Most Softened

Pronunciation of Most Softened
/mˈə͡ʊst sˈɒfənd/, /mˈə‍ʊst sˈɒfənd/, /m_ˈəʊ_s_t s_ˈɒ_f_ə_n_d/

Synonyms for most softened:

dull (adjective)

ashen, black, blind, cloudy, cold, colorless, dark, dead, dim, dingy, dismal, dun, dusky, faded, feeble, flat, grimy, hazy, indistinct, leaden, lifeless, low, matte, mousy, muddy, muffled, murky, muted, obscure, opaque, overcast, plain, shadowy, sober, soft, softened, somber, sooty, subdued, subfusc, unlit, toned-down.

euphemistic (adjective)

figurative, indirect, inoffensive, metaphorical, refined, extenuative, euphemious.

faint (adjective)

aside, bated, bland, bleached, blurred, breathless, deadened, deep, delicate, distant, dull, dusty, faltering, far-off, gentle, hoarse, hushed, ill-defined, imperceptible, inaudible, lenient, light, low-pitched, mild, moderate, murmuring, muttering, padded, pale, piano, quiet, remote, slight, smooth, soothing, stifled, tenuous, thin, unclear, vague, wan, weak, whispered, out of earshot.

low-key (adjective)

easygoing, laid-back, loose, relaxed, restrained, subtle, toned down, understated, played down, soft-sell.

mashed (adjective)

battered, doughy, mixed, pasty, pressed, pulpy, pulverized, reduced, smashed, spongy, squashed, Brewed, Chewed, Decocted, Hashed, Infused, Macerated, Masticated, Pounded, Pulped, Steeped.

mellowed (adjective)

developed, matured, ripe, ripened.

relieved (adjective)

alleviated, anesthetized, diminished, eased, mitigated, Abated, Allayed, Assuaged, Lightened, Palliated, Salved, Soothed.

sorry (adjective)

apologetic, attritional, contrite, guilt-ridden, melted, penitent, penitential, repentant, shamefaced, touched, Compunctious, conscience-stricken, self-reproachful, self-condemnatory, self-accusing.

subdued (adjective)

chastened, crestfallen, dejected, domestic, domesticated, down in the mouth, downcast, grave, low-key, mellow, moderated, neutral, repressed, sad, serious, shaded, solemn, submissive, tasteful, tempered, unobtrusive, Inobtrusive, out of spirits.

touched (adjective)

affected, disturbed, impressed, stirred, upset, Grabbed, Swayed, turned on to, turned on by.

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