, un-riddle, be on alert, jot down, re quires, re-quired, catch on to, gives key city, wert led to believe, puts to the test, make up mind, re conning, are witness, inquiring in to, hast done with, was on hand, being devoted, ex-cogitate, got high on, art in action, wast the track of, operate, de code, trip on, puts practice, dost duty, were constant, having a feeling, gets picture, art interested in, pre destined, soak in, super intended, de-bate, in-fringes, talks into, mop up, am on scene, re-serves, pre-determining, gets on soapbox, catch to, gat in face, superscribes, get to, got a load of, sur-mise, sews up, having a looksee, hitting the bulleye, get in face, re questing, playing second fiddle, ex plains, be interested in, fore-casting, VETS, picking upon, have go at, jotting down, be impressed, looked for, follows orders, pre supposed, being awed by, Perpend, glancing at, trans-act, be held, in spects, wises to, pre-determines, co-oked, pass on, ex-plained, having a look see, getting out of the way, in fringes, poked into, neglect, Imaged, drinking to, witness, hath knowledge of, wisecracked, had look, apply oneself, be affected, hath vibes, up rooted, eagling eye, hath look, gave glad hand, do one best, go quest of, takes a stab, moved on, have a swing at, spoored, ran hands over, crack books, staying course, wert acquainted, crystal ball it, committed memory, had funny feeling, stumble upon, pre-determined, doing trick, weigh, art indebted, recompense, dost job, had a shot at, gang upon, hitting the bull's-eye, de duce, saw in the cards, getting in ones face, get the message, goes at, am appreciative, got the knack of, got ones face, was alert, watches store, going one on one, pro claims, super-scribing, kick up ones heels, major in, doest what is told, doth one's thing, specialize in, think of as, do job, adheres to, Perking, hast a shot at, going after, gives hearing, had a hunch, gun for, gazes open-mouthed, superscribe, live to, giving thanks, trace, de codes, Parsing, make waves, gape at, gazed open mouthed, are on lookout, hits bull'seye, doth the job, is obliged, prospect, raising the value of, doeth to a turn, doeth a number, didst one bidding, un buries, previsions, zeroing on, look up and down, be-lieve, re-commended, does like, keeps on, checks over, wast found, has go at, gave hearing, produces a result, interpreted as, decides on, got eyeful of, poured it on, kicked up heels, make a run at, inquires in to, getting it down, kicks one heels, sur-render, wert aware, eagle eyed, dis-agree, putting ones finger on, takes account of, plan for, in corporate, hath charge of, is kind to, commits to memory, be track of, keep tabs on, ponder, be cognizant, chancing upon, re commend, rivetted eyes on, observe of, having at each other, did a turn, hit upon, is the scene, de-rives, in stalling, gotten the picture, dis-agrees, wast loyal to, is on lookout, letting in, wert on the lookout, de-scribe, pops up, grooves on, reciprocate, eagleeyes, looked at, rating highly, does one best, gat results, hitting bull'seye, unscrambling, de fending, gotten face, impeach, eyeballs, pins down, looks to, pro-moting, get to the bottom, applying oneself to, touched up on, keeping eagle eye on, enforce, gat ones face, watch store, in duces, individuates, applied oneself, doest justice to, re-searched, un-covers, face down, kicking up one's heels, hath information, interpreting as, took out, pick an argument, is informed, hanging up, had a crack, be spoke, in gests, popped up, kept ones eye on, am acquainted, jump on, gets the point, eagleeyed, Shepherded, goes one one, acted upon, hast a look, art master of, gets the bottom, stay in the clouds, fishing out, doeth like, being interested in, listens up, gotten touch, didst one duty, watches out, fore-felt, un-buries, being appreciative, disciplined, was taught, reconning, re views, art conversant in, puts up a fight, try the flavor of, ex posed, blow off steam, size up, sur-prising, hits the bull-eye, brings to close, de-signed, majored in, fore feels, fixed upon, kept company with, smelling around, severalize, getting knack of, doth a t, get on a soapbox, gotten high on, have at, rubbered, dost one's thing, de scribed, puts up fight, wast ruled by, is interested in, had at, spooring, make certain, re-covered, get the picture, ex-pose, diagnosticates, comment, took account of, dis-posed, picking argument, hits bulls eye, pumicing, gotten idea, looksees, had charge of, wiretapped, put one finger on, wast on the track of, sung the praises, smelling out, be acquainted, prevent, dive in to, were informed, stayed in the clouds, haddest a go at, re-quire, are the track of, paid tribute, brings to a close, were metaphysical, under taken, talking in to, dis course, minds the store, stake out, re collecting, under takes, getting a fix on, unburying, gotten fix on, keeps one's eye on, gets on a soapbox, calls turn, took floor, quibble, think of, got into ones head, un zipping, wert sure, watching store, de bating, de-fending, took shot, goes quest of, de terminate, blotched, looks up on, gotten down cold, looking high and low, was hand, are attached, crystalling ball it, give once over, talks back, bear company, bury in, Cinching, marking with a red letter, going for broke, get face, de-sign, pointing the way, fall, kept under surveillance, showed courtesy, hast knowledge of, go after, tumbles in to, lucking, seeing daylight, kicking up one heels, get into one head, blundered upon, having down pat, ex-hume, Policing, picks up on, with-standing, paint town red, held fast, looks high and low, getting through, blunders upon, am loyal, take a shot, dived in to, throwing oneself in to, doest one's best, give a hearing, checking on, get into ones head, dost ones duty, fore told, didst to turn, putting a fight, dost one duty, ringed bell, art with it, unscramble, zeroed on, marbled, having on good authority, didst ones bidding, in-spect, had feeling, did one best, dredged up, onning top of, doest as says, gat eyeful, in-quire, doest the trick, plug away at, wast with it, wert constant, hath a hunch, targeting, humped, preknown, dis entangle, pitch into, have a shot at, peg away, giving speech, ex plaining, nailing down, doest as told, have each other, doeth a turn, passed sentence, catching on to, comprehend, hitting bullseye, gotten an eyeful, gave access, did number, looked to, individualize, stopped by, have information, be-spatter, intro duce, wised to, puts into effect, are led believe, hast at it, fore-knowing, looking after, had a look-see, lit up on, takes care of, commentate, setting to, wast cognizant of, getting the impression, gat impression, being keeping, catching to, identify, re covering, wast advised, re quested, watch ones step, getting in to ones head, catch the drift, pegging away, talk in to, post-marked, checks up on, got out of the way, turning trick, has hunch, bare company, re hashing, brought to a close, wast interested in, smokes out, applies oneself, hast shot at, raises hell, fore-bodes, stag, be loyal, art sensible of, gotten ones face, trans act, looking up and down, see to, co oked, were action, be on the lookout, devoting oneself to, becomes clear, sight on, wert just the ticket, were guided by, sur renders, paying tribute, wert turned on to, striping, delving into, tell between, watched step, keeps company with, super-vise, dis posing, made distinction, be schooled, pass sentence, was metaphysical, are impressed, being apprised of, is scene, is on the lookout, consider, searches out, patterning oneself up on, take a look, doth job, getting an eyeful, delivers the goods, paid tribute to, having a swing at, Disciplining, de fends, up-held, clave to, watched ones step, get one face, dost best, preknows, Lasted, paid homage, be versed, is attentive, have a go at, gotten into head, pre-ordains, sur-rendering, haddest a look, is the trail of, re membered, is advised, is hand, lay ones hands on, gotten into, am afraid, pre disposes, lean on, thinks out, un tangled, Umpiring, de-posit, Animadverting, puzzled out, de-posited, art in keeping, happens up on, are interested in, haddest a crack, grooving on, wast conversant in, see through, making it, are true, are excited, make merry, wert alert, hath go at, run across, kick up one's heels, luxuriated in, setting eyes on, wert attentive, crack down, Dragooning, fore-knew, thinking out, am turned to, doth number, art appreciative, live it up, talked in to, engage in, Experiencing, de-limited, de-bated, eagle-eying, did duty, re viewed, lookseeing, bad for, looked up on, facing off, refer to, gat in touch, re-freshes, de-duct, Riveted, didst ones thing, remunerate, Revering, goose step, smelled out, wise to, hits the bullseye, wert aware of, art afraid, sees daylight, getting eyeful of, cognized, carried completion, waits for, be-haves, did ones duty, listen in, was on the trail of, sew up, Studding, scrutinated, faces off, was versed, get a fix on, put foot down, haddest a swing at, was interested in, gotten line, watched one's step, art present, giving key to city, stakes out, wert afraid, turns the trick, brings a close, being read, art convinced, looked ahead to, looks down, stuck it to, doped out, digging up, getting on soapbox, search for, pumice, saw as, Unriddle, gaze, hit the bull's eye, gotten hold of, am watchful, are conscious of, wast loyal, memorialize, ex-posing, chastise, are hand, in fringed, hashes over, feasting one eyes, be attentive, wast engaged in, coming to light, putting up fight, de duces, Altercating, was conversant in, went out on a limb, give allegiance to, got in face, got in one face, getting the idea, resigns oneself to, GOTCHA, splotching, is on trail of, delve in to, took notice, chewing over, in-duce, being the lookout, hoped for, fell down, dis-course, takes a shot, hadst each other, doeth best, sur-prised, pull it off, looks upon, pre forming, wast the lookout, pre-disposes, putting up struggle, flipping over, pointing way, was conscious of, was on the lookout, pre occupies, are conversant in, hadst swing at, putting to the test, didst as says, were sensitive, are keeping, fore felt, hath at, follow, stumble, ritualizing, falling down, ran into, gets drift, keeps upon, makes whoopee, de-riving, wert found, super vising, come over, freak out on, giving allegiance to, un burying, sang praises, gat load of, laid one's hands on, read riot act, fore-tell, fore-see, applied oneself to, de vise, does as says, gotten in one face, had a go at, gunned for, drinking in, note, feasted eyes, get into, wert master of, doeth ones bidding, gotten the impression, didst the job, making short work of, hits bull-eye, wast scene, think out, be excited, dost like, were conscious of, was wary, take note, doest one duty, be witness, being devoted to, minded store, rang a bell, hits the bull'seye, was devoted, goes over with fine tooth comb, gets a soapbox, got eyeful, was told of, approbate, over-saw, wast apprised of, caught the drift, in tends, laying down the law, dost one's duty, living to, dredges up, discrepated, is just the ticket, check upon, dost t, caught on to, is the lookout, socked to, taking heart, take up, stare at, eagle-eyes, sur-renders, re searching, doeth number, falling up on, soaked in, am engaged in, is aware, gets an eyeful of, pays attention to, Dooming, delivered goods, be in keeping, discern, wast devoted, mark with red letter, telling between, watched for, ex pounding, get eyeful of, ex-pound, mops up, hadst a look see, sorting out, Maculated, doth t, lose balance, re-serve, re-collecting, following orders, gotten vibrations, leaving no stone unturned, ex pose, nosing around, threw in to, un riddles, kicked one heels, knuckles down to, are trail of, gaze openmouthed, gat to, re quiring, carrying through, harp, gotten knack of, am faithful, feel, knows again, were witness, under went, doing as says, ex cogitated, pre-destines, go over with fine tooth comb, put to test, apostrophize, is awed by, made the grade, getting high on, have feeling, dis-patching, makes certain, setting store by, bears company, pattern oneself up on, delivering talk, knuckling down to, pro-spects, felt out, wert appreciative, re-collected, lived up, are cognizant of, was trained, Ferreted, wast alert, makes mind, un riddle, trying the flavor of, fixing upon, had look-see, forces upon, pre-scribed, take notice, ex-acting, pour on, becoming known, digged in to, stays line, be aware of, re-cord, inquired into, pre-supposing, take unawares, check on, art the lookout, up-root, doeth trick, stay the clouds, pre visions, hast good authority, improved mind, bumped heads, put across, nosed around, went out with, concentrating on, Palming, called turn, does one duty, chances up on, re-cords, ex-tort, making up mind, gotten in to head, adhere, bows down, getting in to one head, are in action, gives speech, throws in to, get impression, speaking to, stayed clouds, doest one bidding, looks at, on top of, hath a go at, went over with fine-tooth comb, am a witness, sizing, cogitate, is affected, pinning down, haddest crack, hits bull's eye, trans ported, are on trail of, getting the drift, am all ears, being turned to, had a looksee, gotten one face, look saw, un-tangling, stubbed toe on, checked up on, searched in to, made it, dis-closing, hast look see, am kind to, hast funny feeling, observing of, didst a turn, altercates, having go at, associated with, place, digs up, pouring it on, got into one's head, stand, pre-occupied, severalized, gotten the idea, re-turned, Piloted, improving mind, pre known, didst one's best, having charge of, up held, smoked out, wast ears, was a witness, postmarks, did what is told, de ducted, turn trick, un covering, did as says, raves over, talk into, arrived at, be turned to, kent, gat drift, wert read, gat eyeful of, doeth thing, resigned oneself to, catch on, being with it, socks to, be ears, kicks up ones heels, were sure, puts fight, looking and down, under gone, art the track of, turn the trick, commentates, puts through, keep one eye on, commiserate, is wary, look down, apprenticed, forefeels, turns inside out, adhered to, are all ears, doth as says, laying fingers on, pre occupy, picking an argument, having swing at, staid the clouds, art witness, correct, haddest a look see, tumbling into, hath hunch, take pains, in venting, pimpled, doth ones thing, sur-prises, in-vent, riveting eyes on, throwing oneself into, be conversant in, re solve, being faithful, dost the job, passing on, kept an eye on, be learned, inspect, lights upon, putting in practice, eye, makes effort, was on the track of, looked through, re sounding, gotten one's face, glower, throw in to, Ferrets, fills bill, hits the bulleye, became versed, become clear, hadst a go at, laying ones hands on, cropping up, wast wary, re calling, fore knew, pick upon, taking meaning, searches in to, taking stab, hath feeling, do one thing, doom, crops up, paints town red, gets in to, up-rears, sets eyes on, getting drift, kick ones heels, scrutinating, go over with finetooth comb, haddest each other, dis agreeing, wast trained, am obliged, sticked it to, pre-supposes, hast a go at, stayed the clouds, kept eagle eye on, wast sure, were indebted, bespeak, cried up, over-seen, come to light, looking high low, gets ones face, makes a run at, de-positing, getting wind of, thinks of, do a turn, gat the message, see daylight, puts one's finger on, wast led to believe, becomes known, up-rooting, was true, in quire, has each other, was kind to, tells between, gat in one's face, leaf through, in-vents, dis-covering, lay one hands on, gotten in touch, make an effort, fore tell, reading up, latched on, under-took, did like, living by, pre-sages, inquiring into, blowing off steam, pro-cure, looked over, pre-destine, re view, coming pass, look high low, pitched in to, was the scene, be just the ticket, doing to a turn, is loyal to, stay clouds, give ear, lucubrate, ratify, dis played, looks through, patterns oneself upon, keeps eyes peeled, psyching out, was lookout, blotching, came over, are aware of, gat picture, raise value of, scratching surface, get high on, digging in to, fore know, be spattered, ex-claims, doing number, puts screws to, de vised, kicked up one heels, de-bunked, spieling, pre-determine, having look, thinking of as, getting ones face, smells out, de terminated, shake down, drunk in, got on soapbox, sub liming, pulling it off, dis-playing, un-covering, gets hold of, lending ear, was led to believe, wert excited, live by, gotten in to one head, super scribing, thought as, re-turning, doeth the job, got the picture, feel in ones bones, poked in to, has look, makes the grade, makes heads tails of, detect, prevising, wast aware of, pouring on, run with ball, throws oneself in to, laying one hands on, getting the knack of, are sensitive, searched into, listening up, observes of, give the once over, delved in to, be familiar, tumbled into, pronouncing sentence, holding fast, inquire into, catching glimpse of, come to pass, double-checked, doth ones best, has a go at, being engaged in, ex-postulated, gat line, wert true, rolls out red carpet, care for, getting into ones head, art taught, comes to pass, stayed the course, were master of, was keeping, wast kind to, lay hands on, appreciate, staying in the clouds, hit the bullseye, were aware of, leave no stone unturned, be devoted to, was cognizant, were scene, pre-knew, are afraid, be-have, hits bulleye, dis close, pre ordaining, am devoted to, did to turn, wise up to, wising up to, be trained, were loyal to, pre knowing, mix it up, Rus, wast present, re-hashes, saw through, did a t, tops off, getting impression, be attached, art loyal to, digged into, keep eye peeled, lend an ear, has a hunch, scourge, maculate, de-signs, in the cards, getting one face, turning upside down, went for broke, marking with red letter, puts across, falls upon, am led believe, pays tribute, feasting ones eyes, re commends, attend to, marbles, watched out, laid hands on, de-terminates, savvied, ex-postulate, ex-acted, stick to, thinking highly of, re-veals, pre-ordain, watch for, being alert, catches to, ex-pounded, de scribing, art impressed, pre sages, be-speak, art guided by, patterned upon, stops by, was the trail of, complied with, is aware of, applied to, noses around, gat hang of, finish, take care business, re cording, keeping watch over, inquire in to, un-scrambles, were led believe, individuated, wert devoted to, going one, bring to a close, pre destines, pre dict, turns upside down, makes waves, resigning oneself to, am on trail of, gat hold of, pre-ordained, doing best, keeping on, scrutinates, are faithful, pre-scribe, pre-destined, takes heart, un fold, de ducts, honor, doth ones duty, being a witness, catalogged, have a feeling, ins cards, gets in line, art schooled, dis play, were in keeping, have good authority, fore casting, taking the floor, have a crack, un covers, keeps ones eye on, stay line, get touch, did t, train in, be loyal to, am the trail of, doth a turn, am master of, is engaged in, do one's thing, re-quiring, dost bidding, re cognizing, maculating, go over with a finetooth comb, wert told of, Shepherding, sticks it to, put up with, hits upon, haddest look-see, un-tangled, dopes out, taking account of, trans late, trips on, hitting up on, ex tolled, secern, shakes down, are devoted to, running reconnaissance, going out limb, being cognizant of, doest what is expected, de legate, kick around, haddest it, un-ravels, am wary, take, come light, fore-told, being on hand, dost ones bidding, hits bullseye, be speaking, ex-plicate, were on hand, doing one's duty, get idea, applies to, pay attention to, looking ahead to, devoting to, thinks over, wert on scene, is turned on to, de limited, going over with a finetooth comb, stumbling upon, bringing a close, tumble in to, Animadverted, gotten an eyeful of, with stand, did thing, apprehend, hits the bull eye, give way, haddest hunch, rout, getting one's face, tells from, feel gut, patterns upon, boiling down to, have charge of, thought over, get line, scared up, flashed on, re posed, wert on trail of, were aware, doeth one's duty, take stock of, ex plicate, be-smirches, stumbles upon, glances at, bring light, reconnoitred, pro claimed, palms, confirm, puts struggle, being watchful, kicked up ones heels, doeth one's best, touches up on, sock it to, Bandied, pat down, watching for, have down pat, looks after, pepper, de ducting, pre-forms, give hearing, go at, jotted down, de-limit, thought of as, minding store, wast familiar, hit up on, direct, un-ravelled, putting a struggle, was with it, Visioned, unriddles, blow steam, gets point, Carding, haddest swing at, modeling on, digging into, in tended, takes unawares, buried oneself in, co-oking, wert keeping, noses out, un-zips, doest as one says, popping up, stay the course, is indebted, gets in one's face, under-gone, take care of, is constant, running into, argue, gaze open mouthed, come up against, nose out, puts up a struggle, make effort, re-view, watches for, come up on, scratched the surface, kenning, smelt around, un covered, sand, sighted on, am devoted, ex-claiming, was engaged in, was led believe, re quire, attended to, dost what is told, is devoted to, put up a struggle, stayed in line, de-coding, payed attention to, getting the message, puts one finger on, pro-motes, are found, has looksee, force up on, hath down pat, tumbles into, laud, kicking tires, watched store, having good opinion of, re-commending, being just ticket, re calls, haddest at each other, did a number, get load of, am familiar, went at, did job, sur mise, gets high on, does a t, wast the scene, took unawares, doping out, bargaining on, wrote down, being action, are acquainted, post mark, un-buried, perpends, delving in to, took care of, do best, crystaling ball it, have vibes, staid line, talked about, rooted for, trips over, marked off, endeavor, ru, think, pre-formed, am told of, being trained, take to heart, un scrambled, watching one's step, doeth ones best, socking to, ex-cogitating, blows off steam, picks upon, ex press, got down pat, sub-liming, putting screws to, deliver goods, bump heads, poke in to, give once-over, crying up, happened upon, super-intends, has down pat, picked argument, pre determined, stops in, sees the cards, were just the ticket, went one, keeps tabs on, fixt upon, came up against, being on the trail of, crystals ball it, pre-occupy, is a witness, was on alert, in-corporate, looked forward to, authorize, re-sounding, gets into one head, giving the once-over, art all ears, singling out, passing comment, being learned, were versed, became clear, thinks highly of, homing on, de-rived, doing like, unriddling, staking out, luxuriate in, carrying to completion, going in quest of, sets context, knuckle down to, pre sent, doest turn, hath a look-see, lives up, dis patching, zeroed in on, re-hashed, boils down to, un folded, hark back, undertake, ceremonializing, attending to, patted down, pre-ordaining, wast on track of, brooded over, reconnoitre, popped in, gotten eyeful of, doest to a t, being affected, reconned, paying heed, does a number, beating drum, am read, took pains, is convinced, gets message, being on scene, doth one bidding, dope out, gives key to city, put to the test, were conversant in, recollect, dis charge, doest to a turn, be on hand, de-codes, put test, searched for, double checked, looking on, doing a turn, am advised, re plying, hitting the bull eye, pro-claims, smiling on, made short work of, Ferreting, is keeping, have a look, stay course, being acquainted, in tend, wert informed, went over with a fine tooth comb, am led to believe, gets the drift, un tangle, made inquiry, be spoken, producing a result, watch the store, pre destining, wast sensitive, didst best, was the lookout, catch a glimpse of, does ones duty, ex tolling, de noting, rivetted, dost the trick, being on track of, art read, checks upon, determine, getting into, dropt by, went out on limb, re commended, intervene, have hunch, un-earths, dived into, doing a number, facing down, re-pose, producing result, acting up on, get to bottom, know for certain, getting picture, hitting on, staid the course, tried flavor of, blowing steam, take advantage, patterned up on, wast led believe, guns for, capiches, Apprenticing, be smirches, looking through, was learned, gets the impression, kept up on, took heart, be indebted, seeing light, is vigilant, pours on, haddest feeling, taking as an example, chanced up on, knew for certain, de-ciphering, art acquainted, were in action, tried the flavor of, gets the idea, de rive, put finishing touches on, were familiar, caught glimpse of, was present, gat the bottom, top pled, come pass, makes sure, make run at, un folds, were loyal, oversee, art obliged, buries in, approve accept, pimpling, comes to light, drunk to, got touch, ran in to, re veals, gat out way, de-noted, belabor, is on track of, making waves, am hand, gets it down, dis courses, being familiar, gaping at, art awed by, recognize, were ears, delivered talk, runs reconnaissance, lends ear, made heads or tails of, taking care of, pre pare, turned trick, trans-lated, sing the praises, dis entangling, fore boded, wast informed, getting down cold, dost to turn, was trail of, hast a looksee, write down, Visioning, digged up, dis tribute, wert conscious of, throw oneself in to, are the lookout, check up on, wast told of, talks about, was devoted to, rivetting eyes on, gat into head, has high opinion, doing the job, was awed by, wert consistent with, art metaphysical, forces up on, took as example, address, doing one's best, having hunch, show courtesy, stub toe on, glorify, riveted the eyes on, de-coded, take orders, gunned, is versed, hath it, got one face, de rives, being versed, glooming, remember, Cinched, making mind, does job, is cognizant of, pre knows, pre-visioning, smelt out, hadst good authority, takes look, dis entangles, ex postulate, shuttering, feasts one eyes, being cognizant, concentrated on, leafing through, de terminating, sub-limed, in-tends, were with it, Superscribed, profess, shows courtesy, hadst look, stares at, re-hash, hath done with, be obliged, Re-turn, talked into, de-note, sighting on, Bespattering, muckrakes, getting the hang of, being impressed, in-gests, doing the trick, put finger on, art attached, gotten to, am trained, cropt up, de crees, wised up to, un-riddles, paid attention, has a feeling, do as says, take look, throwing into, gat out of the way, dis-courses, saw the light, wert apprised of, dug up, hanging it up, apply to, got in to one's head, turned the trick, affirm, hast a feeling, fore boding, re served, Valuing, flipped over, didst the trick, catch glimpse of, art devoted, takes as example, putting in to effect, socking it to, is apprised of, make whoopee, hadst good opinion of, didst bidding, re serve, chasten, took stab, intro duces, running hands over, getting a load of, makes much of, wast master of, watch over, get an eyeful, had good opinion of, made much of, figures out, takes notice, ran reconnaissance, did ones thing, am true, makes grade, wast on hand, toe line, pre ordained, double checks, see in cards, ex plain, watches over, pre-scribes, ringing a bell, be ruled by, dis covered, didst ones best, wast turned to, were on the scene, fell up on, greet, getting in face, wert convinced, wast faithful, telling from, dis-charges, give speech, hit bull eye, in-corporates, re-calling, kicking up heels, dis-covers, were lookout, dis coursing, caught drift, doth a number, calling the turn, up-hold, pro duce, am on the trail of, gat message, advert, dis-posing, animadverts, observed of, wast guided by, doing one bidding, wert on alert, feeling in gut, stays course, watching one step, light upon, put into effect, goes for broke, being loyal, polished up, taking notice of, hits on, gives onceover, eagles eye, is in keeping, questing, goes out with, de bunking, goggle, be holding, took care business, latch onto, in-tending, wast appreciative, look up to, chase after, inter-posed, let loose, getting into one's head, made mind, went quest of, giving once-over, super intend, felt gut, be faithful, Hashing, dig in to, wert loyal to, living it up, thinking as, understand, applying to, scratching the surface, set off, gets to the bottom, came to light, un earth, am with it, having looksee, didst what one is told, hitting bulleye, leaning on, makes inquiry, leaves no stone unturned, groove on, watch, ferret, locate, do t, sur rendered, super vised, setting in context, kicks up one heels, am excited, marbling, un ravel, avouch, going at, is on hand, am ruled by, shuttered, devotes oneself, fore telling, gives once-over, in clines, going one one, dis closed, deny, watch step, moving in on, get in line, track down, falling upon, looking up to, ex-cogitated, rang bell, un folding, scaring up, telling apart, keeps under surveillance, ride shotgun for, living with, soaking up, was the track of, doeth as one says, gat wise to, was impressed, stick it to, de-limiting, re sound, lived it up, coming light, were read, finalize, pre-vised, jots down, smiled on, was on scene, re-solving, fall with, paying attention to, art wary, gets in face, re quests, pinned down, dis charged, gives a hearing, gat touch, takes as an example, sticked to, riding shotgun for, re-covers, look through, put a fight, in-tended, pro spects, de-scribes, stumbling on, burying oneself in, hopes for, gotten on soapbox, feel bones, watches ones step, staying in clouds, saw coming, taking pains, seeing through, blundering up on, trip over, de riving, didst justice to, arrive at, wert on the track of, dig into, looked down, un ravelled, hath funny feeling, assimilate, un riddled, haddest at it, left no stone unturned, hath on good authority, model on, ex claim, be-speaking, taking decision, were interested in, stumbling up on, ex-cavate, hadst crack, gotten through, takes notice of, de scribes, leant on, consorting with, is familiar, run with the ball, looking see, art ruled by, making eyes at, taking stock of, being on the lookout, doth turn, looking over, have look see, look forward to, muckrake, fall up on, dip in to, hit bulls eye, thinks of as, hit on, have a hunch, de limit, fore-boding, pre ordains, met with, were acquainted, acts upon, commits memory, de-ciphered, dis closes, takes note, makes sense of, got an eyeful of, pick argument, dis coursed, set apart, am consistent with, do one's best, dis-coursing, raising value of, pore over, being the trail of, dis cuss, goes one on one, trans acting, de noted, un buried, takes advantage, haddest a shot at, Policed, doeth what one is told, boiled down to, flash back, dis-agreed, had hunch, went over with a fine-tooth comb, doeth what is told, re-served, lives by, keep eagle eye on, soaked up, dis-closed, sur prise, wast lookout, has at, specializes in, kept eyes peeled, had a feeling, acts up on, flip through, stopping in, were the track of, doing justice to, being just the ticket, all owed, gotten the bottom, de note, punish, stumbled on, trot out, keeps eyes open, pro-curing, hath shot at, ex postulates, taking a stab, patterned oneself up on, seeing coming, did one thing, hast go at, wising to, hast look-see, dis-interred, pre forms, didst ones duty, visit, gotten out of way, have at it, hadst go at, was aware, puts in to effect, looks see, be-speaks, de coded, has information, committed to memory, tries flavor of, has done with, was sensitive, speaks to, ringed a bell, doth justice to, am apprised of, devote oneself to, make inquiry, wast constant, wast attached, wast conscious of, socks it to, peruse, call the turn, is led believe, intercede, cracked books, took notice of, pre paring, de signs, stays in the clouds, keeping one eye on, wast on the scene, giving onceover, doest t, gandered, parses, put screws to, re-marks, re-call, un-zipped, sublimes, puts a fight, enter up on, get in touch, gets hang of, take notice of, is cognizant, gat in to, wiretap, pay off, re-spect, get through, were schooled, leaned on, dost one's bidding, wert turned to, talked back, feels out, rifles through, hast looksee, in-gest, got in touch, painted town red, setting context, beat about, keeping company with, focusing on, was affected, pumices, haddest good opinion of, re cognize, gave ear, sized, fore ordain, was read, art aware of, wert on the trail of, gets idea, came against, sat, took heed, beating about, getting face, re collected, minors in, drop by, wert cognizant, in vent, pro cure, get one's face, being consistent with, reconnoitring, gotten wind of, looking down, Saddling, have it, art aware, gets into head, gat the point, bring to close, runs across, de-crees, were found, un-fold, delivering the goods, in gest, move in, ceremonialized, went after, monumentalizing, specked, dis cern, be engaged in, palm, de-limits, became known, being told of, saw light, mixed it up, am alert, getting in to one's head, was attached, gotten to bottom, wert a witness, looksee, buttons down, giving the once over, had at it, feasting eyes, picked out, are with it, pre scribe, art kind to, looked upon, being on alert, re-views, entertain, doth to a t, dis-entangled, catch drift, feeling certain, with standing, beware, inter pose, pro moting, kicking one's heels, flashing on, art just ticket, home on, be-hold, listened up, un-folded, sub limes, be spake, dis criminates, bagging it, sang the praises, obey, takes course, do what is told, is the track of, takes care of business, set down, be on lookout, chance upon, takes care business, being advised, up-rearing, takes a look, re-called, gat one face, de-legates, in-spects, compensate, catches a glimpse of, takes orders, had at each other, has look see, are learned, got the impression, moves in on, interfere, doing bidding, fell upon, under-standing, took decision, feast one's eyes, gives the once-over, be speak, watches the store, ex-cogitates, am learned, wert obliged, gave eye, was sensible of, rivetting the eyes on, preforms, was consistent with, ex-pounds, saddled, deliver talk, going route, doth one's best, passes comment, taking a look, sub-lime, up-holds, go one one, dis covers, co aching, makes it, get the hang of, modeled on, lamped, carries to completion, does what one is told, were taught, did the trick, went that route, was watchful, am scene, lay down, turned upside down, fore-boded, in-cite, re-questing, ins the cards, fore-casts, sticking to, being track of, hath good opinion of, fore-know, put practice, watch one step, came pass, having a hunch, kept one's eye on, standing by, splotched, were afraid, talk back, stays in line, haddest a look-see, sur-mises, keep eyes open, in-scribing, give rise to, beat drum, ex-postulates, do to t, was on track of, insist on, be spattering, bows to, filled bill, pre pared, carrying completion, be the track of, have good opinion of, smelled around, made sure, mulling over, all owing, having crack, doublechecking, bids for, pre occupied, am witness, un-ravelling, feel out, super-intend, show consideration, focus on, haddest looksee, catches drift, in vents, read up, be told of, be the lookout, were the trail of, taste, made an effort, doeth to t, being the track of, writes down, having done with, discrepating, point way, re covered, get into head, doing to a t, ceremonialize, dis-patches, live with, de-fend, lucked, get hold of, cognizes, looked up and down, ex plicating, having each other, doest a turn, wast attentive, rivets the eyes on, get on soapbox, checking over, is trained, hath a shot at, adhere to, pro-mote, dis-entangles, gets in touch, thinking of, were obliged, point the way, babysit, mind store, post marking, fell in with, kept eyes open, casts about, under take, in-clines, dis plays, re hashed, were led to believe, fore bodes, makes heads or tails of, leaved no stone unturned, be on scene, laid down, was familiar, pre-dispose, passes on, distinguish, deferring to, sized up, catches on to, takes to heart, dredging up, doth what is told, pick out, hanged up, gets eyeful of, wert kind to, putting struggle, be on the trail of, got out of way, referring to, cite, be turned on to, stopping by, puts foot down, wast read, keeping tabs on, getting in one face, leafed through, watched the store, give, is faithful, give glad hand, hit the bulls eye, got down cold, ex-tolled, got the drift, rave over, paint the town red, check over, dis-entangle, wert schooled, re cover, gives heed to, threw oneself into, be present, keep company with, realize, wast true, is on alert, letting loose, un-burying, inquired in to, does as one says, goes over with a finetooth comb, Quarrelled, delivering speech, scrutinize, sympathizing with, judge, look seeing, went over with finetooth comb, be guided by, monumentalizes, defers to, cracks down, gat on soapbox, gotten out way, strongarm, sets store by, Osmose, doth one's duty, wast vigilant, bearing company, art constant, inter-posing, Palmed, get out way, gotten the knack of, gotten impression, dug into, ceremonializes, are schooled, sees it coming, minored in, sinking in, cherish, were cognizant, wast turned on to, having a crack, wading through, hadst a looksee, pre formed, de-cree, singing praises, raising hell, un-earth, sub limed, delivered the goods, hadst a look-see, un-zip, occupied with, gat the idea, wast on lookout, bump in to, pre vision, de clare, getting down pat, staid course, caring for, gets load of, censure, osmosing, art alert, make heads or tails of, diving into, re cord, got hold of, focuses on, made grade, get out of way, gotten the hang of, rivet the eyes on, re-plied, picks an argument, expect, bowing down, picking out, am versed, gat in to ones head, making merry, de-code, didst like, got idea, re-cognizing, tell from, be found, am track of, requite, de bates, un derwent, soaks in, feel one bones, look at, pro-duces, get eyeful, dis charging, pitch in to, sorted out, staying line, set eyes on, jumped on, do a number, get out of the way, wert in keeping, setting off, am attached, wast versed, feel in one bones, take heart, art sensitive, saw to, produced result, sands, takes meaning, were on the lookout, being on trail of, happened up on, took orders, pro bed, getting into one head, remark, under-taking, see coming, prevail up on, consort with, goes after, previses, feel one's bones, gaze open-mouthed, give access, thumbs, up holds, throwing in to, ex-claim, in-tend, improve mind, get the impression, tumble into, up rears, raised the value of, get results, doing duty, pores over, under-takes, lays hands on, nose around, got on a soapbox, look sees, art devoted to, de fend, was informed, ex claiming, un ravelling, catch sight of, were learned, be on track of, has knowledge of, pre destine, feasted eyes on, gat into ones head, will, chasing after, being taught, Re-collect, feels gut, smell around, de-clare, art apprised of, Homologate, sees cards, stays clouds, are sensible of, am conscious of, had a look see, haddest high opinion, wast obliged, getting the point, were alert, being sensitive, over see, get fix on, Carded, skim, be ginning, had a swing at, are alert, did as one says, do like, are ruled by, bespatters, ex postulating, am on the lookout, Postmarked, gotten picture, lighting upon, un-zipping, doing ones bidding, knowing for certain, sit, dis-criminating, grasp, minding the store, give the eye, mind, glance over, ex tort, preform, was faithful, pitching into, gat it down, un-masking, keeps one eye on, kept tabs, keep ones eye on, matriculate, falling in with, feels in gut, doeth as says, re collects, monumented, does duty, getting in line, blunder up on, sticks to, is sensitive, lays down, was turned to, faced down, make mind, blundering upon, wast affected, carries completion, kicks ones heels, wert hand, doeth justice to, re-serving, turn up, redeem, am trail of, re marking, get in ones face, doeth ones thing, rivets eyes on, patterning upon, re corded, is acquainted, pre-known, search, see, were on the track of, un scrambles, sank in, mixes it up, hunt for, is action, pattern upon, wert advised, did what is expected, fore-feel, discrepate, pre pares, goes out on limb, runs with ball, ex pounded, re-solves, got to bottom, lends an ear, un zip, osmosed, capiched, be apprised of, sur prising, being turned on to, art the trail of, gat in one face, hit bull's eye, wert interested in, get in to one's head, in-duces, hadst done with, had it, pro spect, inquisited, pegs away, in cite, having a look-see, specialized in, marks off, dost ones best, went in quest of, eagle-eye, devoting oneself, with-stands, with stands, sights on, rate highly, in fringe, gat face, find, resign oneself to, trans-pire, Subliming, scratches the surface, gave a hearing, drank in, are affected, gotten into one's head, giving a hearing, dis entangled, art the scene, be on the scene, gotten bottom, rode shotgun for, doing job, give thanks, keep upon, be-holds, un raveled, pre dispose, were faithful, beats drum, checking up on, severalizing, dis cussing, ex plicated, dis charges, gotten a soapbox, putting finger on, pass comment, doth to t, hadst vibes, arraign, am on alert, enroll, hast charge of, mixt it up, doing one best, pays tribute to, mixing it up, do one's duty, in-stalled, eagle eyeing, gat the hang of, kicks up one's heels, wises up to, freaks out on, get vibes, gat a soapbox, got in one's face, does one bidding, making effort, de signed, filling bill, take stab, hits up on, put struggle, living up, being loyal to, am keeping, over seen, do bidding, knock around, see as, pre vised, learn ropes, unscrambled, gets to bottom, tumbling in to, art vigilant, talking about, haddest a hunch, pre vising, acting upon, fore ordained, is alert, ex cavate, goes over with finetooth comb, is sure, watch one's step, ex-pressing, was schooled, determinating, pre-know, in stalled, raise hell, lay down law, taking notice, watching step, searching for, doth bidding, psyched out, ex-plicates, kicks tires, doing to t, re gards, focussed on, devoted oneself, cracked down, picked an argument, with-stand, listened in, wert the scene, hitting upon, calling turn, heed, beared company, art cognizant, kick one's heels, buried in, re marked, rid shotgun for, were vigilant, check up, wert witness, wast on the trail of, dis interring, in-scribes, trains in, hit the bull-eye, got hang of, be aware, engages in, inter posed, be-held, am sure, de-noting, double-checks, take decision, Foreknew, chance up on, crystaled ball it, scrutinate, are appreciative, wert sensitive, keeps watch over, got point, get picture, getting to the bottom, got fix on, looks over, ex pressing, wisecracking, be vigilant, pre-occupies, bidding for, do as one says, gets out the way, am the lookout, play second fiddle, be hold, wert scene, un-ravel, are on scene, wast awed by, get down pat, makes distinction, kicked one's heels, doeth to turn, learn, focusses on, happening up on, bring close, gotten soapbox, dis-pose, gat bottom, making heads tails of, are turned on to, planned for, wert awed by, cracked the books, are attentive, doth to turn, dis posed, re-spects, re spect, face off, ran across, divine, gat one's face, feasting eyes on, touching upon, maculates, fore cast, fore-bode, re acting, wast on scene, up-rear, set context, was turned on to, do ones bidding, does a turn, de sign, gives once over, meets with, being scene, sings praises, be alert, be constant, inned the cards, singles out, take course, dis-cussed, making an effort, was excited, aver, putting practice, be keeping, summon, losing balance, deal with, were track of, de legates, looking for, wast cognizant, hope for, had crack, haddest information, de-cipher, see in the cards, gives rise to, put up struggle, devoted oneself to, dost thing, were keeping, lived with, find out, hast a swing at, fating, re acted, am convinced, delivers speech, are sure, committing to memory, dis patched, taking care of business, stumbled upon, are devoted, super-scribes, be-smirched, hath a feeling, became able, kept one eye on, art consistent with, perform, catching drift, take a stab, plugging away at, set in context, giving the onceover, in quired, gotten down pat, caught a glimpse of, interpret as, puzzles out, haddest funny feeling, were on trail of, loses balance, be watchful, un-masked, getting the bottom, went one one, went over with fine tooth comb, hath at it, do number, plugs away at, Osmoses, got the idea, catches sight of, raving over, commentated, re pose.