Pronunciation of Rescind
/ɹɪsˈɪnd/, /ɹɪsˈɪnd/, /ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for rescind

promise, pre-scribing, start, order, Cataloguing, pass, re-quired, engage, applied for, calls the signals, re quires, contracted for, re-serves, dis posed, sends away for, sets guidelines, calls signals, validate, commence, allow, re-serving, re quire, enforce, re-quire, put rights, streamline, call signals, de-cree, clear, set guidelines, write, pull strings, pledge, reenact, support, lines up, regularized, re-quires, de-crees, ratify, formalized, dis tributes, setting guidelines, undertake, re-quests, Formalizing, spacing, uphold, contracts for, dis tribute, calling signals, sent away for, dis-posed, de creed, putting to rights, sanction, contracting for, initiate, normalizing, enact, legalize, putting rights, call shots, permit, normalize, perpetuate, call the signals, rule roost, found, applying for, re-quiring, puts to rights, lining up, sets in order, regularizes, setting order, set order, contract for, re quired, maintain, dis pose, formalize, formalizes, approve, continue, set in order, normalizes, de-creed, pre scribe, re questing, sending away for, confirm, sorts out, puts rights, regularize, record, dis posing, keep, establish, pre-scribe, re-questing, re-serve, called signals, catalogued, dis-tributes, apply for, Regimenting, pulls strings, line up, routined, begin, re serve, sorted out, sorting out, pre-scribes, calling the signals, de crees, command, put to rights, de cree, re quested, mandate, re quests, authorize, dis-tribute, institute, endorse, streamlining, normalized, legitimate, re-served, decree, re quiring, send away for, warrant, setting in order, streamlines, regularizing, pulling strings, dis-posing, routining, dis-pose, take on, legitimize, re served, applies for, pre scribing, called the signals, sustain, sort out, re serving, pre-scribed, prescribe.